Chris McGovern: TV’s star teacher makes brainwashing the young his lefty mission

The Times Educational Supplement (TES) on January 7th carried this call to arms: “Teachers need to step up: they can help to fight the Donald Trump and Brexit reactionary revolution…In this post-truth era, it's up to teachers to ensure that young people are being empowered and encouraged to challenge and question.”

The author was Oliver Beach, former star of the BBC reality television show, Tough Young Teachers and an ‘ambassador’ for the esteemed, even revered, Teach First programme, which recruits bright new graduates into teaching. His regular pieces for the TES provide an interesting insight into the mindset of many teachers.

What he has to say may surprise some and should, certainly, concern anyone who still imagines that the classroom is some benign area of political neutrality, as the law of the land requires. Far from it!

Olly does not pull any punches in his distaste for what democracy has produced: “The success of the Right in gaining the highest political power with a narrative of pro-guns, anti-gays, limiting women’s reproductive rights and building physical national borders will give new momentum to those with similar views here and across Western democracies. “If he can do it, why can’t we?" they’ll cheer as they grab their pitchforks.”

He sees it as the duty of teachers to man the educational barricades and to lead the fight back: “Educators must be curating minds that question their realities, not just accept them. We must reject echo chambers, post-truth proselytes or sycophants. We don’t need more Donald Trumps, Nigel Farages or Marine Le Pens; we need Martin Luther Kings, Harvey Milks and Rosa Parks. And we need them now. Teachers are essential if they are to emerge.”

If you we were thinking that pupils should be mastering basic literacy, numeracy and the National Curriculum, you could not have been more wrong. Kids need to be mobilised to question, reject and overturn democracy. Olly wants teachers to realise that the “next world leader is sitting in a classroom today.” That world leader needs to be ‘got at’ today and brainwashed to be ‘on message’. This is how to make social change and revolution deep-rooted and permanent. Get the kids! Revolution starts in the classroom!

Olly, himself, though, will not be on the classroom front line.

In February 2014, Teach First provided updates on how the six Tough Young Teachers were getting on. It boasted of Olly that, “with characteristic ambition and drive he’s working towards a longer-term career in teaching.” A couple of years on, though, and Olly has thrown in the towel. He explained his decision to the TES: “A pupil's ability to access opportunities shouldn't depend on the depth of their parents’ pockets…That's why I am leaving the classroom to address this gap.”

Olly has set up a charity that he says, “is geared to addressing the gap in access to opportunities. “It turns out that he was not as “tough” as the television show and Teach First suggested. At least, he now has more time to fan the flames of anti-democratic social revolution that many wish to promote in our schools.

Chris McGovern

  • “Young people should be empowered to challenge and question” states this supposedly star teacher. But not, one imagines, if pupils are challenging and questioning the Leftist orthodoxy…..

    He concludes his little rant with this statement: “The importance of young people being empowered and encouraged to challenge and question cannot be UNDERESTATED.”

    I assume he means “overstated” of course, which is a very basic mistake to make and one which alters his argument entirely, but what else could we expect from a teacher favoured by the BBC? One needs only look at his photograph to see just what sort of semi-educated, left-liberal poltroon he is:

    • Snoffle Gronch

      It’s that sanctimonious dullard Marcus Brigstocke!

      • Ravenscar

        I can think of many other nouns to describe him, however comedian wouldn’t be one of them, funny bloke though he undoubtedly is.

    • North Angle

      Hear, hear, Paul. If children question the left’s ideology, they won’t be empowered – they’ll be punished.

  • Claphamomnibusbloke

    Sack him and never let him teach again.

  • stewart

    the most telling quote is this
    ““Educators must be curating minds that question their realities, not just accept them”
    In other words it is a teachers job to correct children’s first hand experience .If the party says 2+2 =5 then it is a teachers job to make sure malleable minds believe that
    His problem isn’t Info wars or Kek, it is that the liberal inquisition narrative has become so far divorced from the lived reality of all people ,young included, they have ceased to except it
    He isn’t teaching children to ‘question their realities’ but to accept his dogma regardless of evidence

    • Little Black Censored

      “Curating minds”? What an arrogant and sinister expression.

