I’m no expert in the complexities of Northern Ireland politics and neither, it would seem, is Stacey Dooley. However, that did not stop her from attempting to report on the Province in a segment on BBC 2’s Newsnight on Monday night.

Rather than acknowledging that the majority of voters in Northern Ireland (including some Catholics) voted for the DUP, Dooley decided to approach them with the wide-eyed naivety of a poor man’s Louis Theroux. Setting aside that the DUP garnered 28.1 per cent of the overall vote, with over a quarter of a million people putting them down as their party of first choice, Stacey’s tactics were to behave as though they were some kind of extreme lunatic fringe, a charming Irish version of the Westboro Baptist Church, who would secretly like to picket funerals with “God hates fags” petitions.

Clearly what Stacey was hoping to find were some deeply unpleasant views, which would display the DUP in the worst possible light and, of course, she managed to unearth some party activists who still hold on to their old sectarian loyalty, being deeply distrustful of Sinn Fein (and who can blame them). But were Stacey to have dug a bit deeper than a brief 30-second interview with some friendly Fenian voters, she would have found a similar sentiment and distrust of Nationalists amongst their voters too. The Troubles may be over, but they’ve left some deep and lasting scars, which will take a few generations to heal.

I might not be on board with the burning of Sinn Fein election posters at the Eleventh Night loyalist bonfires, depicted in the slot, but Stacey’s faux-incredulity and outrage was as amusing as it was irritating. The comparisons between Sinn Fein and the flag of ISIS was admittedly unhelpful rhetoric (all deliberately shown to cast the DUP in as terrible a light as possible) but just as ridiculous was Stacey’s assertion that you’d never get away with that in England. Someone needs to take the poor lass to the annual Lewes bonfires, where the burning of political figureheads, along with overt displays of anti-Catholicism is de rigueur!

What Dooley’s segment did reveal, however, is the liberal media’s obsession about having the ‘right’ kind of permissive sexual values, and their sheer incomprehension that anyone could dissent from them. All credit to the 19-year-old DUP voter Ruth, who bravely attempted to explain her opposition to same-sex marriage and was treated as though she was some kind of untouchable from a lower caste. All credit to the girl, while her explanation was perhaps slightly lacking in theological terms, she bravely stuck to her ground and came across as a thoughtful, intelligent, attractive and most important of all,  a nice and normal human being, defying the nasty caricature into which the BBC was dying to cast her.

Not content that Ruth hadn’t yet shown herself up, Dooley then decided to hit below the belt, asking Ruth ‘tell me what is wrong when a man kisses another man or has sex with another man’, despite the fact that this had not even featured in Ruth’s argument. Either Stacey was attempting to goad or provoke poor Ruth into exhibiting some kind of disgust in order to get the bigot money shot, or she genuinely couldn’t get her poor little brain around the fact that somebody might have genuine religious objections to same-sex marriage and automatically assumed that it had to be about some kind of irrational fear of gay kissing or sex acts.

It reminded me of the words of one of the more acerbic nuns at my school, who wryly observed that those who talk about sex all the time, tend to be lacking it in their own lives! One does have to wonder how much of this line of questioning is projection, as the only people I’ve ever heard obsess about the morality of homosexual acts, are journalists like Stacey and Cathy Newman. I didn’t hear a single Christian mention it during the gay marriage debate. We tend to take these things as read.

You couldn’t have blamed Ruth had she flinched, having been invited to think about a sexual act that she finds distasteful and would have no interest in participating in, and according to this research, had she done so, it would have been a perfectly normal reaction not indicative of homophobia. Having done her best to make Ruth desperately uncomfortable, Stacey turned her sights on Ruth’s mum Jackie, almost pleading with her to help her daughter to see sense, because surely it must be difficult for a young person to have views which were seen as “extreme, radical or controversial” and implying that Ruth was somehow bringing opprobrium on herself by “digging her heels in”.

