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Brexiteers, so perilously close to being cancelled


‘LUCKY, lucky, lucky,’ gasps Ellen Ripley in the climactic scene of the 1979 film Alien, as the human-chomping Xenomorph, only inches away from its trapped victim and savouring the moment, over-confidently holds back, allowing Ripley to spring her own trap and suck her pitiless enemy into space.

Cut to May 2019 and a desperate Prime Minister Theresa May is negotiating with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour to get her Brexit Deal over the line and passed into law. She has long since burned through her political capital and is now begging her enemies for help. But they will do no such thing: why offer assistance when the Tories are in disarray and the prize of cancelling Brexit has come tantalisingly close? Why not let Mrs May twist in the wind until a second referendum is agreed which this time can produce the correct result? And yet . . . why don’t they just support May’s Brexit Deal since it is clearly BRINO? The Cabinet is Remain, as is the Civil Service, including Britain’s officials who will see to it that the next round of negotiations is used to tie the UK fully into the single market, customs union and every aspect of the EU in all but name, including the Common Fisheries Policy. Yet the powerful Labour Remainers refuse to pick up the almost perfect hand of cards from the table, believing they can grab the biggest prize of all – the second referendum – while damaging the Tories. 

The Remainers’ chance came around again in the autumn of 2019. Having thrown everything at Boris Johnson’s leadership campaign in a failed attempt to prevent him becoming Prime Minister, the Remainer Parliament attempted to grab power and again seek the elusive second referendum, overturning ancient procedures and precedents with the connivance of the Speaker while blaming Brexiteers for damaging democracy and public trust.

In all this time most Leavers could offer little more than silent prayers, desperate that Mrs May’s horror deal be left untouched, and then hoping that the reshuffling of the political cards would see a true Brexit dealt out.

Why did the Remainers fluff their chance so spectacularly? And what would have happened if the fabled second referendum had taken place? The answer is important because it helps our understanding of how old loyalties between Left and Right, and the new ones between national and global, are playing out in Britain. Put simply, Labour’s Remainer MPs could not bear to reach out and agree a deal with their political enemies, even when the anti-Brexit faction in thrall to globalist ideas easily formed a Parliamentary majority. Far better to chalk up a nice little win against the Tories. This matters, because it could all have been so different in the event of another plebiscite on Britain’s EU membership.

For as we look in nervous horror at the United States, with its purges and persecution of Trump supporters now well under way, and the hounding of any Republican not denouncing the President and his supporters, we can see what Brexiteers’ fate would have been if Remain had triumphed here.

You may like to believe otherwise: that we in Britain are more reasonable, less prone to the political extremes than the US. And didn’t Trump bring some of this on to himself? After all, few would disagree that The Donald is prone to bombast and the art of the non-sequitur.

Don’t kid yourselves.

Remember how during the Brexit dark days of 2019 there were calls for a public inquiry, and mutterings of the need to expose those who lied, perhaps even to put those most guilty on trial?

The Left’s near-total control of the media narrative and its concomitant acceptance of an alliance with globalist corporations mean that almost any action can now be proposed, enacted and justified. Reality is simply what they deem it to be.

The globalist Left’s ability to classify the brief Capitol Hill invasion and riot in a totally different category to the months of violence last summer is clear evidence of a desire for power over truth, and at any cost. Who can doubt that in the event of a Trump election win the occupation of Capitol Hill by BLM and Antifa would have been reported as an ‘important’ and ‘vital’ expression of democracy and justified rage? It is impossible to believe that the shooting dead of an unarmed female protester would not become an immediate cause célèbre, refracted unendingly between news studios, social media and campuses.

Of course Trump couldn’t be allowed to win the election: that much is now clear.

In the event of a second Brexit referendum the determination of the Remainers to control the narrative at all costs would have been just as insane. If you know your opponent lies, isn’t it justified for you to combat that with bigger deceits of your own? If they cheated, why can’t you cheat a little too? And if they are basically Nazis, don’t the means justify the ends when it comes to winning? In the US we see a reflection of how events would have played out here. With any allegations of voting irregularities doubtless labelled as ‘baseless’ and ‘without evidence’. That any gatherings to protest against the result would have been ignored, sniffily dismissed, or violent police action applauded as breaking up ‘Far-Right Mobs’. That social media would have rapidly removed ‘harmful’ content and ‘lies’.

It has been salutary to see Britain’s mainstream Right-wing commentators cowed and submissive to the US election fraud and Capitol Hill narrative, but I’m not so sure we should be angry with them. It is perhaps more an indicator of the power and ferocity of their opponents. Just because Brexiteers are happy to move on after their victory and allow former opponents to continue their lives and careers in freedom should not be mistaken for any imagined reciprocity from Globalist Leftist opponents, where ruthlessness and desire for vengeance appears to be instinctive.

The treatment meted out to Trump and his supporters today would have been the fate of leading Brexiteers and their followers here – more medieval than modern in its mindset (but let’s not pretend that isn’t where we’re rapidly heading).

In Britain the anti-Brexit Globalists all but had victory in their hands, yet couldn’t consummate it because of petty national Left-Right political factions. One ounce less of over-confidence from the Remainers in Parliament and they could have devoured Brexit in a messy and hideous feast. Brexiteers did well, but they were also lucky, lucky, lucky.

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James Caradoc
James Caradoc
James Caradoc (pseudonym) is a libertarian who works in local government.

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