Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Labour’s defeat is not due to Corbyn alone

THE 2019 General Election results are grim for Labour and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn. The party’s heartlands in the Midlands and the...

Art goes bananas

WHEN we dump a Christian worldview with its standards of truth and beauty for today's wacky world of post-modern progressivism with its...

Why spend £40,000 a year keeping this brute in comfort?

AFTER a shocking fortnight-long rampage of rape and kidnapping, psychopath Joseph McCann was this week given 33 life sentences. 

My heroes – the non-Jews who rallied against anti-Semitism

ON Sunday I joined more than 3,200 others to protest against anti-Semitism at a rally in Parliament Square.  Organised...

EU makes sure it rules Britannia’s waves

EVER since the week before the Referendum, when our fishing vessels came up the Thames, the EU has set about making sure that...

Today’s hot topic: Illiberal Undemocrats

ROBERT Flello was selected by the Liberal Democrats as their Parliamentary candidate for Stoke-on-Trent South last month. Within days he was deselected...

A carol a day: Away in a Manger

We are repeating last year’s series about Christmas carols. This was first published on December 5, 2018.  THE first carol...

Readers’ comments: The lurch ever Leftwards

In response to The Conservative Woman: Vote Labour, vote for a Marxist nightmare,  David wrote: It is...

Readers’ comments: A choice between socialists and Marxists

In response to Tim Bradshaw: Will playing down the Brexit bounce rebound on Boris?  eeore wrote: Whilst...

Readers’ comments: It took a long time to place my X

In response to Michael St George: Hold your nose and vote Tory today, but not necessarily again, rtj1211 wrote:

Breaking News : Exit poll predicts Conservative majority of 77

Exit poll predicts Conservative majority of 77.

Hold your nose and vote Tory today, but not necessarily again

WHAT a depressing, unedifying, decision awaits us in this general election today. A choice between, on the one hand, a Tory Party...

As the Sun shines for him, will it be Boris wot wins it?

TODAY is a good time to recall one of the great newspaper headlines of recent times when the Sun led its front page on...

Vote Labour, vote for a Marxist nightmare

THE stark truth about the Labour Party is that it is in the grip of Marxists – from Jeremy Corbyn downwards. Something...

Today’s hot topic: The pushiest parent?

A CHILD prodigy whose parents hoped he would be the world’s first under-ten graduate has been withdrawn from university in the Netherlands.

Will playing down the Brexit bounce rebound on Boris?

ONE approach in analysing the election is to ask about issues hidden from the public. For example, defence has barely been mentioned, as...

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