Caroline Farrow: Sex lessons for infants are a cultural Marxist assault on the family

The twenty-three Conservative MPs who have apparently supported a motion to make sex and relationship education (SRE) compulsory in all schools, including faith schools, ought to resign the whip immediately.

According to one report, lessons will begin at four and though parents will be able to opt-out, many will either not be aware of their right to do so, or will be reluctant to exercise the right for fear of their child being stigmatised. A fact which the Department of Education is well aware of. Such a policy is far from conservative: it is State overreach. It overrides parental consent and forces children to be indoctrinated into a particular ideology regarding how they must think and feel about sexual relationships.

The problem is that the Department of Health has yet to define what constitutes sex education.

It is far from clear what the content of such lessons will be, especially in a climate which has embraced questionable notions of sex and sexuality, such as transgenderism, and seeks to impose them on children. What precisely are four-year-olds going to be taught about sex and relationships? Are children going to be taught about the different types of sex act? Presumably, in this age of inclusiveness and diversity, any such education must include a comprehensive account of how same-sex couples get sexually intimate.

One woman has recently detailed on Mumsnet how an entire primary school, including a reception class were shown a piece of transgender propaganda, supposedly to promote tolerance and inclusiveness, after one of the four-year-olds presented as transgender and the school decided that they would pander to his whim.

None of the parents were informed in advance that their children would be shown the material and far from promoting tolerance, the children appear to have been left with confused ideas, such as that if you prefer activities and toys typically associated with the opposite sex, then you must become that sex. Crucially, none of them were informed as to what might be involved in transitioning to the other sex; the widespread feeling was that if you felt like you might be a boy instead of a girl, then you could just ask to become one and your wish would be granted.

The woman who posted the particular thread has informed me privately that the headteacher told her that the reason parents were not pre-warned was because the school had consulted with various LGBT and council advisory groups who had advised them not to. There was a worry that parents may object and go to the press, so far better to present them with a fait accompli. The only reason that the mother hasn’t gone to the press, though the story needs wider attention, is because she is aware that there is a vulnerable young child at the centre of all this who could be damaged by the resulting attention.

Objecting to these kinds of lessons is not a matter of prudery or Puritanism, it’s simply that it is impossible to teach sex and relationships free of ideology. The topic is by its very nature about moral judgements and you can bet your bottom dollar that the kind of ideology imparted will not reflect any kind of religious or socially conservative values, but will be chock full of moral relativism about doing what feels right at the time, regardless of any physical and emotional risks.

Speaking as mother of a child on the cusp of becoming a teenager, my experience so far is that children do not actually need any information bar the very basics, couched in an age-appropriate way, before the age of 11. If a girl looks set to hit puberty early, it can be dealt with on an individual basis, perhaps involving some of her close friends if necessary, rather than forcing a class full of primary school boys to sit through a lesson about periods, which they neither want nor need to hear.

Nobody is talking about denying children the information that they need, and schools can certainly deliver biological facts, but when it comes to accompanying values, and children learning how to navigate the complex world of adult relationships, this is the role of the parents, who will already know their child’s individual needs better than any education professional. A parent will be far better able to judge than any well-meaning adult, where their child’s emotional and physical development is at, and tailor any conversation accordingly and non-intrusively. And if a parent doesn’t approve of a child’s sexual relationship choices, chances are it’s because they are trying to protect their child. The last thing that parents, who are trying to get their children to concentrate on their schoolwork, rather than their burgeoning sex lives, needs is a school undermining them by encouraging youngsters to be sexually active on their terms.

It is absolute nonsense to suggest that without specialist education (and bear in mind that it is precisely the specialist organisations who have been lobbying for this change for years who stand to financially benefit from supplying ‘expert’ provision at a cost to the taxpayer), children will learn that sexual harassment and violence are acceptable behaviours. There is absolutely no evidence for this whatsoever, just as there is no academic evidence to suggest that sex and relationship education is actually successful and achieves its desired outcomes.

The evidence that we do have however, suggests that most sexual education programmes are ineffective. The best way that children learn norms of relationship behaviour is what they see modelled at home, for better or worse. If you want your children to enjoy a life-long happy, stable, permanent and committed relationship, where both partners value and respect each other, then you need to practice what you preach.

