‘Britain’s first race audit reveals extent of discrimination,’ was the headline on the front of the Times, the paper of record. They have made up their minds; any unequal outcome between race or ethnic groups is evidence of discrimination. And just who is doing the discriminating, you might ask? Why everyone, society and the public sector (!) according to our Prime Minister.

In fact, ‘schools, police forces and councils will have nowhere to hide on discrimination, Theresa May pledges today as she publishes research laying bare racial divides across the country,’ was the introduction to the report.

Therefore, the public sector is inherently, institutionally racist, according to the Prime Minister. Now, the public sector is inherently Leftist, but I do not believe for one second it is racist. Only a moron would come to such a conclusion.

The technocrat May ordered this ‘race audit’ into 130 aspects of life when she became Prime Minister and now the results are in. And the results mean ‘that for society, as whole, for government, for our public services there is nowhere to hide’, according to May.

So there you go – the Prime Minister herself believes Britain and its public sector is inherently racist, racist through and through and you sitting over there (you big racist), have nowhere to hide.

This is the kind of poisonous rhetoric that results from seeing the world through data driven by the ideology of identity politics. Yes, disparities occur, and yes, individual acts of discrimination occur, but I do not believe, as our Prime Minister seems to believe, that schools – teachers! – are inherently racist. I do not believe that police forces are ‘institutionally racist’ and I do not believe our councils – Leftie councils! – are inherently racist. I don’t necessarily object to the audit, but I do object to the rhetoric.

Theresa May, with her audits, and reviews, and inquiries, treats special interest groups as victims to be saved from the marauding masses out there itching to do them down. She also believes that only government – the State – can do the saving. It is not so much Mother Theresa as Nurse Ratched: it is frightening to behold.

So, council worker and primary school teacher, when she talks like this, she is talking about you. She is saying that you must answer for any disparities that might occur between racial groups. If one group is ‘over-represented’ – in the unemployment statistics – these individuals are in no way responsible for this. No, it must be some person out there keeping them out of a job or a teacher who discriminated against them at school. She means you.

This is what happens when you put a technocrat who believes in nothing in charge of running the country. All May cares about is collating data and calling everyone else a racist to make herself look good.

Theresa May does not believe in conservatism or personal reasonability. She has no values other than ‘fighting injustice’, whatever that means. Obsessed with the data, she cannot see the wood for the trees – that it is culture, not race, that counts. It is culture and not race that brings success. That is why poor Chinese children perform better than white pupils (71 per cent of Chinese 11-year-olds met expected standards for reading, writing and maths against 54 per cent of white pupils). Do we think teachers are discriminating against white pupils in favour of Chinese? How likely do you think it is that our white teachers are doing this?

Make no mistake that this technocratic approach ruins lives. When May made changes to stop-and-search, knife and acid attacks rose. There are more dead kids because May cannot accept that although black men are over-represented in the crime statistics according to population, they are not over-represented according to the number of crimes committed. And these crimes are committed overwhelmingly against other black men. It seems that the black lives ruined by crime do not matter if they mess up the spreadsheet.

Now the crazy woman is ordering another audit into school exclusions, which no doubt will show boys and black students ‘over-represented’ in the statistics. This will have a chilling effect on school discipline, and it is poor pupils who will suffer. Any middle-class parents that can afford to get out will do so.

So there we have it. Our new Conservative Party is soft on crime, soft on school discipline, believes in nothing, conserves nothing, and is led by one of the worst Prime Ministers in living memory. It deserves the slow, agonising death it is currently approaching. May it not rest in peace.


  1. Powerful writing Laura.

    The only part I might doubt is that May is a pure technocrat. If she was, she would surely focus on e.g. reducing knife crime rather that “inequality”.

    I see her as the absolutely worst type of liberal do-gooder with no real world life experience to temper her high church left wing lunacy.

    • I also doubt that she is a technocrat. That would require her to form opinions and take actions which in turn would require her to stop sitting on the fence.

  2. Well Laura, that’s as maybe but I think the Conservative Party needs to be rescued from the likes of May, Cameron and their ilk and become conservative once again.

  3. May doesn’t give the impression of ever having had a single original thought. She is constantly responding to leftist talking-points, without ever evaluating either them or her own knee-jerk responses. I think she is a lot like Cameron in this respect, but even worse. Mark Steyn yesterday generously referred to May as “intelligent”, but I think he was being generous. Sure: she attended Oxford, but so does Freddy Potts and that doesn’t seem to be holding him back in the frothing-at-the-mouth leftist lunacy stakes, either.

    The Emperor Tiberius had, it is alleged, a liking for quoting a Greek curse: “As I die, may the world be destroyed by fire.” That seems to be May’s attitude, too. She is holding the twin threats of Corbyn and Brussels over the people who have rejected both at the polls and who, to a great extent, are the very voters who kept her in power last June.

  4. An effective piece. I think it’s May’s instinctive lurches to the left – as highighted above, plus the mental health ideas (indicative of this idea she seems to have that the all-benificient state can cure all ills) – that concern me more than the issue of her professional but not personal commitment to Brexit.

  5. On the contrary, I think it is absolutely brilliant that loonie leftie teachers and council workers are told to get the plank out of their own eye before they criticise the specks in other people’s.

    • I don’t think it will work that way. It will still be someone else’s fault with the leftie prescribing the cure.

