What do you give the man who has everything? The obvious answer is penicillin, but George Soros, one of the world’s richest men, wants his own continent. And it’s ours.

He doesn’t want to own Europe, merely remake it. Soros is the Hungarian-American multi-billionaire with a penchant for using his vast wealth to further causes seeking to dismantle Western culture and the social and political structures to which it has given birth.

Soros, ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank of England’, made £1bn profit selling sterling short when it crashed out of the European exchange rate mechanism in 1992. During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad accused Soros of bringing down the nation’s currency through his trading activities.

Soros uses his profits relentlessly to support progressive causes. In 2015 the Soros-funded Open Society Institute (now renamed Open Society Foundations) approved $650,000 to ‘invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #BlackLivesMatter movement’.

Soros does not confine his activity to the US. According to Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán, Soros’s network has ‘a vast sphere of influence’ in the European Parliament and other EU institutions. Orbán’s claim that the aim of the ‘Soros network’ is to create a mixed population in Europe is not too far-fetched.

As well as spending his own money in pursuit of changing Europe, Soros, who describes himself as a ‘stateless statesman’, is also keen on spending our money. In a plan revealed in 2015 Soros made clear how he would solve Europe’s immigration crisis. Basically, it was to make it easier for immigrants to come in.

Soros reckons that for the foreseeable future the EU must accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually. Further, the EU should provide 15,000 euros per asylum-seeker for each of the first two years to help cover housing, health-care and education costs — and to make accepting refugees more appealing to member states.

We are not only to fund the immigrants pouring into Europe from the Middle East, we are to fund the propaganda which will make us welcome them. We can do this by going into even greater debt. According to Soros, the EU ‘can raise these funds by issuing long-term bonds using its largely untapped AAA borrowing capacity’.

In the Soros plan, the annual influx of 1,000,000 immigrants is accompanied by a diminution of national identity. To ensure the immigrant influx occurs smoothly, ‘the EU must immediately start building a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency and eventually a single EU Border Guard. The current patchwork of 28 separate asylum systems does not work’.

Possibly the creation of an extremely large bureaucratic organisation can lead to better results: the larger the agency the greater the efficiency. Or perhaps one large bureaucracy is easier to manipulate than many small ones.

Soros wants safe channels to be created within Europe enabling immigrants to reach their ‘destination countries’ with the least inconvenience. Once these are established, the ‘logical step is to extend safe avenues to the front-line region, thereby reducing the number of migrants who make the dangerous Mediterranean crossing’.

Soros’s plan envisages an unimpeded conveyor belt from the Middle East and Africa for 1,000,000 immigrants a year, all paid for by the European taxpayer. Added to this Soros encourages us to ‘provide adequate funding to Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey to support the four million refugees currently living in those countries’.

He estimates that annual costs are at least 5,000 euros per refugee, or a total of 20bn euros. Of this, up to 10bn euros is to be provided by the EU with the balance coming from the US and the rest of the world. Again, the source of this largesse is European debt: ‘This could be added to the amount of long-term bonds issued to support asylum-seekers in Europe.’

Soros has form when it comes to societal manipulation. Recently he transferred about $18bn (£13.7bn) to his Open Society Foundations, bringing his lifetime giving to the organisation to $32bn and making it the third-largest charitable foundation in the world. OSF works globally to ‘build vibrant and tolerant democracies’ and has given away nearly $14bn since it was founded in 1979.

Soros used OSF to fund opposition research on critics of radical Islam and to discredit the Israeli government, according to more than 2,500 documents put online by hackers. The sum of $200,000 was given to the Center for American Progress, a liberal think-tank, to conduct ‘high-quality opposition research’ to fight ‘anti-Muslim xenophobia and to promote tolerance’. Internal records, made public by the hacking group DC Leaks, show that OSF spent $40million between 2008 and 2010 on programmes aimed at weakening US counter-terrorism policy.

The OSF additionally funded a study by the New America Foundation which equated the terror threat posed by Right-wing extremists with the threat posed by Al-Qaeda.

A memo discussing grants of October 17, 2011, notes that New America received $250,000, partly to write two reports. The first was aimed at creating a ‘safe space in which Muslims in America feel free to hold controversial political dialogues, [and] organize without fear of unwarranted government surveillance’. The second aimed to ‘correct mistaken public beliefs that Al-Qaeda’s brand of terrorism is unique to Islam and that most terrorists are Muslim’.

Soros’s actions indicate a wish to hamstring authorities everywhere when it comes to restricting Muslim immigration and monitoring Islamic extremism. In October 2016, the Open Society Foundations released a report asserting that the ‘UK government should repeal 2015 legislation that imposes a legal obligation on education and healthcare professionals to report individuals believed to be at risk of being drawn into terrorism’.