It would seem that it’s positively laudable for young liberal feminists resolutely to stick to their values, but when a socially conservative woman does it, she deserves everything she gets. Not wanting to even raise the issue of abortion or same-sex marriage beyond an asinine question about sex, Stacey Dooley came to the specious conclusion that because they hadn’t talked about them, these issues weren’t really at stake or important for DUP voters, for whom it was all about sectarianism.

A far more interesting documentary would have been to examine the reasons why Northern Ireland remains so socially conservative and whether there is real political appetite for abortion or same-sex marriage reform. Perhaps she could have interviewed Northern Irish Catholics, or other former ‘Shinners’, who have changed their political allegiance towards the DUP, as a result of Sinn Fein’s stance on abortion and gay marriage.

In the end Jackie, Ruth’s mum, nailed it: ‘being a conservative with a small c, doesn’t mean that there’s automatically a hatred towards people you don’t agree with, whereas I feel that’s coming the other way at the moment.” “Really, you think people actually hate you”, said Stacey, unsuccessfully managing to bury her distaste and pity. “Well I think that’s the reason that you’re here”! Indeed Jackie, indeed. And well done for raising your beautiful daughter to be such a sensible and principled and Godly young woman!

(Image: Richter Frank-Jurgen)


  1. The media did exactly the same to Tim Farron. It wasn’t enough that he defended equality under the law for gays. He was repeatedly goaded to positively affirm homosexuality.

      • He would parrot the lefty authoritarian view that anything LGBT is good, and anything heteronormative is awful.

        Remember, under the law of taqiyya he is allowed to lie whenever it is deemed expedient.

      • Ask him what he thinks of this for starters:
        “KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 9 — Islam prescribes death against Muslims who leave the religion for atheism, if they are “stubborn” and refuse to repent, according to Negri Sembilan mufti Datuk Mohd Yusof Ahmad.”

      • The BBC would say that it would be Islamophobic to ask him such questions or to ask Muslim voters in London the same questions.

      • Its been a process of salami slice by salami slice, from tolerance to acceptance (fine by me) to fawning celebration. Clearly, for the long marchers equality was simply one stage of the journey towards the complete removal of any concept of normality and thus the overthrowing of social/cultural norms.

        • Yes. I think salami slicing is an apt metaphor – but what happens when we run out of “salami”?

          Marcuse, a notorious “long marcher”, came up with several names for the idea that freedom is a form of tyranny. His wrote an essay on “repressive tolerance” – which puts even “tolerance” in the wrong, unless it’s the “right” tolerance.

          • It ends when we have a modern ‘hip’ form of the totalitarian state, looking and feeling much like Google, where so-called diversity excludes any conservative pov.

        • But as Alfred Smith, US politician, once observed, no matter how thinly it is sliced, baloney remains baloney.

          • Absolutely. And, as the old saying goes, ” Convince a man against his will ….and he is of the same opinion still “.

    • I’m afraid David Kurten will be in line for the same treatment. I hope he has a stiffer spine than Farron’s.

  2. “….man or has sex with another man…” – a physical impossibility. A vagina (and a penis) is needed for sex to take place. It is sodomy, not sex.

    • In effect that’s what the point of allowing “gay marriage” is – to redefine the sexual act itself. An excellent point, and one that should be made repeatedly in defence of traditional marriage.

      • Indeed. And if two women ‘marry’ then how is that ‘ marriage ‘ consummated ? And if it is not consummated then how is it a marriage ?

    • Indeed we need to talk frankly about matters that polite conservative people would prefer to leave unsaid. But because we are coy about talking of intercourse and sodomy the Left has successfully mis-represented the debate as being about whether we allow and celebrate Love or whether we are just mean bigots who try to prevent Love.

      The other favourite smokescreen of the gay activists is to present the debate as being about the bullying of children. For example even in the Telegraph, last month, there was an article by Flora Carr uncritically reciting a Stonewall report that half of LGBT children experience bullying. Sad, I agree. What neither Stonewall nor the Telegraph told us however was that nearly 50% of non-LGBT children are also bullied. Another report I saw recently shows bullying of 6th formers at 55% for gay and 45% for non-gay. That is not an enormous difference, especially when you consider that being LGBT correlates with other non-standard behavior traits. Yet the cultural Marxists have managed to make “homophobic bullying” a generally recognized and accepted term, working for the implementation of their agenda.

