Close your eyes for a second. Can you think of any regular BBC presenter or programme contributor who is, or might be, vaguely right-wing?

In the distant days of the Thatcher and Major administrations, Michael Portillo maybe was (or professed to be), and maybe Andrew Neil still is – but beyond that, it’s pretty hard.

Not so, of course, with those of more leftist views. Try the ubiquitous Stephen Fry (of whom more later). Or Dara O Briain, Marcus Brigstocke and  David Attenborough, a climate change activist and Malthusian.  Here, the BBC Shop peddles his strident views.  The list is virtually endless.

Did any one of them vote Ukip, or even Conservative, at the last election? Perhaps not.

Their political beliefs are not hard to work out. Any BBC drama, or any edition of Radio 4’s The Now Show or The News Quiz contains abundant evidence that anything that contains even the faintest whiff of ‘austerity’ is to be loathed and derided.  And for example, Mitch Benn, a Now Show stalwart, went into the business of fundraising for the Green Party in 2010.

With her latest utterances, though, Sandi Toksvig perhaps now stands in a league of her own in terms of BBC-supported prejudice.

Actually, the reason for this post is that – hurrah! – she is stepping down from her role as chairman of The News Quiz (of which more later), but the point is that she – with a stable of left-wing cronies on the panel and as programme guests – has been a cornerstone of BBC4’s so-called humour for the past decade.

Already, she has form in terms of the venom she unleashes on anyone who dares to think differently from her liberal-left worldview. I apologise for repeating what she said but it is necessary to show the depths to which she sinks. Back in 2011, she decided it was uproariously funny in a News Quiz item about benefit cuts to declare that it was the Tories who had put an ‘n’ in cuts.

Predictably, the BBC complaints department decided that this was acceptable humour, and indeed, Radio 4’s commissioning editor Paul Mayhew Archer – who approved the programme in advance – declared that what she said would bring ‘delight’ to many listeners.

Ms Toksvig has now decided that she wants to pursue instead a career as a leader of a new grouping called the Women’s Equality Party. In a spate of fawning media interviews including this one on the BBC,  she has chillingly declared that her mission will be to ensure that women are treated ‘totally equally.’

This, she risibly but earnestly believes, is a ‘non-partisan’ viewpoint.  The party’s mission statement is here. Maybe readers of this blog might form a very different opinion. Belinda Brown shows here on TCW where the feminist agenda has led us.

It was in her new political role that Toksvig appeared in a session this week at the Hay Literary Festival, which seems increasingly to be the favoured haunt of her squad of lefty chums. With her was Stephen Fry, and Roly Keating – former Controller of BBC2 who is now chief executive of the British Library – and the topic of the event was actually the 800th anniversary of the signing Magna Carta. It can be heard in full here.

Ms Toksvig’s main theme was that the barons at Runnymede missed out all mention of women and so, too, did the Pilgrim Fathers when they began to speak of democracy. This, she declared, was self-evident monstrous injustice that now needs righting. She concluded that ergo, every workplace in the land must have equal numbers of women and equal pay.

Perhaps what Toskvig actually meant is that anyone who disagrees with her ‘equality’ agenda will be treated to a torrent of her own particular brand of c-word abuse.

Why? Well, en route, of course, she could not resist using her trademark ‘humour’. Her target this time was Nigel Farage.

She told the audience, “I watched the count for South Thanet and I found myself cheering for the Tory candidate. I hate Farage for that, I really do. He made me cheer a Tory, the bastard.”

Toksvig, continuing in her ‘non-partisan’ vein, then asked what Farage and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler shared in common, and referred to the Ukip leader’s previous battle with cancer.

She declared: “Farage kept having pictures of him defaced with Hitler moustaches. I mean he’s not really like Hitler. Okay, he has a German wife, he hates foreigners, he only has one testicle and he was defeated.”

And there we have it. What she actually means is that anyone who dares to oppose her is a racist and a bigot and deserves to rot in hell. It will be interesting when the BBC starts covering her campaign whether it subjects her views to the same amount of vitriol and incredulity that Farage has received from them.

But as the Corporation has used her as a mainstay of their presenters for so long – and given her an open platform to vent her leftist spleen – perhaps we should not be holding our breath.