      • SeeYouAnon

        I agree

  • Snoffle Gronch

    It’s all our teachers are good for. Endowing their pupils with literacy or numeracy skills is well beyond the capabilities of these overpaid shelfstackers manqués. If that seems a harsh judgement consider the dreadful indictment of the PISA test results – England is skidding along almost at the bottom of the OECD league table (gratifyingly, the idiot devolved administrations perform even worse), the only country whose school leavers are no better educated than the cohort leaving the work force. The only chance the younger generation have is if we arm them with pitchforks to defend themselves against malicious cretins like Mr Beach.

  • Bik Byro

    It is not the teacher’s job to “help to fight the Donald Trump and Brexit reactionary revolution” indeed it should be firmly out of their jurisdiction

    The teachers job is to teach algebra, Ohm’s law, the periodic table, the formation of river deltas, Jayne Eyre, Henry the 8th or ‘Claudette est dans le jardin’, depending on the subject being taught.

    • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol

      And Oxbow lakes. You left that out.

      • Bik Byro

        hehe yes, I did those as well. Happy days.

        • And what about “Truck farming in California?” I seem to remember that circa 1975-1982……

          • Bik Byro

            No, we didn’t do that one. I do remember rainfall graphs of South America and agriculture in the Pampas though.

  • RavenRandom

    What do want? Democracy! When do we want it? When it agrees with pre-approved left-wing views.
    Typical anti-democratic poor loser.

    • Ravenscar

      Why was he even allowed near a school staffroom, obviously the Cultural Marxists fried his brain, in their collectivists hives, a single metropolitan snowflake stood little chance.

      Though, observing, and ironic is it not that, he [Beach] rambles on large about “brainwashing” I can’t believe he is so unaware. Aye, in what he proposes is exactly the method he seeks to counter and the strawman argument hoists him up immediately – that’s pure post modernism. Post modernism is all about instilling prejudice and sowing division where there is none. Cultural Marxism, Alinskyism…….. is, think of a threat, cry foul and demonize some individual or other “for the children!”

      and shout “we must do blah bloody blah blah” and just give us the cash.

      And teaching kids how to think, the three R’s? it’s just too much for post modern teechurs, they just wanna talks abstracts and political nonsense – yer see it’s wot they do innit – stop sniggering at the back!

  • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol

    His quotes are only toe curling lefty slogans and cliches. Who takes them seriously these days? Only the other teachers.

    • stewart

      Only other teachers, the bourgeois fauxcialist media , tenured academics, high court judges, senior civil servants, fake charity bosses and the So-Called-BBC
      In fact he speaks for the entire liberal inquisition

      • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol

        Possibly, but if you care to look at the polls, even ignoring the 4% Labour bias and the effect of the boundary changes, the electorate is not amused (or convinced) to say the very least.

        For some time I was worried that a cataclysm emerging from the Tory cupboard over the next three years may derail their electoral momentum.

        Now I don’t give a monkeys what emerges. Under any circumstances (and I mean any) they simply cannot lose.

        I’m going back to bed.

        • mjm6mjm6

          Sorry to say I’m not so sanguine. Setting aside my concern that the present (and last) govt is and was not exactly what I would call Conservative, I’d still prefer to see them rather than Labour in power.

          Let’s look at the next few years through spectacles I’ve borrowed from Sir Ivan Rogers. Brexit could get very nasty, with the EU wreaking vengeance to some effect. The Euro could have another major crisis, affecting exports. Inflation is on the rise, inevitably, hitting disposable incomes and especially those of that compulsive voting class, the retired, who are getting no return on their savings. Yoof is disillusioned through the housing situation and their fear of Brexit consequences, the positive results of which won’t have fed through by 2020. Even if we control EU immigration, people may start to notice that non-EU immigration is just as high and apparently out of control. All of those chickens returning to the roost simultaneously could look very nasty. Then there’s the Scots Nats weasels who are as desperate for Westminster power as is Mr Corbyn’s nasty little gang and could coalesce with them.