      • Thank you for that. I note your screen name and assume you are religious. Another trait of the LGBT activists is suggesting that those against homosexual practices are just a minority of religious folk. That is inherently not the case – for instance I am an atheist, yet a conservative.

      • I love my brother but…not that much!
        However the way things are going how long before incest will be taught to schoolchildren as another acceptable way of expressing Love?

        • Not long. At the present rate of creep of liberal moral slime, 10 years? And what about parent / child sexual ‘love’ ?

          There was a case in the USA a year or two back where a defendant argued that their relations with the family pet were the expression of mutual affection.

          There is quite literally no limit to this trend except the very pits of depravity.

    • The Dooley bird should have asked to describe exactly what she meant by ‘sex between two men’ so that the question she asked could be answered properly.

  3. Dooley has one of the most irritating voices I have hear on the BBC. (Owen Jones of course being another.) A disgraceful programme; she would have shown more understanding to Trobriand Islanders.

    • Here is the BBC refusing to reveal how many complaints it receives about political bias: ICO Case number: FS50593574

      Here is the BBC refusing to reveal what its own editorial guidelines mean by terms like “bias”: ICO Case number: FS50509879

    • You are, of course, joking.
      Like those persons who pretend Hitler wasn’t a socialist.
      Or that the Labour Part is not full of Jew Haters.

    • ‘Extreme’ right? You’ve never heard, read or seen anything from the ‘extreme’ right in your life you twerp.

    • You’re right. The BBC is so right wing that it often had that right wing extremist James O’Brien hosting the show. Its an outrage. Could they be more blatant in their support of the National Front? As for that arch Thatcherite Evan Davis…


    • The extreme right would be the National Front or possibly the BNP or The British Democratic Party. Perhaps you think the Conservative Woman is extreme right because the real extreme right is never seen on the BBC or the media, thus giving a false impression of sentiment in this country. Which is of course the intention.

      This is despite the fact that according to the BBC’s own research, quite literally half the population agrees with the BNP at least on immigration and related matters even if it doesn’t vote for that party,

      On that basis I would say that at least so far as these issues are concerned, the Conservative Woman is far from being extreme. Quite moderate, really.

      Of course, if one’s perspective is from the far left, it might seem that way,

    • Nothing wrong with being extreme in pursuit of liberty.

      …and you do know that the Fascists and Nazis were centrist/third-way types, advocating a mixture of right wing (nationalism & private property) and left wing (socialist economic management, eugenics, elevation of science into a religion) policies?

  4. The BBC are a left wing organisation, no doubt about that. They appear to be FOR everything that I’m against. The BBC is pushing a pro-LGBT, pro-Islam. pro-abortion and pro-climate change agenda, to name but four of their favourite subjects. However, the DUP are not the hard-line, uncompromising Party they are portrayed as being. It is because of their political compromise that terrorists were permitted to seize political power in Northern Ireland. The late Ian Paisley and his DUP agreed to share power with the IRA/Sinn Fein in 2007. This is a course of action the DUP said they would never take. So, because of them, terrorists were rewarded with political power for their evil deeds.The evil loyalist murderers and their supporters also became more prominent in politics because the powers-that-be had to bring all the terrorists (loyalist and republican) in from the cold so their sell-out to, and appeasement of, evildoers would succeed. The DUP are also compromising on moral issues and this is not surprising because compromise in one area usually leads to compromise in another. The DUP went along with the pardoning of homosexuals who were convicted of gross indecency when homosexuality was illegal. The DUP agreed to the lifting of the ban on homosexuals giving blood and two DUP MP’s voted for “buffer zones” outside abortion clinics which will make it easier for women to enter those murderous hell-holes to have their unborn babies murdered. The stage is being set now for the DUP compromise on sodomite “marriage” because they are desperate to get back into power with Sinn Fein, the “front” for the IRA. By the way, sodomite “marriage” and “gay” pride parades and similar horrors are the corrupt fruit from the corrupt tree of homosexuality. Make homosexuality illegal once again and that will put a stop to “gay” pride parades and demands for sodomite “marriage.” I live in Northern Ireland and I understand the politics very well and I am vehemently opposed to the compromises of the DUP. They do not deserve the credit (and votes) they receive. I have stood in four recent elections in Northern Ireland and I stood as an Independent with the motto “Biblically correct, not politically correct.” The DUP it seems has virtually abandoned the former (Biblically correct) for the latter (politically correct.)