    • They will do the usual. If it is bad it goes in the right wing bucket, good then leftwing bucket.
      They control the media and the education system so whatever they want to be the narrative will become so.

      • It will be interesting to see if there is an official response from the teaching unions, and if so, what it says.
        One fact highlighted is that kids from travellers communities are more likely to be kicked out of lessons. I don’t think it takes a NASA scientist to surmise this is probably because traveller’s kids are more likely to be disruptive little b-u-double-g-et-ceteras. Interesting to see how leftie teachers defend that though.

        • When I was a school governor there was a boy from a travellers’ family, aged 10, who did not even know his alphabet properly. Not surprising, since he had had hardly any schooling. On the other hand, there was a girl, about the same age (different class), whose parents ran a fairground, which moved around the country in the summer. She had very little schooling in the summer term, was of average intelligence, but worked very hard, and was determined to catch up with the others.

    • It will just turn into an internal virtue signalling witch hunt in which more and more tax resources become ultimately dedicated to McCarthyism. The public sector loves process over service. It will always try to pull up the bucket it is standing in regardless of the impossibility of doing so.

  6. May just showing us that she and the conservative party are nothing of the sort. This is straight out of the progressive lefts identity politics playbook.

  7. Strange that blacks seem to suffer from the same institutional bias no matter where they seem to be, even where they are the majority and have control?
    Perhaps we and they should realise that they need to sort out their own issues and it isn’t always someone else’s fault.

  8. The government’s race audit panders to the same grievance, division and identity politics played by the Labour Party. This isn’t about wheedling out imperfections in society and attempting broad base equality, this is about the government and, in particular, Mrs May, swinging all across the political spectrum in order to make her and her party attractive to all sides. The Conservatives become more left wing by the day.
    There is only one true conservative party left in this country – UKIP. I’d suggest anyone left in the government ranks who still believes in true conservatism crosses over. Their party is becoming weaker by the minute.

    • “swinging all across the political spectrum in order to make her and her party attractive to all sides”

      You’d think by now they’d have cottoned on that this approach isn’t working. Perhaps they really are suffering from collective and terminal stupidity.

  9. The ‘audit’ is a godsend for those who want a free ride and are now able to blame anyone but themselves for their ‘failings’; a godsend for the axe grinders like Lammy and for Corbyn who will now use the data for his own ends; and a godsend for the woman on LBC yesterday for whom the ‘audit’ confirmed that the whole fabric of our society and culture, history and our economy was built on colonialism and racism. A nation and its people are denigrated.

    Perhaps we now know why this most awful ‘Conservative’ Prime Minister attended conference, on her wrist, the iconography of a Marxist activist and lover of Trotsky. There was a message there for all of us.

    • Oh you mean the Socialist paradise of Sweden where the integration of far too many Muslim Migrants has led to whole areas becomming out of control no go zones where the Police have lost control, and the countries neighbours are so alarmed they’ve threatened to build a fence and withdraw from the asylum treaty ?

        • The homogenous society is a left wing rose tinted dream where all races creeds, and ideologies can get alongside each other in complete harmony all with dewy eyed compassion and love for one & other.
          It is of course nothing like that, and in reality a complete nightmare which can never be achieved.
          You may not have been meaning this when you used the word homogenous. monogenous cultures such as Japan and Hungary are where these problems rarely happen.

          • Interestingly, monogenous does not appear in my dictionary….

            I think you added the definite article where I had omitted it…..so we do agree on this really and I think it goes further than what you say. ‘The’ utopian homogeneous (I stand corrected on my spelling – thankyou, dictionary) society dreamt of by the left is a place where there are no different races, creeds or ideologies. Homogeneous societies such as Japan ( and such as all nation states used to be), are the largest examples ever achieved of this near perfection. Within such a state, it is impossible to be ‘racist’ because there are no other ethnicities against which to discriminate.

  10. Thank you Laura Perrins. Someone had to deliver the last rites to this deformed Conservative Party. They have lost the next election and could end up as a minority party.

  11. Identity politics worked so well in the USA for Obama and Clinton, then. Everybody is heartily cheesed off with all this identity rhetoric. It is very divisive and heightens racial tension which is what Obama and Clinton wanted. I swear Theresa May has morphed into Hillary. Stupid, stupid woman.

  12. This ridiculous report will only provide more oxygen for the race relations industry in this country, which already exercises a disproportionate amount of influence in public life. It is interesting to note that Trevor Philipps is gradually distancing himself from this monster.

  13. This whole identity politics nonsense in the public sector started with the publication of the Swann Report in the mid 1980s which stated that differences in educational performance were purely to do with ‘discrimination’. Yet when you read the report, as I did, you found that Chinese students were doing the best, closely followed by Indians, then white pupils and, as you might suspect “Afro-Caribbeans” (as they were then termed) and Pakistanis.

    And what has changed, regarding educational performance, in the past thirty years?…..absolutely nothing. If anything, this country is even more tolerant and “non-discriminatory” than in the 1980s.

    Will the picture be any different in thirty years time, despite the many billions that will be spent in affirmative action/reverse discrimination……unlikely, IMHO.

  14. The Tory party can only die when there is an alternative to support it and when foolish out of touch and ignorant old wealthy men cease to support it financially. (this will inevitably mean by their deaths)

    There is far too much vested interest in the Tory party with wealthy families and ex Public school old boys networks providing a comfortable living for those with the right tie and ‘one of us’ attitudes.
    If UKIP is able to get its act together as a freedom party opposed to Socialism and Political Correctness then I believe it would gain enough votes to push a bewildered Tory party into third place from which it might never recover.

