Cathy Newman, the car-crash interview correspondent for Channel 4 News, gave one of her most brilliant performances this week.

Newman, skilfully deploying her catchphrase ‘So What You’re Saying Is’, had Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson on the ropes with her trenchant analysis of his latest book.

Zoe Williams of The Guardian later noted how Peterson was forced to stress that he was qualified as a clinical psychologist. Ha! An ‘expert’, eh? Isn’t there universal loathing for intellectuals in the Alt Right ecosystem? That’s proof enough that Newman emerged triumphant from this debate.

How would Newman have dismantled the argument of other totems of the Patriarchy?

‘So, Dr Martin Luther King: In your book you describe how you had a dream. So, what you’re saying, as a Republican, is that we should close down hospitals on your say-so, just because you had some sleepy thoughts which you expect to be able to mansplain to me, as a woman. I know plenty of women AND MEN who never get time for rapid eye movement . . .’

‘So, Charles Dickens. Let me just quote something from your book. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. So which was it, Mr Dickens? This is a shambles, isn’t it? And why were all your ghosts men? Why wasn’t Christmas Present a woman? Isn’t it telling that you see no room for women in the Christmas Future?

‘What you’re saying is that women can’t become ghosts – our spirits don’t live on. Is that what you’re saying, Mr Dickens? Come on!’

‘So, Mr Gandhi. Let me just quote from your book. “The good man is the friend of all living things”, you’ve written. So you’re saying that I, as a woman, can only be a friend of dead things. I know plenty of women who have living friends . . . AND zombies. Are you saying I should just give up and stay at home and play with my Barbie doll, and make tea for the undead?’

Possibly Cathy’s greatest interview was with the Straw Man, whom a succession of impartial professional broadcasters have tried to pin down. He wasn’t able to deceive Cathy Newman, though.

‘So, Mr Straw Man. I’m looking at the press cuttings and you seem to represent a range of extreme Alt Right views.

‘James O’Brien on LBC said you’ve been suspiciously slow to denounce Brexit. My colleague Paul Mason on Channel 4 News said you had a clear plan to re-introduce slavery at the behest of Donald Trump with the tacit approval of the Kremlin. And respected cultural zeitgeist analyst David Baddiel said you were a bit like Hitler.

‘How do you answer that, Mr Straw Man? Well, let me answer it for you. So what you’re saying is that I, as a woman, will never be able to drive a car with the roof down and walk along the seashore barefoot. Because that’s effectively what you’re saying, isn’t it? Come on! Well, let me answer that for you. I know plenty of women – and men – who like to take their shoes off and get their feet wet.

‘So what exactly are you saying, Mr Straw Man? I’m afraid that’s all we’ve got time for. Thank you. I’m Cathy Newman.

‘Pardon. What’s that?

‘So what, you’re saying?’


  1. I think it was actually a rather entertaining (in a way, even charming) interview — and maybe the only thing one could seriously blame Mrs Newman for (though admittedly it’s a bit of a biggie) is her repeated failure to pay close enough careful attention to the precise limits of what Dr Peterson was saying, probably because she is most likely used to interviewees who do not use words so precisely.

    I’ll admit though, his destruction of her attempt to argue against freedom of speech is purely delightful.

    • His use of precise language is a survival strategy for negotiating the PC hellhole that used to be called Canada.

    • I thought it was delightful when he asked why she should be allowed to be antagonistic against him and yet he was not supposed to be antagonistic to anyone. Also when she had to agree with him that she was a disagreeable person!

    • There is also her unfair tactic of giving the interviewee the benefit of her blatantly leftist opinions and then rushing on in order to deny him the opportunity of replying.


  2. Channel 4 and Cathy Newman have now chosen to play the social media victim card to deflect some attention from the interview. Looking at Twitter and You-tube (admittedly not extensively) I could not see any abusive responses at all.
    This tactic is increasingly used by those in politics and he media, and very unfairly, it makes women look weak.
    It is a lazy and disingenuous tactic and increasing people do not buy it any more.

    • It may well be a lazy and disingenuous tactic but to me, it reminds me when my children were tots. Oldest would take a lick of youngest’s lolly and youngest would start wailing. Same, same and it tends to highlight such ardent feminists as being perpetual toddlers.

