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Climate change and the brainwashing of the world


HAVE we reached peak deception yet? It has become abundantly clear that we have been lied to about the virus pandemic from the beginning, as is amply shown by the redoubtable Dr Fuellmich and his investigative committee in Germany. The same bad actors who brought us coronaviruses as a pretext for removing liberty are now lining up to do the same with climate change as the excuse. And if we are genuine in wanting freedom, we have first to free our minds from blatant brainwashing.

It is fascinating to observe just how long ago modern mass manipulation began. It is probably no coincidence that Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher and social reformer, was talking about Ahriman and the Ahrimanic Deception around the time of World War I. It was then that specific mind manipulation techniques were established which persuaded the British Tommy to sign up for slaughter on the fields of Flanders without really knowing why. These same techniques, which amounted to spinning opinion as ‘fact’, were further refined in institutes such as the Tavistock, which was set up after the War. Manipulation methods then grew with the development of the commercial marketing sector: in other words, how to convince people to spend money they didn’t have on stuff they didn’t need.

While Steiner was less concerned about war propaganda or marketing as such, as his main concern was scientists suffering delusion if they focused only on scientific materialism and ignored the spiritual side, he was right about how inversion of the truth would inevitably characterise wider society; in effect become the actual zeitgeist. In his prophetic way, he could see that a society without spirituality would fall prey to seductive Luciferic impulses on the one hand, and deceitful, cold, technocratic Ahrimanic influences on the other.

It is thus not without irony that the cult 2007 film Zeitgeist, and The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) that it spawned, would appear to be part of the same delusional pseudo-scientific weltanschauung promoted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and many other international bodies. What these fake prophets of doom share in common is adherence to the principle of ‘sustainability’. This is the Malthusian belief that too many humans are taking too many resources, creating so much pollution, with CO2 etc, that we humans are responsible for destroying the planet.

The solution, according to TZM, is a global response using science and technology to take over the Earth’s resources and re-allocate them. They call it the ‘post-scarcity economy model’. Fundamental to this model is the end of free-market capitalism and the end of private ownership of property.

Curiously, TZM’s concept of ‘no property’ is a reflection of WEF’s more recent promotion of ‘you will own nothing and be happy’. Which prompts the question, to what extent are TZM and WEF inspired by the same source? How relevant is it that as long ago as 1972 the Club of Rome commissioned the ‘Limits to Growth’ report? Or that one of the Club’s leading players, Maurice Strong, headed the UN’s first environmental conference in the same year? And is it beyond coincidence that both TZM and WEF seek global solutions using science and technology?

There is no doubt that, since the end of WWI, certain elites have consistently pushed for the creation of international bodies, starting with the League of Nations. We are told that only One World Government, now under the auspices of the UN, can ensure peace and equitable allocation of resources while protecting fragile eco-systems. TZM is not alone in wanting these outcomes which effectively require the dissolution of the nation-state.

What the followers of TZM fail to realise, however, is that the very same international bodies, such as the UN or WEF, who promote ideals of international peace and protection of the Earth’s resources, are under the control of those whose commercial interests are creating damage to the planet. As masters of manipulation, they use these NGOs as covers so they can invert the truth and continue ‘business as usual’ without interference.

If the global elite genuinely wanted to stop pollution, or resource stripping, all of that would cease tomorrow. Instead, they promote ‘zero-industrial’ growth for us in the West, while exporting our jobs to the East. And now with Green New Deals, we are threatened with even more economic destruction, as if pandemic lockdowns weren’t enough.

We, the common people, have no influence over unelected international bodies. At least if we had real democracy, the nation state could be a means of protecting us from these bandits that seek to control us. After all, that was the thinking behind the desire for Brexit (until it became obvious that yet again we had been duped, given that BoJo bats for both sides).

Powerful nation states, which can determine their own futures, are reflections of a free and sovereign people. What TZM and its ilk fail to acknowledge is that free market economies reward individual sovereignty and innovation. Recognition of property rights is fundamental to a free society; otherwise there is no legal protection from the arbitrary seizure of personal possessions. There would be nothing to stop us from returning to feudal serfdom with WEF in charge, because the Davos crowd are not giving up anything any time soon.

We need to expose these arch manipulators so we can regain our freedom. Somehow we must help people, especially the young, find unbiased science that shows how the carrying capacity of the Earth is far greater than we give it credit for. Satellite images show that the Earth is greener than ever. 

And we need to end one of the biggest lies ever told: oil is not a finite resource. Thomas Gold conclusively proved that oil replenishes and is renewable. Peak oil can never happen.

We still need to be mindful of pollution. But it is all part of the Ahrimanic Deception that tech is ‘clean and green’ while it relies on the destruction of the Atacama Desert and child labour in extracting cobalt. There is nothing ‘clean’ or ‘green’ about tech: just another inversion of the truth.

As well as regaining our physical freedom, we have to reclaim the minds of lost generations who have fallen prey to the double-speak, hypocritical doomsters. We can but hope that COP26 planned for Glasgow this autumn is peak deception, and that the long march to freedom and truth can begin on an abundant and fertile planet.

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Lucy Wyatt
Lucy Wyatt
Lucy Wyatt is an author based in Somerset. Her book Approaching Chaos: Could an ancient archetype save C21st civilisation? is available on Amazon. She has farming interests in the West Country and is developing a 'farm to fork' cafe outlet in a market town.

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