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Can anyone halt the mRNA juggernaut?


SEVERAL articles on TCW by Professor Angus Dalgleish and others have warned us about the effectiveness and dangers of the largely-untested mRNA technology. 

For a start, the mRNA vaccine’s effectiveness seems to diminish after just a few months, so regular boosters are necessary. Moreover, a number of peer-reviewed studies have linked the mRNA vaccines to an increase in heart conditions such as myocarditis and pericarditis. And more recently, evidence has been mounting that they may suppress the body’s natural immune response to several forms of cancer.

The latest news about mRNA developments is that the technology is being tested for what was its original purpose – not as a vaccine, but as a gene therapy for cancer. An mRNA product is in Phase 3 clinical trials as a treatment for melanoma (skin cancer) and scientists hope this technology could also be used to stop lung, bladder and kidney cancer. 

This may be successful and hopefully be less harmful than current treatments. But given the increasing questions about the effectiveness and safety of mRNA technology as a mass-administered vaccine, you might have expected that our rulers would call for a pause in mRNA vaccine development and deployment to give time to assess the risks and benefits. However, this will not happen for at least two reasons:

  • Banning the use of mRNA vaccines until their safety can be assessed would be an admission by the ruling elites that they had made a catastrophic mistake by imposing them on all age groups during the US-funded, China lab-leaked pandemic.
  • The UK, Canadian and Australian governments have signed multi-million-pound deals with Moderna to set up mRNA vaccine manufacturing sites in these three countries. Leaders of these three countries have all hailed the Moderna decisions as being a huge scientific and economic benefit for their nations. So the production and imposition of mRNA as mass-produced vaccines, rather than as targeted gene therapies, will probably continue however much evidence accumulates that they are possibly ineffective and even damaging to health.

And, of course, we should not forget that the hedge fund, Theleme Partners, which launched in October 2010 with $700million under management, was set up by a certain Mr Sunak and colleagues and, at the last report, had a huge 34.8 per cent of its assets in Moderna. If it was found that mass-administered mRNA vaccines are ineffective and dangerous and Moderna crashed and burned, then Theleme’s investors and founders would be an awful lot poorer. And we can’t allow that can we?

But maybe the mRNA vaccine disaster is just the latest in a long series of costly catastrophes imposed on us by our scientifically and economically challenged political elites? Here are possibly a few others:

  • Light bulbs: I don’t remember the timing or the details, but I vaguely recall that 20 or so years ago traditional bulbs were banned for using too much energy and replaced by bulbs which were meant to be more energy-efficient but unfortunately contained much higher levels of toxic metals and were therefore much more damaging to the environment.
  • Biofuels: The decision to impose biofuels for transport caused huge amounts of fertile land to be shifted from food production to biofuel crops. This led to a steep rise in food prices, hurting mainly the world’s poorest, and was described by the UN’s rapporteur on food as ‘a crime against humanity’. Moreover, biofuels are less efficient than fossil fuels. So you need more biofuels per mile than you would with fossil fuels thus cancelling out any supposed environmental benefits.
  • Heat pumps: Phasing out and then banning cheap, reliable gas and oil central heating and force us to install questionably effective and extremely expensive heat pumps will leave millions of households poorer and colder.
  • Renewable energy: Replacing cheap, reliable fossil fuels with expensive, intermittent and unreliable wind and solar, which require oil or gas back-up for when the wind doesn’t blow and/or the sun doesn’t shine, while our friends in China, India and Indonesia and other countries build new coal-fired power stations every couple of weeks. This will inevitably lead to prohibitively high energy prices in the West making our manufacturing uncompetitive, destroying millions of jobs and impoverishing us all.
  • Electric vehicles: Banning the sale of cheap, reliable ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars, vans and maybe eventually lorries and replacing them with useless, inefficient, unreliable milk floats pretending to be cars which have much shorter range than ICE vehicles, can take hours to charge if you can even find a working charger where there isn’t a huge queue of cars waiting, are incredibly expensive to repair and which can be prone to ‘thermal runaway’ – bursting into flames which are extraordinarily difficult to extinguish and release toxic chemicals while burning.
  • Net Zero: Perhaps the biggest disaster of them all. Virtue-signalling political elites in the West, in thrall to climate catastrophist doom-mongers, have decided to reduce their populations to penury by making energy both scarce and unaffordable and restrict our freedoms by imprisoning us with many fewer cars in 15-minute cities. Meanwhile our rulers jet around the world to important conferences in the best holiday locations to lecture us all on how we need to limit our consumption to save the planet from what the world’s greatest climatologist, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, calls ‘global boiling’.

There are probably a few more disasters imposed on us by the ruling elites which I don’t know about or have forgotten to include. But all these decisions by our rulers have a couple of common threads:

  • They are based on political posturing rather than scientific or economic evidence and are often implemented due to pressure from deluded, one-issue, highly vocal, self-serving, narcissistic, Z-list-celeb-supported, often anti-West activist groups
  • When evidence does emerge proving that the decision was wrong and even harmful, our rulers never admit error. In fact they double down on their original decision by, for example, increasing the level of biofuels in our petrol, by extending the groups which should be mRNA-ed (down to six-month babies in the US), by increasing the number of mRNA vaccine boosters per person and by bringing forward the dates by which supposedly ‘climate-saving’ Net Zero measures must be achieved.

It’s a jolly strange world in which we live.

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David Craig
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