          On the bright side, if boundary reform does eventually happen along the lines originally proposed, Labour could take a serious knock.

          All in all, though, it’s a bit early for bedtime, I feel.

          • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol

            I do think that the rank and file Tory zeitgeist is changing rapidly. I sense general anger rather than the fringe anger which has been simmering for years.

            The problem is, that the way the Conservative Party is structured, it is very difficult to change the current liberal social democratic stance without voting elsewhere or not at all (which I am doing).

            The current nonexistence of the Labour Party ironically, exacerbates the problem.

            It sounds a cliche but we really do have a Blairite Government at present and it exists to maximise the probability of its perpetuation.

          • Alan Llandrindod Wells

            Major and Cameron stuffed the House of Lords, the constituencies, the quangoes, the civil service, and the advisory groups, with photocopies of Blair.
            They and their establishment chums thought it was the way to go.
            And the likes of Ken Clarke cheered them on.
            Needless to say Blair did his own stuffing on the advice of Cherie.

          • TheRightToArmBears

            Brexit could get very nasty?
            Stopping the money going to Brussels would bring that to a halt rather fast, wouldn’t it?
            But then, does anyone here really think Mrs May would have the backbone to do that?

          • mjm6mjm6

            I agree that, in a sane world, stopping contributions would cause a rapid re-think. However such an idea presupposes a British government with the spine to do it (which it’s just possible that we might have, who knows?) and that the EU can be relied on to act sanely. That latter point must be in question. Hence, I suspect that the EU will play dirty, even against its members’ interests, and that we cannot be sure that our side hit back.

            So, as I suggest, Brexit could get very nasty.

            However, I read an intriguing idea today – that Mr Corbyn’s confused professions arise from him not actually wanting to win an election. Protest is more fun than responsibility, after all. Fascinating idea. So perhaps there’s more hope than I thought.

        • stewart

          But you miss the point, it doesn’t matter which party gets elected the country is run by the aforementioned self appointed ,self propagating ‘liberal inquisition’
          Government might propose but the education, legal, media and civil service establishment dispose
          That’s why we have a Conservative party that conserves nothing and a Labour party that no longer represents those that labour

          • TheRightToArmBears

            Whoever you vote for they get in.

  • marc biff

    Another 2bit charity funded by the taxpayer and topped up with Soros Foundation money i suppose,plus the B*****d Broadcating Company will have him on as often as his international conference attendances will allow god i despise these leeching numpties.

    • blingmun

      If the Conservatives were even vaguely rightwing they would have turned off the tap within weeks of taking power. As long as fake charities are ticking along nicely, they will forever be the mouthpiece for cultural Marxism, publishing reports and spinning case studies to undermine the right and advance the arguments of the left.

      Instead our taxes are used to fund parasites working in PR and public affairs for these organisations, parasites whose job it is to exaggerate their own particular cause célèbre and pressure the government into handing over more of our money.

    • TheRightToArmBears

      And Radio Toady will be forever quoting him as ‘a report by the director of a respected think tank has proved . . . . ‘.

  • Derek

    The problem for liberals is that they form a a smaller cohort than conservatives – witness Trump and Brexit and who knows what next? Politics is polarised due to inequality. Many liberals are crying in their beer because they see the way the world is shifting and that their future as a political force is in decline as voters turn to nationalism. There are not enough winners and more than enough losers from globalisation for liberalism to succeed in future.

  • Devonian_Prof

    There’s not much new under the sun. He’s been at this nonsense for some time. See his pieces in the Huffington Post (where else) over the last couple of years or so at The most amusing, if they weren’t so tragic, are Four Things Teachers Can Learn From Beyoncé and Celebrate Schools, Don’t Inspect Them.

