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According to a report in The Sunday Times, “volunteer squads of girls” are being recruited in schools “to police sexist language and behaviour and report back to teachers.” Keen to support these juvenile ‘thought police’ the Government is issuing back-up guidelines. Head teachers will be advised to appoint senior teachers to the position of “gender champions”. It is all part of its campaign to crack down on the use of so-called sexist terminology in the playground and in the classroom. Apparently, even five year olds are guilty.

In addition, schools will be told to have clear policies in place to persuade girls to choose ‘male’ subjects such as maths, physics and computer science at A-Level. Boys will be encouraged to study ‘female’ subjects, such as English, psychology and foreign languages.

That the Government feels a need to get so involved, even in the detail of what should amount to straightforward anti-bullying policies in schools, is surprising. Clearly, in the eyes of the DfE, not all schools are demonstrating sufficient zeal in pursuing breaches of the Government’s politically correct agendas. The use of female pupil thought police and “gender champions”, however, takes us into new and rather sinister territory.

Who would be a male pupil these days – assailed as they are, on all sides, by a modern version of ‘witch-finders’ or should that be ‘warlock finders’? And it seems that ‘sexism’ is pretty much one-way traffic of boys on girls. No talk of male pupils being employed as guardians of gender equality! This is odd, since a term very commonly seen as sexist is the word “sissy”, which is used to demean boys rather than girls. Similarly, “man up” is regarded as sexist but, again, is used of boys rather than of girls.

What terms, then, will the girls’ ‘thought police’ be listening out for? “Cupcake” seems to be high on the list, alongside, “Go and make me a sandwich’. There will have to be lots more, though, in order to give the sexism police something to do? How about, “Little Miss Bossy”? Too tame? Perhaps the pupil police girls will exercise their newfound powers and make up a few choice words. Girls can be quite potent when it comes to bullying. How about ‘pleb’? Not sexist enough! Better stick with “bitch” but not “son of a bitch”!

And there we have the problem. The new anti-sexism strategy is an open invitation to bullies of the female sex to lord it over the lads. In primary schools, Hermione Graingers, of Harry Potter fame, have long been dominating the boys. As head of a boy’s prep school it was obvious to me that the biggest advantage of single sex education for boys of a young age was that they could be liberated from domination by girls.

By the teens, of course, boys are beginning to assert themselves, which is another argument for single sex education. Girls’ schools do not suffer from any problems with the choice of which A-Levels pupils study. Maths and the sciences are often the most popular subjects. Equally, in all-boys’ schools, the pupils are not put off what in co-ed schools are considered the ‘girlie’ subjects.

We should not be creating an atmosphere of threat and intimidation for boys by placing them at the mercy of volunteer squads of girls acting as thought police. Instead, the Government should offer parents the choice of single-sex schools.

  • Bugle

    The Crucible.

  • PerplexedSardine

    It occurs to me that when schools have been politicised in other societies they were usually used to create microcosms of what politicians wanted to see in those societies…

    “The bullies of the future will be called anti-bullies”?

  • Barry Sheridan

    Treating boys with contempt, which is what this is about, guarantees that many will grow into manhood full of loathing for the way they have been abused. This is not healthy never mind sensible. Tomorrows females are going to have a rough time when all the consequences become fully apparent.

    • Phil R

      This is by far the worst aspect of this.

      Tomorrows females of course will not be told what the real issue is by their men. They will know they have a problem, but will not know how to help because the way women help each other does not work for men. Helping an individual man to get over this sort of treatment (if it can be fixed) will be time consuming and to be successful, will need to done in the main by other men.

      • Gold Bug

        Not just tomorrows females. Men are already voting with their feet. I know at least a dozen guys that consciously shy away from any involvement that might lead to marriage because of the huge penalties that come their way if the woman decides she’s had enough.

        • Kyle David Simon

          You mentioned me?

    • Slowcoach

      Yes, When these boys grow up and finally realise what was done to them the retaliation is going to be appaling.
      But a I think this is the plan to tear society apart, by setting us one against the other, no armies needed, we are going to be made to do it ourselves.
      Like puppets we will enable the revolution that will step in to take over once enough damage has been done.

  • Johnnydub

    How do we make sure that men don’t resist the coming dictatorship? By bullying them from children leaving them broken…

  • The_greyhound

    Sounds like a case for removing the token woman at the Department of Education.

  • SimonToo

    I am conscious of a small number of boys being educated at otherwise girls’ schools at the pre-prep stage : the cricketing bishop, David Shepherd comes to mind as an example. At the big school and sixth form end, though, despite many girls choosing to go to otherwise boys’ schools, there seems to be little or no demand from boys to attend girls’ schools.

    • Ben Bow

      Point noted . . . and this should be more publicised.

  • tattyhead Let your M.P. know how you feel about this.

  • Bogbrush

    Girls always snitched.

