Looking for an education for your child which reflects what were, until very recently, normal mainstream Christian values? Then you’d better give all state-funded faith schools a miss and either find yourself a free school set up by like-minded people, give up your job and home-school or sell a kidney and send your children to one of the independent schools which has yet to succumb to the LGBT zeitgeist, because you sure as heck aren’t going to get anything resembling a Christian education in any state school.

I refer to the new guidelines for schools, called Valuing All God’s Children, issued by the Church of England designed to address bullying of LGBT pupils. To be fair, some of the instructions are sensible. If little Johnny decides to dress up in high heels, a tiara, frock and feather boa from the dressing-up box, then leave him be. As the advice points out, children use play to learn and find out about the world and there’s no need to stick labels on them because they might prefer an activity typically associated with that of the other sex.

That’s something the transgender lobbyists need to take on board – much of the testimony surrounding children who are supposedly transgender seems to centre solely around the fact that a boy went through a phase of wearing princess frocks and liking dolls or that a girl steadfastly refuses to wear a dress and loathes pink!

Leaving kids to play how they want (with the usual sensible caveats about behaviour) ought to be general advice for all educators in a nursery or reception-class setting, rather than specific to faith schools.

Schools ought already to have robust policies in place when it comes to dealing with bullying, instead of attempting to prioritise a particular minority. What about the children who are overweight, wear glasses, have sticking-out ears or gloriously titian hair? Don’t they get special policies too? Bullying is always wrong and should always be stamped upon firmly, no matter what form it takes.

The idea that faith schools need to have specific policies on LGBT bullying is solely about undermining traditional Christian teaching on marriage, which is deemed to be ‘harmful’. It’s why lobby groups such as Stonewall have been targeting faith schools and offering them free training. It’s a win-win. If faith schools don’t take up the training, then Stonewall can claim that it’s desperately needed, a real problem, there’s a need for more targeted resources and legislation. If they do, Stonewall can point to their success, co-opt the schools’ statistics to support their narrative and ask for more funds to support their ‘vital’ work.

Two of the listed authors of the guidelines are not specifically Church of England theological advisers but professional Stonewall employees, Dominic Arrall and Sidonie Bertrand-Shelton, head of projects and programme manager respectively.

It comes to something when the Church of England is telling teachers in their schools that the Christian faith and the Bible must be ignored. If a teacher inadvertently uses the wrong name or set of pronouns (like this poor chap), or their religious conscience compels them not to accept that a boy is now a girl, then this is in effect bullying and must not be allowed. Never mind the fact that affirming a child’s gender dysphoria is not the ‘watchful waiting’ approach advocated by medical experts, and neither is it the most compassionate or Christian approach.

Have they really thought this through? The Church of England still forbids same-sex marriages, therefore what if a transgender person now wishes to marry someone who was born into the same sex as themselves? What if two brides or two grooms turn up at the altar, one of whom is really a different sex to the other? Pity the poor vicar, it’s going to be like something out of a bad 1970s sitcom!

Another fatuous piece of guidance is that schools ought not to require children to wear uniforms which ‘present difficulties for trans pupils’. Again, this accepts the narrative that children can change sex, which is something wholly contrary to Christian teaching, as well as scientific fact. Why should girls be denied the opportunity to wear a dress or skirt just to suit the tiny minority of supposed trans pupils? Why should teachers and pupils, especially those who have chosen the school in the vain hope that it might be able to help and support them in exercising their religious conscience, be coerced into a practice which is in itself abusive and forces them to lie as well as deny their faith?

Nobody wants children to be bullied for any reason, but there’s something sinister about specific documents and tick-boxes encouraging teachers to name the bully, with children potentially having a permanent accusation of homophobic, biphobic or transphobic bullying on their record for what might have been an innocent mistake or harmless piece of playground banter.

Any schools that do not teach the importance of gay or transgender rights will be ‘failing in their duty to prepare their pupils to live in modern Britain’. In other words, unless schools teach children to applaud and validate the personal relationship decisions of individuals, unless they teach children to accept uncritically that men can marry men, women can marry women and that gender identity is all about feelings, they aren’t fit for purpose! Biblical or traditional Christian values have been distilled to vague platitudes about love and compassion, God letting you do what you please and that while He may have ordered creation and made you in His own image, he stuffed up along the way and gave you the wrong body.