  • disqus_qE254HgVCU

    “it’s up to teachers to ensure that young people are being empowered and encouraged to challenge and question.” That means pupils question everything, including ideas from the left.

    Surely encouraging critical thinking is part of a teacher’s job and it applies across the political and social spectrum? Why are you so afraid?

    • iamatimesreader

      That’s certainly what my teachers did and why I paid an awful lot of money for my children’s education. Yes, we learnt about algebra, Ohm’s law, the periodic table, the formation of river deltas, Jane Eyre, Henry VIII or ‘Claudette est dans le jardin’, and Oxbow lakes, as others have said, but far more important was learning how to think, research, process information and reach one’s own views. But the teacher should not be imposing a political viewpoint on the process.

  • Stuart Fairney

    Olly wants teachers to realise that the “next world leader is sitting in a classroom today.

    It is likely that the next world leader is sat in a classroom of about 12 pupils, in an actual uniform with a blazer and tie. He or she will be being classically educated in a school with 50 acres of grounds. His or her parents will be shelling out about £15K a year for education. I rather doubt any of Olly’s charges will be the world leader he seems to be looking for.

    • Birtles

      £15k?? No, that will only get you the local independent day school. You need £35k, and boarding.

  • Adam

    How times change. I left school in 1970 and I can honestly say that I have no idea how any of my teachers voted and knew little of there lives outside the school gates. However on the plus side, all my contemporaries left school being able to read, write and had mastered basic arithmetic.

  • Under-the-weather

    “Olly does not pull any punches in his distaste for what democracy has produced: “The success of the Right in gaining the highest political power with a narrative of pro-guns, anti-gays, limiting women’s reproductive rights and building physical national borders will give new momentum to those with similar views here and across Western democracies. “If he can do it, why can’t we?” they’ll cheer as they grab their pitchforks.”

    That sizes up the conflict of ideas on the right, which are based not on common sense, or even the words of Jesus on the matter,(who had nothing to say directly either about homosexuality or abortion), but what appears to be the cherry picking of scriptures to suit certain religious ideologies. (I separate man made religions – developed over centuries if not millenia, from the original philosophy they are based on).

    • A Nonymouse

      Funny how Olly and his ilk were the most strident supporters of democracy till the day they lost.
      The narrative of the right is not anti-gay. The narrative of certain fringe groups is. Don’t misrepresent.
      And what, exactly, is wrong with physical national borders?
      The highest duty of a national Government is to protect its citizens.
      Might one point out that every mass killer in the US has realised that the place to go is gun-free zones. Fort Lauderdale Airport, The Colorado cinema, the Pulse nightclub, etc. Pro-guns and borders to stop mass killing of gays doesn’t seem to match your description.

      • Under-the-weather

        “The narrative of the right is not anti-gay. The narrative of certain fringe groups is. Don’t misrepresent”
        I didn’t write that the narrative of the right is anti gay, what I actually stated is “That sizes up the conflict of ideas on the right”,
        A conflict which is presented here…?

        • A Nonymouse

          “with a narrative of pro-guns, anti-gays,”

          Yes, you did.

          “The conflict of ideas” is in a separate paragraph; and whilst we are at it, would you mind clarifying what you mean by that phrase?

    • wisestreligion

      Most on the Right and Centre are either Christian or uphold the Christian foundation of Western culture. The church cannot condone homosexual acts. Few serious scholars doubt that Jesus upheld the Old Testament’s proscription of sexual sin generally. Jesus dealt with the sins He encountered and there was not so much sexual sin visible as today. Had Jesus confronted practicing homosexuals there can be little doubt that He would have responded with love and holiness, as to the woman taken in adultery in John 8, to whom He said “Go and sin no more”.

  • A Nonymouse

    Comments on this article were uniformly critical and not the least abusive. The TES pulled them and shut down further comments very rapidly.
    Oliver Beach is the tip of the iceberg.