The health and education sectors are the most frequent contact-points of Muslim communities with non-Muslims. It is likely that employees in these sectors could notice the first indications of radicalisation, and by reporting it contribute to fight against radical Islamism.

Money talks, and sometimes what it has to say is dangerous.


  1. This scrutiny of Soros and his activities is long overdue and it should be publicised far and wide. How I wish our Press still did in depth and rigorous investigative journalism, as the material on Soros would give them a field day.
    Breitbart.com and Breitbart London have been covering Soros’s activities, and also reporting on Viktor Orban’s attempts to expose and counter Soros (hence the EU apparent fervent opposition to Orban). Breitbart also tracks the movement/source of funding by Soros, and indicates how the organised opposition to Trump owes much apparently to Soros related groups.

    • Glenn Beck used to have a show on Fox News wherein he, on a daily basis, used to highlight the antics, penetration etc. of the Soros empire’s attempts to impose a One World Order (no, I do not need a tin foil hat).

      BTW he also warned that the ludicrously named Arab ‘Spring” would lead to mayhem throughout the ME/North African countries and would result in mass immigration from these troubled nations into Europe with disastrous consequences. He envisaged a creation of a caliphate as a result of this ‘Spring’ and that this would spread into Europe.

      Oh how they ridiculed and laughed at him – when the liberal press were breathlessly celebrating the Arab ‘Spring’ – they ain’t laughing now.

      He warned further that Israel was the ‘canary in the mine’ – should that brave country fall, Europe would follow.

      BTW Fox terminated his contract…….

    • https://www.bundeskanzlerin.de/ContentArchiv/DE/Archiv17/Artikel/2011/01/2011-01-13-merkel-europapreis.html

      It is the Kalergi plan for Europe it has a long history. To succeed it relies on useful idiots.

      The UK voting to Leave the EU is the biggest threat the long term plan has ever had, which is why everything will be done that can be done, by Merkel and allies, to frustrate it, will be done. We must hope that David Davis understands.


  2. George Soros will fail, because like all progressives he has an extremely limited understanding of human nature. All the money in the world cannot change it.

      • What is going to stop him? Who is going to stop him? He has won already. All we are doing is clutching at straws.

        It’s over guys. RIP Western Civilisation – it was great while it lasted.

        • He will fail because what he wants can only be maintained through violence and coercion in the long term and that is inherently de-stabilising. Also the international political class see themselves as being too enlightened and cultured to use violence so they will probably wimp out when push comes to shove.

          • I disagree. Look how the Left both here and in the USA are behaving with regard to violence.

            Why do you think Islam has lasted for 1400 years?

          • I can’t see clearly enough in Britain. But as near as I can tell in the US, they have nothing left but screaming out their hate and violence. They’ve lost, but they are cornered and still dangerous.

          • The international political class are more socialist (of various hues), or at least some form of authoritarian, than Islamic. They cooperate and enable Islamic terrorism because they fear confronting a genuinely violent movement and they believe they can co-opt that violence for their own purposes.

    • He has succeeded already. Europe, including the UK, is lost – time and population demographics will ensure that.

      Hungary/Poland/Old Eastern Bloc have a chance of escaping an Islamic future; their future is to realign with Russia. I cannot see any Russian leader now or in the future bowing their heads to Islam – Russia does not do weak leaders, sadly we do.

  3. Soros is said to be the sugar-daddy for several flavours of the black-shirted “anti”-fascists who cause regular mayhem on both sides of the Atlantic. He is also bankrolling the “refuse fascism” campaign, which threatens chaos in the United States, until the result of the Presidential election is overturned. The launch of the campaign, last Saturday, was a very damp squib, but it’s the thought that counts. How can this man be fomenting violence (antifa) and trying to subvert the entire American republic without consequences? If he showed his face in his native Hungary, he’d probably be lynched, but, everywhere else, he gets away with anything.

    • How can he do it? Not too difficult when you have the Media/Entertainment industry/majority politicians/education institutions on your side.

      Trump is the thorn in his side, not only Soros and the Dems but the majority Republicans as well. The USA will probably escape the Europe/UK Islamic future but it will in no way remain ‘conservative’ – again time and demographics are against them. In all probability, Trump’s presidency and hopefully it will be for two terms, will be the last ‘Republican’ government.

      Soros fingerprints are not only on the plans to change Europe but the USA as well.

  4. Why does all migration have to be to Western nations ie Europe, US. Why can he not spend some money making it attractive for Westerners to migrate to, say, Africa to create a truly diverse world?

    • Soros has already donated Billions to carry on his work.
      The range of his activites, interfering around the globe, is astonishing in scope.

