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Coming our way soon, America’s Big Tech coup


IT’S A coup! Too right it’s a coup – it’s just not the one the media is trying to sell you.

The whole thing stinks. Events in Washington DC last Wednesday are being exploited in the most cynical and mendacious manner imaginable. If you aren’t worried yet, you should be. The proverbial has hit the fan.

Presenting events at the Capitol building as a violent coup d’etat, the Establishment is now setting about crushing its rivals. Nevertheless, questions still abound about the day itself: why were barriers opened for protesters? Why were doors then opened for them, with police standing idly by? Why was the man who filmed the killing of Ashli Babbitt also, coincidentally, a leading BLM activist?

Having formerly never cared much when government buildings were assaulted or invaded, there has been a rush by the Left to portray this intrusion as the defilement of a holy site of American democracy. Forget the truth: that the building is home to sordid dealings between politicians and lobbyists. That the decisions made within those walls led to countless young men and women being sent to their deaths on foreign soil under the flimsiest of pretexts. Now we are asked to reimagine this nest of self-serving politicians as chapel of political purity.

This is all utter bunkum. A motley crew of protesters streaming into the Capitol and leaving a few hours later is in no way a violent insurrection. Were Trump trying to launch a coup, I doubt he would opt to use a few flag-waving MAGA fans. He might, for example, involve the army or the police, not a group of civilians who, upon entering the building, plainly had little idea what to do next. Quite reasonably so: they never expected to get inside in the first place.

In hysterically overreacting to these events, the Democratic Party and their gormless ‘conservative’ fellow-riders set the ground for an all-out assault on the populist insurgency of Trump, and ultimately, on the entirety of the Right. The gloves are off.

Get ready to hear the phrase ‘domestic terrorism’ a lot. This is the latest codeword to demonise the Right. Having been softened up by years of ‘the war on terror’, the term slips effortlessly into the common vernacular. Legitimate opposition will be reframed as criminal activity.

This is the Reichstag Fire of our era. It will be used to suppress all manner of resistance. Preliminary moves in the Left’s coup have already started. Social media platforms have silenced the incumbent President of the United States, shamelessly overturning the democratic order on the basis of a brazen lie. This is government by Big Tech, where the elites of Silicon Valley decide what you may or may not see and hear. Any society that values its freedom should be horrified by this, regardless of political persuasion.

‘Make your own platforms,’ some legitimately cry. Quite so. Why not go to Parler? Oh, that’s right – it’s banned from app stores and Amazon is set to remove Parler’s access to its servers. To live with a semblance of equality in the digital age, conservatives must carve out a whole new online ecosystem to combat this growing cyber-apartheid. There’s certainly a lot of work to be done. Acknowledging this, however, does not mean that we acquiesce to the blatant discrimination and aggression of Woke Capital.

This isn’t just about social media platforms. Nor will it just be Donald Trump who is affected. Now in a position of abject dependency through months of lockdown and the ruination of the economy, the population of Western countries will be at the mercy of a small number of tech giants. People will be ever more isolated, unable to gather and readily branded as terrorists. With the all-seeing eye of Big Tech observing one’s every action, the populace is reduced to a state of servility, humbly waiting for moments of freedom to be granted by a ruling class drunk on power.

The past year of lockdowns has shown us how real this danger is. And now, with Biden set to move into the White House, we will soon witness the horror of the totalitarian radical-Left world of Big Tech merging with their like-minded political counterparts. The result will be a state which combines Leftist, radical fervour and the massive centralisation of technological power: a recipe capable of wreaking havoc on anyone who stands in its way.

Already, numerous conservative voices are being silenced.

To make matters worse, they are – as usual – aided and abetted by the short-sighted and cowardly conservatives who now dominate mainstream Right-wing commentary.

The examples are too numerous. The pages of the Telegraph have been flooded with pieces blindly critical of Trump. Curiously, none had comments allowed. Calls to ‘deradicalise’ the Republican Party. Pleas for Republicans to embrace the spirit of Reagan. By blithely acquiescing to the poisonous and insidious lie that Trump’s supporters are ‘extremists’, the former plays into the hands of the totalitarian Left, legitimising the suppression of conservatives. The latter plea is an embarrassing admission of the complete intellectual and ideological irrelevance of most mainstream conservatives. Eulogising muh free markets won’t cut it now: we are in a radically different world.

I am unsure what it would take for these obedient ‘conservatives’ to realise quite what is happening. We have entered an incredibly dark and dangerous place. We live in a world where power is concentrated into the hands of a small number of Silicon Valley nerds high on their millennarian beliefs. They are joined by a political class that wants to destroy its opposition through lies, misinformation and intimidation. In assisting them you are digging your own graves.

Witness the change in tone already emerging, even before Inauguration Day. Rapidly shifting from ‘healing and unity’, the next President has already been comparing his political rivals to Nazis. Senior journalists in major American media corporations have openly called for Trump’s movement to be ‘cleansed’. Blue-tick journalists openly call for political protesters to be shot.

To the flabby, credulous conservatives who lumped for Biden because he was gee such a nice guy: good job, man! You played your part in this. Because you were hoodwinked into believing that because Trump failed to ‘act like a president’ (with most presidents being just that – actors reading from a teleprompter) he was therefore a bad guy.

You have played right into the hands of your opponents, who are now going to consolidate power in a way that may spell the ruination of the American republic, with incalculable knock-on effects. Those who want you silenced are now, in a fit of melodrama and planned overreaction, busy setting the scene for widespread suppression and censorship.

American democracy is on life support, if it is not already dead. Given the vast tentacles of Big Tech power, and the weakness of any conservative movement in the UK, don’t for a moment think it won’t come across the pond.

This isn’t abstract: the coup is real. They’re coming for you next. 

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Frederick Edward
Frederick Edward
Frederick Edward is from the Midlands. You can see his Substack here.'

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