    One of the biggest problems the Tory party has though, is its unwillingness to listen to anyone save a Metropolitan elite. You can try this yourself, try giving the policy unit a call at central office, and you will find that you are unable to talk to anyone, and no one will ever call you back. They won’t even talk to their own councillors, especially if they’re from the regions !

    Death cannot come quickly enough for them.

  15. May will support anythig that sinks Britain, she must GO now or we will all be sunk. It turns out that the woman running Brexit is the biggest remainer of them all! So there we have it. Theresa May does not believe in Brexit. In an interview with Iain Dale on LBC, she completely collapsed, proving incapable of answering the question of how would she vote if there was a referendum now. She simply would not answer if she would support Leave. She’s a liar and a hypocrite and she is not fit to lead this country through Brexit. In a speech on June 1 she herself said: “To deliver Brexit you have to believe it”. This is the clearest proof yet that the Great Brexit Betrayal is under way (read “Britain’s Great Immigration Disaster” by G. Cooke , Amazon and Kindle). There’s more, in her answer to a question from Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, she said that the UK will still be bound by ECJ rulings during the Brexit transition period and that any new EU laws would be applicable to us, including migration quotas. May is the undisputed Queen of mass immigration both as home secretary and now as PM, her “tens of thousands” red herring got her to where she is now. A walking disaster, every day she remains in office brings a Corbyn landslide closer. It makes me weep to think that our last real Conservative Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher was hustled out of office for actually standing up for Britain. May is no Thatcher and for the good of the country she must be removed now before it is too late.

    • Well said…as u say the woman is a massive menace.

      It is very hard to tell if it is by idiocy or design.

  16. “Now, the public sector is inherently Leftist, but I do not believe for one second it is racist.”

    Really? Peddling the old trope that racism only affects non-white people. The public sector is inherently bigoted against white people, especially men

  17. When I was teaching the Asian kids did better than most of the white ones so was I racist toward white children? Girls did better than boys so I was gender biased as well I presume. What a load of nonsense this all is. It takes no account of culture, economic wealth or anything else. Race is just the answer to everything. If a black lad fails his GCSE it isn’t because he did no work its because his teachers were racist.

  18. I think the worst part of all this is the chasing of ‘equality’ which doesn’t actually exist and in inherently inequitable and unfair.

    Winston Churchill once said “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

    He was of course correct, but Winston was a Conservative and May is a Socialist, in the wrong party.

    Thinking about this yesterday evening I came to the conclusion that there is a reason behind the Tories move to the left, and it is this.

    Since the hapless John Major betrayed his country and his party in agreeing to the EEC becoming a political bloc a very Left wing Europe has chosen many of our policies and our laws, and the UK has had to lump it. Our uncomplaining compliant politicians seeking the easiest life just allowed this to happen without complaint, and thus Socialism was integrated into the fabric of the country and the political parties.

    It all stems from there, allowing BLiar to enact the Human rights act etc.

    • The Blairs’ Human Rights Act is downright evil & the type of person it has
      enriched is summed up by Public Interest Lawyers
      The type of person it has assisted, at our expense, is epitomised by an immigrant who
      was wanted for terrorist charges in Italy.
      The human rights court declared he must remain here living on benefits, as the Italians
      might torture him. Yet Italy is a signatory to this foul anti Western rubbish.
      The Grauniad published a piece a couple of tears back stating that out of the HR Act,
      the UK would be no better than Putin’s Russia.
      The ignoramus did not realise that Putin’s Russia as well as Turkey are signatories & Turkish & Russian judges can overturn UK legal decisions & have a guiding hand
      on any future legislation.

    • ‘I think the worst part of all this is the chasing of ‘equality’ which doesn’t actually exist and in inherently inequitable and unfair’.

      I was once a governor of a primary school (all white English children- it was long ago). I always remember that in Year 4 (8-9 year-olds) the average range of ability was always 4-5 years. This range of course increases as children get older. How do you ‘impose’ equality in such a class?

  19. People claim Mrs May is a deeply moral person. I think she is a deeply immoral person. Two striking examples have cropped up in the past week

    Firstly, on the topic under discussion, it is disgusting to accuse vast numbers of public servants of being racists without any evidence. If the public sector unions had any guts, and weren’t also mired in Leftist thinking, they would be savaging the Government on this.

    Let’s be clear, the Government is blaming white people for the failures and misconduct of ethnic minorities, and they do so without any fear because such accusations, despite being racist, bigoted and prejudicial, are made daily and without any response from white people, We don’t riot, we don’t protest; we are the whipping boy and I am sick of it, as I imagine are millions of others. We are an easy target for successive governments that run scared from ethnic minority backlash,

    This audit is an inherently racist, witch hunt against white people to win over ethnic minority and Leftist voters. It won’t work and is morally despicable.

    The other example come from Mrs May’s speech at Conference.

    Mrs May spoke of how as Home Secretary her determination to fight injustice resulted in Hillsborough and Northern sex gangs (notice not muslim sex gangs) victims finally getting justice The truth, of course, is that the Home Office did nothing but ignore the victims and then seek to cover up and obstruct those investigations.