    • I’m sure the BBC will be airing a balancing investigation into Sinn Fein’s policies anytime soon…

    • Susan, we in NI were between a rock and a hard place. Do a deal with the terrorist IRA or end up with joint authority with the Republic of Ireland in a part of the U.K. Remember we were dealing with Tony Blair who subsequently proved to be the most untrustworthy politician in a generation.

      • It is never right to do wrong. There was no “plan B” although the DUP used that scare tactic successfully.

  5. Mainstream media is so enthralled with the right on,every so trendy,politically correct story that they never actually question the message that they are sending out. This has been going on for so long now that I no longer listen or watch this rubbish,am I alone in this.
    I do not think so,but none of the media have sat down,ruminated,thought about,and questioned what business they are in. They regurgitate the same nonsense over and over. It is cheap and easy to do so,not much investigation of the facts,just tedious,on message rubbish

  6. The MSM appears to be nearly 100% homosexual, to judge by their obsession with homosexuality.
    Those Islington dinner parties must be a right hoot.

  7. To ensure even-handedness, perhaps the BBC’s next agressively pro-LGBT interviews could be conducted near Rotherham mosques.

    • Why not? So why doesn’t the Right Wing media do that? Sky is hardly scared of anything… and all your hate rags…

      Oh wait… is because you are not really pro LGBT…

      • Let’s be clear here. The only sector who are really pro LGBT are the LGBT.

        2% perhaps if we are generous

  8. Starting salary for a nurse: £22,128
    Cost of BBC per year: £3.7bn

    The BBC costs us 167,000 nurses. Is it really worth it, just for a few (admittedly quite good) documentaries about wildlife?

  9. It’s quite funny really when the left are screaming blue (please accept apologies for the pun) murder about how right wing and in the pocket of the Tories Newsnight is after a Venezuelan politician came on to criticise their illustrious chief comrade, and now here we are saying it is in the pocket of the left, maybe it is even-handed

    • I’ll believe it’s even-handed when, having grilled the DUP supporter, it gives a Muslim imam a hard time for Islam’s views on homosexuality and same sex marriage.

  10. Dooley?? There seems to be several Dooleys in the BBC. Are they all related? Do they come from a luvvy media family?
    Cannot be anything underhand. Maybe it is a bit like jews being over-represented as Nobel prize winners. Dooleys must be extremely talented in the media.

    • Has anyone else noticed a new trend of “red herring news” on the BBC? Yesterday, was a prime example when the grooming gang in Newcastle were found guilty, the BBC did not highlight the ethnic make-up of the group but the fact that one was paid for information. It was the same with the BBC salary story where the gender pay gap was the hot topic and not the huge salaries of all of the Corporation’s staff.

      • Same routine as a pick-pocket. Look! My left hand is here, while the right hand steals your wallet. Might even be the BBC funding model.

      • It’s called “distraction technique” and the BBC are well practiced at it. They believe you are too stupid to notice.

      • There was no mention either that the decision to pay the informer was not a wild, maverick police action, but was implemented after discussion with the police commissioner, a QC, who assessed the risks and made the judgement that the circumstances justified going ahead.