Sadly, the Church of England is not alone in this madness. The Catholic Church’s Catholic Education Service released a similar document a few months ago, which they commissioned the Catholic St Mary’s University in Twickenham to write. It caused much controversy after it proposed lesson plans in which pupils were encouraged to be alert for and challenge perceived homophobia in the home, and examples of bullying included referring to another child’s trainers as ‘gay’. It transpired that huge swathes of the document, designed to be used by teachers in all Catholic schools, had been copied and pasted verbatim from Stonewall and LGBT Youth Scotland. Reports of individual Catholic schools around the country introducing transgender-friendly policies and uniforms for students have been popping up like mushrooms.

Following a complaint by a parent (whom I strongly suspect was an activist) at Holy Ghost Roman Catholic primary school in Wandsworth, which was upheld by the Office of the Schools’ Adjudicator, the Catholic Education Service is now understood to be preparing a form which erases the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ to be replaced by ‘family’. This is the direct result of the introduction of gay marriage, which in its attempt to extend the franchise to the minority has stripped the majority of their identities of mum and dad, in favour of the amorphous and asexual parents 1 and 2. Anyone wanting to claim differentiation between the sexes is now a transphobic bully.

The updated guidance for Anglican schools reflects the liberal drift of the Church of England for some years now, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising. What ought to concern us is that it appears to be fear of Ofsted and being marked down as extremist which is causing Catholic schools to follow suit. For all her talk about religious freedom, Theresa May’s government appears to be imposing its interpretation of Christian values on schools in a way which would make Beijing proud. If faith schools are forced to impart a bowdlerised version of their faith, there seems little point in having them. Those churches which still own their buildings and land should reclaim them, sell up and start again, free of state interference. Sometimes tiaras merit a tantrum.


  1. “What about the children who are overweight, wear glasses, have sticking-out ears or gloriously titian hair?”

    Another prime example being children who are poor at sport.
    Teachers never seem to be trained to look for these things.

    • I once knew a small girl who was bullied by her friends because she had red hair. I explained to her that her hair was really titian, and told her a little about Titian the painter. She bucked up no end, and, I believe, told her friends that they were wrong: her hair was titian, not red. (But why shouldn’t it be called red?)

  2. Who do faith schools have to blame for the identity politics wheedling its way through their systems?
    They do. Rather than fight the changes and defend their faith, they are allowing it to happen to appear ‘inclusive’.
    If they want to blame anyone, maybe they should look at themselves and reflect.

  3. Sometimes I despair of the lazy disconnected thinking of people on the right.

    On the one hand you have loads of articles bemoaning the FACT the C of E is no longer a Christian Church, and then on the other you have someone writing a piece which seems incredulous of the fact the C of E is doing something which isn’t Christian !

    Wake up Caroline and smell the coffee the C of E is not a Christian Church and hasn’t been for some time! Expecting it to behave as a Christian body is just unrealistic, have you not been reading the other articles here and elsewhere?

    • Not quite right. The C of E is actually made up of at least half a dozen strands of Christianity. Some are orthodox in their beliefs, some are not. Unfortunately, most of the hierarchy are submitting to the relativism of the surrounding secular/pagan society. But soon, no doubt, they will be submitting to Islam; some already are.

  4. The Church is desperately trying to appear trendy in a bid to remain relevant in increasingly Godless times and, worse than this, their fear of offending the establishment narrative has replaced a fear of God.
    This is not the time to spinelessly kowtow to ideologies which undermine Christian teaching or indeed the scientific facts regarding gender and sexuality. The Church has a duty to defend traditional family values and to play a part in ensuring children are not confused by this abusive and damaging culture.

  5. I wish I could give this six out of five.

    Yesterday’s word of the day was “gleichschaltung”. I think today’s should be “millstone”.

  6. Totalitarian Theresa and her team of playground bullies are not just imposing a policy. They are using the transgender issue as a pretext to marginalise faith.

    • Having thought about this, I’m not convinced it has much to do with the government or Theresa May. It would appear to be down to her weak inept clueless nature rather than active participation.
      To suggest that May somehow has the capacity to think such schemes as marginalising faith gives her credit she just doesn’t deserve.

