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Conspiracy theorists – today’s new mainstream in the Covid State


ONE of the unexpected results of the Covid era has been the highly productive partnership formed by mainstream Covid dissidents and sceptics and long-time conspiracy theorists (or, to be more accurate, conspiracy researchers, aka ‘the awake’).  As old friendships, alliances and political marriages have broken up, new partnerships have formed, on the back of a shared understanding of what has occurred under the Covid State, of what has been, and is being, lost and of what it means to be truly human and free.   

The result has been significant in terms of our better understanding of state power. 

The expression ‘conspiracy theorist’ was invented by the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1960s to discredit otherwise plausible theories about who killed JFK. Now conspiracy theorists, once generally ignored or dismissed, have been mainstreamed. For so much that was predicted in early 2020 has come to pass, or is in the wings. Digital passports, facial recognition, permanent limitations on travel, routine creepy surveillance, social credit and so on. Things that you were banned from saying – the virus probably started in a lab, vaccines don’t stop Covid, Sweden got it right on lockdowns – are now considered mundane (though still not universally accepted). The Great Reset is now not even hiding in plain sight, post the G20 meeting in Bali. It is stated global policy, announced in colourful shirts. There is just too much evidence to pretend that either all is well or that ‘mistakes were made’ in good faith by morally good actors facing uncertainty and poor information. 

Two things have happened. First, while clusters of rabbit-holers still discuss 9/11, the moon landings and whether Michelle Obama, Jacinda Ardern, Melinda Gates and Mrs George Clooney are really women, conspiracy theorists are now plausible when focused on the things that matter most – the cover-ups and hidden agendas of the state and the global corporates. State-driven Covidmania has shown conspiracy theorists to have far more in common with mainstream policy analysts than anyone previously imagined.     

Second and more importantly, the conspiracy researchers have been joined in their endeavours by smart indie-journalists, historians, medicos, economists, academics, podcasters, ex-politicians, finance industry insiders, political analysts and other professional politics-watchers. Together they have unpacked the truths behind the otherwise inexplicable policy turns of the last three years. None of these would have remotely regarded themselves as conspiracy theorists, once upon a time, but now they see all too clearly that they, and we, have been conned, over and over again. 

A case study in analyst-turned-conspiracy theorist is Ed Dowd, who was interviewed by TCW’s Sally Beck in March. Dowd is a former financial analyst with BlackRock, a private equity funds management behemoth, the very epitome of green-left-woke capitalism. Dowd has done exceptional work in highlighting vaccine deaths and injuries. No less importantly, he has been at the forefront of unpacking the connections between global fiscal incontinence, magic-money-tree fiscal policy and the Covid blunders and cover-ups. He has alerted us to the coming global sovereign debt collapse, the use of viruses, wars and other distractions to keep the central banking class and its collaborators in government from being blamed for the Armageddon coming our way, and the ‘solution’ starting to be proffered – central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). 

There are many others – Mike Yeadon, Robin Monotti, C J Hopkins, Catherine Austin Fitts, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Steve Kirsch, Tom Woods, Jeffrey Tucker and the other writers at the Brownstone Institute, Naomi Wolf, Eugyppius, Pierre Kory, Archbishop Vigano, Craig Kelly, George Christensen, Matt Wong (Discernable), John Stapleton (A Sense of Place), James Delingpole, James Corbett, TOTT News, Robert Malone, Kathy Gyngell (TCW Defending Freedom), Mark Steyn, Will Jones, Bret Weinstein and the team at Off Guardian.   

This list is just for starters. Others are more reluctant but are coming around. It is a broad church. These men and women, from all points on the ideological spectrum, are on the right side of history, and will be vindicated for their smarts, their morality and their courage. Call them the Covid whistleblower class. Add this to the work of the so-called conspiracy theorists, their cynicism about powerful interests and their finely honed instincts for sniffing out the ruling cabal’s cover-ups, collusion, corruption and machinations. This is a powerful marriage.

With the polymathic skill set of a new cadre of world-class researchers focused on the evils of the Covid State, the sheer weight of the evidence grows exponentially. We now know where the virus originated. We know that the vaccines were there before the virus. We know governments lied. Every day. We know that people were not falling over dead from the virus in Wuhan. We know the vaccines don’t work – and were never meant to. We know the models were baloney. We know the PCR tests were never fit for purpose.  We know what is coming next, and why Covid was useful to the pandemic preparedness class. We know – if we didn’t before – that there IS a ruling class. We know what Bill Gates’s funding will buy.  We know who to trust, and who not to. We know that our governments do not love us. That they rule without the consent of the governed. With the aid of forensic skills deployed with fervour, the heavy lifting done by those who really do look out for us – and the media do not, as we have discovered – we have learned much during Covid. 

But what about the sheer level of ideologically driven irrationality in the polity? The determination of the ruling class to continue the cover-ups, never to take the blame? Will not increased evidence of fraud, deception and worse revealed by the new turbo-charged, multi-disciplinary conspiracy community simply crash against the brick wall of the technocratic state?  There are, indeed, many reasons to be depressed, as I have argued previously. But one should never give up hope. Why vacate the field only to let them win? And there are positive signs. The numbers of those who see what is really going on are growing exponentially, as Ed Dowd has said. With apologies to Leonard Cohen, the cracks through which the light can come into the darkness are widening. 

The re-engineering of conspiracy thinking during the Covid period has been the so-called pandemic’s one great outcome. The task now is to ensure the light that has escaped through the cracks is dispersed to a far wider audience. A benign future for all of us might well be riding on how well we prosecute this task. 

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Paul Collits
Paul Collits
Paul Collits is a freelance writer and regular contributor to Quadrant Online

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