If the Government is truly worried about what children might be learning about sex via online sources, such as pornography, then a far more authentic, effective and indeed cheaper approach would be to cut it off at its source. After all, if my children had a sewer or noxious gas seeping into their bedroom every night, I wouldn’t merely be taking steps to ensure that they learnt to avoid or ignore it. Or, how about a public information campaign to alert parents as to how easily that their children can come into contact with this stuff and the steps they can take to help them avoid it?

Compulsory SRE is inherently Marxist. It assumes that parents are either inadequate or not to be trusted when it comes to helping their children along the path to sexual maturity and seeks to step in and replace them with the State as a surrogate parent. Parents’ own religious values are seen as an obstacle and something to be overcome.

If we want to keep children safe from abuse and exploitation then subjecting them to group discussions about very intimate matters with their peers, from an extremely young age, is counterproductive as it seeks to break down their natural barriers and make thinking about sex, the norm. In other words, a groomers’ charter!

Caroline Farrow

  • Shazza

    These Cultural Marxists have succeeded for the most part, in taking a lot of fun out of living for adults.

    Now they are determined to rob our children of their right to a fun and innocent childhood as well.

    BTW Will these ‘lessons’ be taught in schools with muslim pupils?

    Our so called Conservative MPs should hang their heads in shame.

    • Labour_is_bunk

      My answer to your question is “I doubt it”.

      That’s discriminatory in itself.

    • C A Dark

      haha. The Muslims will probably get special exemption. If that doesn’t start a war, not much else will.

    • Busy Mum

      Muslim schools already get their own tailored curriculum. Government officials wanted to increase uptake of sex ed in Islamic schools so consulted parents who said that they would allow their children to take part as long as boys and girls were taught separately and were taught by male and female teachers respectively…..
      The new laws stipulate that RSE must take the child’s religious background into account so Muslim children will continue to be protected from the LGBT onslaught and develop into reproductive adults whilst the rest of us are shouted down as homophobic and unChristian if we resist the propaganda.

      • 300 Spartans

        Exactly. It’s all by design.

  • Woman at home

    I had enough problems trying to deal with the fallout from school sex education when my children went through the system ten years ago. It must be horrendous having to counter teacher-led discussions about whether your son should identify as a girl because he likes dressing up in ballet stuff like his big sister.
    When will common sense resume?

    • Busy Mum

      Common sense is no longer allowed, I’m afraid.

  • Caroline Farrow

    One thing I should add, which only became apparent this morning, is that it’s only the sex element which can be opted out of, the relationship element of RSE, is compulsory. The sex element is supposedly only going to be taught from the age of 11 and upwards.

    This means that 4 year olds will be subject to government approved relationship education from 2019 onwards and of course any new material will need to be subject to the Equalities Act…

  • No HS2…No EU

    Spot on Cultural Marxism dominates all social educashin and it needs taking on head on…well done.

    That a so called Tory government sanctions such madness, is perhaps even worse, this lunacy used to be reserved for the sad old Trots in Labour……

  • Old man from the country

    Has it occurred that very many children grow up in homes where parents are not interested in their children’s welfare very much, or where the parents are not well equipped intellectually to guide their children through the complex issues surrounding adolescence and sexuality? If there is no sex education in schools then these children will receive no education at all on this topic. Has it also not occurred that the writer’s particular viewpoint is not necessarily that of the majority of people and that she is foisting her own prejudices onto those who do not necessarily agree with her views? This is a difficult enough subject to address without obvious bias forcing a strained alleged relationship between sex education and Marxism! Like it or not, same-sex relationships and transgenderism are here to stay and to simply suggest that education in schools should not cover these areas is simplistic and unhelpful. It would be better and more useful to suggest ways in which these issues could be incorporated into the school curriculum rather than adopt the negative stance of “this should not be happening – it is Marxist!”.

    • Chris

      You are dismissing some very real concerns about this project including the ‘normalisation’of sexual relationships between people of the same gender. How on earth is that going to be presented to children?

    • Tricia

      Children need to be taught to know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for someone to ask you to do. This programme will exploit children and sexualise than at an early age. It has been going on for years in Canada. I was educated into “fisting” by the Ontario sex ed scheme.Many parents now home school to avoid the horrendous sex education. Schools in Massachusetts in America are now allowing Porn sites to “educate” children and hiding the fact from parents by giving different passwords to parents. And it is the aim of Cultural Marxism to destroy the family and we well down that road.