  • A Nonymouse

    I knew the political views of quite a few of my teachers, and the following points are of note.
    Firstly we had a complete range – Stalin’s best mate to someone who clearly thought Hitler had been a bit of a wuss on some points.
    Secondly, their views were only expressed in context, and when it added to the lesson.
    Thirdly, you could ask them, if you were polite and discrete about it.
    Fourthly, and most importantly, we were taught how to reason first; taught how every Government lies, how the media propagandises (we had a full 2 day conference on that) under the guise of reporting. How to debate, and find the killer question that unraveled the deceit. How to check sources. How to find the key point and stick to it. How to recognise rhetoric, and straw man arguments, and the huge inherent faults in democracy, and why every other system of government has more.
    How much of that happens today?

    • klm

      I did not know the politics of any of my teachers, to include my college professors, with one exception. My American history teacher in high school (I am American) was a self-admitted yellow-dog Democrat (one who votes D no matter what). Politics was very much at the forefront of her teachings. So what did we get from her class? We got to spend what seemed like an eternity on her all-time favorite prez, Franklin Roosevelt and the brilliance of his New Deal plan, which lifted the US out of the Great Depression (of course I know now that that is not true, but I should have left high school knowing that). We also spent an excessive amount of time on Clarence Darrow and the Scopes Monkey trials – but not a word on most of our other presidents. She completely dodged the Vietnam War, making the excuse that she was actively involved in demonstrating against it at the time, and so had such strong feelings about it that she couldn’t teach it. Even at the time I recognized that for being the total hogwash that it is – if she can’t be professional enough to teach 20th century American history without such heavy interference from her politics, then she has no business teaching that class. And yet, she was probably 100X better than the likes of Oliver Beach. I really do fear for our children.

  • ScrewEU

    All socialists who have or had access to kids should have their fingers removed one by one. There is no limit to the depravity I would inflict on leftists

  • I would suggest that the reason why children of better-off parents do well is not due to money but that they seem to have an interest in the real world and a desire to achieve something. My great-niece was moved from a state secondary school to an independent school and the difference within less than a year was astounding. She could conduct a sensible discussion with grown-ups, she knew what she would like to achieve, she cared about her appearance and had a totally different outlook on the world.
    OK, money paid for her place in the independent school, but it was the teachers, not money, that changed her outlook. Logically, there is no reason why state schools shouldn’t achieve the same results, it’s all down to the teachers and parental outlook, not money.

  • tomthumb015

    The BIG question is why are these politicised leftwing teachers not fired form their teaching jobs. The leftwing bias literally screams out. These people are brainwashing our young kids who in return will leave their schools completely indoctrinated by teachers like him and many more. The whole education system from schools to Uni is anti white and anti male and our govts do nothing to stop this education indoctrination.

    • Paul Robson

      Part of the problem is the curriculum is left wing ; environmental nonsense for example pervades everything. I remember an ICT AS-Level practical which was about half filled with environmentalist stuff absolutely none of which was to do with the practical at all ; drivelling on about house building using recycled materials and so on. It wouldn’t have affected the actual *work* if they’d built the houses using unprocessed nuclear waste.

  • Groan

    “curating minds” What on earth is that?

    • stewart


  • weirdvisions

    Time we lanced the cultural Marxism and social engineering boils and return real education back into the classrooms of Britain.

  • Alicia Sinclair

    Think he meant “caressing minds”…or even marinading them in his PC slurry.
    Beach is just the kind of cipher that the State requires to deliver its Gore, Obama crap.
    The very idea of Beach wanting kids to think for themselves is NOT what State-funded guilt-ridden Guardian and BBC shills desire at all. They want manufactured consent and compliance for their Euro-and toffs and clots like Beach see it as their job to deliver the payroll vote.
    That Beach and other shock troops who know nothing and teach even less, have been allowed to infest education settings since the 70s is one thing-but that Thatcher and we useless cruise passengers who put our feet up and trusted our kids and grandkids LET this happen is quite another. Beach is only the liberal product of relativist voguing posturing, as the private sector was free to still teach as it once did.Blame Baker and Thatcher for the start of the rot.

