Schoolchildren in Scotland and their parents are about to be thrown under a bus, especially if they are girls. At least that’s if new guidance for schools written by LGBT Youth Scotland is put into effect.

The document begins with the usual emotional blackmail about children who experience gender dysphoria and mental health problems, implying that this is all due to stigma, pressure to conform and fear of rejection or negativity. The message is clear – anything less than unconditional acceptance of a child’s insistence that they were born into the wrong body and are the opposite sex will cause them serious damage and could lead to self-harm or suicide.

To hammer home the message, an entire page of the guidance is devoted to graphics highlighting large percentages of children who report negative experiences on account of their sexuality. However, when you look behind the stats, the sample size of children who were interviewed is relatively small, just 300. So the 37 per cent of children who had left education thanks to ‘homophobia, biphobia or transphobia’ in the learning environment amounts to 111 children. Is this something we really ought to take at face value, or could a supposed phobia be a smokescreen for other problems?

As in the case of the rest of the stats, self-reporting is notoriously unreliable as a data collection method. Even if you do believe these figures, the survey was of LGBT pupils and not solely those who identify as transgender. How many of the 77 per cent of pupils who reported experiencing ‘homophobic, biphobic or transphobic bullying’ (bullying is unacceptable whatever form it takes) experienced specifically transphobic bullying which now requires a 57-page policy document outlining specific measures? What about those children who are bullied on account of their physical appearance, for not possessing the latest gadget, dressing in the most fashionable clothing or whose behaviour doesn’t conform to that of their peers? Don’t they get a special document and policy too?

The 88 per cent of those who experienced transphobic bullying who believed that it had negatively impacted on their education might sound like a big number, but bearing in mind the overall group is 300, we aren’t given the figure of how many of those children experienced specifically transphobic bullying to be able to extrapolate the actual number. Bearing in mind the climate of micro-aggression and snowflakery being encouraged in children, how much of this supposed ‘transphobic bullying’ was really bullying and how much was it something inadvertent, like a teacher or pupil forgetting the right pronoun, or someone struggling to come to terms with the fact that you are now Sharon, whereas for the last four years you were Kevin?

Of the 67 per cent of transgender children who report having mental health issues, is this really simply down to stigma, or something to do with their gender dysphoria, which is supposedly going to lead them to commit suicide unless they are allowed to behave exactly as they please?

So just what are these dodgy stats being used to justify? The wholesale indoctrination of very young children, that’s what. The document is intended for use across the primary and secondary sectors. Amongst other things, it specifically suggests that primary schools use books and resources which include transgender identities. Right from the outset, children must get used to the idea that sex is a nebulous concept which can easily be changed. It also suggests that primary school children participate in ‘LGBT History Month’ and ‘Transgender day of visibility’. Poor mum (and it is almost always the mother who ends up with this task) is going to have her work cut out making a costume for that one!

It would be a laughing matter if in fact this document wasn’t so deadly serious. Eddie Izzard is referred to as an appropriate transgender celebrity who needs to be affirmed and celebrated amongst schoolchildren. Teachers must be careful though. Calling somebody a ‘trans scientist’ is wrong, just as no longer can we have lady or female scientists. ‘If teachers explain at the end of a lesson that a particular professional’ who has been picked out for praise in the lesson ‘is transgender, it has a normalising effect and demonstrates inclusion’.

Here are some other choice examples:

‘If a learner feels uncomfortable sharing facilities with a transgender young person, they can be allowed to use a private facility such as an accessible toilet, or to get changed after the trans young person is done. A transgender young person should not be forced to use alternative facilities simply to make other young people feel more comfortable.’

If a girl feels uncomfortable with a boy in her facility then she must be quiet and wait until he has finished before she enters it, or use another facility. Never mind if she’s desperate to change her sanitary products. The boy with gender dysphoria matters more.

‘If parents of other children voice concerns about their child sharing toilets and/or changing rooms with a trans learner they should be reminded of the school’s values – those of inclusion, equality and respect”.