      • When Sauron returns to hell, his puppets will implode no matter how much money he threw to them, the children don’t have Sauron’s overarching baleful ambition to smash the Christian west whatever the cost.

        Yesterday it was heralded, that, York Minster agreed to the emplacement of large concrete blocks ‘anti terror barriers’ to be sited in front of its main entrance, York until the recent last five or six years, York didn’t have a problem………….they came though.

        That’s Sauron’s legacy and it will be harder to shift, he’ll die a desperately unfulfilled man but secure in the knowledge that the devilment he spread is working its evil in all corners of Britain.

        Enoch was right, the twain eastern and western creeds are immiscible, totally incompatible, he warned of the potential dangers of it, he was ignored.

        Something evil now, this way comes.

  5. Only one million migrants a year? When Africans hear about all the benefits they will enjoy when they come to Europe, they will be coming in their tens of millions. Leaving behind, of course, the less enterprising, which will only make their own countries even more impoverished.

  6. I understand WHAT he is doing, but WHY is he doing it?

    Working towards a one world government? Hatred of Western Civilisation?

    • My guess would be one world government; humanity united under a single flag rather than squabbling and fighting with each other (as he would presumably see it). Free movement is designed to undermine individual nation states and force them to work together on cross-border solutions.

      • It’s not altruism that drives this beauty, far from it. I stand to be corrected but somewhere on the internet there is footage of Soros (who is Jewish) saying that the best time of his life was helping the Nazis when he was very young (allegedly).

        Enough said.

        • As I see it people who identify as ‘great men’ or ‘statesmen’ and see themselves as moves and shakers usually see the concerns of normal people as being of little importance. They believe they see the ‘big picture’ and it is common for them to get quite frustrated when normal people don’t see the same glorious vision that they do, being preoccupied with the day to day struggle of supporting themselves. They despise ‘small minded’ politicians who ignore their grand plans and adopt a local or populist approach to politics. They usually believe that their vision will lead to a better future for all so it is altruistic, at least from their point of view.

          As an aside this is the reason that classic economics and classic liberalism is so hated by the political class as it tells them that most of their attempts to interfere will actually lead to worse outcomes in the long term, no matter how well intentioned and well thought out their interference is.

          • I think this is correct. Exceptionally rich and powerful men like Soros can be corrupted by their power, and convince themselves that their world view is the only correct one. Hence they will use all their power and wealth to bring it about, regardless of how many little people get crushed or how much other damage they cause along the way. They will believe that the end justifies the means. That is how their power corrupts them.

          • Reminds one of the 1930s when several UK newspapers supported
            Modern Movements like German National Socialism, Mosley etc
            as well as Russian Socialism (“I’ve seen the future & it works”)
            Interestingly, the late & unlamented Oswald Mosley supported the
            Common Market, since he naively thought it represented a
            Fortress Europe.
            If only —

      • In all these plans there is one common that is left out and that is people’s love of their own country. The idea to create a new world melting pot misses this very substantial. Those who have planned the new world order only see it from an economic point of view. They have failed to understand the emotion of identity.

        That is why this whole plan is unravelling. Even migrants whose countries have been purposefully destabilised so they move, really want to return to their homeland. They do not want en mass to live in an environment alien to them.

        The new world order is a socialist dream at its worst, which was badly and very dangerously executed. We will now see a big shift where indigenous people will push back and refuse migrants in such numbers and the migrants will end up as itinerants, moving around the world to find a place to settle. Soros and the few associates who thought they could command the world and make themselves rich will see world disorder and maybe destruction through nuclear war because they failed to see the fundamental

        • From a purely economic point of view one world government doesn’t have any particular logic. There is no particular advantage to one world government if that world government is then a huge, corrupt and inefficient bureaucracy.

    • I should think it was obvious– PROFIT!

      Destabilise enough nations enough of the time, and you destabilise their economies, and prompt a “flight from the quid/euro/buck” into some other currency. And guess who’s there to reap a profit when that occurs? Why, none other than “Spooky Dude” himself! (As an American commentator once referred to him.)

      • That’s quite a long game, though, isn’t it? He’ll be dead by the time that happens. Building a dynasty?

      • Rubbish.
        There is a conspiracy at work here, & probably some Jewish financiers are
        But if you want to find a deep reason for the EU disaster, think about the
        monuments & symbols in Washington & on US currency.