  • Reform_the_NHS

    Perhaps Frau Merkel has been giving Dave orders on something other than migration policy…

  • twinscrew

    Females are well known for not keeping to themselves, look at twatter, also it is why they never reach heights in business. can’t be trusted to keep a secret.

  • 5th column traitors

    Crikey.. It’s a good job females – let alone children – never lie, cheat, swindle, bully coerce or intimidate others for personal gain otherwise they might, I dunno, make things up for their own benefit?

    Who Polices the Police? Turns out no-one these days because as long as you meet the approved profile you can do whatever takes your fancy even to the detriment of others.

    Originally I believed the Orwellian nightmare wouldn’t occur until long after I shuffled off this mortal coil. Now, however, it looks like the plans are gathering alarming pace and it is only a matter of a few years (if that) before we have full on 1984 …with the added pleasure of an additional 30 years of technological advances to enforce their oppression on us.

  • Dave

    So you are telling me that a Conservative government, now shorn of its ties to the LibDems, is supporting this tosh?

    You’re making this up right?

  • Paul Jackson

    Why don’t we just castrate boys and have done with it? It works with horses after all.
    Just a modest proposal after Swift (that’s Jonathan not Taylor)

  • therealguyfaux

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.”
    Oh, good heavens, I forgot– little girls can’t use that expression, since there might be some little boys out there who would interpret it as encouraging violence on behalf of the Cisgendered Heteronormative Patriarchy…

  • Nick Booth

    I’ve never heard anyone say “Go and make me a sandwich”. Ever. When I read that in The Sunday Times report I assumed they must have run out of phrases and padded the list out with a few made up ones

    • Gold Bug

      I have- my wife-often.

    • William Gruff

      Men say it all the time. You need to check your ear wax.

  • Bob Fleming

    Mmmmh, what culture encourages their males to treat females as lesser beings..?

  • xyz123

    Which individuals in the Government are behind this? We should be told.

    • Bugle

      The Department for East German Values.


      Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, is also the Minister for Women and Equalities. A toxic combination of roles..

      • Slowcoach

        Very true.
        I can’t believe these two roles have been combined by any motive other than deliberate misandry – and then to practice it on CHILDREN who cannot defend themselves and who have no way of even recognising the grotesque calumny of that which is being done to them.
        Those responsible should be vigourously prosecuted for child abuse and spend a long time in prison for that crime , instead of pursuing very old men for supposed
        WHT (Wandering hand trouble) that might or might not have happened forty years ago.
        As usual, femarxism turns everything upside down and back to front in pursuit of it’s pernicious and loathsome political aims.

      • AJ

        That it is minister for women and equalities says it all.

        There is a pervasive denial and disinterest in problems or discrimination that affects men this is not related to traditional left or right wing politics. It flies in the face of all the evidence for western societies and it is hard to see it changing in the near term.

  • Mez

    There’s quite a good argument for single sex education anyway, apart from this, boys have different educational needs and mature later. I agree – more single sex schools.

    • Gold Bug

      Or more schools that aren’t run by government.

    • William Gruff

      I agree with you Mez.

  • jimmy

    Absolutely terrifying, it really is the case that many on the left read 1984 and thought it was a guidebook and not a warning. Almost all feminists are deeply authoritarian and this is just the kind of thing they love doing; telling young boys they are thought criminals just for having human nature.

    Not long ago they were simply a bunch of bitter, childless harridans who would have a meeting every now and then and were thoroughly ignored by society. Today their numbers infect the leadership even of the so-called Conservative Party. The long march through the institutions that the far left began in the 1960s is essentially complete and be assured they have no plans or hopes for a free society, rather one determined by dogma where everyone is guilty until he is proven innocent.

  • Neil2

    Subtitled “How to create a society of snoopers and tattle tales”. Not pleasant characteristics to instil in youths is it ?.

  • Rob74Eroticus

    They need to man up the big girls blouses.

  • Rob74Eroticus

    The effect of this stupidity will of course be dependent on the parents. It will be rightly dismissed by some, while others will embrace it and buy their sons a doll to play with.

  • ProperDave

    “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.”

    Nineteen Eighty-Four, chapter 1

  • AKM

    Aren’t we lucky to have a Conservative government in office. Think how much worse it would be if the socialists were in charge! (/sarc)

  • Gold Bug

    My son is home schooled. I could no longer stomach the politically correct ideas, the bias against individuality, the one sided “history” lessons, the pro government pro military propaganda and the plain bad teaching. He learns more in one week of travelling and seeing me doing business than 5 years of government indoctrination camps.

  • Herbert Purdy

    Excellent article. I couldn’t agree more. I made this case almost a year ago now, here: What is going on in the education of our boys is an abomination. Boys are failing in our schools because they are being failed by an education system that has become dominated by women, their thinking, and their ways: a system that reeks of a political ideology – feminism – that is outrageously favouring girls’ needs and learning styles, and in which boys’ natural boyish boisterousness is being routinely pathologised as deviant behaviour.