  1. Radio 4 so-called comedy programmes are indeed dire.

    Same old lefties with the same old jokes.

    • Same old Leftys who have the most appalling record of protecting paedophiles (Rochdale, Rotherham, Bristol, Oxford, Birmingham, and the list goes on) and associations with PIE but in the BBC’s case, they not only knowingly protected them for decades but actively promoted them as ‘National Treasures’. If the Left continues with this Hitler/Nazi/Racist association of the Right, we are going to have to start fighting fire with fire. We may not have the reach of the BBC but the internet is wide open. How about we start with: Labour – Pimping for Diversity.

  2. One thing I’ve noticed over the past couple of years is the proliferation of Hitler comparisons made by the Left against anyone who disagrees with them. Like most gratuitous insults, they lose their impact as they become more commonplace In fact they start to look more like what they are: ridiculous hyperbole. Does Farage call for the extermination of millions of people? No. Does he want to subjugate the Western World under an authoritarian ideology? No, but Ms Toksvig sounds like she does. Does he want to overrule elected democracies? No but Ms Toksvig seems to want to.

    The comparison is of course crass, and should be taken for what it is, vindictive “humour”, based on a mixture of prejudice and bigotry. I’m delighted she’s leaving “The News Quiz”. Her new role is at least sincere in that she is revealing her true colours. Politics is often the death-knell for a celebrity’s career. Let’s hope we see and hear less of her.

  3. Doesn’t this mean we should equate La Toxic with Goebbels? After all, both are/were propagandists, statist-socialists, and if I’m not mistaken, according to the song source she used, Toksvig has no balls at all!

    • Further similarities: Goebbels was also described as a “poison dwarf” and was a notorious womaniser

  4. Hitler is always associated with the right, but the Nazi’s were socialists, but with an anti-communist, nationalist agenda.
    The reason I think why most minorities are attracted to the left, is that unlike the right it isn’t sunk in tradition, and unable to gaze much further than it’s own navel.
    There appears to be a common denominator between small c conservative-libertarians and minorities, and that is in ‘liberty’ (arising from ‘small’ government); which could only enhance and expand the right, were large C conservatives willing to pick up the liberty and diversity mantle, and start walking the Christian walk.

    • I almost up voted you for that first paragraph, but the second confused me and the second even more so.

      People like the left because the narrative is much better. Liberty, fraternity, egalitity all sound so damned good that no one can really argue with the ideology. Who wouldn’t want freedom, fairness, brotherhood/sisterhood and equality. It’s like any sound bite devoid of verbs. They are just words without plans. Same with global warming, it suggests nasty polluting capitalists and who in their right mind agrees with pollution ? It’s all masterful rhetoric.

      There isn’t a ‘right’ really. There are statists and anarchists. Extreme statistics number only a few, but they begin with a big advantage- the state already exists, they don’t need to create one. Extreme statists can be right, or left-Hitler was considered right, Stalin left and no one ever ascribes Churchill as a statist extremist but he most certainly was. The bulk of the people go for something in between. This is the grey area. The types that don’t like the idea of extremes, plump for the the mean which is a huge mistake. The reason being that this describes the sort of person that might dislike the mass murder of war, but would be OK with a few people being murdered as opposed to a disinclination to fight. They are the ones that like to do their bit for recycling, but can’t actually decide not to recycle, or to fall fully in with those who want to turn us back to the Stone Age. The problem with the midway is its lack of decisiveness, which is weakness. When that way is chosen responsibility is abdicated. It is an evil way. Neither to agree or disagree brings the worst outcomes.

  5. The primary emotion of all leftists is hate – and Toksvig exemplifies this perfectly. In her case it takes the form of virulent misandry. Her aim for “total equality” is one so meaningless that it can never ever be fulfilled (one might wonder if it is even meant to be); as such it gives her a never ending cause and purpose, and a never ending source of the dissatisfaction and resentment which fuels her hatred. The BBC has an inordinate fondness for such mediocre “talents” – Jeremy Hardy springs to mind as a male counterpart to Toksvig. But then that is another aspect of socialism – universal mediocrity for all (but with secret privileged excellence for a select few). These people inhabit an alternate reality hermetically sealed off from rational analysis, self criticism, or meaningful debate of any kind. It’s all a kind of dingy fairyland, a bubble well overdue for bursting to spill its inhabitants blinking into the harsh light of reality – how many of them would survive I wonder?