      This is more a case of hopeless May failing to act to stop Fascist Left wing elements in the education system than anything else.

      • I’m not so sure. The Tory government’s embrace of all things LBGT began with David Cameron who legalised gay marriage and began the campaign against extremism, threatening the policing of all religious education, even Sunday schools. Under DC, Nicky Morgan stated that “homophobia” might be a sign of extremism. See where this is going? Amber Rudd and Justine Greening have picked up the baton and are now imposing transgender policies on schools and, presumably, strong-arming churches. The DfE appears to be under the undue influence of gay activists.

        Theresa May is a statist surveillance junkie, who appears to have scant regard for our civil liberties. Do I think she “has the capacity to think such schemes as marginalising faith”? I have no doubt at all.

        • Have you seen Camerons brother in law? the first born son of Sir Reginald Adrian Berkeley Sheffield Bt ?
          Rob Sheffield, first born son and heir is a screaming queen who likes to dress in drag, he’s hardly likely to produce any offspring to inherit the family silver which will all end up with greed addled Camerons family

          Take a look at what he stands to gain:


          As I have said before, the current Tory party has no other policy other than allowing those with family money to hold on to what they have, illustrated no better than by them effectively abolishing inheritance tax.

          In a meritocracy it is income tax which should be as low as possible to allow the deserving to be rewarded, and not the undeserving benefited from unearned historical riches – especially true in Sam Cams family history where the wealth was never ever earned even at the start.

        • If, even ten years ago, someone had told me that Theresa, Sharia,May; Rudd the dud; Soubry, Morgan (both of them, her husband is con leader of Charnwood Borough Council); Greening, Maria, ‘Misogyny’ Miller; Truss, Spelman and Wollaston were conservatives I would have believed that Britain would break faith with those that died on Flander’s fields.

    • Encouraging anyone of any age to jump off the cliff of mental illness is not compassion. Assembling large groups and ordering them at the point of the proverbial sword to applaud and encourage the jumper is itself another sort of madness.

  7. If schools are obliged to teach their charges that transgendered children have a plethora of rights that must be respected under all circumstances, are they equally obliged to teach non-transgendered children what raft of inalienable rights they are also entitled to? If so, can anyone tell us exactly what those rights are? And if not, why not?

    • Rights? Rights?! Non transgendered children have no rights! That is, non transgendered children who don’t belong to supposed minority factions. If you’re a white, British, heterosexual male, you have zero rights and should shut up, sit at the back of the class, and keep your privileged opinions to yourself.

      • Non transgendered children have many rights if they are not white and especially from a Muslim background.

        It is perfectly acceptable for a Muslim child to tell a trans one that Allah thinks they need to be killed, and woe betide any teacher who dares intervene to tell them otherwise.

        When we see the Fascist Left constantly moaning it is always without exception aimed at white people, yet when it comes to the people most likely to offend they are nowhere to be seen.

        The demand equal representation of minorities in the media but this never carries through to the groups they target.

  8. What I find interesting is that if a man were to decide that he is in fact a woman, while continuing to seek sex with women, presumably no contraception is required fro these encounters? Or is it? And if it is, in what sense is the man a woman?

    • If a man were to transition to become female, then that involves plastic surgery and the ability to procreate would cease. Therefore, whatever you choose to call the person who formerly identified as male, contraception would not be necessary since the ‘ception’ part is no longer possible.

      • I said nothing about transition or surgery. I posited the case of a man who decides that he’s a woman, which pace the left he’s at liberty to do. If I say he’s a man because he was born one I’m a hate criminal. So would you be if you suggested that to become one he has to have surgery; and I would be one again if I said that in that event he’s still not a woman, just a surgically-mutilated man.

        So. Again: if a man decides he’s a woman but has sex with women, is contraception required? Is gender something you decide or is it not?

        • I would suggest you already know the answer to your question and the motive for asking it is not to get the scientific answer. In any case a pro-op transsexual lives and presents as the gender they wish to project to the world. If they were to engage in intercourse with someone with whom they would be biologically inter compatible for the opportunity of procreation, then yes, contraception would be advisable if issue was not desired. In terms of the pre-op transexual living and presenting as the gender of their choice however, in that moment they clearly would not be doing so if they still possessed functional reproductive organs. Inasmuch as this is blindingly obvious, I find myself wondering how cognitively limited you must be in order to require someone to give you the answer…

      • If a man were to transition to become female

        A material impossibility.