In other words, parents should shut up. Which is echoed elsewhere. If your child is going to be sharing a room with another child who isn’t of the same sex, then it’s best practice for you not to be informed about it. Let’s just pretend that sexual assault or pregnancy isn’t a possibility. Boys and girls sharing bedrooms. What could possibly go wrong?

‘If a transgender young person wants to share a room with other young people who share their gender identity, they should be able to do so. If a transgender young person is sharing a room with their peers, there is no reason for parents or carers of the other young people to be informed.’

No longer do you need a note from your mum to get off PE – you can wear a breast binder instead. Never mind the dangers outlined in this 2015 study (compressed or broken ribs, punctured or collapsed lungs, back pain, compression of the spine, damaged breast tissue, damaged blood vessels, blood clots, inflamed ribs, and even heart attacks) – your feelings are so much more important. There’s no critical thinking or actual effort to help the child. I wish teachers had exhibited the same amount of passive and pathetic helplessness, suggesting that I might ‘join in’ during PE lessons in my day!

‘A trans boy or non-binary young person who has developed unwanted breasts might bind their chest to flatten it, so they might need to wear a loose-fitting shirt or sweatshirt. Binders can lead to shortness of breath and can be painful during physical exertion. Binders can however have a positive impact on a young person’s mental health so staff should allow a young person to decide for themselves about whether or not wear a binder, and help them join in.’

There’s nothing that they haven’t thought of. Even Scottish country dancing is an opportunity to bust those gender-based triggers:

‘Encouraging gender neutral language when calling dances. For example, rather than say “Gentlemen, spin your ladies for a count of eight”, say “Those on the outside, spin your partners for a count of eight”.’

I went to a single-sex school in which we ‘gels’ were taught ballroom dancing and country or barn dancing. Not once did we find it offensive or distressing to take the role of ‘gentlemen’. These kinds of dances are binary – men do one set of steps, ladies another, and it’s much easier to remember that you are taking the part of a man or woman than remembering exactly where you are on the floor. In fact I’ve been to many a ceilidh where ladies have paired up with each other thanks to a shortage of men!

This ought to be the stuff of parody but we can’t laugh it off. This is a deadly serious attempt to indoctrinate children and potentially put them in dangerous situations and override the will of parents.

LGBT Youth Scotland might sound like a fringe group, but bear in mind huge chunks of their material has already been copied and pasted by the Catholic Education Service and incorporated into an anti-bullying document to be used in Catholic schools.

With compulsory Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) including transgender issues, on the cards for English schoolchildren from next year, how long before this kind of guff finds its way into the national curriculum?


  1. I was born into the wrong body. It should have been one that was good-looking and had a silver spoon in its mouth!

    We all need to stand up and shout that the so-called ‘gender dysphoria’ is no more than a smoke-screen for the oppressive agenda of our ‘leaders’.

  2. In those dark unelightened times when I was a school kid, they were just kids to me, boys, girls we were all together except where the toilets were concerned and that was the only difference. That changed somewhat when we all grew up a bit and went our separate ways to the ‘big’ skool. Pretty much though, we knew that boys were boys and girls were girls but that was great too and anyway they all came to your birthday dos and the lads and lasses played garden cricket and the others lads ‘n’ lasses sat around and just talked and played their own stuff.

    We didn’t need political interference, we were left to our own choice, there was no competition between sexes, we didn’t know nanny state and TF for that.

    • I remember taking my family on holiday one year when my youngest was a toddler, just short of his second birthday. We arrived one Saturday evening and I was given the job of taking him to the park to tire him out. As we walked along hand in hand we passed a father and his slightly older daughter doing the same. “Hello boy”, she said, ignoring me. “Hello girl”, was the response. It struck me because it hadn’t occurred to me that he was aware of the difference at that age – still too young for play school.

      • It was most probably because, like the gender fascist dinosaur you are, you had indoctrinated your poor child from birth into believing there were only two sexes, and that it belonged to just one of them. There is no telling what terrible damage you were doing, or how mentally scarred and emotionally stunted your child has been throughout its life. The other guy in the park was obviously just as bad, forcing his victim into a rigid mould regardless of its true nature and gender preferences.

