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Bribed, bullied and betrayed – how to fight back against the dictatorship


TWO years ago this week, I was fending off a verbal attack in the street from a neighbour I had considered a friend. ‘Have you had your jab yet?’ he inquired belligerently. He received the reply he was expecting, but it was not one he respected. I had made no secret of my intention to decline a jab that I considered unnecessary, and whenever asked, I maintained that ‘it’s only useful for the very old and very sick, you take it if you want to, but I won’t be touching it’. I suppose it was inevitable that a finger-pointing rant ensued, with my neighbour stating that I was selfish for not accepting my public duty and that if he had his way, jabs would be mandatory. I walked away. I did send him a letter, which told him that he was feeble-minded, insolent and illiberal.

Happily, my neighbour and I are back on speaking terms. We shall probably not be taking drinks at each other’s homes again, but at least we can be outwardly friendly. He has not apologised or recanted though.

That was that, the story of 2021 and 2022, when grievous assaults were made on our mental capacities, emotions and sometimes physically. Here is a ‘fine’ example of the grotesque pressures that were applied to the whole nation, on which I wrote in yesterday’s TCW. I think you will agree that these clips have not aged well, representing as they do our government’s techniques of appalling psychological manipulation. Here, in Britain, the land of the sacred Equality Act 2010, were the establishment, exhorting the public to discriminate against those who declined a pointless health treatment, to the extent that they should be denied medical treatment even in an emergency.

It was these methods, so expertly analysed by Laura Dodsworth (see here and here),  that alerted me to the fundamentally dishonest nature of the government’s objectives. In WWII Britain the government made spreading fear, defeatism and disinformation a serious criminal offence. In 2020, C-19 Britain, fearmongering became government policy and the driving rationale of all public services.

Those involved in the merciless hectoring to get jabbed are not unintelligent: broadcasters, journalists, doctors, academics and politicians need brains and cunning to get where they have got to, so what they uttered must have been scripted as part of a bigger agenda. They took money to demand that we suspend our free will for an arbitrarily decided ‘greater good’. They told us it was imperative to put an untested drug into our bodies, one that we didn’t need, that wasn’t effective, that has done harm and – I wager – that many never took themselves.

As the Roman republic was falling in 52 BC, in defence of a friend Cicero uttered the words ‘In times of war the law falls silent’. There is no question that we are now living in a time of war. The questions are ‘what kind of war?’ and ‘who are the parties involved?’

The rule of law in Britain was suspended in spring 2020, when the government ignored the obligations of legislation and convention and seized emergency powers which sidelined parliament and enabled a dictatorial regime. Recall that the courts were co-opted: the Supreme Court, so keen to ‘preserve democracy’ when Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament for a few days, scotched Simon Dolan’s bid for a judicial review on whether the suspension of parliament for months on end was legal.

That all of this happened is undeniable, yet none of it will be covered by the Covid (non)-Inquiry. Nor will the suicides of a good number of people who were petrified and panicked by the unrelenting propaganda – I know of three. Nor will the fact that when the sun was shining for six weeks, people were confined to their homes, forbidden to work and dislocated from friends and social groups.

In December 1940, as the Blitz was at its first height, a survey by Mass-Observation revealed that what was essential for healthy civilian morale and wellbeing was good physical health, the opportunity to work and the ability to mix socially. It is clear, therefore, that our government chose to bully us, weaken us and make us subservient.

Our health service was shut down, death certification was warped (a criminal offence) and alternative treatments, including the use of dirt-cheap vitamins and sunshine, wilfully banned.

Before going further, it must be emphasised that all through this use of emergency powers, the government had a strict obligation to ensure that any strategy deployed was unequivocally ‘proportional’ to the hazard they sought to avoid. None of it was.

It wasn’t to be a short programme of manipulation. In summer 2020 – after the virulence had passed – we were masked-up. Then the Public Health Act 1984 was twisted out of shape, and useless testing introduced, to create armies of ‘infectious’ people whose lives had to be suspended for two weeks. The government manipulated language to imply that any ‘case’ was a possible death sentence, so the authorities ‘had no choice but to act’.

As autumn progressed, the government recommenced the fear propaganda, warning of doom in the dark months ahead. Coincidentally, just as winter arrived, so did Covid-19 jabs.