        Might as well ask : if pigs had wings, how easy would it be to shoot a pork chop out of the sky ?

    • The man in PC land is a woman simply because he feels he is. Anyway 80% plus of trans men to women keep their men bits below the belt but have the women bits above.

      Mad does not begin to describe it

  9. Speaking of radical thoughts, what about the church and school deciding on a firm faith-based policy in advance, presenting it to prospective parents and let – or make – them decide on enrolling a child accordingly?

    Shifting the goalposts is the usual tactic of the cowardly left, gladly aided and abetted by cowardly ‘educators’ interested more in virtue signalling than in teaching.

    She’s quite right to point out that normality is now deemed bullying, as various TV presenters have demonstrated with their histrionics over any mention of that normality. They didn’t know transgenderism from Halley’s Comet five years ago.

  10. Many of us predicted that extending civic partnership to homosexuals to change the meaning of the term marriage was an unwise, which was likely to have collateral effects and prove to be a wedge issue for further post modern craziness.

    So it is proving.

    Steve Sailer predicted the whole trannie brouhaha back in 2014, before it was a thing and whilst survivors who had lost the gay marriage onslaught were being bayoneted on the battlefield.

    • I can remember being laughed at, and my friends, for describing online what would come to be, and now is, back in the early 2000s.

      Only the evil redefinition of the age of consent down to childhood, as the Freemason Macron has just now proposed (down to age 13 !! good jolly old “consent”, eh ?), and the introduction of “legal” polygamy remain to perfect the utter destruction of Marriage as a civil Institution.

      • Only the evil redefinition of the age of consent down to childhood, as the Freemason adulterous ghastly Macron has just now proposed (down to age 13 !! good jolly old “consent”, eh ?), and the introduction of “legal” polygamy remain to perfect the utter destruction of Marriage as a civil Institution.

        Au contraire, you’re just not working your imagination fully good ‘n’ proper.

  11. Any school surrendering to gender ideology zealotry and iconoclasm is by very definition NOT a “faith school”.

    We are returning to a period of History where Catholic Christian parents may need to deliberately break the Law in the UK.

    • Liberal fascism is alive and well and blooming in our once green and pleasant land whih is now becoming a hell hole!

  12. I hate to say this but the way all this effort is being poured into this and similar trivia I think what we need is something major and alarming to happen, short of ww3 but major.

    That would certainly put all this in perspective.
    Perhaps if Brexit goes rather badly initially it may long term be a wake up call and hard won benefit.

    • You are right in that the dominance of such trivia being the great “matters of our time” are simply an index of how our society lounges in soul-destroying comfort and is obese with ignorance. The stench of decadence hangs over Western Civilisation as it once did the Romans and Greeks before them.

  13. What upsets me most is the ease with which all this garbage is forced down the everyman’s throat. The everyman never resists, and barely protests. He just accepts it, and then votes for more of it. Call him or her racist or anything-phobic to him and they will grovel at your feet in apology, terrified of social exclusion or job impact. I never realized how easy it is to usurp and completely undermine a society by manipulating public opinion and manufacturing consensus. But it can only work if most people are gullible cowards.

  14. “or their religious conscience compels them not to accept that a boy is now a girl,”

    One does not need to be religious to not accept this. A basic understanding of biology will tell you this is the way it should be.

  15. There is no such thing as transgender, only the iron fist of the cultural Marxists insisting we believe that down is up and that science and biology provide more than a binary choice in gender, they don’t and those who think they are trapped in the wrong body are the victims of mental illness and where children are concerned, a criminal and evil perversion of reality. The sickos advocating “transgender” should never be allowed within a country mile of any child and any teachers collaborating with transgender advocates should be aware that they are one step away from Mengele’s Auschwitz. Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University and former psychiatrist–in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital, who has studied transgendered people for 40 years, said it is a scientific fact that “transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men.” All such people, he explained in an article for The Witherspoon Institute, “become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits or impersonators of the sex with which they ‘identify.’” The idea that a child’s sexuality is a feeling and not a biological fact is a central plank of Marxist critical theory now being carried by the hapless Justine Greening bearing the Left’s torch of shame without a second thought for the terrible damage that will be done (read: “2030 Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent) to families, adolescents, and children. Transgenderism “should be confronted as an opinion without biological foundation wherever it emerges,” said Dr. McHugh in his article, Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme. Someone in the so-called Conservative Party should read this before they lose the next election.

