Mail Online got there before us.

Everything it says about Emma Barnett’s debut performance on the Andrew Marr Show is absolutely right. She gave the combined forces of the BBC’s news and current affairs interviewers a lesson in interviewing. This, their editors must now tell them, is exactly how to get tough with forked-tongued Labour spokesmen like Barry Gardiner.

But don’t just read the Mail. Watch the interview – it is a treat. This is how it should be done.



  1. The BBC has announced that due to the sudden, unexpected, shortage of Interviewees a test card and solemn Martial music will be on offer in next week’s Show.

  2. Very short and incomplete video on the DM misspelled website.
    Anyone able to provide a link to the whole car-crash?

  3. I usually avoid Sunday morning TV as I find the unrelenting lefty claptrap from Marr, to Nicky Campbell, to Peston causes me to screech and use language a navvy would blanche at, which sounds dreadful coming out of the mouth of a grey haired Grandmother, so my husband tells me Therefore it was just by luck I caught the brilliant skewering of Barry Gardiner by the excellent Emma Barnett. Alas for those of us want to hear both sides of political debate I doubt the BBC will make use of her excellent interview skills anytime soon .

  4. We have the stupid idiots at BBC complaining every day about the ‘gender gap’ and that ‘women are discriminated against in the workplace’ and about the ‘glass ceiling’. Then Andrew Marr makes a massive mistake and takes a weekend off, and the British public sees a live demonstration of interviewing as it should be done – Emma Barnett absolutely shocked me with her hard-hitting questions and by the way she refused to be sidelined. She made Andrew Marr look like a total amateur.Unfortunately we will never see the Emma Barnett show on Sunday mornings, because 1. The BBC interviewers (except Andrew Neil) must always go easy on Labour MPs. 2. The BBC doesn’t care about the truth, they care about the ‘message’. 3. The BBC will never, ever replace one of the inner guard with a mere woman.

  5. She won’t last long at Al-Beeb if she interviews lefties in that style. How Andrew Neil gets away with it is a mystery.

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