  • TheRightToArmBears

    he has set up a charity?
    He’s cottoned onto the fast track rout to wealth without inquiries from HMRC then.
    Smart boy, he’ll be with kindred spirits, Baronesses Warsi, Shami, Toynbee and every other up-wardly mobile SJW, all happily involved with charidees giving them cost-free access to investigatory first-class travel to warm places to discuss with colleagues how to improve ‘things’ for the deprived lower orders.

  • Colkitto03

    In 1970 & 80s Scotland, all teachers were tough!

  • Fubar2

    Olly needs a damn good kick in the spuds.

    • Rob

      Don’t think he has any !

  • Nick Booth

    He’s barely more than a kid himself

    What could he teach kids. Al he could do is parrot stuff he’d absorbed, be it on DNA or dialectical materialism. I suspect he’d be pushing the Marxist material more aggressively

    What experience of life does this dolt have, in order to put context on the lessons he himself had memorised by rote

    Remember, data, without context, is useless.

    Data tells you that red thing is a tomato. Experience tells you not to put it in a fruit salad

    • Rob

      Data tells you that red thing is a tomato. Experience tells you not to put it in a fruit salad
      Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit,
      Wisdom is knowing not to put it into a fruit salad.

      I put that on placard for my former wife to put up in her office in her law firm as a warning to other lawyers to think before spouting crap to her. Oliver beach could do with one of these 🙂

  • SeeYouAnon

    So why can’t you have people argue for the rights of minorities, AND for independence from the EU?

    Why are Rosa Parks and Brexiters considered mutually exclusive, or opposites in some way?

    They aren’t, of course. This guy’s understanding of politics is a caricature. Kids would see through him in five seconds.

    • A Nonymouse

      Probably why he really quit teaching.

    • Rob

      I would have thought that rosa parks and brexiters are pretty similar. Both fighting for the right to be free of an oppressive state that dictates how a person should live their lives.

      I’m still waiting for the substantiation that Rosa Parks was not the first to make the front of the bus protest and was only chosen because her background( class, education etc) made a better symbol for protest.

  • David Ashton

    The incremental influence of the Critical Studies/New Left movement on “education” in the UK and US is well documented. A key objective has been to weld in political activism “groups” such as “women” (aka wimmin, wyomin), immigrants, “non-whites”, “students” and “sexual minorities” against the cohesion of western nations, unless and until the patriarchal white Anglo workers and middle class of Christian heritage and patriotic outlook were prepared to join in the global socialist revolution. Its “agenda-networking” success is evident in the adoption of “equality and diversity” as a state-ideology, formally and informally imposed.

    So far as (white) women are concerned, they are to become industrial rather than reproductive units, in hostile competition rather than affectionate co-operation with men. Feminist opposition to or sympathy with sexual debauchery is not as important as ensuring that traditional values in the raising of healthy, intelligent, morally decent and well-informed children are trashed.

    Otto Weininger once said no woman could ever write a poem celebrating abortion – well, if you read “The Guardian” or “The Observer”, “watch this space” (in between endless photos of Black entertainers, LGBTI whining, Holocaust stories and Communist obituaries). Come on, Eva Wiseman or Laurie Penny, today the Mslexia Prize and tomorrow the Nobel Prize for Literature!

  • derek

    I have read a lot of this knob’s previous articles and am so glad that he has stopped teaching kids and instead has entered the lists as an SJW knight, it may well limit the damage he can do to young inquiring minds.

  • rptrpt.rpt

    if this is a “charity” then I am the king of erewhon. why are charities allowed to receive all the benefits that normal people cannot get. anything contributed to this charity should be taken away immediately. similar charities the same. for information how many charities are there? please list them.

  • Landphil

    Those you can do, those who can’t teach, those who can’t teach set up a chariteee…

  • Susanna

    You might like to read this great article on Antonio Gramsci – considered the father of modern-day progressives / cultural marxists who directed the left-wing socialists agenda towards the classrooms and public institutions.