Drip by drip, just as the leading official changed (Hancock, Zahawi, Javid, Barclay), so the government shifted the narrative: ‘jabs are totally safe and effective’, ‘jabs are not for children’, ‘jab passports are not the British way’, ‘jabs will never be mandatory’ . . . all of these positions would change.

Almost exactly two years ago, things got really nasty. At short notice, with the nation suffering a ‘football hangover’ and embroiled in another ‘racism’ scandal, Jacob Rees-Mogg scheduled a Commons debate on the abolition of an individual’s right to refuse medication. He announced that care home workers were to be subject to mandatory jabbing. Anyone connected with the industry, carers, cooks or carpenters, would have to take jabs to keep their jobs. No opportunity to demonstrate natural immunity was allowed. This whole provision was illegal under s.43E Public Health Act 1984, and it is astonishing that this was never raised.

Shamefully, the Commons voted it through by 319 votes to 246. A Conservative government had shattered medical ethics, yet not a single mainstream publication publicised that it was going to happen, never demanded fuller debate nor produced a critical op-ed. No comment whatsoever on the foul fork in the road that had been taken. Happily, though, when they attempted the same with NHS workers in early 2022, they had to back down.

Throughout 2021, medical ethics were trashed and doctors betrayed their oaths. Scientists and academics went rogue. The so-called watchdogs, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) gave the green light to jabbing kids – there’s that ‘proportional’ use of authority again – with a chemical they didn’t need. Measure that decision against all those ‘safeguarding’ lectures and procedures that anyone involved with kids (or oldies) has to undergo. Who can forget the egregious June Raine, head of the MHRA, giving a lecture at Oxford University in April 2022 to announce that her agency was no longer a ‘watchdog’, but an ‘enabler’? ‘No need to test medicines, we’ll just wave them through.’ Like allowing crack in a sweet shop.

Back to the question of war, and who is waging it on whom. It is the most frustrating and worrying of questions, for upon the answer hinges the fate of our existence as a democratic society, and our faith in the benevolence of our government. I have little doubt that the West is at war with China (and has been for ten-plus years) but, sadly, I am drawn to believe that what accounts for what has been done to us these past three years is that the West wants the same level of control over its citizens as that enjoyed by China. So, the ‘war’ is against us.

The lies that were perpetrated were, in every sense of the word, monstrous. The adage ‘if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big one’ has never been truer. It is still in action. ‘I’ll put a girdle round the earth in forty minutes,’ said Puck; nearly 40 months later, the poor little sprite is still spinning, the Covid Inquiry is constructing a script for a five-act tragedy that even the Bard could not imagine, while the champions of the jab remain committed to lies and cognitive dissonance. They proclaim huge success and denounce firm scientific evidence as the ‘conspiracy theories’ of ‘crackpots’. Still, if they can say that the ‘science is settled’ about the climate, they can say the same about jabs and women’s penises. I am only surprised that they have not condemned Brexit as ‘unscientific’.

Whether we like it or not, our society has already changed. A few weeks ago, one of those hectoring propagandists, Iain Dale, fell in the Underground and broke his hip. He complained that nobody stopped to help him. Why was he surprised? Dale engaged in a strategy that sought to manipulate the collective psyche of society by igniting people’s selfishness. We have also been conditioned to rely completely on the authorities for health treatment and advice. The strategy worked a treat, and Iain Dale was bitten on the backside by it. I dropped him an email to ask if he is proud of haranguing his fellow citizens so hatefully. No reply, naturally. One hopes that he – and LBC – will think twice before accepting government coin to push such filthy propaganda again, but one doubts it.

What can we do when faced with unspeakably dishonest people such as Lloyd, Dale and Hancock? Are we helpless in the face of big government, corporations and their well-remunerated and rewarded lackeys? No, we are not. There are many things we can do.

First, it is important to realise that we are not alone in being angry, frustrated and resentful at having our lives, families, friendships, finances and society so grievously fractured.

In 2020, 1 per cent of the population of England and Wales died. In 2021, it was 0.98 per cent. The average from 1945 to 2000 was 1.18 per cent. There never was anything like a ‘deadly pandemic’.