    • It only takes a few seconds to create a Twitter account and start issuing fake threats against yourself to help you regain the public’s sympathy; vide the egregious Jess Phillips.

      Unfortunately the public know this too.

      • I agree, something is up.
        I use twitter a lot and follow many famous people. But the tidal wave of ‘serious’ abuse seems very hard to find indeed.
        I seriously think a lot of celebs make these claims to evoke sympathy and allow themselves to wallow in pity.

        • I’m on Twitter, but not a lot. It seems that these twits (of all sorts) are finding the kitchen to be bit warm, at least here. One of the things Trump has unleashed is that conservatives are now openly ridiculing many on the left, not to mention their hangers-on. Ridicule is a powerful weapon, even more when applied with intelligence. The American left is starting to implode, finally.

          • Well said,
            It seems to me that a huge amount of ‘blocking’ on Twitter is done by the left. They don’t like the echo chamber being invaded.

      • This has reportedly happened with Newman. A proportion of insults are false flags and have been traced to known ‘left-wingers’ in a concerted attempt to stir up a victim narrative. As have the articles by ZWilliams in the Graun, and another in the Mirror. It’s verging on gaslighting!

    • Yes, I thought it was interesting that C4 hadn’t called the police – although threatened they might have to. They would be justified in doing so for a fraction of what they claimed was happening, so you have to wonder how much real evidence they have.

  3. A Liberal is interviewed on Channel 4………………………..

    Interviewer : How do you respond to what Jacob Rees-Mogg has said about Britain leaving the EU under WTO rules?
    Liberal : It would be inappropriate for me to comment on what Rees-Mogg said, but I fervently believe in supporting the most fragile in society, and women immigrants and their many children fleeing persecution from rogue regimes such as Syria deserve our support most of all, and we have to remember that Assad with blood on his hands has been supported by the Beast in the Kremlin- and honestly all this stuff about Isis and its torturers doesn’t wash with me- but moving on – it is truly shocking that this right wing government chooses to spend billions preparing for a Brexit which will be a disaster for this country and leave Britain isolated, while it turns its back on the most vulnerable and pursues a strategy which violates human rights and could be considered a moral war crime, but we should also remember that pollution knows no frontiers and so Brexit will also slow the move to electric cars which, going forward, offer the only sustainable way to allow those still stuck in the mind-set of owning a car rather than an electric bicycle , but this means stepping up our support for renewables and wind in particular, also that smart meters should be compulsory including smart water meters because, as you know, water is the key diminishing resource on our scarred planet, and I am truly sickened at this moment in time when I see a well-heeled member of the middle class wash his big car with purified water while all over the planet millions of the most vulnerable and disenfranchised scrabble at muddy water holes and here I am at one with WWF who regard the protection of endangered species totally equal with efforts to stop climate change- the most vital problem we face- and I must say that the current president of the United States – a misogynistic right wing Islamaphobe dinosaur who has set back equal opportunity by decades – is talking up coal, which has polluted the planet, and to be totally honest I wish the industrial revolution had never happened.

    Interviewer : Thank you. And now over to Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

    • The questioning technique known the “Nicky Campbell Free Kick”
      He’ll then move onto interviewing a righty ..and will straitjacket and harasss him/her, before cutting them short with the words “we’ve got to go to the whether now”
      BBC/MSM home of the lib-establishment, so pushers of lib-supremacism.

  4. Commenting as a woman….so many of these so called female female interviewers are not up to the job. They are unable to put their own personal beliefs/prejudices to one side when interviewing and explore what the interviewee is saying….thus the so called car crash interview.

    • So what you are saying is that women are clearly inferior interviewers? Don’t you think that is unfair?

        • I notice that most female interviewers are are good looking and male ones have their own hair.

          Is this not some kind of PC sin ? Selection against the plain and the follicularly challenged?

          If not, I am sure it could be made one toute suite.

          • Hah! Ya think!

            I would think so but then I’m incurable non (or even anti) PC. When a fair number of years ago I was working for a contractor and moved every 6 weeks or so, I picked my local news by which station had the cutest weather girl. The all told the same lies anyway.

            One could try, and it would be delicious to watch the air headed, but good looking trying to defend it.

      • What I am saying is people should get a job based solely on meritocracy, not because of race, colour, creed, gender etc in order fill some spurious tick box.