    To try to claim credit and pretend to be a warrior for justice when you are actually complicit is morally reprehensible

    Mrs May is an awful leader without any political convictions and intelligence. She is also a deeply insincere person who has consistently shown that she suffers from complete moral bankruptcy. ..

    • Her fine words on controlling immigration, eliminating terrorism and brexit have not been matched by her actions.
      We know it, but it’s sad to say it so bluntly … she’s a proven liar.

  20. Your rage is palpable Laura and rightly so. I’m furious about this ‘race audit’ as May has clearly indicated a complete refusal to hold certain groups responsible for their own actions and has instead indicated she intends to blame everyone else. She’s a dripping wet liberal and feeble to the core.
    On the back of a stinking GE campaign, lousy non-Conservative manifesto polices and a truly dire Brexit performance she can now do one. I’m through with supporting her with goodwill, a vote or anything else.

    • i agree with your assessment of May, but Labour are hardly the people to trust with the maintenance of our civil society itself, let alone the nation’s finances. the country is in serious trouble.

  21. The race report is the epitome of institutionalised virtue-signalling. I think a report should urgently be commissioned into virtue-signalling in all its manifestations and the damage it is wreaking in formerly cohesive societies across the western world.

  22. It doesn’t bother me that much really. Teachers, Social Workers, Policemen… they all vote Labour. They’ve all contributed to the rise of identity politics and the horrific, totalitarian spectacle of a Prime Minister telling them they’ve “nowhere to hide.”

    Let them rot in the festering pit they’ve made for themselves.

    • Don’t make assumptions I’m a social worker and I have never voted Labour. But it looks like I will never vote conservative again.

    • Emigrate. Its too late. The ruling political class has made it very plain that it despises the indigenous people of Britain and conspires to oppress and dispossess it.

      If you are a native Brit you, or your children and their children have no future here. Not one you would likely want for them – or yourself.

      If they stay, your family will find themselves at the mercy of a population, quite possibly a majority, with deeply conditioned historical and religious grievances against your ethnicity.

      So go, if you are young enough and you can. Find somewhere more congenial to your kind and go there. Leave this country to sink into the third world cesspit which is its probable future.

      • Sure, run away. What makes you think that any country remotely agreeable to historic British culture, such as the US, is going to take you in. As far as we can see, we are working on fighting this battle, with increasing success (Yeah, it’s been an interesting week, life comes at you fast). But I doubt we are going to be willing to admit thousands or millions some of whom without doubt will reinfect our country. We watched as refugees from California nearly ruined Colorado, we learned from that.

        If you want your Britain back, fight for it and win. It’s a matter of will, there are plenty of you to get it done. We (and those like us) aren’t overly fond of losers, that’s why we, and you, have rarely lost historically.

  23. Well said Laura. This country is not racist!!!! This country is mainly conservative and yet we have very few people in Westminster who care about families, communities or culture. Our governments have continually moved towards big state socialism that is now destroying the bedrock of a Christian country. I have been voting UKIP for years now but I despair of the state the Conservatives find themselves. I really hope they do not hold power for many years to come. Like the Liberals who lost their standing after WWI, the Conservatives should be consigned to history.

    • We are so racist but so many migrants seek to come to this hell hole of racism.
      Something can’t be right.

  24. Given that Indians typically outperform Pakistanis (according to the government stats anyway) in education, are we to conclude that the exceptionally unlikely KKK off-shoot, the NUT is somehow more discriminatory against Pakistani children rather than Indian children?

    Do NUT members abandon their in-group preference and apparent white supremacy mindset by somehow allowing Chinese-British children to outperform white British kids?

    (For the avoidance of doubt, the NUT references are obviously satire. For all their faults the NUT are not the responsible party for the disparity in outcomes )

    • In education and several other parameters. Bangladeshi’s also seem to perform poorly in comparison to their Indian neighbours. I wonder what they have in common with the Pakistani’s that could be holding them back………?

        • India has a 5000 years old tradition of scholarship – Brahmins are priests /scholars. Much of the mathematics claimed by Muslim Arabs actually comes from Hindus/Jains.

          In Southern India, largely untouched by Muslim invasion, there is a scholastic tradition which pre-dates Sanskrit by 1500 years.
          Marriage within the Brahmin cast has produced some very bright people.
          The Muslim invasions from 1000AD destroyed the Hindu/Jain/Buddhist temples and universities of the Indus- Ganges plain of Northern India .

          • “Much of the mathematics claimed by Muslim Arabs actually comes from Hindus/Jains.”
            You are forgetting Nkrumah; he invented it all.

  25. My daughter is studying medicine. Non white students make up for over 50% of her course. On her placement to a GP surgery none of the doctors, nurses, or staff were British – they spoke in every language other than English. Have to add, they were all pleasant and took the time to translate at the end of the day for her.

    It would seem that May intends to fight racism with racism, at the same time as signing up to the lefts nonsense of “only whites can be racist”. May needs to go and soon.

    • I’m repeating something I’ve said previously, but this persistent failure to recruit sufficient natives to staff our own hospitals and surgeries is one of the fundemental failures of the NHS and maybe the education system as well.

      Also I hate to think what the effect is on the countries they are recruiting from.

      • Yes its funny isn’t it left or right rarely allow themselves to consider the effects on the “home” nations of our poaching all their trained people. In my youth the “brain drain” of our skilled people to other countries was a real issue of concern here.

