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Blair and the demolition of democracy


PARLIAMENT of fools, theatre of the absurd, the last sitting of our lawless rogue House of Commons was more like a Left-wing student union meeting at Woke University. Can Parliament ever have so demeaned itself and shown itself to be totally against the people, desperate to deny them the normal people’s vote of a general election, though they explicitly express their ‘no-confidence’ in the PM and his government? A self-sealed bubble of fear and loathing, determined to keep power to itself whatever laws and rules they have to break in the process.

Much of the MSM loved it and were in revelries of delight at the success of Parliament and the wounding of the PM; all TV presenters were happy and wreathed in smiles.

This surely is the logical end of the clash between British democracy and the 1997 cultural, political and economic revolution injected into the body politic by Blairite New Labour. Whether Blairism, which rapidly captured the Conservative Party and replaced its soul, was modelled on EU governance consciously or not, it has proved to be a perfect match in its pushing away of democracy in favour of technocratic elitist management. EU law is rooted not in a democratic organic base but in the decision of the tiny caste of experts who hand down law as a control mechanism since they know best. There is no scrutiny of laws made; they cannot be undone and never are. As writers on the EU say, law has replaced politics in the EU mode of governance.

The people, the polis, are not significant and any processes to the contrary are purely window-dressing. This is all in tune with New Labour ideology and practice, and now with Cameron-May governmental practice. We the managerial experts know best, suck it up, and you will see that you only needed a bit of time to catch up.

May’s outrageous coup in bouncing the UK into accepting a deeply resisted redefinition of marriage exemplifies this and still does: the moral experts are our now secular managers and their activists, the content providers. May as Home Secretary used EU structures to get her plan through, and Cameron imposed it on a divided Conservative Party and nation, opening the door to modern craziness – as with parents having their five-year-olds coming home from primary school telling them that a man can marry a man, teacher said so. If parents object woe betide them, they are breaking the law. Technocratic control via law has bulldozed away any moral and political debate or discussion. That’s modern government they are all so so keen on – Boris too – that Tony invented and placed like a bacterium in the body politic, gradually to paralyse and weaken it.

Its ideological professoriat has grown year on year, working away at adding to the power of the state and taking it away from families and individuals, while controlling what they can do, see and hear through its quasi-governmental institutions Ofsted, the CPS, the Charity Commission, the Electoral Commission, as well as all the ‘coms’, notably Ofcom, and media, these ‘ministries of truth’ as Orwell would have described them.

The MSM used to talk of the Leave-dominated press because of one newspaper, the Daily Mail. How very convenient that when this battle was getting hot, the paper removed its formidable editor Paul Dacre, despite the paper’s stunning success under his aegis, and replaced him with a Remainer.

Going back further, you remember Gordon Brown calling a decent Rochdale Labour-voting woman a bigot? That iconic moment perfectly revealed the disdain of the metropolitan Blairite elite for ordinary honest people. She was a ‘somewhere’, he was an ‘anywhere’, to use David Goodhart’s post-Brexit analysis. New Labour was not for ordinary people and wanted to shut them up, it was their Lord and they were its servants. Mrs Duffy wanted to be heard. She told the truth. She was smeared and insulted.

That is a strong strand of the Brexit shock vote. Cameron embraced all New Labour’s reorientation of British culture and disdain for it: he claimed to be the heir to Blair. Ordinary people knew they were not racist and just wanted a say. New Labour and Tory anti-conservatism shut the Mrs Duffys up and out. Middle England found itself the enemy of newly defined civilised culture, the baddies needing to be reconstructed. Cameron’s Etonian past was lived down at the expense of ordinary non-wealthy cultural conservatives of a very centrist kind. The MSM and the vast educational establishment rejoiced at the Blairite cultural revolution; the latter had for years been campaigning for it, as Malcolm Bradbury’s The History Man so wittily shows, for example.

That accounts for our ever-growing feeling that for decades UK government has been against the people. My new passport arrived recently, reminding me that Theresa May astonishingly handed the contract, worth hundreds of millions, for printing of post-Brexit passports to Gemalto, a French company. Gemalto have since, to add insult to injury and security risks with data, outsourced the job to a Polish firm. Why did May inflict this injury on our economy? The French and Germans never would have done so. She was not batting for Britain. Her idea of the ‘national interest’ that we hear Remainers repeat so often is nothing to do with the UK, but aimed at directing UK interests to the EU. Just as the fisheries were donated and as our military even now is being donated to the EU in the WA PD as detailed here  and here.

The UK is seen in the recent HSBC Remainer advert as a tiny piece in a global jigsaw: our government no longer works for the UK, it uses and sacrifices UK ‘national interest’ for other arcane purposes, decided by the technocratic elite, notably for keeping themselves in power, as the Commons climactically reveals now. Now we see the architect of managerialism, Tony Blair, at it again. He has apparently been working hand in glove with the EU to defeat Brexit and humble the UK, pointing the EU to Northern Ireland as a great issue to weaponise.

He congratulated Olly Robbins, now grotesquely ‘Sir Olly’, on that unsavoury club of underminers of Brexit. He and Mandelson, the two key sorcerers of New Labour’s cultural revolution, have, we learn, been co-ordinating the Parliamentary plot to stop Brexit. It seems they never went away.

Not only is this giant squid of techno-management killing off Brexit and the Referendum vote but a second Blairite coup may be on the brink of taking place – the recapturing of Labour from the Marxist Corbyn, who ran his last and successful general election campaign promising to leave. The grip of EU regulation will never allow the UK to run a deeply socialist, anti capitalist economy. Jeremy is being taken for a long ride by his Blairite chums. And the ‘One Nation’ Tory saboteurs are with Blair, plotting to shove Johnson and the Brexiteers into the deep freeze.

Fellow Remainer and Project Fear orchestrator George Osborne – whose Treasury reports proved to be untruths on a colossal scale dwarfing any disputed Leave claims – has just given Saint Tony a full page op-ed in the Evening Standard. There we have the Remainer propaganda in full.

‘There is no mandate for a no deal Brexit’ he lays down at the start. This is – we must constantly repeat – simply untrue although daily reiterated in the MSM. It was certainly not so however at the time of May’s snap election and her manifesto pledge that no deal is better than a bad deal 

Blair conveniently adds why a general election would be bad. Of course it would – it would allow the people have their say in this elite Remainer Parliament in conflict with the ordinary people. Instead Blair wants a rigged referendum and no deal, he writes, must not be allowed as an option. Blair then has the nerve to say that Corbyn, who is blocking an election and inverting his last election manifesto assurance to deliver Brexit, ‘is putting country before party’!

Will, in Blair’s manual, Leavers then be allowed to reject a Remain result just as has happened for the last three years and counting? Forget that: the technocrat managerial elite will enforce a Remain ‘vote’ in classic EU dictatorial fashion. Managerial law will be passed to stop any future possibility of the UK trying to escape from the cage. Remember: technocratic secularist law as decided by the elite alone is paramount. The people are useful idiots to pay and obey only. Got it? So no, don’t expect an election any time soon to disturb the new tyranny of an anti-democratic House of Commons.

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Timothy Bradshaw
Timothy Bradshaw
Timothy Bradshaw is a Theological lecturer and Anglican clergyman

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