    • Hang down your head, Stacey Dooley
      Hang down your head and cry
      Hang down your head, Stacey Dooley
      Poor girl, you’re bound to lie

      I met her on Mourne mountain
      There I took her plight
      Met her on Mourne mountain
      pierced her with my slight

      This time tomorrow
      Reckon where I’ll be
      Hadn’t a-been for Jackie Ruth
      I’d a-been in The BBC

  11. I used to be a news junkie. My three favourites were PM on Radio 4, Newsnight and Channel 4 News.

    I haven’t touched any of them with the proverbial barge-pole for well over a year. And I’m a leftie!


    • No you are not. You are not a Leftie. And anyone reading your profile can see that. You are a nasty little liar is what you are.

  12. Newsnight is in decline. If Lord Hall as Director-General was effective, he would kill it off. It is long past its best (over 35 years old) and needs to be terminated. At least a new form of news programme would start under a lot of scrutiny and be unable to get away with the bias mixed with low quality that Newsnight now displays sadly too often.
    If its demise was announced there would be no tears shed beyond its own production office. Attention would turn to how the BBC should cover news and current affairs in the future and that would allow wide public discussion.

    • Wah, wah, wah. The problem is when ideologues like yourself get in the way. Newsnight might or might not be in decline. But, your bias is simply childish. You are just another brick in the wall who wishes to see something banned because it doesn’t agree with your sensibilities.

      • Don’t be silly. John is no ideologue. He is, like many others, reacting against the ideologues at Newsnight. It’s quite simple. The BBC is biased in so many ways: pro-feminist, pro-PC, pro-leftwing, pro-EU, pro-Israel, pro-global warming, and so on, and except on rare occasions does not allow for any balance by permitting those of opposing views to present their arguments. Rather they do their damnedest to vilify and demonise and present them in a negative light. But the BBC’s ideological blinkers are worn so tight that they are unable to see their own bias.

        • Yeah right… and you were quick to step in on his behalf… why?

          “ideologues at Newsnight”

          Yes. Those nameless, faceless ones that don’t exist. The sheer irony and moronic fallacy of the comment. For you own… you are not an ideologue, but what perceive as the opposition… like I said childish bias.

          – –

          “The BBC is biased in so many ways: pro-feminist, pro-PC, pro-leftwing, pro-EU, pro-Israel, pro-global warming”

          So why wouldn’t BBC be pro-feminist? How or why should it be against equality?


          Good! To an extent it simply has to be due to being a public body that has to strike a balance.

          BBC is not pro-leftwing. It neither is left or right wing. It sways, but it mostly is neutral.


          Yes it was.


          Idiotic and fallacious accusation

          “pro-global warming”

          This is dictated by science. MOST scientist cry Global Warming. BBC has to reflect this.

          = =

          BBC is not there as your personal mouthpiece… it is not neutrality that people like you want rather that BBC should be ranting and raving like Katie Hopkins on steroids.

  13. “Rather than acknowledging that the majority of voters in Northern Ireland (including some Catholics) voted for the DUP”

    No, they did not. Only about 28% of them did. That is NOT majority of the voters. They received the most votes of any party… but that is not the same thing.

  14. Regardless of whether Newsnight is left wing or not, its total carp. Who really wastes their time on it? (not many as Andrew Neil delights in mentioning)

  15. very good article.i have operated in northern ireland for 20 years.two immediate things spring to mind.
    1 the liberal left and left hate the dup for creating a working majority for the conservatives.democracy they dont like.
    2 the liberal left whos policies on the mainland have backfired with unfettered immigration cant countenance anybody or political party that is successful with dissimilar views.
    you have a similar mind set over climate change and big government.

  16. That the documentary was quite limited
    is true, but the author must have seen a different programme to me as she misrepresents it at least twice.
    Firstly the prog states that the DUP arethe largest party, and secondly that the interviewee does explain her opposition to homosexuality…. ‘it’s wrong’
    More TCW fake news.

  17. The sooner Corbyn achieves his objective of a united Ireland and we are rid of Northern Ireland, the better.

  18. The BBC has long form for deciding its agenda, and then selecting “news” facts to fit that preconceived agenda.

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