        • I remember it as well, even here in the States, where many of your ‘best and brightest’ came for opportunities (and tax savings) there was quite a lot written about Britain’s Brain Drain.

          • At least in that case the ‘brains’ were being recruited by the US private sector.

            In our case the UK has a communist-style centrally managed health service that can’t even manage to recruit & train enough doctors, surgeons and nurses from amongst our own populace to look after our own health needs. If asked I suspect they’d blame the politicians for not spending enough.

    • One of my daughters had a placement in a small hospital in the West Country. She really enjoyed not having to struggle with the language….

    • Absolutely. There are all sorts of disparities all over society, it’s just the reasons behind them are as diverse as disparities themselves. Yet we seem to have slipped into the lazy catch-all situation where all social problems are the fault/responsibility of the government.

  26. Mrs May should read the Guardian columnists response to the audit. They hate her more now. If she thought she would win the ethnic minority vote by playing labour game, this woman is more stupid than she appears. What next? Tories to encourage rape of white children in Northern towns so the biradari votes for tories?

  27. I find that, there are to be found no traits in Mrs May’s character which could remotely endear her to me.

    Mrs May, she is a very sorry specimen one who holds no great conviction and on any subject matter unless of course one is referrring to the poisonous seepage running black as Hades, out of that festering wound sore which as we gawp is metastasizing and devouring western society just like a cancer, named the doctrine of the Frankfurt School.

    At its core Cultural Marxism preaches multicult, ie that very [antisocial] vitriolic idea where anyone can come into a foreign land and do his own thing, particularly here in the UK. What a soft touch we have been made to be.
    Ah, perhaps someone might posit a question to Mrs May and her Marxist Star Chamber, on, what are the chances of an Anglican Cathedral being constructed in any number of circa 55 countries married to a ‘certain cult’?
    It would be somewhat of an understatement to aver and question in all truth that, why does Britain have to be the guinea pig – every blumin’ time?
    Indeed, they [Marxist loons] deride, mock and scoff at the very idea of formal religion but I see identical dogmatism, a race to excess in puritanical madness, a vicious insane drive to be more ‘socially accepting’ ie surrendering everything to the idea of get em in and let do their thing, even if it is killing on their minds.
    And banging the gong for all this perversity is guess who?

    And then the great dissonance in their Marxist schemes and malevolence is evident or it should be and therein shining in brilliant light what is their real ambition [and successful] set of duplicitous cultists who are dead set on the wanton destruction of this nation. Are we not the litany goes, read from the PMs personal ‘bible’ perhaps, Joe and Joanna UK public told the refrain….. endlessly about our great and ‘cohesive community’ and as were are attacked and mercilessly assaulted on our own streets, to “keep calm and carry on”……….as if nothing, nothing at all has happened and in the same moment defend and proclaim multcult? A cacophonous tune the politicians are so fond of playing.

    How does that go then?

    Until the UK authorities end the idea of raising up minority groups and casting around for signs of victimhood – [no problem there we’ve built a whole victimhood industry – just like over the pond] and sending out the diversity police and charidees and winding up the harpies bent on virtue signalling and banshee howls with it, we are done for, absolutely done.

    Good gawd, if Theresa May cannot, is unable to, perceive the baleful, noxious paradox centred in the manifesto of Cultural Marxism, then either she is a very stupid person, or she really needs to get on her bike for she loves England not at all. Finally how is it that, Britain allows for a line incumbent first ministers who gloried, glories in, to betray their own kin, what have we ever done to deserve a line which stretches back to Ted the perfidy?

    • Top rant as always…..Agree hard to think of a worse PM, despite recent awesome competition ….

      The non stop virtue signalling is truly vomit inducing and as u say is it idiocy or perfidy.

      • “idiocy or perfidy”

        I muse that, the thing that most rattles me about it is, I think she is conscious of her actions and that is far worse – perfidy.

  28. If given enough leeway, the loony left always ends up eating itself. May has just proved herself to be one of the self-cannibals. I wonder if it will ever dawn on her to question how responsible she must be for all the discrimination that apparently abounds in the world that she has been an integral part of for years, and that she is now in charge of.

  29. Although in a much different context, the writer Ayn Rand once titled one of her essays “Conservatism: An Obituary”. It referred to there being no “there” there in the Conservatism in the US being peddled in her day (the 60’s). One wonders what she would have had to say about the 21st C. iteration of the political movement (if one can even refer to it by that name) in the UK– “Was there ever a ‘there’?”

  30. Why on earth would any socialist want a Labour government when May is doing such a good job of delivering it. Theresa May’s mantra should be ‘Blame the English for everything’. Does her auditing examine FGM which she as a feminist has failed so spectacularly on?

  31. Extremely divisive identity politics being pursued by the Tories which will have the opposite effect of its intent by increasing racial division. And if you question the idea that all of society is racist by pointing to evidence that it is not you will be deemed a racist. This race audit now deems everyone white as racist whether they are or not, we are all part of the problem. It also turns all black and brown people in to victims whether they see themselves as one or not.


    • Exactly, and how socially toxic is this going to be? Talk about divisive. Unbelievable misjudgement (again) from Theresa May.