    • Groan

      The relationship is direct between the “relationship” aspect of this and Gender Feminism, the Marxist derived form of feminism which is the dominant “force” in our Higher education. As sex won’t be covered until secondary level, from a young age children will be exposed to the “relationship” component. You will find that most of the current materials from the “experts” are very much about “deconstructing” values and society to recreate a new society. I understand this sounds far fetched but do look at the current materials and lesson plans etc. If we were talking about education about sex and advice on staying safe and respectful relationships I’d think more positively but as it stands this is helping along the Harriet Harman style agenda not advancing a more responsible attitude.

    • TheStoneMan

      How did we manage for the first 10,000 years when the vast majority of parents couldn’t even read and didn’t even know the word transgender, the acronym lbgt etc.
      It makes me wonder how did we as a species survive without all this help and guidance from our “youngers and betters”?

    • Nockian

      That’s not education, it’s indoctrination. There are billions of books, webpages and sources of information of human sexuality and ethics. A very young child cannot properly process ‘relationships’. An older child only requires an education in how to educate themselves, not a stream of facts/opinions getting dumped into their heads.

      TG is being taught because it confuses the facts of biology. It promotes the idea that reality is manipulated merely by thinking it so. That we can’t determine any facts of reality and that forms the basis for rejecting reality completely. It is teaching the worship of whims and it completely crashes conceptual logic as a tool for effective human survival and happiness. Anyone teaching this rubbish is either a moron, or an abuser. If they are morons they shouldn’t be teaching, if they are abusers they need to see the inside of a prison.

    • adambagpuss

      4 year olds? Exposing anything to do with sex to someone so young is abusive.

    • Labour_is_bunk

      If you’re truly from the country, there can’t be many who think as you do!

      • C A Dark

        Indeed he sounds like a typical urbanite. Remember 5 years back when SSM was dragged in….loads of city people bowing and scraping to the “new normal”; those of us living out in the sticks were horrified. Man has lost touch with Nature.

      • 300 Spartans

        Doesn’t sound all that ‘old’ either, as in, I assume, ‘wise’.

    • mudlark2

      You truly think that teachers somehow possess some superior knowledge in contrast to the parents who have merely created their offspring and with whom they will have a lifelong relationship. What right does some twenty something primary school teacher have to decide what is best for each of the thirty or so pupils in her (usually) class who they often barely know? It is freedom without responsibility for the real and long term consequences.

    • Busy Mum

      ‘Complex issues surrounding adolescence and sexuality’.
      It does not take 14 years (what the govt wants) to tell your teenager a)how human beings reproduce and that b)this should only happen in marriage.
      It is not difficult, humans have been at it for thousands of years. It has only become complex because those with a vested interest have made it so.

  • These sex education lessons sound hilarious more than anything. The idea of teacher standing there talking about how sex organs work, how to put a condom on, or how boys should approach girls, not “put their hands on them” and all this kind of thing, is just hilarious. Now we’ve got transgenderism thrown into the mix too, so we can all have a rip-roaring laugh at the idea of boys dressing up in skirts, knickers and make-up.

    As the article points out, it’s the family set-up at home and the behaviour of the parents that will shape children’s attitudes to sex more than anything. I’d encourage kids to just treat sex education for what it is, that is, a huge joke, worthy of nothing more than laughter and ridicule. Parents can use this as an opportunity to get their children to think about why a government would want to teach them this stuff and try to control their behaviour in sexual situations, and recognize that that is an attempt at a gross intrusion into children’s personal lives. That’s the more worrying aspect of this that kids should be aware of.

    • Little Black Censored

      It’s not a joke, it’s child abuse. And for sensible teachers it’s teacher-abuse as well.

    • Corblimey

      What about Muslim girls being taught at by cuffar men?

  • Tom Collins

    Children don’t need to be TAUGHT how to form relationships – they do this naturally. This is just another insidious plan to make the family obsolete and, without doubt, is part of the Frankfurt School philosophy. Cultural Marxism is alive and well, and we should destroy it while we have time.

    • No HS2…No EU

      The Frankfurt school and its Marxist fellow travellers, should be as welcome in polite society as Nazism…..that both are tolerated even welcomed shows how effective its penetration has been.

      • Tom Collins

        The Globalists and The Elite, rel;y on the ignorance of the masses to effect their poisonous policies.

