David Keighley: BBC declares war on America

This was the weekend when, arguably, the BBC abandoned principles of impartiality and became a fully-fledged political faction determined to mount an all-out assault on the presidency of Donald Trump.

In BBC programme after programme, battalions of outraged parties were lined up to attack his new approach to border control. In tandem, presenters worked flat out to ensure that their points were delivered with maximum venom and outrage.

Especially egregious – though in line with the overall approach – was the contribution from a ‘journalist’ called Matthew Green on BBC News 24. As part of the newspaper review, Green – who believes that the Republican Party is the most dangerous Party on Earth - declared (without challenge from presenter Maxine Mawhinney):

‘Trump is ignorant, prejudiced and vicious in ways that no American leader has been. And I think Theresa May's refusal to join other European leaders condemning what Trump is doing is a huge stain on her premiership and could be a defining moment for her.’

In case that was not enough, he later threw in:

‘US newspapers are calling him a tin pot dictator. America, in the past week, has suffered its ugliest start to any republic in the history of the country…Donald Trump is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. He is megalomaniacal, vainglorious, prejudiced, vengeful. We've seen it all clearly. It is totally obvious.’

What stimulated such incontinent (and yet unmoderated) rage? The reality is that President Trump, using accepted constitutional process (fully in line with election promises), ordered that for the next 90 days (link to the full executive order), there will be a ban on entry by nationals from seven countries pending investigations about potential security risks.

On top of that, the US refugee settlement programme will be suspended for 120 days, and thereafter entrants with refugee status will likely be limited to 50,000 a year (compared to 110,000 under Barack Obama). And pending further investigations about Syria, potential refugees will not be allowed.

Tough? Yes. Draconian? Well, that’s surely what the US electorate voted for in November. The Democrats may have hated it, but Donald Trump was clear in rally after rally that he wanted tougher border controls. The new executive order is step one.

Of course, such restrictions are bound to cause anomalies and upset, but which comes first in terms of presidential responsibilities? The inconvenience of aliens – or the security of citizens?

Of central relevance here is that in taking such action – against the continued threats on home US soil from Muslim terrorists – President Trump is in no way breaking new ground. Jimmy Carter, for example, during the Iranian hostages debacle in 1980, stopped virtually all Iranians from obtaining visas.

Another crucial point is that the list of countries in the Trump executive order is not new, nor was it even devised by Trump and his government.

Reacting to terror threats and plots from 2009 onward, the US government eventually passed  the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 which stipulated and facilitated visa controls on seven countries Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Somalia.

President Trump’s executive order actually mentions only Syria (in connection with the refugee ban) by name and simply adopts those countries already identified as serious terrorist threats to homeland security needing special legislation - by that BBC hero, Barack Obama!

The full framework of this complex picture is expertly laid out here by the US journalist Seth Frantzman, who recounts how he, too, was outraged at Trump when he first read of the new executive order (through the lens of the main news organisations) – and how he then uncovered the truth of its origins.

For the BBC, though, no such fact-checking, or balance. As Craig Byers expertly observes here, Radio 4’s The World This Weekend was admired in a tweet by Samira Ahmed (presenter of the Corporation’s so-called complaints programme Newswatch) as a  ’model of how to report unfolding events responsibly’.

Pardon? Over to Craig:

‘It met her criteria for responsible broadcasting by featuring only 'responsible' guests - namely, (a) an immigration lawyer, (b) a Democrat congresswoman, (c) an Iraqi activist, (d) a former Labour foreign secretary and (e) a Conservative MP, all of whom are opposed to President Trump's executive order on refugees/immigration.’ 

Craig adds: ‘Last night's (Saturday) PM on Radio 4 was just as 'responsible' in its 'guest choices', featuring three interviews in a row about President Trump's executive order on immigration - one with an Iraqi politician, one with an American Muslims campaigner, one with a British MP - all of them appalled by the presidential order. Again, there were no 'irresponsible' balancing voices to be heard.’

Where next? Laura Kuenssberg, of course, opened another line of assault on Friday night with her question at the May-Trump press conference, and correspondents are making no secret of their total disdain in tweets. This open, unqualified hostility towards President Trump is totally unprecedented territory.

(Image: Cicero Group)

David Keighley

  • Birtles

    ‘There is a war on – for your mind’. But, on the bright side, one can see this hysteria as signs of defeat.

    • Michael990

      But unfortunately wild savage animals do thrash around a lot when they’re on their last legs.

      • One Gun Salute

        There is an opportunity here to help the left, the right and the planet in one fell swoop. Pop the lefties into swimming pools around the country, raise the water temperature to 30 degrees, give them BBC News 24 to make them thrash around, drop in some washing power and your washing. Hey Presto, the energy intensive washing process is done with smaller emissions of CO2, the lefties get a bath and who knows, the lack of a pungent aroma means they might make new friends and the left may die out altogether. Result!

        • weirdvisions

          That works fine right up until the point they decide to pee in the pool.

  • Paul Williams

    It’s not as if he didn’t say all of this in the campaign. In fact, he has rowed back on what he originally promised. My God, the liberal left have got to grow up. Not everyone wants to see the Islamistaion of the West.

  • Ken

    I am outraged that a politician would actually deliver on their promises. This is a scandal and this is what the BBC should really be targeting. We urgently need to return to the days of politicians ignoring their promises once elected.

  • Nockian

    The virtue signalling lefties, the auto mourners who live by feelings and emotions, have been systematically rotting people’s minds to the importance of reason and the BBC is their vile mouth piece.