  16. All schools are “faith schools”.
    The Faith in The State-in Sport-in consuming-in Green activism-in the technological fix-the NHS-these are all faith systems but with other gods at the heart of worship.
    On the same day that we find a Christian teacher in Oxfordshire getting bullied out of his school because he used a wrong pronoun and/or otherwise failed to show sufficient enthusiasm for the new State god of identity idolatry? Well only the CofE would put out such a fatuous piece of cultural cravings and cringings to show it`s “relevance”.
    Time to give up on Faith in Schools as we might once have known it-time to get your kids out of them, stop teaching the State Company song as writ-and create something new.
    Before Muslims get the monopoly in the vanguard of the current sapping war of attrition.
    And the Muslims are correct so to do. Wake up will you church?
    True article, but way out of date now.

  17. Every single teacher I ever had would now be sacked in these days of politically correct stupidity. Daily I am amazed that so many people can swallow so much intellectual rubbish without being heavily medicated. If teachers are no longer allowed to teach children to think logically and face reality when they become adults I think this generation is going to be unable to deal with life in any way. We already have a youth that are useless when they leave whatever jumped up pseudo university they’ve been brainwashed into attending. Now it seems they’ll be so messed up they won’t even know what sex they are.

  18. We started off, rightly, from a position of ensuring that everyone understands that all people deserve to be equally respected and loved regardless of their race, religion, disability, etc. We have deviated so far from that laudable starting position that we are now subject to an authoritarian dogma of political correctness. English language has for centuries been the major driver and enabler of our intellectual creativity in science, ethics, and thought, but now, we are obliged to change it, for example by removing gendered words and pronouns. We are so used to logical inconsistency in our daily discourse that we are not even aware of it. For example, “diversity” is supposedly the most sought after attribute in our society, yet we proceed to destroy it by replacing words such as ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ by parent 1 and parent 2. We also destroy the diversity in the upbringing of our children by minimising or eliminating the influence of the parents and enforcing all children be brought up by the agents of the state in accordance with a formula created by the ‘correct’ officialdom. We are in such a crazy state now that we can’t really be proud of our son or daughter if they are great athletes or keen musicians, because that might be taken as bigotry against those children who prefer to spend all their time on their mobile ‘phones. However, one can be very proud of their offspring, if the said offspring happens to be a cross dressing gender non-binary child.

  19. When you refer to faith schools here, you are, of course, only referring to schools of the Christian faith. There isn’t a chance in hell (!) that this madness would be permitted in another faith.

    And there isn’t a chance in hell that the MGBGT community will waste their time even attempting to another faith to take it up.


    • Sadly, you’re quite right.

      There’s a secularist, atheist, and unchristian idea of what Christianity is that seeks to attack and destroy the Faith as such.

  20. When the aim of an organisation run by men is to get to the top and wear frocks, this is what you get. My female wife (is this word still legal) drags me along to her Catholic C of E church which has a very good vicar who gives thoughtful sermons, dressed in his frock. He has gone gay and his partner is a Hindu bloke who acts more like a woman than anyone I have come across.. I can’t understand why Vic bothered. This church has become a Mecca for other retired gay vicars, who come along in pairs.

    I stopped believing Christian tosh when I was about ten and am sure it is all a scam sold on last minute forgiveness and a ticket to heaven by Saul. And so I keep quiet about this and go along with the usual ‘doing good and be kind’ stuff, but during the sermons I can’t help trying to work out which vicar likes doing what to who.

    As to this transgender cobblers, Stonewall may be very keen on it but all the gays that I know just want to have sex with each other and they too find the campaign to change the language and dress up as someone different very weird. It must be some international thing because last week some Belgians were upset because their teachers are been told to teach primary school children about how to do the best sort of blow job. God help us.

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