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Call off the war on men


When I examined the hysteria surrounding the Kavanaugh hearings, I explained that much of the anger towards Justice Kavanaugh was projection by Leftist men who treated women poorly. I said, ‘I have no doubt there is a lot of projection going on here. The Democrats and cultural Left have a very bad record when it comes to their treatment of women.’ Weinstein, Clinton, Al Franken, Charlie Rose and the comedian Louis C K are all on the Left and have admitted or alleged to have committed ‘sexual misconduct’ against women in some form. Now I am not naive enough to say conservative men are not capable of this – of course they are. But so far the high-profile men who have fallen foul of #MeToo are on the Left.

Quoting myself: ‘The Left came up with much of this stuff, the attempted rape, the exposing of the penis and the disgusting gang rape, because this is the kind of the stuff the Left deal in; they watch it on TV from morning to night, create stories about it or personally dabble in it in one form or the other. This is what they do, so they presumed they could get Kavanaugh on it too. Something, anything, would stick. They could never build themselves up to being something like Kavanaugh because that is too hard, but it should be easy to pull this man down and destroy his life.’

My theory is confirmed by a self-indulgent piece worthy of Communist China in the form of George Yancy. Mr Yancy is a professor of philosophy at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and admits he is a sexist.

First he admits he was ‘not happy’ when his wife refused to take his name when they got married, and they argued about it. Now, I am pretty traditional when it comes to the whole name-change thing but surely this is something you discuss before the actual wedding and if the wife refuses to take her husband’s name then that is that. Not so for Mr Yancy – he continued to argue and bully her about her refusal. Mr Yancy tries to project this on to all men. It says a lot about Mr Yancy, but not about all men.

The professor continues: ‘I speak as an insider. I know about what so many of us men think about women — the language we use, the sense of power that we garner through our sexual exploits, our catcalling and threatening, our sexually objectifying gazes, our dehumanizing and despicable sexual gestures and our pornographic imaginations. This is not simply locker-room banter but a public display of unchecked bravado for which we often feel no shame.’

Oh, really? Tell me more, good professor. This behaviour, dear professor, is a reflection on you and some of your fellow Leftist men folk. But do not make the mistake of speaking for ‘all men’. You speak for yourself and the men you grew up with and socialise with now at the delightful Emory University. But that does not mean you speak for other men as a group – especially conservative men. In fact, one study looked at faculty voter registration at 40 leading universities and finds that, out of 7,243 professors, Democrats outnumber Republicans 3,623 to 314, or by a ratio of 11 1/2 to 1. Interesting.

Anyway, on and on he goes, admitting to chasing after girls at 16 etc etc. It is all very juvenile. Then he comes to Kavanaugh, who he believes fought for his good name just a bit too forcefully. This was always their last card: accuse Kavanaugh of despicable acts and when he denies them hang him on his style of denial; in other words dunk him in water and if he floats he is guilty and if he sinks he is innocent but happens to be dead to boot. Justice Kavanaugh didn’t go along with this and the Left are still upset about it.

The Professor also tells us this: ‘The history of toxic and violent masculinity should have been enough for us to give full weight to the reasonableness and believability of Ford’s testimony.’ You see what he has done here? The writer experienced a Leftist culture that demeans women so it must follow that all men were raised like this and therefore all men must be guilty of any accusation levelled at them. Bingo!

This is just a fancy academic way of abolishing due process and the presumption of innocence. It institutionalises ‘believe women’ instead of ‘believe the evidence’.

In sum the argument is: the culture was rotten in the 70s, 80s and 90s so all men are guilty. Do you see how wrong this is? Do you see how unjust and dangerous this is to Western norms of a fair trial?

I write this (again) because this piece is in the former newspaper the New York Times, and although most will avoid it, it still has some influence. This guy is a professor of philosophy. Yet his ethics now are: guilt by association and collective punishment of all men.

This is what they are teaching the next generation of men and women in America and it is disgusting and frightening at the same time. Now do you understand why I say politics is downstream from culture and the academy? If this is what the students are being taught, who is in the White House or 10 Downing Street does not matter.

Finally, I link to this piece in the National Review by Patrick Coyle, director of marketing and communications for Kavanaugh’s old school, Georgetown Preparatory School, and a member of the class of 2003. It gives an insight into what happens at a school when the liberal media attack dogs are released.

It explains how not all boys are raised in the Leftist culture that degrades women. That does not mean they are all choirboys incapable of wrongdoing. But it does mean they should be treated and judged as individuals, not one great marauding mass as the good professor would have us do.

Coyle: ‘Yes, we have labored for years to protect students from a broader culture chockablock with degrading influences . . . Here are some specifics ignored in the torrent of coverage: Every student takes rigorous classes in Christian ethics, personal and social. They all learn Catholic social thought, to understand the demands of a faith that does justice. The students themselves run what’s called the Arrupe Society, a service program that runs food drives and blood-donation initiatives, serves the Best Buddies program (founded by a Georgetown Prep alumnus), volunteers care at an assisted-living facility for elderly women, and tutors in impoverished sections of our community.

‘Nowhere did the press mention how those programs helped produce alumni who went on to lives of public service – in elected office, the diplomatic corps, the military, the judiciary, and countless charitable groups such as Somos Amigos Medical Missions, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Special Olympics, and Save the Children.’

So, when I said the Leftists had chosen the wrong man in coming for Kavanaugh this is what I meant. They just cannot imagine cultures other than their own degrading one. But they do exist.

Finally, every second piece I read these days contains the phrase ‘toxic masculinity’ which is just a millennial short-hand for the old feminist cry of ‘all men are rapists’. It is a despicable phrase being wielded with impunity to encourage others to despise all men. It has to stop.

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