    The article isn’t at all dry but is, in fact, a real eye opener on what’s going on within Britain and the wider Western world.

  • Busy Mum

    Brainwashing is official policy, it’s not even hidden any more.

    This is extracted verbatim from our primary school’s Sex Education policy:

    “By the end of Key Stage 2 pupils will be able to see things from other people’s viewpoints, for example, their parents and carers.”
    i.e. Dear parents, we will make sure that by the time your child is 11 they will have a different worldview from your own.

    • A Nonymouse

      This means the pupils will be able to see things from the point of view of THEIR OWN parents, not what you surmised.
      For your interpretation, it would have had to have been written “for example OTHER parents and carers”

      The brainwashing is not happening in the published literature, it’s happening as a consequence of the changing demographic of the teaching workforce.

      • Busy Mum

        I think I have interpreted it correctly – yes, they will be able to see things from their own parents’ viewpoints but they will not agree with them.

        • A Nonymouse

          That isn’t apparent from the section you have quoted. There is no mention of agreement or otherwise. It would depend, of course, on whether the parents agreed with whatever the education is teaching them.
          Since sex education is not compulsory*,presumably disagreeing parents will pull their kids out.

        • Jethro Asquith

          no you has misinterpreted

    • Agreed! Whether the text you quoted means that progressive educators are trying to make children question the “outdated” (socially conservative) views of their parents or not is neither here nor there since progressives are so obviously and unashamedly trying to undermine the less “progressive” views of parents amongst the next generation – no quote needed!

      It made my blood boil after the Brexit vote when the BBC (progressive HQ) tried to blame the elderly for the vote and highlighted how most young people had voted to remain!

    • Tethys

      You contradict youself.

  • Rob

    A couple of years on, though, and Olly has thrown in the towel. He explained his decision to the TES: “A
    pupil’s ability to access opportunities shouldn’t depend on the depth
    of their parents’ pockets…That’s why I am leaving the classroom to
    address this gap.”


    So….. basically you were a crap teacher that everyone thought was an enormous bore with an ego the size of a planet.

    Or did you discovered the unpalatable truth about male teachers that no matter how right on they are about the rights of others it did not include that of male teachers such as the right not be forced out due to feminism and sexism, not to be in fear of being accused of being a pedophile etc

    setting up a charity after what you did sounds like a cop out, if you wanted a real battle for the hearts and minds of our children today then why didn’t you face up to the politics of the classroom?

    Oh that’s right because you are are not made of the right stuff.

    another footnote in history of male feminists who are nothing more than turkeys wishing for xmas.

  • evad666

    Olly does not pull any punches in his distaste for what democracy has produced: “The
    success of the Right in gaining the highest political power with a
    narrative of pro-guns not sure how he makes that case?, anti-gays well that’s not Trump who has links to Breitbart which employs Milo Yiannopoulos, the thinking mans gay. Limiting women’s reproductive rights
    now I was always under the impression human biology placed time related limits in that area? and as for building physical national borders. which preserve local populations. but then as a supporter of Corbyn and his ilk he wants to promote armed conflict over resources.

  • “The success of the Right in gaining the highest political power with a narrative of pro-guns, anti-gays, limiting women’s reproductive rights and building physical national borders..”

    The sad irony is that this naive young teacher does not even realise he is the fruit of the leftist propaganda he is seeking to perpetuate. His pathetic caricature of Brexit and individual liberty in the face of exploitative big government stinks of Orwellian newspeak. In true socialist fashion his youthful arrogance has been fed and nurtured by his progressive “teachers” before him so that he actually believes any educated person has to be a progressive like him.

    Rather than “teaching” he would do well to expand his own education, perhaps delving into such authors as John Locke or John Stuart Mill, before he turns the next generation into mindless, soulless automatons who only think what they are told by their bureaucratic betters!

    • Tethys


      • Hehe – since we are on a conservative website I’ll take that as a pronouncement of approval! Socialism and killing babies in the womb = ‘ungood’!