Victoria Borwick was selected for Kensington after the unexpected resignation of Sir Malcolm Rifkind.

She fought off challenges from inexperienced CCHQ backed candidates who were willing to toe the Cameroon modern conservative line, to become the Tory torch bearer for the area she calls home.

A committed grassroots conservative, Victoria is a true campaigner, knocking on doors to speak to constituents regardless of the weather.

Having served on the Greater London Authority for seven years and as Boris’s Deputy Mayor for three years, Victoria has proved that she is a doer, shunning the limelight and cracking on with the job of keeping London going.

She is a grafter, renowned for working seven days a week as a London Assembly Member and Councillor and will undoubtedly do the same as an MP.

The residents of the socially diverse constituency of Kensington will be lucky to have Victoria as its representative in Parliament and The Conservative Woman wishes her well in her campaign.


  1. Victoria Borwick is not a breath of fresh air….she is a whirlwind of fresh air.
    She certainly underscores the dictum if you need something done ask a busy woman.
    She knows the constituency intimately and will be, after a long line of flops, be a highly visible MP, and one we can be proud of. For years, the constituency has been a graveyard for old political elephants. Victoria’s selection ended all that!

  2. Victoria has moral and political courage and will be an excellent Member of Parliament for Kensington

  3. I think this is overly harsh on Shaun Bailey and Charlotte Vere, both of whom would be excellent MPs.

    However it is entirely right to say that the people of Kensington will be superbly represented by Victoria Borwick. She is clearly a very committed Conservative, but also someone who will put Kensington above her party and fight tenaciously on issues in which she believes.

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