    • Simmo

      It’s worse than that. Refusing to be friends with someone is seen as “bullying”, and is recorded as such.

      • Tom Collins

        “Bullying”? For not liking someone? Outrageous. The country is going to the dogs.

        • Simmo

          I like going to the dogs. ANd the gee-gees. Cheltenham Festival soon 😉

      • Nockian

        Discrimination is judgement. In the hierachy of things, happiness depends on desires, desires on values, values on judgement. To sacrifice ones judgement is to sacrifice ones mind. It is to give up the word ‘No’ and to unflinchingly accept anything and everything regardless of reality. Reality becomes anything that is being preached.

    • Nockian

      Too damned useful to the globalists. Whilst the Marxists are busy wrecking minds, the population is easy meat for the Neo-liberal elite.

  • alecto

    Its time big government backed off and stopped interfering in our lives. Let the children remain children – there is no need for them to be taught about sex at such young ages.. I strongly suspect their motives for doing this. We know paedophilia is alive and well in Westminster.

  • My grandad kept chickens and bred rabbits to eat and sell for meat. Also, he would take me round the local farms, being the local copper. The one that bred cart horses was very interesting..

    • Simmo

      Ah rural tupping. The best s3x education ever!

  • Debs

    Too many people are unfortunately only too willing to hand over their parenting role to the state. Not helped by the state constantly undermining the family and marriage.

  • Weygand

    Once again a self-appointed elite wish to intervene to impose their conception of the world on others – here by brainwashing children.
    History shows that social and moral values (as well as the laws which regulate social behaviour) change from generation to generation. There are no fixed absolutes.
    It is better (and liberal) to let each generation work out its own values than to try to declare from above what they must be.

  • John Smith

    this is the problem with letting misandrist feminazis run the schooling system

    85% of primary schools have no men teachers

    so 50% of children boys especially have no male role model in thire life till 12

    and are surround by women who hate men

    no wonder theyre f**ked up

  • markbrev

    “after one of the four-year-olds WAS presented as transgender and the school decided that they would pander to his PARENTS whim.”
    Fixed that for you.

  • EUman remains

    What a great opportunity to teach this vital part of the curriculum at the earliest possible age!

    • Devonian_Prof

      Carry on long enough and at least you’ll teach them all the letters of the alphabet.

      • Labour_is_bunk

        Yes, but not in the correct order.
        Attempting to reverse this later will only confuse them more.

    • 300 Spartans

      The world just keeps on getting darker.

  • guestwho2

    Teachers who, in their private lives, are often divorced, separated, single, using Tinder or internet dating sites are going to pose as experts on relationships?

  • Nockian

    Get the state out of education. I keep saying it because it’s the only solution. Parents should have the right to decide on their children’s education for better, or for worse. It is inevitable that state agents will want to indoctrinate children; firstly about the need and false history of the ‘wonderful’ socialised state school system; and secondly, because these educationalists are making a living from socialist education, they are generally biased in favour of socialist ideology.

    I know several teachers very well and they regularly inform me of how they politicised a class against a right wing politician, or a right wing policy.

    Parents should understand the danger, that sending malleable minds into state institutional education. No one would willingly send their children to a paedophile party, a satanic cult, nor into the hands of child prostitution racketeers- we recognise the direct physical risk. Yet physical damage is short lived, but mental derangement can last a life-time. The ideas being stuffed into the heads of youngsters can be life threatening in the long term. The mental scarring is invisible, but it is the damage done to a child’s consciousness which will have an effect throughout their entire lives and effect those around them.

    We are ever so careful to warn our kids against all kinds of physical harm, from the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the environment in which they live, the people they should avoid. Yet all that care is forgotten as we bolt off our kids into the care of a bunch of people we don’t know, for them to stuff their heads with a bunch of stuff we heartedly disapprove of for several hours a day, five days a week, for year after year. We might actually be better letting them be sold into child slavery.

  • Mike Hunt

    Children so young struggle to choose what breakfast cereal they want let alone what sex they want to be

  • Corblimey

    If you are one of the groups in an our semi independent enclaves you can withdraw your child! Two lessons for the price of two?

  • Alta Blue

    Those hateful, spiteful and despicable ideologues advocating sex education for children as young as 4,as well as having the high handed arrogance in trying to circumvent the views of parents; deserve to be treated as child abusers themselves. Because, sex education at the age of 4 is child abuse; as it destroys the innocence, enchantment and wonder of early childhood. Leave them alone and let them be children.