        The pair of you belong in the chamber of horrors.

  3. ‘If a learner feels uncomfortable sharing facilities with a transgender young person, they can be allowed to use a private facility such as an accessible toilet, or to get changed after the trans young person is done. A transgender young person should not be forced to use alternative facilities simply to make other young people feel more comfortable.’

    “Learner” not “pupil”, and “young people” not “children”. The language change is subtle but nonetheless gives an awful amount of autonomy and self-determination to these children. Gone is their inherent and sacrosanct innocence. And herein lies their mistake. Children cannot make such life-changing (and erroneous) decisions for themselves.

    And who has to use the individual toilet facilities? Not the confused child, but the bigoted young person that can’t deal with one of their fellow young person’s autonomous decisions. The plan seems almost designed to alienate traditional, sensible, and scientific ideas about sex differences. It’s as if that is their purpose.

    • Yes – I noticed that. The child who doesn’t want to share toilet facilities with the opposite sex becomes the ‘odd one out’. It’s they who have to wait while the child claiming to be a sex they’re not gets priority. It’s a not-so-subtle stigmatisation and marginalisation of the normal child and his/her natural inclinations.

    • “Pupil” mostly went out several years ago, to be replaced by “student” – this being more PC-sounding and giving the impression that children weren’t being subjected to “nasty” things like compulsion.

  4. I heard something apropos on the wireless this morning. I was driving and so couldn’t stop to write it down, but the gist was as follows. Someone high up in the C of E (I think it might have been that Welby fellow) has written a forward (I think) to a book of guidance for C of E schools on transvestitism and other perversions. The quote (a close paraphrase) went something like this: “bullying for reasons of gender and sexuality is not justified”. I wondered what kind of bullying he thought was justified.

  5. Given that the figures for Gay people in the UK are less than 2% of the general population then it’s not surprising that the numbers are low.

    The first question concerning methodology concerns the group who wrote the report LGBT Youth Scotland, an activist group of self electing individuals with an obvious and clear agenda.

    If you are an ‘out & proud’ Gay shoving your sexuality in everyones face then it’s more than likely that the issue isn’t with you being Gay but being an aggressive Fascist Gay Social Justice warrior and people taking obvious offence at that.

    37% is just one third of this self selecting group it’s really quite low, however when this is compared to the bullying undertaken by both staff and pupils of anyone who professes conservative beliefs which is far higher, why is it that those who do have dissident political views are not protected?

    Just another stage of the ideological subversion our country has been subjected to.

  6. Just out of curiosity, do “transgender young people” develop bodies that are physically different from either normal male or normal female ones? If not, and they simply continue to have the same physical appearance as either boys or girls, then why on earth does there need to be all this fuss about what toilets or changing rooms that they have to use?

    As far as I am aware, there are only two structures that have been designed for human beings to dispose naturally and hygienically of their waste material: being a pan that you sit on, or a urinal set against a wall. The former is multipurpose for both both male and female bodily types, and caters for both number 1 and number 2 disposal requirements. The latter is specific only to persons with a penis and who only need to urinate; because they can do so standing up. Furthermore, again as far as I am aware, pans are invariably located in individual cubicles that are therefore private and personal for the duration of the exercise. It is only urinals that may be in any way communal; either consisting of a long open basin against which people with penises have to stand side by side; or, more commonly nowadays, individual basins with a certain, but far from complete, degree of privacy.

    So, even if you are transgender, where is the problem? If you do not have a penis, go into the “girls” toilets and use the pan in the cubicle. You can enjoy your privacy. Just like all the other children who do not have a penis.

    If you do have a penis, go into the “boys” toilets and use either the urinal for a number 1, or a pan in a cubicle for number 2 – or indeed for a number 1 if you want the privacy. Just like all the rest of the children who have a penis.