  32. Different ethnic and racial groups, at any one time, can and do differ widely in success in education and careers, and in criminal activities. This is not so much due to their race or ethnicity as to their culture. A particular culture is deeply embedded in all groups, and usually takes a very long time to change. The same is true of different civilizations, which have their own broad culture.
    The attempt to force equal outcomes, which is what Mrs. May apparently proposes, is doomed to failure. It can only be attempted by discriminating against the more successful groups in society. What a disaster that will be!
    Different civilizations/cultures can last for a very long time, but they are seldom permanent. They rise and fall; Western civilization, which has achieved a high culture, is declining rapidly. Civilizations can collapse remarkably quickly, usually because of internal decadence than because of external attack. This can be reversed. See: http://www.standpointmag.co.uk/node/4049/full and http://www.standpointmag.co.uk/features-november-10-a-cure-for-our-national-amnesia-michael-nazir-ali-educational-reform-michael-gove

    • Not really. A lot of this difference in outcomes depends on network effects.

      For example in the UK, a disproportionate number of people from India work as doctors, Chinese work in restaurants and Vietnamese work in nail bars. It’s not about their culture – for example there are many fewer doctors per head in India than here and in most of Vietnam there are no nail bars. Or about bias, for example Indian doctors are reportedly discriminated against in the UK.

      It’s because when people succeed in a particular field they act as role models and sources of advice and encouragement for the people around them.

      • You do realise that many (clearly not all) nail bars are ideal fronts for laundering money and that most home grown commercial cannabis factories are actually staffed by trafficked Vietnamese and Chinese children and young people.

        Many Chinese and Indians also work in medicine , engineering and accountancy as these are traditionally seen as high status occupations that middle class parents aspire to for their children – the sort of parents who will find the money to fund an expensive foreign education

        So there are many other factors that also need to be considered in some of the figures. The problem is that these large scale pictures are great for sweeping views but when it comes to the reality of individual cases they are utterly useless.

        Poor black kids and poor white kids may each have parents who support them and help them achieve their potential or are heroin addicts who abuse them. The life expectancy of young male travellers is appalling – because so many die in violent incidents and often at the hands of other young male travellers

        In the end we are all individuals. Theresa’s generalisations tell us next to nothing.

  33. Blimey.This is a really good article and articulates exactly what I am thinking.

    Thank you Laura Perrins,you’re my kind of woman.

  34. Good stuff. May is a disaster. Even Corbyn looks better PM material mad lefty or not.
    She needs to be gone yesterday before she causes more damage. We are going to be betrayed over Brexit and this is going to fracture our democracy. Thanks May for nothing.

  35. Theresa May’s ideas are almost as outdated as Corbyn’s.

    This neo-Marxist equality of outcome nonsense has been comprehensively debunked. Equality of outcome is not the same as equality of opportunity. Putting individuals into categories based on their race, gender, sexual orientation etc is done in order to create victim groups that left wing politicians can appeal to for votes.

    Do not play their game Theresa, for god’s sake, you are playing right into their hands.

    Have some respect for conservative voters. Stop trying to appeal to the virtue signalling, milquetoast soft left.

    Stand up for the principles that made this nation what it is. Make a positive case for the future of our country. A future built on conservative principles.

    Treat people as individuals who are responsible for their own actions, not simpering serfs who need the nanny state to hold their hand through life.

  36. Miss

    ‘She also believes that only government – the State – can do the saving.’

    It’s clear that the State can’t do the saving – but it could assist with pro-family policies.

    In the Audit, under the sub-heading Amount of Income, paragraph 5.15 says that blacks have the highest single parent households compared to other groups.

    In the beginning of the 21st century, unlike the second half of the 20th, race may not play the part presumed. Single parent households are mainly headed by women who cannot impose moral boundaries on big strapping 14 year-old boys. Absent fathers cannot exercise authority. Female teachers as locus parentis do not provide male role models. Female priests chuntering on about ‘Mother God’ provide no moral and spiritual authority from the Heavenly Father.

    There are numerous research studies, on both sides of the Atlantic, that show statistically strong relationships where families are headed by hetrosexual married couples and good educational and career prospects for children.

    To suppress these negative factors, May needs to promote the traditional family if she wants to see better socio-economic results being achieved by young black people; so that they can lift themselves out of poverty.

    However, under the paragraph cited, the issue is not broken families but income. Why does the Audit fail to examine the effects of broken homes on the life chances of young blacks?

    The answer is: the Conservatives fear Labour attacks about blaming single parents. This fear and failure to address the causes of family breakdown then feeds into statistics on race and poverty; for what purpose? More audits, more distribution of blame, more debates, more research – and in five years’ time – we’re back where we started.

  37. Equal outcomes is the very definition of communism, since it would require gargantuan government overreach and control of EVERY aspect of society.

    I fully support equality of opportunity. However, what equality of opportunity exposes is that not all cultures are equal. Oh no, we can’t have that can we?

  38. Theresa May has followed Cameron into turning the so called Conservative Party into yet another soft left party. We the voters have no real choice now, it is either a soft-left Conservative vote or hard-left Corbyn vote. How depressing. Having switched to Ukip, from the Conservatives under Cameron, to campaign for Brexit I shall remain with them; since although they are shrunken in size they still have values and integrity.

    • But Farage and Bolton have dismissed many of their supporters as racist Nazis. So who do Ukip represent now ?

      • Ukip’s first job is to press for a full Brexit – nothing has changed in that respect. After that it has a range of policies to push. Basically it must be reorganised under its new leader.
        Ukip represents all those that love the UK.

    • She didn’t follow him. She led him.