  • Philip Meikle

    Sorry but society is broken if it thinks that this is acceptable, or in fact it is even thought about. School is for teaching facts, parents are for teaching morals, the two need to be divided and seperate for the good of society or society will break. Teen suicide is rising, is it any wonder when they are so confused and desperate to adhere to society but do not have the education or morals to actually process it. This sort of thing is only going to make things worse.

    Apolagies to anyone reading this but if you are transgender you have a problem. A mental problem. Yes some people are born men and wish they were women and likewise women who wish to be men. Some of these people may even have hormanal or genetic errors of anatomy which means they are in actual fact xx or xy and are born with the incorrect anatomy. However it is not normal, and it does not need teaching any more than biology, physics, chemistry, maths english etc, and if anything should be part of biology lessons. Most children do not start deep and meaningfull biology untill secondary school and that is where these matters should be addressed.

  • Communism. Revolution. Civic breakdown. Anarchy. Hungary. 1919. Bela Kun. Gyorgy Lukacs. Sex education. Nothing changes.

  • David

    An excellent article which hits the nail on its head. Well done Caroline Farrow. This corruption of the young must cease.

  • Muttley

    It’s disgraceful that children are encouraged to think about sex and sexuality at such a young age, and to me it is deeply regrettable that such “education” (for which read “indoctrination”) should take place outside the home and family.

  • wisestreligion

    The Cultural Marxists have to judge the pace of the progressive march lest they provoke too much reaction. With Transgender the figures are so small and the natural instincts (“prejudice”) of parents strong enough that this issue threatens to derail the process of reprogramming us all. Post Brexit and Trump the Left is facing headwinds perhaps greater than at any since the Great March began in earnest in the 1960s.

    Conservatives now have a chance to change the zeitgeist, but it will be a momentous battle. For the Left, their Progressive Liberalism is not just a view, it is their religion and they will do everything to keep control. Who can lead the counter-attack? Conservative PM May, despite having stronger electoral position than any Tory PM for 30 years, seems unlikely to take a lead for conservatism given her record in Cameron’s government extending Hate Crime legislation. The Church of England regards it more important to listen to, and apologize to, the LGBTQ activists than stand up for Christianity.

    • Great comment! Although may I suggest we dont capitulate to their redefinition of words, which they use to deceive people into supporting them. The ideology of the modern progressive movement is (by traditional definitions of the words “progress” and “liberal”) about as illiberal and anti-progress as it gets. They are actually Gramscian Marxists, and have absolutely nothing to do with liberty as the word “liberal” would imply!

    • David davis

      Could we not get the British Muslims on side? And, I mean, All Of Them? – After all, they’d be marked for destruction on Day-One – not buying into any sort of non-orthodox non-heterosexuality whatsoever – if the current Zeitgeist got its way.

      Interesting, and exciting and not in a good way, to try getting “gender change stuff” past Allah, I would think.

  • Enoch Powell

    8 or 9 years back, I was involved in running a workshop to 11 year olds in a school unfamiliar to me. One of the boys was clearly a flaming homosexual. Almost a mini Larry Greyson dialled up to 11. However the rest of the class were clearly not Larry Greyson fans. This was early in the year and their teachers clearly either had not noticed (inconceivable) or not cared. The other kids kept coming up to us saying how Larry was distracting them or annoying them. I simply told them that Larry was a bit different to other children and that he’s not trying to be annoying, in actual fact he’s going to need a bit of love and extra understanding in the next few years because things are going to be a little bit more difficult for him than for other people. All of the kids I spoke to accepted this and some of them, not all, but some, made more of an effort to accommodate little Larry. We were also a little harsher on Larry to prevent his consistent ‘ooh matron’ style outbursts from taking over the whole class. He would not be the centre of attention, no matter how much he wanted to be. We had other kids to consider.

    What I didn’t do was launch into a longwinded explanation about gay sex in order to broadcast this child’s sexuality to the whole school, that would have confused and scared them all to death, not least little Larry himself.

    Government is f*cking retarded.

  • 300 Spartans

    I only know what the first four letters in LGBTQIA+++ stand for and those are nausea-inducing enough….am almost afraid to ask what the QIA part stands for and those +++s I only hope they don’t stand in anticipation of yet more ‘identities’ / revolting fetishes for us all to celebrate….that have yet to crawl out from under various rocks, stridently define themselves and receive the standard ring-fence legal protection and the invention of yet more faux pronouns.