    Ditto with changing rooms. Every child with a penis is obliged to share communal space with every other child with a penis, at the risk of having their nakedness exposed to the sight of other children. But since they all have a penis anyway, it really doesn’t matter, does it? In fact it might even be reassuring, to know that everyone else looks just like you and you are not some sort of freak. Certainly it has never, in the history of the world, been a reason to segregate every single child so nobody ever gets to know what another child looks like. The same principle applies to all those children without a penis.

    Every child has to comply with these simple rules, including the requirement to put up with other children even if they don’t particularly like them. If anyone misbehaves in a communal area or does something to upset you, the normal recourse is either to sort it out at the time yourself, or complain to the teachers. That is what everyone else has to do.

    So why should a transgender child have the privilege of anything different or better than the rest have to put up with?

    • As far as I am aware, there are only two structures that have been designed for human beings to dispose naturally and hygienically of their waste material:

      Never seen a squat toilet then? In their infinite insanity the deluded libtards in one town decided that they would install squat toilets in the local shopping centre, they claimed it was for the benefit of the ethnics who absolutely exploded at the loons, claiming they were accusing them of being dirty and primitive and incapable of using Western lavatories.

      Did the loons recant? They were forced to kicking and screaming, because they are incapable of accepting they might be anything less than perfect, but they wouldn’t admit they’d even made an error of judgement let alone done anything wrong.

  7. Trannies can decide when they are 18 if they want to undertake a major gender reassignment surgical procedure, which incidentally does nothing to change suicide rates among their sub-culture, or not. In the meantime they should shut up and knuckle under just like the rest of us.

      • When they turn 18 they can smoke and drink, so I’m not really sure what you are trying to say here. My point was that child should not be making drastic life altering decisions regarding irreversible medical procedures.

          • Yes, that’s exactly what my original comment said:

            “Trannies can decide when they are 18 if they want to undertake a major gender reassignment surgical procedure, which incidentally does nothing to change suicide rates among their sub-culture, or not.”

            I’m still waiting to find out what you thought I was saying when you first replied to this comment…

          • I know nothing about suicide rates, other than Bath University recently wouldn’t accept a student who wanted to study the long term effects of such surgery, which, to me, suggests there is something to hide. I fully agree it is time that they shut up and when they are 18, if they wish to do so, pay for operations and drugs themselves, not expect treatment on the NHS.

          • Transgender people pay their taxes and National Insurance the same as you once did – so why shouldn’t they have surgery on the NHS when smoking, being overweight etc are allowed.
            Having a child in hospital costs almost as much as surgery for a transgender person – and for most people this is elective as well – should mothers be denied this on the rationale that you are using?

          • No thanks ; the times are factually wrong, and I have no interest in supporting the fantasises of deranged wannabe child abusers.

          • That’s the “bottomless pit” NHS for you. All things to all men, women, children and trans…….
            Why not have a National Pet Health Service arm while we’re at it, since we pay tax and NI on their behalf as well.
            And you’ve conveniently ignored the first part of EP’s statement. I’m no medical expert, but it strikes me that surgery of this nature is surrounded by murky waters, but they’d much rather we didn’t ask so many awkward questions.

          • So should people also pay to give birth to their children under the NHS? Having children is not an illness and is elective (in most cases).
            ….. or how about abortions, should people have to pay privately for these (especially where the mother’s life could be in danger)?

          • Birth is a natural event that should be handled by the NHS. I’m opposed to abortions and reluctantly supported the original law allowing it when the mother’s life was in danger or she had been raped, but now it is abortion on demand which I certainly object to being provided on the NHS, indeed my personal belief is that it should never happen.

          • It’s a mental health issue and should be addressed as one. If some person thinks they are Nelson we shouldn’t pay to have them blinded in one eye.

          • how about abortions, should people have to pay privately for these (especially where the mother’s life could be in danger)?

            Good jolly old despicable and hypocritical gay lobby strawmen !!