  7. Liberalism contains the seeds of its own destruction because it only places value on harm/care out of the 5 moral foundations. Much of the rest of society places value on all 5 to maintain a stable society. Liberals prefer change even if it leads to societal instability and place little value on social mores.
    See Liberals and Conservatives Rely on Different Sets of Moral Foundations http://www-bcf.usc.edu/~jessegra/papers/GrahamHaidtNosek.2009.Moral%20foundations%20of%20liberals%20and%20conservatives.JPSP.pdf

    {The results supported the moral foundations hypothesis: Liberals refused to make trade-offs on most of the individualizing items but were more willing to perform actions that violated the three binding foundations. Conservatives, in contrast, showed a more even
    distribution of concerns and reported more unwillingness than did liberals to accept money to act in ways that violate Ingroup, Authority, and Purity concerns……
    Liberals generally justify moral rules in terms of their consequences for individuals; they are quite accustomed to balancing competing interests and to fine-tuning social
    institutions to maximize their social utility. Conservatives in contrast, are more likely to respect rules handed down from God (for religious conservatives) or from earlier generations.}

    Merkel is a liberal and therefore will never understand the societal instability she had created by imposing mass immigration. Since only around 20-30% of people are liberals there was guaranteed to be much opposition. The EU is now examining futures where there is breakup of this liberal project.

    See “Europe starts to think the unthinkable: breaking up” https://www.ft.com/content/0b7b1616-ff3d-11e6-8d8e-a5e3738f9ae4

    • Merkel supports the Kalergi plan, she DOES understand , she believes the short term social pain is just one of the prices to be paid on the way to the fulfilment of the plan.

  8. Its good to see Soros being discussed on this forum. I think it is only when you know about Soros, can you begin to grasp why such idiotic ideas are being put into practice by those in Government in the entire western world. Soros is the puppet master!
    The UN is another place where he is pulling strings, although Trump’s administration is beginning to fight back. The UN is trying to change the definition of the family, push LGBT issues around the world, and has just taken away protection of the unborn child.

  9. Many people have known of Soros and his connections for a number of years but we were called conspiracists so I am very pleased he is now being openly discussed thanks to Hungary. But it must also be noted that Russia has been trying to bring him to court for many years as they believe he has been behind a number of destabilising actions affecting Russia. However, America has protected Soros from any investigation. Obama was much vaulted by the EU and the Clintons were involved in Charity work with him too. It will be interesting if Mr Trump exposes the close involvement that Soros has with previous USA governments and the number of charities he funds. There are very many well respected charities in this country who survive because of his money

    • May be kind of a new day, once (or if) Trump gets control of the government. Wouldn’t be very hard in my view to make the case to RICO him as we put it. That can entail seizure of every asset of his that the USG can find. One of those laws we passed to fight drug trafficking, that have some other uses.

  10. All this was called a conspiracy theory only a few years ago.
    I well remember the attitude of what nonsense if you came out with any of these details.

  11. People below have been asking why Mr Soros is as he is, doing what he plainly has been doing. I think that we will look in vain for rational causes for his attitudes, his behaviour. I think we won’t find them in philosophical terms either. I think the reasons are theological. And I don’t mean anything stupid like ‘Soros is intrinsically evil’, or the like.

    Like all utopian socialists or marxists, Soros believes that humanity is perfectible through Progress. Whether collectively enlightened self-awareness, or self-authenticated enlightenment at the individual level, he and they have no need of grace, no need of any outside creative agent – they (and we, with the right encouragement, immersion in the correct education) can achieve the optimum human existence without referring to anything other than their own humanity, ever more deeply explored.

    This fundamental fallacy is what leads to all the other lies, the cruelties, the horror. It always has done, and it always will do. The road to Hell, and all that.. The Perfectibility of Mankind is the most pernicious doctrine imaginable – actually more wicked in its effects even than all the -isms that its proponents decry so readily. And all of Mr Soros’ behaviour is explicable if you consider he is all the time defending the truth of a lie. The lie that he is not ashamed of himself, that his behaviour in early life was an aberration for which he has no need to atone or repent, and that it says nothing at all fundamental about himself, or any other person in the world. A lie that leads to all the others, and all the wickedness he perpetrates in the world, not from a wish to be wicked, but a wish to be virtuous.

  12. Like all multiracialists / multiculturalists, Soros isn’t motivated by love for humanity but by hate for the West and Western man.

    Notice that his efforts are directed almost exclusively against Western nations, not, say, against Japan, China, Pakistan or Vietnam.

  13. The liberal mind cares only for one of the 5 moral foundations but a stable society requires elements of all 5. Liberalism is therefore bound to fail in the longer term because it does not meet what is required for a stable society.
    See Conservatives VS. Liberals http://www.ethicsdefined.org/the-problem-with-morality/conservatives-vs-liberals/
    In his TED talk Jonathan Haidt points out that one thing in common with every successful civilization through history is that all five tenants of morality as he defines them have been present. These successful civilizations seem “to use every tool in the tool box”. That is an astute observation and accurate.

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