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Covid and the rebirth of eugenics


EUGENICS, euthanasia, genocide: three troubling terms that have come to the fore in the current contrived crises of climate change and Covid-19. There are people in power who quite blatantly believe that the world is overpopulated. Overturning the biblical edict to ‘go forth and multiply’ is a misanthropic view of humanity as a cancerous growth, destroying our planet. And so, after decades of pushing for economic growth and social liberalism, the brakes have been applied, and we have gone into reverse gear. 

The pseudo-science of eugenics began in the late nineteenth century, when Darwin’s evolutionary theory raised concerns that society was doing the opposite of nature by promoting survival of the least fit. The ruling class feared being overwhelmed by the uneducated masses. Procreation by tainted stock was widely regarded among the intelligentsia as a pressing problem, and in the early twentieth century many leading scientists and social reformers were eugenicists. 

The Great War of 1914 to 1918 was influenced by upper-class attitudes to the uncivilised poor, whose number had grown exponentially in industrial areas plagued by disease, vice and fluctuating employment. The physique of urban youth was a pale shadow of the agricultural labourers who had fought at Waterloo. Arguably, this made them expendable in the eyes of warmongers immersed in the prevailing nihilism of eugenics. Richard Attenborough’s film of the musical Oh! What a Lovely War satirised the reckless carnage of young men. Kings and generals were not deliberately culling the lower classes (officers died at a higher rate), but millions perished in a war of attrition and the Accrington Pals never returned from the trenches to the mills and taverns. 

Contrast Attenborough’s outlook with that of his brother David, who openly calls for global depopulation. Eugenicists today are not labelled as such: they are cast as enlightened ecological campaigners. But their perspective differs little from the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, a prominent member of the Eugenics Society a hundred years ago. For Shaw, a worshipper of Soviet communism, ends justified brutal means. In 1910, he mused on the efficient disposal of undesirable people: ‘I appeal to the chemists to discover a human gas that will kill instantly and painlessly.’ This ‘lethal chamber’ would have use for antisocial elements, including political opponents, as well as for the mentally and physically handicapped.  During his leadership, Tony Blair unveiled a stained-glass window designed by Shaw at the London School of Economics, asserting that the venerated writer would have fitted in nicely in the modern Labour Party. 

Eugenics reached its pinnacle in the 1930s, with several US states running sterilisation regimes. Hitler’s Germany went further, systematically extinguishing tens of thousands of defenceless people in mental institutions before expanding its genocidal mania to gypsies and the Jews. Having been made notorious by the Nazis, eugenics went into sharp decline in the post-war period, and its urgency was negated by the slowed population growth in Western countries. 

In recent decades the population in Europe and North America has steadily risen, mainly due to mass immigration from Africa and Asia. Meanwhile the Western host society has been nudged to reduce its reproduction: widening licence for abortion, women pushed to put career before childrearing, policies that undermine family values, denigration of fathers and subversive transgender ideology. Sperm count is plummeting, which may be related to the high level of oestrogen in rivers and in common plastics.

Data from several countries show a reduction in births since the arrival of Covid-19. Lockdown did not help, but much of the decline has occurred since mass vaccination. One factor could be the lodging of spike proteins in the ovaries and testes, affecting sperm concentration. Adverse event reporting systems show high numbers of miscarriages and stillbirths, and although these have not been positively attributed to the mRNA injections, neither have they been investigated. 

The signal is clear: overall mortality is increasing, and governments and regulators do not seem to care, ignoring all precautionary advice.  I refrain from describing Covid-19 vaccines as bioweapons, but conspiracy theories are proving true too often to discount the possibility that the real purpose is not inoculation but a nanoparticle platform for gene editing. Bill Gates, whose father was a known eugenicist, moved into the vaccine industry after initially focusing on contraception. The World Economic Forum is not hiding its enthusiasm for a transhuman, birth-controlled future. 

Meanwhile euthanasia advocates claim it has much public support, though MPs are notably less keen. Like abortion in the 1960s, ‘assisted dying’ is promoted as a humane option for a small number of suffering people, but licence would surely lead to escalation, as it has done where practised. Without any change to the law, euthanasia has been practised by the NHS for years, particularly following introduction of the Liverpool Care Pathway. This process of death by flowchart was withdrawn after public outcry, but it returned in a new guise after the Covid-19 outbreak. The Department of Health under the then Health Secretary Matt Hancock ordered vast amounts of the palliative care drug Midazolam apparently to avoid potential shortages, which was used on tens of thousands of older people after hospitals cleared them out. Apart from the moral morass, the practical problem with the right to choose is that vulnerable people would face a duty to die. 

‘Save lives, stop living’ was a popular anti-lockdown sticker.

The cult of human cull has gained momentum. Megalomaniacs – for that is what the unchecked designers of the Great Reset are – will not stop slashing and burning until there is nothing left to save. The Georgia Guidestones, built in 1980 by a pseudonymous individual as a ‘compass for humankind’, decrees that the world population must not exceed 500million (it is currently heading for 8billion). This commandment stone, regarded as a blueprint for a new world order, sets an ambitious target for depopulation, but it may not be unrealistic if the globalists get their way. The elite won’t need a large labouring class like the feudal lords and industrialised society of the past. We are at the thin end of the wedge: a euthanasia programme so gradual that most people are unaware.  

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