      She called the Party, the “Nasty Party” before most people had ever heard of Cameron

  39. This latest May absurdity only increases my concern with the Tory Party which I’ve voted for all my life.

    How much longer must we wait for her and Hammond to go?

    How does the Tory Party justify the intellectual dishonesty of having a PM and Chancellor who do not believe in what the largest vote in British history asked for?

  40. Miss

    There are likely to be other major flaws in the Race Audit.

    Take for example the exercise of Stop & Search. May boasts that she has reduced race disparity in the practice. Setting aside, for the moment, that young blacks are dissolving each other in acid and carving each other up; the disparity is measured by comparing number stopped and searched with their numbers in the residential population. This method does show significant race disparities. Few blacks live in the City of London; when the stops and searches (SS) are recorded, race disparity will show.

    The Home Office’s website used to have research on SS measured by a different method: number of different races on a street SS’d compared to their overall numbers on the street. Such research studies show no race disparities. They show blacks, whites and Asians use public space differently compared to each other. Asians, because of social stigma at home, can be found for SS in public car parks smoking dope and whites at home. The Asians SS’d will appear in statistics.

    Immigrants (including those from Eastern Europe) may believe that on a cost-benefit basis it is worth committing crime compared to their home countries: the criminal justice system is fairer.

    • The stop and search statistics also record ‘positive outcomes’ (ie arrests, fines, warning notices) arising from stops. These show that about 1/3 of stops and searches result in a positive outcome and this percentage is virtually identical for white, black and asians (the three groups measured). So the stats prove the police are not targeting by race.

  41. May is a waste of space and the Conservative party has been a total fraud since 1990, when they started slavishly following Labour policies after forcing out Thatcher. This has to stop or we are all doomed.

  42. The legendary Peter Hitchens was saying at least a decade ago that the Tories were useless and had to go. His advice ? Whatever you do never vote Tory. Only after they are visibly finished can the ground be cleared for a properly conservative party. Problem has been, the country’s natural conservatives have been very, very slow to wake up to the horrible fact that the Tory Party has been working aggressively against their values and interests for at least two decades.

  43. Hells bells Laura! You did not mince your words one bit. But you are absolutely right.
    Pity you cannot take May’s place. I emailed my Tory MP today to ask him to get rid of May.
    He was part of the Boris campaign leadership team last year. Let’s hope he succeeds this year, though any Brexiteer would be better.

  44. Is it now the law in Britain to prefer the company of one’s own kind, race, colour, creed, thinking?

  45. How does a White indigenous Briton prove his non-racist bona fides? By not interacting with members of of other races in the same way that he does and always has done with other White Britons. In other words, we must treat them differently which surely is the essence of racism. We must be extra polite, extra deferential, extra understanding and always discriminate in their favour. Even then, since the proof of racism is situated in the perception of the person who alleges it, there seems to be no objective standard. No matter how well-intentioned we set out to be, we can never know that acting as products of British culture, we are not inadvertently causing offence to people who belong to other cultures. We must rely on their good will in order not to be condemned. I suppose a lot of public behaviour has always been artificial but this is to take it to absurd lengths.

    • “How does a White indigenous Briton prove his non-racist bona fides?”

      Actually you aren’t supposed to be able to do that. The entire system of modern racism is designed from the ground up to prove that ‘whites’ and especially ‘white males’ are intrinsically and irredeemably racist. The only thing you are allowed to do is cringe and beg for mercy.

  46. Many of the educational and crime problems highlighted by these stats can be put firmly down to the disintegration of the family with all the associated costs to wider society. Once the Tories would have stood up for “traditional” family values but the fear of losing votes by highlighting poor lifestyle choices means this will not happen now even though labour needs disintegrated families to generate a constant source of voters.

    • It started with fathers being replaced with welfare , we now have ‘ man deserts ‘ or as I prefer ‘ father deserts ‘ naturally it’s all the fathers fault and nothing to do with ‘ have as many children as you like and you won’t need a man , rhetoric .

  47. SJW logic;
    Black people don’t earn as much as white people = Society’s fault.
    Men die earlier than women = men’s fault

  48. Crazy as Corbyn. The Tories continue to seat warm for Sadiq Khan/Jeremy Corbyn and do nothing to reverse Tony Blair’s seismic lurch to the left forced on the silent majority. Don’t forget that with the DUP the Conservatives have a majority, so why are they not repealing Harriet Harmon’s 2010 Equality Act, which cemented political correctness at the expense of individual liberty or Labour’s Race and Religious Hatred Act, which has paved the way for Islamic terrorism? (read “Britain’s Great immigration Disaster” by G.Cooke, Amazon and Kindle). Why does this “Conservative” government sit on its hands and watch Britain changed out of all recognition by Marxist laws then do NOTHING when they are in power, when they could correct the legal infrastructure that has allowed race activists and migrant hucksters and terrorist supporters to become untouchable under British law. This is the greatest crime of May’s wasted time in office.

    • once May has played her role in the delivery of the country to the globalists, they will reward her handsomely, just you wait…

  49. “+1” for the article. Maybe five years of full-blown communism will shake the Tory tree and a conservative will fall out, for I’ve a terrible feeling that this woman will still be here in 2022.