            PS — oh, and BTW Charles, despite your grotesque fantasy life, no, you will never be a mother ; only women are capable of it

          • Unfortunately you are completely incorrect Happy Cheese. Many studies have been carried out that show if children socially transition young (ie just present differently – no medical intervention) then the suicide rates and other mental health issues such as depression and anxiety) drop to exactly the same levels as cisgender children (
            For adults who transition and have surgery the regret rate is 1-2% (and a large proportion of that is due to poorly performed surgery).

          • Gender diverse people have existed since the dawn of time – it is only under the Judaeo-Christian religions that caused people to hide themselves in a closet, the same for gay people.

          • That is what statistical analysis is for Paul – and the pool from which the data was derived was shown to be statistically significant.
            Or are you one of those who poo-poos statistical analysis because you do not understand how it works?

          • I know how it works. That’s why I think it’s crap. If over half your sample have chronic physical problems that suggests you are selecting at another point. Possibly by design, possibly by incompetence.

          • Ah, tranny mafia statistics. Note the use of vague cr*p like “thinking about it more (or less)” something that it’s easy to fake. No attempt to provide actual statistics about what people do rather than what they say to a third person. Some interesting titbits ; 58% of the sample identified as having a disability or chronic health condition (despite the sample being relatively young).

          • That is precisely what happens in the UK.
            There is no medical intervention which is not reversible done before the age of at least 16 and absolutely no surgery until at least the age of 18 (and often in their early 20’s because of waiting lists).

          • I’ve read of young children taking what I presume to be hormone drugs starting at about 5 and teachers told that they are the opposite sex to reality. I believe this is child abuse. At that age a child knows nothing real about sex.

          • Completely untrue and inaccurate. The medical profession will prescribe hormone blockers (not themselves hormones, but polypeptides which block the body from manufacturing the sex hormones oestrogen and testosterone) for girls with precocious puberty (ie girls who might start their menstrual cycles at a very early age – such as 7 or 8). However these blockers are not administered to transgender adolescents until Tanner stage 2 or 3 of puberty (generally around 12 to 14 years of age).
            You are also confusing sex and gender. Children know their gender by the age of 3 to 4 whereas a person generally does not become aware of their sexual orientation before puberty.

          • I do not believe these drugs should be given under any circumstances unless an individual’s life is in danger. And what you say is contrary to what I read in the media of a child starting on these drugs at the age of three.

  8. I don’t trust surveys or statistics unless they are prepared by qualified people. Surveys can be biased by the use of carefully phrased questions and statistics can be interpreted to give various results.

    • As we busy ourselves with our own culture dismorphia, other powers are growing stronger.
      At this stage, Erdogan could quite easily take Europe if it wasn’t for the US.

        • I have often thought that the eventual end of all this is a fundamentalist rejection of the feminised society by men who turn to Islam as a way of finding their role in the world again. Women cannot keep crying rape culture and stereotyping men as sexual predators whilst continuing to use their sexuality to get what they want and advance themselves. Repressing men’s natural urges whilst parading around in front of them half naked and mocking them at the same time, will only invite a kickback by implementing the Burka or some other form of de-sexualistaion of women.

          • So you “think” that this is a choice between evils (radical feminism and Islam), but you studiously avoid the Good (Catholic Christianity and Classical Ethics and Morals).

            No wonder you despair …

          • I have worked with Turks and other Muslims in the ME.

            If Religion was a club I would have joined them many years ago.

            On the whole, I think that Turkish women are far happier than ours……

    • The number of adults who genuinely believe they are inhabiting the wrong body is vanishingly small.
      Most transgender cases that I’ve personally encountered (2) 0r seen interviewed
      on the media are men. They remain, post operatively men with large hands, wide shoulders, deep voices etc.
      The fuss being concocted here, like many other fusses concocted by the pc brigade
      are calculated to fill our media with inconsequential piffle & make us feel bad about ourselves.
      In whose interest is this displacement activity ?

  9. In my youth (70 years ago) I was bullied for preferring to read books rather than to kick a football aimlessly in the playground. Does that still happen, or is it just “acceptable” as it apeared to be then?