    • Misandry and feminism are often linked by ‘misogynists’ , when in fact modern feminism is about equality/egalitarianism. Funny that

      Sandy Toksvig BBC articles – can’t see anything here which isn’t rational common sense
      bur the ‘Trolls are aready out’ as can be seen here

      Toksvig said that since announcing her party on the BBC’s The One Show last month, she had experienced a great deal of abuse. “Trolls have already come out, and so therefore I must be mad, because that is the world we live in,” she said on Monday. “But I refuse to live my life on the sidelines with a vague feeling of regret. I want to grab life by the throat, even if every time you raise your head above the parapet somebody tries to shoot you down.”

      Asked why she had not joined an established political party, Toksvig replied: “Most of the mainstream parties seem to treat women’s issues as if we were a minority group rather than, in fact, what we are, which is the majority of the country.

      “So you get separate women’s manifestos, or you get childcare talked about as if it was only a woman’s issue, and if UKIP and the Green Party have taught us anything, actually pushing our agenda from the outside and pushing the mainstream parties to pay attention is much more successful.

      “The party’s going to be non-partisan. It’s not going to be right or left. It’s going to be a very pragmatic, female approach to things, which is to say, ‘What is the problem that we have in front of us? And what is the most practical and possible way in which we can solve this?’

      “I want the party to attract people from all sides.”

      • Making sick jokes and defaming people is common sense and part of modern feminism now?

      • According to the Guardian article Toksvig says that her anthropology professor at Cambridge was an influential figure who had encouraged her to question the way women had been erased from history, starting with the Ishango bone, with the very first recorded markings of a lunar cycle, famously proclaimed as “man’s first attempt at a calendar”

        “I remember my professor saying to me, ‘What man in the world would need to note a lunar cycle?’

        How about a hunter? Ever heard of a hunter’s moon? Some anthropology professor!

  6. When Radio 4 rolls on to the News Quiz I simply switch off. For Toksvig and the BBC’s idea of “humour”, nothing is sacred.

    • Radio 4 was the only station I regularly listened to, but I hardly ever have the Radio on.
      Andy Hamilton’s lame jibes about UKIP on The News Quiz were the last straw.

  7. This is the same Toksvig who ‘joked’ on air that the Tories put the ‘n’ in ‘cuts’, and had a laugh with über-luvvie Stephen Fry about being a leering lesbian in her youth at an all-girls school (something that would be considered homophobic had a heterosexual made the joke). So now she is openly a political activist (as opposed to all those at the BBC who are political activists but pose as journalists and producers), and will still have a paid platform for her views on a number of BBC programmes. If Toksvig still has her presenters gigs after this, it will be proof that BBC management approve of her activism and will bend the rules for it.

    Still, at least she didn’t say ‘golliwog’ off camera, in private. That would be a career ender.

  8. Well I would compare Churchill with Hitler and the BBC love Churchill, so maybe it’s not an insult ?

    You are absolutely right of course. All these BBC shows are filled with Malthusian, Marxist mouthpieces.

    On that note has anyone recently watched channel 4 news? It’s completely barmy, like a manga film, or a sentence that begins half way through and ends prior to anything being said. It’s packed with statists. I think it’s setting itself up to become the mouthpiece for the Orwellian state. It’s a strange experience to watch it. The producers must be on LSD.

    • I don’t think the BBC really love Churchill. It’s just they know what a torrent of opprobrium they will receive if they try to do a Thatcher on him.

  9. Two weeks ago Sandy Toxic won our ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ award – Hardly surprising for a spokeswoman for the Women’s Equality Party, given that all the mainstream parties are relentlessly anti-male, regardless of the gender balance of their MPs. Unshackled from the Lib Dem’s, among Cameron’s first actions was to re-appoint Nicky Morgan as Minister for Women & Equalities, and to give a third of cabinet posts to women, although only one in five Conservative MPs are women.

    We’ll shortly be publicly challenging Ms Toxic over misleading statements she made at the Hay Festival, in the course of a discussion with Stephen Fry, during which he was nodding vigorously – predictably.

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