I guess that at least 10 per cent of the population has taken significant umbrage at being duped, and this number can only grow. Just as huge numbers of British citizens ‘came together’ to take the jab, gradually, in stages, a majority is realising that it was unnecessary. Jab uptake amongst British over-75s has remained high – over 90 per cent. As a nation, 70 per cent took a first – but this means that 30 per cent didn’t. For jab two, 66 per cent accepted while for the third shot the figure was down to 52 per cent. Subsequent uptake has probably been negligible.

To promote future jab uptake, which is certainly what they are planning, the people running this theatrical show have three options:

(i)               invent a genuinely deadly virus, which would indeed take swarms of people. It is very doubtful that they would do this, because doing so would endanger them just as much as us;

(ii)             produce another Covid-19 type and run another fraudulent media operation. They might try it, but one suspects that people would resist, and resist very strongly, now that the financial hardships that regulation created have kicked in;

(iii)          invent another Covid-19 type, and scrap individual rights so that jabbing is mandatory.

It is my belief that they are pursuing the latter course, and will construct some ‘moral imperative’ that trumps the sanctity of individual freedoms and rights enshrined in the UN Constitution. Be in no doubt, the World Health Organisation wish to turn back the clock to the 1930s: they regard humanity as a collective of dumb animals, rather than societies of individuals.

However, democracy lives yet. The British government has been forced to rebuff the WHO’s evil power grab, though we must remain vigilant, for I trust neither this snivelling cabal of Tories, nor Starmer’s Labour Party. There are politicians with integrity around, but Andrew Bridgen’s reward for standing up for truth, justice and our way of life was to be expelled by the Tories, who are now trying to smear his reputation before the next election.

As campaigner June Slater says, passive resistance is the key. This means declining to go along with the authorities’ control measures, which are mounting slowly. It means declining to wear masks, and rejecting medical treatment without full information and justification. It means declining smart meters in your homes. It means rejecting electric vehicles. It means using cash instead of plastic whenever possible. It means refusing to accept that a woman can have a penis or that Britain is a racist nation. It means discussing all of the above openly.

We don’t need to accept the same garbage from the mainstream political parties. Find out who your MP is and write to him/her asking questions. Britain is still (notionally) a democracy, which means that our consent is necessary for everything they propose. If the West is at war with China, we should be told and told why; similarly with Russia. We can handle the truth, I think.

We must demand information, and we must demand more from the MSM. If your chosen broadcaster or newspaper is churning out the government’s line-to-take unquestioningly, stop giving it your money. Newspapers and radio stations behaved as they did 2020-22 because the government paid them large sums to lie to their readers. It’s always all about money, so stop giving yours to outfits you don’t like.

Demand information when dealing with GPs. Better still, reduce your reliance on them by eating, drinking and living healthily – your immune system is your best friend. The government and NHS are in league with the pharmaceutical industry: they want you hooked on prescription medication. Question this. Always.

We have our rights, we have our votes and we have our free will. Reject the state as the fount of all wisdom and assistance and do your own research.

During the Covid era many of a certain age were genuinely scared of dying. Most others were afraid of being responsible for causing the death of someone else. Yet things were never that serious. We were bullied, browbeaten, blackmailed and bribed. The fundamental decency of the British people was exploited.

One feels that a large majority now realise this, even if they can’t openly admit it, and will not submit again. Our free will remains intact, and the intrinsic moral fibre and common sense of the British people remains robust. We know right from wrong.

It has become abundantly clear that Western politicians have lost their integrity, and that government has become something that is done to us, not for us. We have to put them back in their place. It can be done. Rather than face her voters, Jacinda Ardern resigned as New Zealand PM and fled from office. Mark Rutte’s egregious governance created a political party that rose from nothing in 2019 to oust him from Dutch politics. Macron is on the ropes in France. The Irish people are sick of Varadkar. America is waking up to the incompetence and corruption of Biden.

There are a lot more of us than them. So passively resist: don’t break the law, just question whatever you are told. We can’t trust the BBC. We can’t trust our government, civil service or public health agencies either. For three years, they behaved tyrannically – and clearly intend to keep doing so – whilst cladding themselves in the cloak of benevolence, reasonableness and integrity. Everything that was done 2020-21 was at best ultra vires, and at worst illegal. Nothing the government did respected the British people, and nothing it did was in any way proportional to the problems posed by that virus.

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James Rogers
James Rogers
James Rogers (pseudonym) is a well-travelled, polymathic dilettante who voted for Johnson but feels we’ve ended up with Blair on steroids.

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