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Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Abolish devolution and save the Union

THE Blair era was undoubtedly one of the most damaging and transformatory in our nation’s history. By its end Britain, once a...

Notes from the sticks: A hard life in the crows’ nest

I DON’T suppose many share this view, but I have rather a soft spot for crows. They are beautiful birds and I...

Pick of our readers’ comments: Fumbling in the dark

In response to Bel Mooney: Unlike these readers cowed by Covid, I’ll stand up to the Rule of...

Don’t tear society down, build on it

‘BELIEVE All Women’, arising from the #MeToo movement, is a weird political slogan. Do women not lie? Are women never confused? Are...

Don’t cry for me, I’m escaping to Argentina

AS the nights draw inexorably in and summer turns to autumn, I find myself dreading the grey wet gloom of the English...

Daily News Digest

NEWS EU plans to ramp up Brexit demands after the government’s threats spark panic

William Morris – the very model of a champagne socialist

THE prototypes for all those delusional, middle-class champagne socialists* who seem to dominate our media go back a long way. A good example is...

Pick of our readers’ comments: Cultural suicide

In response to Liam Harkness: White man on the Booker shortlist shock, Cassandra wrote: Handing prizes...

Daily News Digest

NEWS French Navy seen shepherding migrants into UK waters and abandoning them

Who needs troops and tanks when you’re armed with a snappy soundbite?

THE Telegraph reports that Dominic Cummings is citing USAF General Bernard Schriever as the exemplar of how to do military procurement. Schriever (1910-2005) developed the...

Three cheers for school on Saturday

SATURDAY schooling is about to be launched at the Harris Federation of 49 academies. The focus will be on Year 6, the...

Remember Arnhem

IT was one of those warm, mellow September days with which England is sometimes blessed before autumn sets in.

White man on Booker shortlist shock

THE shortlist for the 2020 Booker Prize for fiction has been published. There are six authors on the list. Four are ‘persons of...

Pick of our readers’ comments: March of the Marxists

In response to Andrew Cadman: Is Britain heading towards civil war? Genghis Tebbit wrote: For too long...

$1billion-plus BLM riot damage most expensive in insurance history

Posted 11.35pm UK time $1billion-plus riot damage is most expensive in insurance history.

Daily News Digest

NEWS Government ‘prepared to compromise’ on Brexit bill The government has...

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