  10. Very good article by Caroline. A good example of the ‘guff’ she talks about is the following, from the ‘ Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’ prospectus:
    ‘ Equality and Diversity are of central importance to our working ethos. In turn this means that the unique identity of every single individual ( ‘snowflake’ ?) who works or studies here, is valid and is valued and respected. We welcome a diverse population of staff and students. We are commuted to promoting equality in all our activities…free from unlawful discrimination against applicants …on the grounds of gender (actual or perceived), sexual orientation, disability, race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin, marital status, age and actual or perceived religious or similar belief. The Conservatoire fosters a culture which not only supports diversity, inclusion and equity, BUT INDEED REQUIRES THOSE PRINCIPLES. . . Our Equality and Diversity forum consists of students and staff from across the institution. This forum is active, is honest and it has impact. Whoever you are, however you identify yourself, your identity is respected. . .’
    Readers will see that this wordy drivel speaks for itself ( It was even longer, but I had to edit it). Sadly, this nonsense has found its way into many educational institutions in Scotland, and Caroline has a genuine concern regarding the future of the national curriculum.
    It used to be that entry to such places as the Academy of Music was based on ability, and it was understood that success could only be achieved through hard work. Identity politics played no part in this. I do realize that in today’s Britain, other factors should be taken into account; the main one being overpopulation. (This is based on the non-political
    ‘Migration Watch’ data.) Most of us know, therefore, that dumbing down is a fact of life. I have great respect for those with genuine talent ( don’t be afraid to say ‘elite’!) who undertake serious study at the RCS and elsewhere, but have no respect whatsoever for the talentless wannabes who gain entry under the ‘inclusiveness’ umbrella, or for those who would encourage them. A little more honesty and courage from our so-called leaders would be helpful at this time.

  11. This transgender myth is countered by gay psychiatrist Dr. Jack Drescher. Based on studies from various countries, he informs us that only “6 to 23 percent of boys and 12 to 27 percent of girls treated in gender clinics showed persistence of their gender dysphoria into adulthood”. Therefore, most “transgendered” children (at least 77 percent of boys and 73 percent of girls) will give up this notion that they are trapped in a body of the wrong sex. Therefore, their current state is an illusion. It would be less confusing and thus better for most, if not all of them, and for the other children around them, if no one would cater to “transgenderism” in children and teens.

    • Using these reports is a double edge sword Aaron so if I were you I’d be careful especially on here where the very notion of there even being a medical condition known as Gender dysphoria is very often denied.
      Drescher was one of the Psychiatrists who wrote the entry in DSM V on Gender Dysphoria, if you are going to quote him as an authority on dysphoria in kids, then you cannot deny his authority in adults.

      The trans issues being raised show the Left using people as a tool for their own ends. Labours motto is the wrong way around ‘For the few not the many’ because that is the truth.

      The Fascist Left simply are not concerned with the 77% who do not go on to transition fully, they are simply regarded as so much trash to be discarded, failures who did not deliver what the Left dreamed of. Yet they are every bit as much victims of the oppression as anyone else.

  12. As with all these revolutions in our social fabric I doubt the SNP included it in any manifesto. The parties know if they actually bothered to ask people and put It in their manifestos they would lose. So they do it in a sneaky underhanded way without consulting and now all the parties are supposedly trans friendly.

    Oh to have a genuine social conservative party to vote for…

  13. While I agree with the thrust of your piece. I do wish you’d not include the comments suggesting that boys are particularly nasty. I’m sure boys wouldn’t be pleased about a “girl” in their toilets or shower nor are they all potential sexual assaulters should there be shared sleeping arrangements. One can argue the nonsense of all this without suggesting females are always under threat from males. I take heart from the size of the document, suggest few will read it. As you observe this has little to do with a tiny minority of children who do deserve help rather than indulgence. In reality the numbers are miniscule. The purpose is to “de-construct” ideas of sex and reproduction within established social structures. Cultural Marxism.

