Monday, January 18, 2021
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Kathy Gyngell: There is plenty of good Brexit news, we’re just ignoring it

"It’s time to reject the safe space, terminal fear-of-change disease that drives the negative Brexit news machine. There is plenty of good news about Brexit,...

Andrew Tettenborn: The Left conspires to make Brexit a Trojan Horse for yet more union power

Legislation is boring and impenetrable. Unfortunately, politicians know this and are only too happy to benefit from the fact that most of us can’t,...

Niall McCrae: Labour MP Caroline Flint is a hero of the Brexit revolution

Labour MP Caroline Flint is fired up. And this is why. It’s a talk at Policy Exchange by Professor Richard Tuck, a leading political...

The Kathy Gyngell Interview: Weaker pound would boost our economy, says Brexit businessman John Mills

(John Mills is an entrepreneur and Chair of Labour Leave. His latest book, Britain’s Achilles Heel - Our Uncompetitive Pound argues that the root of...

Andrew Cadman: Tories funk Brexit’s offer of a conservative revolution

It’s High Noon, and the outlaw Corbyn is rolling into town, eagerly awaited by his Momentum gang. Banged up since the 1980s, they have waited a long...

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