    I’m really glad our two are university age; son first year undergraduate, daughter in postgraduate studies. I’m really glad I don’t have very young kids in these ‘interesting times’ as I would struggle to restrain myself from seeking to lay hands upon the cabal of degenerates who conspired to keep me in the dark about the ‘teaching’ of this satanic, cultural Marxist filth to my children. I think that would probably be the PC straw that finally broke the camel’s back, to coin a phrase.

    • worrywort

      Hello. It’s a plumbers dream. Every school will require 46 separate Toilets

      • 300 Spartans

        46 separate toilets. I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies, if it’s only going to be 46.

        • worrywort

          That was only counting the weird gender categories at the moment. I’m sure it will increase daily at attention seeking inventors make up even more.

  • Susan-Anne White

    Sexual revolutionaries are behind the lessons in depravity labelled as “sex education.” Wicked organisations like Stonewall, Brook and the Terence Higgins Trust are the villains who produce vile literature which they force on schools, aided and abetted by successive British Governments, Labour and Conservative. When children are subjected to sex education in schools and Youth clubs etc, they are more likely to engage in sexual promiscuity and to approve of homosexuality. This outcome is exactly the outcome planned for innocent children by the adult sexual revolutionaries. It is then easier for them to peddle their contraceptive and abortion culture to children. British Governments should hang their heads in shame for promoting wicked sex education, and that includes Theresa May, a feminist who is pro-sodomite “marriage.” Yet this woman is (incredibly) praised by some at Conservative Woman. Why?

    • Busy Mum

      Absolutely. Dr E S Williams has done a fantastic job of examining the real movers behind sex ed in the UK in his book, ‘Lessons in Depravity’.

      • Susan-Anne White

        I have Dr.Williams book and highly recommend it. We arranged a meeting for Dr.Williams in 2008 and he spoke on this subject. We wanted people in our part of Northern Ireland to know the truth about amoral sex education.

        • Busy Mum

          I have lent my copy to our primary school head – I guess I had better get it out of her office before OFSTED turn up….!

  • McBoatface

    A lot of us have been banging on about “Cultural Marxists” for years, and have been called “Tin Foil Hatters” for our trouble.
    Glad to see that the undermining of western values have been exposed, next I suggest you look into their bedfellows…Common Purpose.

  • Excellent article – although I think the “It is far from clear what the content of such lessons will be…” is exceedly generous towards an unscrupulous foe.

    The driving forces behind SRE are crystal clear and as such I have absolutely no doubt that the content of the lessons will be about “sexual RE-EDUCATION” in progressive gender ideology. Traditional views on marriage and sexuality will be gradually marginalised and then criminalised by a so-called “conservative” government who has become far too happy to legislate and thus coerce the moral/ideological compasses of those whom it supposedly serves.

  • Guardian’s Quitter

    If we had a Conservative government, all Marxist claptrap would be removed from our schools.

  • Alan

    “A parent will be far better able to judge than any well-meaning adult,
    where their child’s emotional and physical development is at, and tailor
    any conversation accordingly and non-intrusively.”

    Of course, but the nanny-State supporters don’t believe that. For some obscure reason they are wilfully blind to the utter incompetence of their beloved State, and honestly seem to believe that only the ‘right people’, with the ‘right training’ can bring up our kids. Even the most egregious failures (Rotherham, Victoria Climbie, etc etc ad nauseam) don’t make a dent in these ideologues’ blind arrogance.

  • McBoatface

    It is very easy to get parents to ignore the states indoctrination of their children when they are on the hamster wheel of life.

  • boomslang74

    Even in faith schools?

    I’m just trying to picture it happening in Islamic schools and I gotta tell ya, I’m struggling.

    • worrywort

      It’s especially for Islamic schools. They want to marry Eight year old girls, just like their Founder.

  • Mojo

    As a grandparent, I had this conversation with my daughter in December last year. She had got wind of her sons school ( he is 4) thinking of introducing lessons relating to transgenderism. She actually thought it was a good idea because it taught the children to be all inclusive. I was appalled. Firstly by her total acceptance of something potentially very dangerous and secondly that she felt children need to be taught inclusiveness. Don’t children play with whomever they like. Whether they are boys or girls? I asked. But no. She said. Apparently children with difficult home lives find it difficult to make friendships and understand social behaviour! They often don’t even know how they feel about their own sexuality. This is nuts…. Children deal with each other and teachers, parents and friends set the example and the values. Still she could not understand why my antennas were wavering at an alarming rate.