    • My own experience is that, for the most part, if one disagrees with a woman, however logical, valid, objective and cogent one’s argument, she takes it as a personal insult. Unfortunately I find that many men also display this negative trait, though it must be said that they rarely hold grudges, and certainly not as vindictively as the women.

  5. I suspect Canal 4 News will be more careful about selecting guests in future. Better they stick to the predictable or the dumb (Diane Abbott, Lily Allen, …).

    • Are you saying that I’m not cut out to be a lobster?

      What about the gender pay gap in the media? Newsbusiness agents negotiate 50% less lavish riches for their fame clients than their male clients.

      Are you saying that news stars should never be overpaid with equal obscenity?

        • Lobsters and Lapdogs – like all the ‘talent’ at the BBC – choose not to be on the payroll, but register as self employed. (Which is odd, because many of them only ever work for the BBC, and I was told that was considered a no-can-do when I was considering my tax return. Still, maybe there are different laws for BBC employees)

          The upside of being self employed is that you can offset more expenses against tax and, if you’re really well paid, form a private company. This helps you evade taxes on an even grander scale. So BBC ‘talent’ get paid far more than 99 per cent of the population and pay a lower rate of tax on their massive earnings than all the regular ‘little Britons’ on PAYE.

          The downside of opting out of PAYE is that you are a free market operator, which means there will always be one of your peers whose agent negotiated a better deal than yours did.

          Why Emily Maitlis’ agent couldn’t get at least parity with Huw Edwards’ agent is a mystery to me. Surely she’s far more of a box office attraction.

          But there you go. Who understands the working of the BBC?

          Surely the answer would be to put all BBC presenters on the payroll.

          That would be truly egalitarian. Also, it would be more consistent with their public service ethos.

          • Feminist Dame Jenni Murray has presented “Moaner’s Hour” since 1987 and … not on the BBC payroll. Oh no, she’s freelance. Unbelievable how the BBC can get away with this.

      • I find this highly offensive and I have reported your thought crimes to the Guardian’s Committee for Rigid Orthodoxy.

  6. In a major dig at our Cathy the Professor said
    ‘I am very careful about what I say’
    Pity the same cannot be said for Newman

    • Indeed. it would have prevented her being shown up for ‘misrepresenting’ events during her visit to a mosque.

  7. Right now there are over 2 million views on YouTube – several days after upload and will certainly break all other C4s YouTube uploads.
    Newman was demolished by Peterson and I have waited years to see a mainstrean feminist interviewer being destroyed by rational in such a calm but firm way.
    Newman made the mistake of allowing her feminist indoctrination to clear out her intellect & this interview will haunt her for the rest of her life.
    She has only feminism to blame.

    • Like Cathy Newman, they already know exactly what he’s saying, even if he hasn’t ever said it.

      And like Ms Newman, they are shocked, aggrieved and – speaking as a Woman’s Hour – offended by the things they know he’s really saying – but is hiding with his carefully chosen words.

      What he’s really saying is only apparent to those superior beings who live in the bubble of elitism. They call this the BubText – the secret sinister meanings of reasonable sounding arguments. It’s the meaning only they can see.

    • Why doesn’t Aljabeeba have a Man’s Hour?
      I have been so offended by this that I have refused to pay their TV tax for decades.

          • Not saying it didn’t! And the one time I gave it a shot it was pretty much the standard, trite BBC fare about how men apparently find it difficult to open up emotionally (So Woman’s Hour, basically). I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, but anyway, I didn’t bother listening after that.

      • Two reasons:
        1. “Women’s Hour” is deliberately misnamed. It’s really “Feminist Hour”, and,
        2. Men aren’t interested in sitting around for a hour every blxxdy day moaning about women.

  8. Cathy Newman will still be better remembered (and joked about) for her ‘ushered out of the mosque’ tweet in 2016(?) that she sent after the embarrassing attempt to ‘visit a mosque’ on a supposed open day and going to the wrong one. Like the Jon Snow gaffe of ‘speaking to the nation from Gaza’ during the 2014 violence, an ‘address’ that a BBC journalist said would not have been allowed to any BBC reporter, she creates her own notoriety.

  9. Even the DM is portraying Peterson as the bad guy. The entire msm seems to have been conditioned to the feminist agenda.
    “We are the Feminists. Lower your pants and bend over. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

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