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Come on, Mr Sunak, you must realise Net Zero is a scam


This is a Freedom of Information request to the Prime Minister.

Dear Prime Minister

‘Climate Change’ is being blamed on human production of CO2, or Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). This is obviously an outrageous and dangerous lie as shown below.

CO2 facts

·       CO2 is essential for life on earth.

·       The earth produces CO2 naturally. 140 million years ago the CO2 level in the earth’s atmosphere was 2,500 ppm (parts/million).

·       If the CO2 level falls below about 150 ppm plant life cannot exist. Hence, all animal and human life will expire with it.

·       More CO2 means more and greener vegetation. Commercial growers increase CO2 levels in their greenhouses to increase plant growth.

·       Global CO2 level in 1850, beginning of the industrial revolution, was 280 ppm.

·       Global CO2 level in 2021 was 410 ppm.

·       Hence, total increase of CO2 over that period, natural and manmade, was 130 ppm.

·       130 ppm increase over 171 years gives an average annual increase of 0.76 ppm.

·       Mankind is responsible for about 3 per cent of that annual increase, or approx. 0.02 ppm.

·       There are about 200 countries in the world. This gives an average of 0.0001 ppm/country/annum! This gives some idea of the small quantities of CO2 involved, even on a global scale.

Hence, based on these average numbers it will take each country 10,000 years to add just 1 ppm/year to the global total.

·       However, some countries produce far more CO2 than the average. 70 per cent of annual global CO2 emissions are produced by China, the US, the EU, India, Russia and Japan combined.

·       The UK produces only 1 per cent of total manmade annual COor 0.0002 ppm.

Hence, based on these average numbers it will take the UK 5,000 years to add just 1 ppm CO2 to the global total.

·       However, the CO2 level was possibly rising faster more recently than the average, perhaps about 2.13 ppm between 2021 and 2022.

·       The manmade element of that would be 3 per cent or 0.064 ppm of which the UK’s contribution to that at 1 per cent would be 0.00064 ppm.

So, even taking one extreme result for COincrease, it will still take the UK 1,560 years to add just 1 ppm CO2 to the global total.

To avoid adding 1 ppm to the world’s CO2 level over the next 1,560 years the UK’s Conservative government (supported by the Labour, Lib Dem and Green parties) is:

1 Banning the use of our diesel and petrol cars by 2035.

2 Making us buy EVs at a much higher cost and which are liable to burst into flames if their batteries get wet or damaged (EV cars have numerous other disadvantages).

3 De-carbonising the National Grid at an estimated cost of £3trillion by 2035 – an average cost of around £120,000 per household – to which must be added the cost for industry, transport and agriculture.

4 Banning the use of our efficient gas boilers and making us buy inefficient heat pumps at great expense.

5 Making our homes unusable and un-sellable by insisting on unreasonably high and extremely expensive insulation properties.

6 Decimating our power supplies by abolishing coal-fired power stations.

7 Relying for our electricity supply on unreliable and costly wind and solar farms which require substantial subsidies to be paid by UK consumers. All fossil-fuelled and nuclear stations will have been decommissioned by 2035 and the National Grid will be unable to meet the additional load of millions of EV chargers and heat pumps. By then the Grid will be almost totally dependent on solar and wind power – when on some days the output from those sources is less than 1GW, ie 2 per cent of grid maximum demand – a demand which is expected to reach around 90GW by 2035.

8 Making householders install smart gas and electricity meters so that they can be switched off when electricity supplies are overloaded. It will also enable the supply companies to charge exorbitant prices during periods of high demand.

NB The use of these meters on householder’s health, (due to high energy pulses they emit) is highly suspect and has not been adequately investigated and proved safe by the authorities.

9 Threatening to fine objectors £15,000 with a possible 12-month jail sentence if they refuse entry, and legalising the use of brute force by fitters and the police to instal smart meters.

10 Proposing ‘15-minute’ cities and severely restricting residents’ and visitors’ rights to move around their cities.

11 Banning practically all air travel.

12 Severely taxing air travel to put people off from taking holidays abroad.

13 Scrapping good farmland to ‘re-wild’ it.

14 Suggesting taxing meat to encourage people to eat bugs.

15 Somehow increasing the key materials needed to meet Net Zero, including copper, aluminium, nickel, silicon and lithium.

16 Paying billions of UK taxpayers’ money to UN carbon funds and paying ‘reparations’ to other countries for ‘polluting’ the earth with CO2 from the industrial revolution onwards – a lie as adding CO2 from 1800 to the present day has had a negligible effect on global warming.

NB In fact, of the total 130 ppm increase in CO2 between 1850 and 2021 the 3 per cent manmade element was only 3.9 ppm. Of that the UK contribution of approximately 1 per cent was 0.039 ppm over 171 years. Yet you, Mr Sunak, have already donated $2billion of our, taxpayers’ money to the UK climate change fund. Was that penance payment really just for adding 0.039 ppm to the global total over 171 years?

All that and more to prevent the UK adding 1 ppm CO2 to the world’s current total of 400 ppm over the next 1,560 years, when doubling the CO2 level from 400 to 800 ppm makes a negligible change to global warming.

The graph below, based on calculations by van Wijngaarden and Happer, clearly defines the effect on global warming due to increasing levels of CO2. The most significant points are the warming effect of CO2 at the pre-industrial level of 300ppm to the warming effect at today’s level of about 400ppm is practically indiscernible. This proves beyond any doubt that increasing CO2 by 100ppm has an imperceptible effect on increasing earth’s temperature.

I ask you to justify each point listed above and explain why you still insist on applying Net Zero when it is so obviously an unattainable and horrendously expensive scam.

Yours faithfully

J G Wraith

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Jeremy Wraith
Jeremy Wraith
Jeremy Wraith is retired after 52 years in the aircraft industry.

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