  50. Well said. Outstanding polemic, and 100% right. May is utterly worthless as a leader, as is her spineless snivelling party of accountants and mediocre middle managers. Yet look at what we have as an opposition? Poor Britain. Doomed to be run by one of two factions, both of them in thrall to cultural Marxism. Both, stupid, toxic and utterly deleterious to any future hope of prosperity, security, freedom, justice or social peace.

  51. The EU nationals propping up our public services must, by inference, also be racist – so if they have to leave then we’ll be well rid of their baleful influence.

  52. The situation with the Conservative Party is not much different here in Canada. When they had the opportunity to elect a leader that see’s the world as it really is they were to frightened and cowardly to elect him. Now they have another weak-kneed leader that likely doesn’t have the fortitude required to lead in this environment. May the gods help us all.

  53. The Conservative party may well pass away if Brexit ends up an enduring disaster. (Could go either way.) More likely though it will either schism or evolve with the times – like a virus or bacteria.

    • No, you don’t get it. The Conservative Party will be around forever, because it is almost impossible to prise it out of Westminster, but its policies are what matter. Right now, with Brexit the most important issue in the land, we have a PM, a Chancellor and that creepy Damian Green, whatever his job is supposed to be, all watering down the concept of Brexit. Those are not the policies most Conservatives have voted for and they are definitely not what the Brexit-voters chose, but, if they stop voting Conservative, they will get even more extreme versions from most of the other parties.

      Despite all the best (worst) efforts of the BBC to pretend otherwise, Brexit has shown no signs of being any kind of disaster. There is no reason why it should be. Philip Hammond, nevertheless, is desperate to make it one, because his amour propre, apparently, and his future sinecures au continent are worth more to him than the nation’s prosperity.

      May appears to be determined to destroy Brexit by being too incompetent to deliver it.

  54. Well said Laura. I am in despair at the Conservatives. As you say, May is the worst leader and PM we have had but who else is there? Johnson is a buffoon, Hammond OMG!! Davis is incompetent and lazy – who on Earth is there?
    The Tory Cabinet are the most uninspiring bunch of clowns ever. But we cannot let in Corbyn and his morons. What can we do?

    • JRM is the only hope for the Conservative Party and for the nation as a whole.
      Time is running out, and the political establishment, running scared of the media, are set to destroy our society.
      If Labour don’t do it, then the feeble, wet Tories will make it happen.

    • Johnson a buffoon? Gosh, that’s original. I think he would do all right, surrounded as he would be by people with complementary gifts. Davis has always seemed perfectly competent to me, and I wonder why you think he is lazy. With May, Hammond and most of the rest of the Cabinet gone, and with JRM coming in, things might go very well.

  55. “I don’t necessarily object to the audit”

    Hong Kong Governor John James Cowperthwaite never allowed bureaucrats to collect any statistical data because if they did it would only become an excuse to “do something about it”.

  56. If May screws up Brexit it won’t be slow agonising death but a surprisingly fast one as leave voters desert in droves.

  57. ‘This is what happens when you put a technocrat who believes in nothing in charge of running the country. All May cares about is collating data and calling everyone else a racist to make herself look good.’
    Spot-on, Laura.
    I can understand that a PM might be a little detached from everyday life.
    But in her case, this is a fatal flaw. A decent, human leader would be able to compensate for the enforced distancing, and strive to keep in touch.
    She can’t. Being ‘seen to be doing something’ has ridiculously over-ridden doing anything useful.
    Relying on ‘advisors’ (echo-chamber if ever there was) is equally harmful.

  58. Audit seems an inappropriate word for it and is indicative that this “Conservative” government has also bought in to the manipulation of language to serve political ends.

    As someone else has said what the country really needs is an audit of the political governing class as an identity group because they are busy messing this country up.

  59. Hitler used to do audits pre WWII to investigate the ethnic background of the German Population this was followed up by railway trips.

    • Stalin carried out an audit after the purges to find out the extent of the purges. Once the academics at the Moscow University had carried out their task and presented their results he had them all shot as well.

  60. Why is the Times still called “the paper of record” when it is written by teenagers, like all the others?

  61. When do the ‘voters’ start having to take some responsibility for this? After all you can only excuse the brain dead sheep who vote Tory despite all the evidence election after election, so much. Perhaps “we” are getting exactly what we deserve (a Maxist-globalist authoritarian regime). Where I live the Tories are determined to build over every open space for new houses for immigrants, yet still the idiots vote for them. The old people in particularly have no excuse as they at least can remember better times.

  62. It is a common ( and justifiable ) complaint that , if you put a red rosette on a donkey , most of the northern voters would still vote Labour . It is every bit as true that the same donkey wearing a blue rosette would get the votes in the south ( apart from London which is no longer British ). There are just as many blind fools who vote Tory simply because they always have done , ignoring the fact that their once great Party is now in the hands of people with whom they have nothing in common . Until all voters accept that they need to vote for those who embody their best interests , we’ll go on being ruled by second-raters . That’s all we deserve !!

    • Could have sworn I had something to do with it, albeit at a 9-month remove. (It’s ok – the hairline proved instantly she was mine).

  63. Yet again, a political party takes up the mantel of communism and, just like its Eurocommunist forebears in the Blair Labour Party, or in the GDR and Soviet Union before that, dies an ignominious death.

    You’d have thought they must have got the message by now: when people are subjected to communism and communist ideology, they end up detesting it and want absolutely nothing to do with it. This is what’s happened in the old Eastern European communist tyrannies and Soviet Union, and is now happening here.

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