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Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Seven deadly sins of omission by the Two Doomsters

I LISTENED to the apocalyptic Government news briefing on Monday by Professor Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance,  suggesting a horrific second...

Why it’s so cruel to deprive care home residents of their family’s loving touch

IT is now more than seven months since the care home lockdown began and all indications point to it continuing with no...

TCW poll: Should Vallance and Whitty be sacked? You vote!

SIR Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty, two unelected public officials, the 'senior scientists’ that the Government foolishly relies on, the architects...

Covid confusion of dotty David and the liberals

LAST week the Times columnist and latest lockdown zealot David Aaronovitch wrote a column entitled 'Covid libertarians are a danger to us all' on...

BorisWorld, all the fun of the furlough

THOUSANDS flocked to Blackpool at the weekend after learning the resort will not face a coronavirus local lockdown, unlike the rest of...

Beating Covid is a marathon, not a sprint

THE other day I saw a young woman from Bolton being vox-popped on the TV news about the town’s localised ‘lockdown’.

Letter from Local Lockdown Land

‘TO the future or to the past ... from the age of Big Brother, from the age of doublethink – greetings!’

Unlike these readers cowed by Covid, I’ll stand up to the Rule of Six bullies

FOR thirteen years I have been writing an advice column in the Saturday Daily Mail, and because this work is so personal and...

Coronavirus dissident cancelled by YouTube

A DOCTOR who says the clampdown over coronavirus is too draconian has been censored by YouTube. It deleted an...

We could be guinea pigs for untested vaccines

IN the United States, those who lived through the Depression of the 1930 and World War II are often referred to as...

Your vote: We will not obey the ‘rule of six’

FOLLOWING the Government's arbitrary diktat that gatherings of more than six people are to be banned from today on pain of a £100...

Face-mask follies grow ever loonier

ON July 31 the TCW headline was: ‘Wales treats shoppers as adults on masks – but for how long?’ The answer turned out to...

Covid: Stop treating us like children

I HAVE sent this letter to my MP, Kemi Badenoch, the Conservative member for Saffron Walden. Dear Kemi Badenoch,

My mission to keep Britain free, by Simon Dolan

Kathy Gyngell interviewed Simon Dolan over the weekend about his one-man battle for Britain's freedom from the illegal lockdown imposed by this...

Chairman Dan, the despot Down Under

THIS video of a pregnant woman being interrogated and arrested by police in her home in front of her young children was...

The science behind masks is as flimsy as my see-through scarf

WHO would have thought that a flimsy piece of fabric would shatter this life-long Conservative woman’s confidence in a Conservative government?

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