Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Test, test and test again

GOVERNMENTS around the world have decided to throw trillions at improving the economy but, astonishingly, only a small portion of that is on health...

Life in the time of coronavirus

Josh’s cartoon series commissioned by TCW to mark the time we find ourselves in.

Chop suey . . . and a side order of fatal virus

I HAVE to relate a disturbing idea to you. With the proliferation of nuclear weapons to less stable states in the Third World, it...

Life in the time of coronavirus

Josh's cartoon series continues..

Life in the time of coronavirus

Josh's cartoon series continues...

Is social responsibility the key to South Korea’s virus success?

HOW did they do it? How did the South Koreans go from being the worst affected country outside China to stopping the epidemic in...

Life in the time of coronavirus

Josh’s cartoons commissioned by TCW to mark the time we find ourselves in

Laura Perrins takes on the Moral Maze of the coronavirus

IN CASE you missed it on Thursday night, here is TCW's co-editor and writer Laura Perrins on BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze, tackling the tricky...

Covid-19: At last, a U-turn on testing

THE government is U-turning on testing for Covid-19, although it won’t admit as much, and it will still struggle to catch up. While we...

Life in the time of coronavirus

Here is the second of Josh's cartoons specially commissioned by TCW to mark the time we find ourselves in.

K9 bites Covid-19: Let’s go walkies to beat the bug blues

AS ever, Buddy, our cute little Cavalier, is keen to go out. But, like a Boy Scout, today’s urban dog-walker has to be prepared....

Three videos that make me wonder about our virus control

I DO find it difficult to have much confidence in our policy-makers and officials in their handling of the coronavirus outbreak, and three astonishing...

Now that’s what I call self-isolation music

AS many prepare for 14 days (or possibly four months) of coronavirus self-isolation, a compilation of specially-rewritten films, TV shows, music and e-books has...

Why aren’t we closing schools, the breeding grounds for infection?

I AM a teacher in a shortage subject. At 62, I am at elevated risk from coronavirus, Covid-19 (not yet deemed to be ‘at-risk’,...

Help! Hyperbole has gone viral, mutating into hypochondria

THE atmosphere in the paper shop was subdued. The headlines screamed: ‘Most frail will not get elderly care,’ ‘Police get special powers to deal...

Self-isolation is a fatal flaw unless we test, track and treat … now

ON Monday, Boris Johnson appealed for further self-isolation and unity. He even threatened fines on the infected who refuse quarantine. But the Government has not...

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