The ConWom’s Culture War

WE launched The Conservative Woman in 2014 as a counter-cultural offensive against the forces of Leftism, feminism and modernism – against the left-liberal cultural zeitgeist, to counter its anti-family, authoritarian identity politics and ‘equality and diversity’ ideology which had swept through the country’s institutions.

Long before Rod Liddle recognised the faith, family and flag virtues on which Boris Johnson’s Conservatives rode to victory in December 2019, we were giving voice to them.

We’d watched Cameron’s Conservative Party turn its back on these virtues under a banner of progressive politics; we’d watched as it capitulated to forces that were anything but conservative; we’d watched as it abandoned any attempt to protect or promote conservatism  as spelled out by Roger Scruton, the leading conservative philosopher of our time. Cameron’s proudest moment it transpired, was not his attempt to build ‘a big society’ but his success in redefining and undermining marriage – a word he stole to represent a contract that no longer depended on the union of one man and one woman.

Under Mrs May’s leadership this descent into newspeak, the retreat from aspiration into victim blaming and identity entitlement, speeded up. It was not just language that came under assault, but the very idea of what it is to be a man or a woman. The disturbing and destructive ideology of transgenderism took hold with a Conservative PM’s blessing.

The result of the Brexit referendum in 2016 brought optimism that there could be a new politics and a new culture. So much hinged culturally as well as economically on the restoration of our liberty and democracy, freed from the shackles of the anti-democratic EU’s technocracy and management culture. But the next years saw it succumbing under the aggressive counter-attack of anti-democratic metropolitan ‘remainer’ liberals who dominated the establishment.

We took them and the Brexit cause on.

We’d already come to see the Conservative Party as the enemy within, one that could no more be relied on to protect the private sphere – our individual liberty, marriage and family autonomy – than our nationhood or borders. Any hope of releasing the State’s stranglehold over the key social institutions of health and education, or indeed the economy, seemed equally slim.

The feminists’ equality agenda, to which Mrs May eagerly signed up on her first day at the Home Office, had taken an invidious new turn in its demand for absolute parity of outcome regardless of input or preference, and at the same time in an outright assault on men. The #MeToo hysteria that Conservative Party women joined in conflated the most serious sexual assault with self-defined sexual harassment, doing relations between men and women a terrible disservice, grooming young women into a false sense of victimhood, while silencing men from expressing or defending themselves in fear of trial by media.

May’s war on motherhood – pushing mothers back to work and their infants on to a childcare treadmill irrespective of their wants and needs – stepped up too. With 74 per cent of mothers with children under four in work, we saw a return to the Victorian era, a modern version characterised by emotional poverty and state dependency. No wonder there is a crisis of adolescent mental ill-health. 

Grievance politics received a new impetus with May’s predilection for ‘audits’. 

Our bodies, the Conservative’s decided  – as well as our thoughts – were (and still are) to belong to the State too, unless you have taken the time and trouble to tell the State otherwise. This is wrong in principle and in practice.

On The Conservative Woman we set out to challenge the new orthodoxies that inhibit freedom of speech and corrode choice and relationships of dependency and trust.

Feminism’s job, let it be clear, is done. Women’s battle for equality was won years ago. Far from being the victims of our circumstances, women are on top today though more is never enough for radical feminists. Demands for ever more resources and legal advantages that force men more and more to the margins of society into the world of ‘Going Galt’, ‘MGTOW’ and, in extremis, sex-bots and virtual-reality-fuelled fantasy, have to stop.

This, with punitive taxation, has driven family and marital breakdown and undermined both maternal and paternal responsibilities for children and encouraged the huge social experiment in the outsourcing of their nurture and care.

We are the only true social conservative voice in the media taking a stand on this revolution. Though the Conservatives won on the back of Brexit, they have much to catch up with regarding the deep seated disquiet about the country’s direction that drove it.

For at least a decade Sir Roger Scruton has spoken about about how important having a home is, how important virtuous nationalism is, how important looking after your neighbour and patriotism are. 

He was correct then; he is correct now; he will be correct always. Conserving, not trashing, that which best sustains you is fundamental. It’s a lesson the modern Conservative Party has yet to relearn. We exist to remind them: to press for a new politics that responds to this renewed expression of our fundamental values and Judeao-Christian culture. 

With our remarkable team of writers – more are seeking out our platform every day to express views and opinions sidelined in the MSM and all but banned in the ideologically indoctrinated and indoctrinating BBC – and our growing readership for our analysis and opinions, we will not be letting up. 

Unlike most websites, we do not have a wealthy backer. We are a largely voluntary operation and dependent to meet the inevitable costs of running a website on our readers’ support – regular payments and one-off donations for which we are truly grateful. 

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