Thursday, October 29, 2020
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On the march, the conservative young Americans saying no to Biden’s socialism

CONTRARY to most people’s assumptions, support for the Republican Party has been growing among black and ethnic minorities in the US. 

Biden or Trump – who’d be better for Britain?

UNITED States presidential elections are always a hot topic in the United Kingdom. Whoever becomes the next President generates a lot interest...

Eat your hearts out, fascist Brits … we’ve got Socialism USA!

This is the third of Dick Berk’s letters from America explaining to British fascists why the Democrats are the obvious party of...

Sky falls in on fairness about Trump

SATURDAY is supposed to be the most fun-filled night of the week. Alternatively, it can be spent watching Press Preview on Sky News.

The Never Trumpers placing America in peril

LAST week’s Democrat national convention, at which Joe Biden was nominated as the party’s candidate for the presidency of the United States,...

Blexit: The bright young blacks shunning the Democrats

MICHELLE Obama is not as popular as the Democratic Party would have their followers believe. Last week Kimberly Klacik, a Republican party candidate...

Leave us Democrats alone, you British fascists!

Dear British people I have heard that you foreign fascists are bad-mouthing the Democratic National Convention. Your fascist media...

Biden backs free health care and college tuition

JOE Biden says he will support free health insurance and college tuition if he wins the US Presidential election.

Anarchy ravages US cities, so why is our media ignoring it?

JACK Crowe, news editor of the American website National Review, headlined his news round-up on Monday with a series of alarming stories which...

Parents should listen to Trump, not the teachers’ union boss

PARENTS who want to see their children back at school at the start of September should listen to Trump, not Twitter –...

America’s second civil war?

IT’S easy to become insular, given our own preoccupations, not least with the latest government diktats and circumscribing of our behaviour, and lose sight of...

Trump, Johnson and a Covid-19 dilemma

IN A live national TV broadcast early yesterday, US President Donald Trump dramatically banned travel from the EU in the hope of...

Chlorine chicken is just a red herring

THE agricultural dimension to Brexit is perhaps the least mentioned by the mainstream media. It is a black hole in the coverage.

The Divided States of Transgenderism

AMERICA is certainly at the forefront of the transgender debate. It is made complicated by much of it playing out at state level....

Your guide to Ukrainegate

I DON'T imagine you are following the attempt to impeach Donald Trump too closely, gentle non-American reader. There seems little point, as the US Senate...

Democrat candidates are anti-Israel to a man (and woman)

BRITONS face their most important decision in decades with the December general election. So do the Americans. In the run-up to the...

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