  14. Well, if 300 is not a large enough number for a meaningful survey, then how about this survey of 6450:

    What emerges clearly from the following data is that in education, as in other areas of life, survey participants faced high levels of harassment and violence. For participants in the study, this mistreatment is highly correlated with lower levels of educational attainment, lower income and a variety of other negative outcomes from homelessness to suicide.

    Those who expressed a transgender identity or gender non-conformity while in grades K-12 reported alarming rates of harassment (78%), physical assault (35%) and sexual violence (12%).

    The harassment was so severe that it led nearly one-sixth (15%) to leave school in grades K-12 or in higher education settings.

    Six percent (6%) of respondents were expelled in grades K-12 for their gender identity/expression.

    Teachers and staff members, whose job in part includes ensuring student safety, were too often the perpetrators of harassment and violence in K-12. Thirty-one percent (31%) of the sample reported harassment by teachers or staff

    5% reported physical assault by teachers or staff and 3% reported sexual assault by teachers or staff.

    Negative experiences at school varied by gender and race. Students of color experienced higher rates of harassment and violence across the board.

    In terms of gender, MTF students reported higher rates of violence, while FTM and gender non-conforming students reported higher rates of harassment and bullying.

    Nineteen percent (19%) of respondents expressing a transgender identity or gender non-conformity in higher education reported being denied access to gender-appropriate housing.

    Five percent (5%) were denied campus housing altogether

    Eleven percent (11%) lost or could not get financial aid or scholarships because of gender identity/ expression.

    Despite mistreatment in school, respondents reported considerably higher rates of educational attainment than the general population, with 47% receiving a college or graduate degree, compared with only 27% of the general population. These high levels of achievement appear to be largely due to respondents returning to school later in life.

    Educational attainment did not provide respondents the protection against poverty that is common in the United States. At each level of educational attainment, our respondents had considerably lower incomes than the general population. Our sample was 4-5 times more likely to have a household income of less than $10,000/year at each educational category, including college graduates.

    Experiences of mistreatment in school correlated with lower income levels. Those who reported mistreatment in school were 50% less likely to earn $50,000/year than the general population.

    Those respondents who said they were physically assaulted at school due to gender identity/expression were twice as likely to have done sex work and other work in the underground economy and were 50% more likely to be incarcerated

    For those who had to leave school due to harassment, nearly half (48%) reported having experienced homelessness

    Those who were mistreated in school had higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse and smoking to cope with the mistreatment. For those who were physically assaulted or had to leave school due to harassment, rates of misuse of alcohol and drugs doubled.

    Respondents who reported having to leave school due to harassment were HIV-positive at a rate of 5.14%, more than eight times the HIV rate of the general population, 0.6%. 2

    More than half (51%) of respondents who were harassed, physically or sexually assaulted, or expelled because of their gender identity/expression reported having attempted suicide. Of those who were physically assaulted by teachers/staff or students, 64% reported having attempted suicide. And three-quarters (76%) of those who were assaulted by teachers or staff reported having attempted suicide

      • Having taken the time to skim this report I have to say that it is from the US and does not translate well to the UK. Worse though I cannot find the critical information as to when the respondents actually transitioned, and the word was a different place even 10 years ago.
        The report delivered in 2011 is now 6 years old, and was conducted sometime before that. The experiences of the respondents before that, so maybe these reported events happened somewhere around 20 years ago. Because it’s not stated we just can’t tell rendering the report somewhat lacking.

    • Whilst I agree with your post that bullying is appalling for trans people both in school and post school you have somewhat missed the point. Allowing kids to chose to be a different gender when the studies show this will go on to be a disaster in most cases is a huge mistake.
      Worse than that there will just be more cases of bullying when there are more kids, and you simply won’t be able to prevent it.

      There’s no denying that trans kids do exist, but the way forward should be to make it difficult to transition, not so easy anyone can do it, and attack any parent who can’t cope with it – that’s just shifting the bullying.

      Making it difficult sorts the sheep from the goats and weeds out those who should not be taking this path. It makes it easier for everyone to prevent bullying, and everyone will be a lot happier.

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