    Having spent many months campaigning in the referendum I have learned that there are many young parents who do not question anything they are told. They follow the mantra of the State, believing the so called professionals and experts. None of these people know their family background and none encourage them to talk to their mothers. Many of the professionals have no real experience other than a qualification and many have themselves been brainwashed by ideology.

    There is something inherently wrong with a society that encourages the guardians of the future generation to go against all natural evolvement. For me it comes down to social engineering. So the next question I ask is Why? There will be massive psychological problems ten or fifteen years down the line if our schools follow this ideology. Why would they want to encourage this? Is it a lack of foresight, or mediocrity being encouraged in our young. Is it simply a lack of intelligent thinking. Or is a drive to break down society completely. I just cannot believe it is the latter but I do sometimes wonder where this will end.

    • 300 Spartans

      It is a drive to break down society completely. It is cultural marxism. Those who push its agenda, from primary school teachers to main stream journalists to most politicians are mostly its useful idiots, but it is a globalist neocon drive to destroy all countries and usher in a one world government, a one world exploitation festival for themselves. To achieve this, they must destroy all Nations, break down society completely – with mass third world immigration coupled with the relentless pushing of mass degeneracy for everyone else, the destruction of the family, for example. Deluded lefty teachers, for one, and deluded lefty journalists, for another, are going to think all this is ‘progressive’ and beautiful and can be relied upon to push it with gusto.
      Look how they’re trying to sabotage Brexit, trying to bring down Donald Trump – they’re going after Jeff Sessions now; the Channel 4 cesspool hasn’t shut up about for the past 30 minutes now, and they’re busy setting up Marine Le Pen as they are petrified she will win and their precious no borders Europe will be closer to going kaput. They will brook no opposition, one way or another.
      It is a drive to break down society completely. Nothing less.

    • Labour_is_bunk

      A “qualification” isn’t experience. Whoever started that idea?

    • Tom B

      You are quite right and it worries a lot of us , children are seeing the state as their parents , and the parents also .

    • Agreed! Parents love children “like their own flesh and blood” and as such put their wellbeing above all else. The state views children as human resources to be exploited for the benefit of whichever group currently controls the guns of government!

      The state is a disasterous, self-serving parent and should quit trying to steal the hearts and minds of children from their parents!

      • Bik Byro

        No. SOME love their children like their own flesh and blood.
        Other have them to get council housing, have them as a result of casual sex with incredibly wrong people, have them taken into care because they couldn’t give a toss about them, some can’t even tell you straight off how many they’ve got.

        • I’m sure you and I can find plenty to disagree on BB but here we agree. I thought it obvious that not all parents treat their offspring correctly and so did not mention bad parents as it was not relevant to the point I was trying to convey.

          I was highlighting a general principle, namely that all things being equal parents are far more suited to the task of good parenting (including teaching about the birds and the bees) than the state.

  • mudlark2

    I was hoping CW would pick up on this news which was recently announced so very matter of factly by the loathsome BBC. It just amazes me that politicians profess their concern to protect children from pornography and paedophilia and yet are more than happy to push the topic of sex at them from the earliest age possible. What next? Compulsory sex education for embryos at ante natal classes? It seems that schools are now entirely in the grip of LGBT pressure groups. Once again, the rights of the majority to a private family life are being trumped by those of shrieking minority groups. Thank goodness my children are now too old to be subjected to the state’s attempt to completely undermine the role of parents.

  • How many more children will start believing that they are being brought up as the wrong sex?

    • Tom B

      A lot and that’s the idea

  • Tom B

    Stop giving your children smart phones with Internet access , that’ll sort out a lot of problems

  • Labour_is_bunk

    While all this is going on, literacy and numeracy teaching is hardly going to be a priority. We’ll continue to slip down the world rankings in these areas, and in about 10 years time, there will be a fresh crop of “experts” and associated academics (employed of course, at the expense of the taxpayer) wringing their hands about it and looking for some abstruse reason.

  • Bik Byro

    Well if it’s on mumsnet, then no matter how hysterically overdramatic it seems to be, then of course it must be true.