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Covid came from a Chinese lab? No s**t, Sherlock!


THE mainstream media are finally waking up and smelling the bat soup , several weeks after Neville Hodgkinson got on the case for TCW. 

The great minds of our world are coming together to investigate the possibility that the Kung Flu originated in a laboratory, not one of China’s revolting wild animal markets.

This was clearly the most plausible theory (set out here by Neville in April) from the start, but all the way back then the media, politicians and international organisations were suffering from a debilitating case of Orange Man Bad.

This is a condition which renders normal brain function useless and results in patients unable to do anything that Donald Trump might approve. Sufferers would gladly stay in a burning building if Trump had advised leaving in a timely manner. With supercilious grins plastered across their smug faces, gradually being overcome by smoke and singed by flame, they would say to their last charred breath ‘Oh but isn’t he just awful!’

Orange Man Bad syndrome is perhaps the best answer to Hodgkinson’s question in TCW yesterday: Why this damning delay in probing a Covid lab leak? The Wuhan lab theory is back on the table now that Trump is not in the White House. American ‘intelligence’ services have started to look at whether the virus coming from the laboratory is plausible. It is said that their next investigation will be into whether bears do indeed defecate amongst trees.

After all, until five minutes ago the ‘lab leak theory’ was just another of those ‘wild’ conspiracy theories like vaccine passports or Hollywood paedophile rings. All the decent and definitely-doing-it-for-our-own-good organisations such as Facebook and the World Health Organisation had said that Xi had informed them that everything was kosher, and that was good enough for them.

I mean, why bother investigating it? The evidence is so thin on the ground. The Wuhan Institute of Virology – the only biosafety level 4 laboratory in China – was known to be researching coronaviruses in bats. A novel coronavirus suddenly leaped into humans, with the first recorded outbreak recorded a few kilometres away from the laboratory. You might think that would start a few alarm bells ringing.

On a side note, ‘biosafety level 4’ sounds impressive. However, having lived in China for some time my view is that Chinese attitudes – particularly the cultural phenomenon of 差不多 (‘chabuduo’, lit. ‘difference not big’, meaning ‘close enough’; here’s a nice story to explain the meaning) – would make this facility far more liable to improper practices and potential leaks. Admittedly this theory requires accepting that cultural differences exist in the world: something that can be admitted nowadays only when it is to the detriment of Western cultures.

Then there were all the shenanigans of the CCP, with disappearing scientists, destroyed samples, trying to pass the blame to the United States and kindly insisting on keeping international borders open so that the virus had time to spread globally. We’re guilty of the last one too, but we were unable to put up a fight once they deployed the magic word of ‘racism’ in response to closing our borders to China.

Still, were no eyebrows raised even at this point? Could anyone in good conscience just brush it off as a ‘conspiracy theory’?

Anyway, this is mostly old news. What is utterly appalling, however, is the attempt of some journalists to portray the ‘lab leak theory’ as somehow groundbreaking or in any sense of the word ‘news’ after a report into the virus’s origins suggests it has ‘no credible natural ancestor‘.

Journalists working for mainstream outlets have spent the last 18 months or so studiously ignoring perhaps the biggest story in the world because they were told by the CCP and their WHO sycophants that it was ‘fake news’. Once Facebook and Wikipedia joined the ranks and dubbed it a ‘conspiracy theory’, nobody would touch it.

Now that Trump has gone they suddenly find themselves more curious and receptive to the absolutely-bloody-obvious, with ‘respected publications’ leading with breaking news that the virus might have come from Wuhan’s dodgy bat-flu lab.

Any ‘journalists’ who spent the last year claiming that the virus coming from a laboratory was a ‘conspiracy theory’ have no right to call themselves anything of the sort. They are, in reality, the useful idiots of dictatorships and their controlled transnational organisations. They are the people who would rather prove Donald Trump wrong than get to the bottom of the origin of a global pandemic.

It all makes sense. This is the same media class who ignore anything vaguely uncomfortable or which contradicts the prescribed narrative. Witness their utter lack of curiosity when Muslim rape gangs operate throughout the country (and even when they engage with the story years later they use the euphemistic ‘grooming’ instead of ‘rape’), or when the United States election throws up the strangest set of results imaginable.

No, far more important that they continue their navel-gazing and taking their talking points from their friends in government, from the oracles of the WHO, or from the dictatorship in Beijing.

The media class are now an extension of the political elite. Uselessness and utter ineffectuality is common to both, and their incuriosity is outweighed only by their deceit. In cahoots with the narcissists of the political world, the media report in tones of untrammelled ecstasy the predictable daily manoeuvrings and machinations of mediocrities in SW1, but ignore the largest stories in the world until they are given the green light by others. They are two parts of the same diabolical machine.

When the biggest stories in the world are lying at your feet and it takes you as a journalist nearly a year-and-a-half to talk about them instead of holding your nose and saying the magic words of ‘fake news conspiracy theory’, you need to ask yourself what precisely the point of you is.

It’s certainly not ‘news’ or ‘investigative reporting’.

It’s propaganda; nothing more, nothing less.  

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Frederick Edward
Frederick Edward
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