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Net Zero is a low-key way of killing us off


IF communism is one seriously bad idea that refuses to die, another must be the theory put forward by Dr Thomas Malthus which first saw the light of day in in 1798.  

A surprising number of people still adhere to the view, despite ample evidence to the contrary, that population growth will outrun our ability to produce food and must lead to famine, disease and death. Bill Gates is one, Boris Johnson’s father Stanley is another. Both believe in eugenics.  

Malthusianism is the founding belief of the Club of Rome and stemmed from the Rockefellers. There are plenty more adherents to be found among the Davos crowd as they drive ahead with their Great Reset to which many of our political and bureaucratic class have wittingly or unwittingly signed up.  

Since the spring of 2020, by dint of being sceptical, suspicious and doing their own research, more and more people are seeing through the narratives we are being fed. They have joined the dots to arrive at a broad understanding of what is really going on in the world. Once people have seen it, they can’t unsee it, and once it is seen they tend to see it everywhere.  

I think most readers of TCW would agree that anthropogenic climate change is a provable lie. Atmospheric carbon dioxide does not influence the planet’s climate and the renewable unreliable energy industry, decarbonisation and Net Zero policies are therefore deeply fraudulent. The adoption of them represents a political error, coup even, of gargantuan proportions. Yet they persist and there is no relief from them in sight.  

Leaving aside the impossibility of actually attaining Net Zero by 2050 and the colossal cost in the trillions, is it really just about a natural trace gas which is essential to all life on Earth? Or is there another more sinister goal underlying it?  

Two things we know: One, The Great Climate Lie, born at the Rio Earth Summit of 1992, is about wrecking Western economies; Two, Bill Gates has proposed to ‘save the planet’ by using ‘vaccines’ to reduce the world population. The videos of him saying as much are still available on YouTube.  

On the websites of the World Economic Forum, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others, they keep their plans for the rest of us hiding in plain sight. Such is the arrogance of their thinking that they take it for granted that if no one raises a squeak of dissent, we are all in grateful agreement with their agenda.  

Their current favourite date is 2030, enshrined in UN Agenda 2030, part of the 200-year plan of Agenda 21. Beyond that we will ‘own nothing but be happy’, eat less meat and have everything we want delivered by drone. We’ll have no new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Doubtless the markets will be manipulated to make ICE vehicles more expensive and their use will be more and more restricted in towns and cities. I wouldn’t expect electric vehicles (EVs) to get any cheaper.    

If we combine this with the sheer impossibility of providing a national grid which could handle the load of recharging millions of EVs overnight, with the obvious gross undersupply of charging points in residential areas, there is only one possible aim – to reduce dramatically the number of car owners. We are no longer to have universal individual transport, no longer to go where we want when we want, no longer to choose where and when we shop, or to carry as much home with us when we do.   

Reducing car usage by pushing up fuel prices hasn’t worked very well so far, so they are now on a complementary campaign to steal our money with huge increases to domestic and commercial fuel bills and inflation. That inevitably pushes up the cost of food and other basics and reduces our discretionary expenditure. The coming tax rises will further reduce disposable incomes as well as put added pressure on small businesses.  

This has the added benefit from the globalists’ point of view that more small and medium-sized businesses will go under. I see it happening already – the artisan bakery and deli from which we bought much in the last decade, a very successful family business, has closed its doors as it is unable to meet its commercial energy charges of over £2,000 per week. It had also been a café, but that side of the business was killed by the lockdowns. This translates directly into job losses and a reduction in the supply of good food.  

In the Netherlands there is an attack on farmers based on a spurious ‘emissions emergency’. The government is trying to push through the compulsory purchase of large tracts of farmland and force a major cull of livestock. Farms which have been in families for generations are threatened with compulsory purchase in order to build a mega-city.  

In other EU states, protests by farmers, both supportive of the Dutch and provoked by government action, have spread. In the US, Bill Gates has become the biggest owner of farmland. He’s not doing it to go into cattle ranching or raising hogs. He plans to use genetically modified corn and soy to produce synthetic meat and biofuels.    

In the UK, our government has been offering farmers money to leave the industry as long as they either sell their land, rent it out, give it away or plant trees on it. On the face of it that seems not so bad, but inevitably some agriculturally productive land will become woodland or be covered with the infernal solar panels. A reduction in the overall food supply is a likely outcome.   

Next year we will see the effects of the proxy war in Ukraine and this year’s shortage of fertiliser. Emerging from winter, a financially constrained population may have to cope with a reduced supply of nourishing food and even higher prices.  

They may also be a sicker population as the experimental gene therapy will have degraded their immune systems. The food shortages and price rises will see people’s diet suffer, which will provide another boost to the death rate at the margins of society, especially among the elderly.   

We are already seeing a higher level of excess deaths which have coincided with the mass jab campaign. The excess deaths include people killed by those gene therapies. I know correlation never proves causation, but I’m glad there are people who will be keeping a beady eye on this as we go through the winter and into the spring. The medium- and long-term effects of the injectable products are unknown, so it may be that the worst is yet to come, as some fear.   

The release of Pfizer’s data, being analysed and made public by Naomi Wolf and Sonia Elijah among others, shows that the firm knew that its product was ineffective and that it can interfere with pregnancies. They said it is safe when it isn’t. They lied.  

Unbelievably, there is now a push to get it into young children. In view of what has been coming to light, one would expect jabbing programmes to be stopped. We need to know what exactly is in this stuff that they are so desperate to keep injecting into us all.  

To further aid Net Zero, it is planned that in 2035 in the UK there will be no new domestic gas boilers. Those households needing a replacement will be told to convert to the inefficient and costly ground-source or air-source heat pumps. That should result in colder houses and if people cannot afford additional heating such as plug-in electric radiators it could, in the depths of winter, provide another gentle push to the mortality rate at the margins.  

The Net Zero push has nothing to do with atmospheric CO2, which doesn’t affect the climate in any case. That’s just the convenient excuse. As well as being economically disastrous, Net Zero is a low-key way of helping to keep the population in some discomfort as it destroys Western economies and contributes to keeping the death rate higher than normal.  

It sits with the injectable gene therapies, food shortages and coming personal transport deprivation which will make life that little more difficult and continue to wear us down. Each of these globalist measures will contribute in its own small, unspectacular way to the overall aim of reducing our numbers. In so doing, the globalists hope, the sleeping majority will not notice. The minds behind this assault on us are truly evil.  

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Iain Hunter
Iain Hunter
Iain Murray Hunter is a former RAF officer/fighter pilot and retired airline pilot.

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