The ConWom’s Culture War

It’s three and a half years ago now that we decided to launch a counter-cultural offensive against the forces of Leftism, feminism and modernism – against the anti-family, authoritarian identity politics and ‘equality and diversity’ ideology sweeping through the country’s institutions.

The Conservative Woman was born.

Under the banner of progressive politics, we’d seen Cameron’s Conservatives capitulating to these forces and abandoning any claim to represent conservatism. His proudest moment, he said, was to redefine marriage – a word he stole to represent a contract that no longer depended on the union of one man and one woman.

Under Mrs May’s leadership, it is not just language that is under assault, but the very idea of what it is to be a man or a woman. Once again her party has surrendered, this time to an even more disturbing and destructive ideology – transgenderism.

We have come to see the Conservative Party as the enemy within. We can no more rely on it to protect the private sphere – our individual liberty, marriage and family autonomy – than we can hope it releases the State’s stranglehold over the key social institutions of health and education, or indeed the economy.

The feminists’ equality agenda, which Mrs May eagerly signed up to on her first day at the Home Office, has taken an invidious new turn in an outright assault on men. The current hysteria over sexual harassment, which has now arrived at Westminster, is doing men and women a terrible disservice. It is grooming young women into a false sense of victimhood, while men have been silenced in face of trial by the media.

The State’s preference for childcare over motherhood pushes mothers back to work and their infants on to a childcare treadmill, irrespective of their wants and needs. No wonder there is a crisis of adolescent mental ill-health.

Mrs May adopted the mantras of identity group politics, reaching out to voters as victims; creating social division while promising ever more State intervention to compensate.

Hidden in her hapless conference speech was her promise that your body – as well as your thoughts – is to belong to the State too, unless you have taken the time and trouble to tell the State otherwise. This is wrong in principle and in practice.

Finally we have little confidence and she and her self-annihilating party have the competence to deliver the Brexit we voted for which, we believe, is essential if this country is to change for the better on these other fronts.

On the Conservative Woman we set out to expose the repressive orthodoxies that inhibit freedom of speech and corrode choice – from oppressive and irrational feminism to ‘diversity’, identity, gender and victim politics.

Feminism’s job let it be clear, is done. Women’s battle for equality was won years ago. Far from being the victims of our circumstances though that is the negative and pernicious ideology that modern feminism fosters, women are on top today. Yet more is never enough for radical feminists. They demands for ever more resources and legal advantages, are forcing men more and more to the margins of society into the world of ‘Going Galt’, ‘MGTOW’ and, in extremis, sex-bots and virtual-reality fuelled fantasy.

This, with punitive taxation, has driven family and marital breakdown, harming men, women and children, leading in turn for evermore State interventions, increasing dependency, marginalising men and undermining both maternal and paternal responsibilities for children.

We unashamedly value faith, family, flag and freedom of expression. Our aim is to conserve conservatism before the party destroys it completely.

We have attracted a remarkable team of literate and talented writers, of whom we are very proud, who address and explore these matters for us.

We are the only true conservative voice on the airwaves. Laura now frequents the Question Time and Any Questions panels. Kathy’s and Laura’s comments and commentary are regularly sought by the Telegraph, the Times, the Daily Mail – even by the Guardian and i newspapers! Caroline Farrow and Belinda Brown have strong media profiles as The Conservative Woman writers. Between us we are fielding broadcast requests – BBC, Sky and ITV – sometimes daily. We are reaching more people every day. But we know that there are yet more people out there who share our views.

To continue with this project we need support and patronage. We can’t afford to be shy about asking for this. Many of you already are already generously donating, for which we are truly grateful. We wouldn’t be writing this today without you.

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