    I’m no longer content to simply rail against the injustice of the licence fee, the BBC is a thorn in the sign of sanity, it is egging in the weak minded to violent actions and as such must be seen for what it is and abolished completely.

    • Hayekian

      Its not just the BBC, the education system is at it too.

      • Nockian

        Absolutely, as is the majority of publishers and the entertainment industry. Few would condemn Charles Dickens Christmas Carol, but it is a Fabian beating stick designed to force people to accept altruism (sacrifice) as being the right moral action.

        Even such films such as the Karate Kid, which seem innocuous, are suggesting the weak should triumph at the expense of the strong. Watch how violent the hero is and how the anti-hero is simply protecting his rights-quite shocking how we are persuaded through entertainment so easily.

        • Hayekian

          As Andrew Breitbart said politics is downstream of culture.

          • Nockian

            Yes, that’s well said. Just as existence is considered downstream from consciousness. In a philosophical sense this is the belief in the primacy of consciousness and hence the mistaken belief of the mind body dichotomy.

            It was the hippy movement that abandoned reason in favour of pure hedonism predicated on emotional stimulation. It was about feeling good at any cost. This mourning by modern leftist hippies is exactly the same thing by which they pander to their feelings because they cannot face the facts of reality. They are denying the existence of values as real existents and living purely by abstractions such as supporting the immigration of refugees- they aren’t doing so for rational reasons, but purely because it feels good and that is all that counts in their shrunken cerebrum.

            As Ayn Rand said when comparing the Apollo programme to Woodstock:

            “It is said that man is a creature who has his eyes on the stars and his feet in the mud, but it is emotion that leaves man in the mud and reason that lifts him to the stars.”

            If we listen to these idiots we will end up in the mud with them.

      • Stuart Fairney

        Yep, I’m explaining to my 7yr old son currently (in an independent, I expect no better of state schools) why Mandela was a complex character with many flaws and much blood on his hands rather than the saint, that the school book has him down as.

        • Cassandra

          Mandela was every bit as ‘racist’ as were the White South Africans. Does anyone seriously believe that he would have spent all that time in jail if it had been white majority rule rather than black majority rule which was at issue?

          The same goes for that other saint of the left, Ghandi, who had a low opinin of ‘kaffirs’.

      • Reborn

        Above all, Higher Ed & teacher training.

  • Frank

    We are so lucky we have the OFCOM Content Board and a Culture Secretary (Karen Bradley MP) to ensure impartiality by British TV newscasters!
    OK, I was being sarcastic, like when we applaud the Serious Fraud Office for its hard work (ie doing nothing except riding on the coat tails of American law enforcement!)

  • RingedPlover

    Didn’t Shakespeare say something like:

    ‘This precious stone set in a silver sea
    Which serves it in the office of a wall
    Or as a moat defensive to a house,
    Against the envy of less happier lands,
    This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England’ …

    Or do we not want to defend ourselves anymore?

    • Frank

      They would probably regard him as an old fascist.

      • RingedPlover

        I imagine his days are numbered.

        • weirdvisions

          Not while the left leaning luvvies can still make mega bucks out of it.

        • RobertRetyred

          We are expecting a decolonisation of his books, rendering them safe to all minorities. This will be after the Physics and Chemistry books have had all their references to dead white men removed.

      • R.Celica

        They have their ways of correcting his lack of inclusivity . I recall a BBC production of Henry V (I think) where one of the knights (York?) was a ‘person of colour’. Somewhat distracting. His spoken English was fine, no gagstaspeak – yet.

        • Cassandra

          Still called cultural appropriation. But only if the culture is non white,

          • R.Celica

            Does that let off Diane Abbott’s hair straightening?

          • weirdvisions

            Yeah. They seem to be vastly overcompensating for Brian True-May’s “oversight”.

          • RobertRetyred

            It’s like playing ‘I Spy’.

        • Cassandra

          I recall a production of Hamlet where Ophelia was ‘a person of colour’. I can’t see the point of people dressing up in medieval clothing etc if a gross anachronism of this sort is then inserted.

          • R.Celica

            Could it be to perpetuate the falsehood that we have always been a nation of immigrants? What we now call ‘false news’.

      • Cassandra

        Dead white male and therefore to be despised.

        • OK, you beat me!

        • Rob

          And also, largely Hetro I believe! So, without doubt, thoroughly despicable.

      • Dead white man = of no account.

    • weirdvisions

      It’s not “we”. It’s the Beeboids who think we don’t have the “right” to defend ourselves any more. It’s waaaaaycist. It’s Islamophobic. And xenophobic. And quite possibly homophobic too if they can find a way to work that in.

  • launcher
    • RingedPlover

      Although I like Twitter for my Birds, Butterflies, Wild Flowers &c. we were much better of without it.

    • Demon Teddy Bear

      Gosh … and the police haven’t arrested her? Perhaps they only arrest rightists?

  • Sandy

    My complaint about this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38784199

    “Theresa May fails to condemn Donald Trump on refugees”

    Dear Mr ****
    Thanks for contacting the BBC. This is an automated acknowledgement … (etc etc blah blah)
    Complaint Summary: The headline contains political bias

    Full Complaint: The headline “Theresa May fails to condemn Donald Trump on refugees” includes a politically biased value judgements in the use of the words “condemn” and “fails”.

    Firstly, it is biased in favour of the position that the President’s policies on refugees are wrong and therefore should be condemned. This is obviously a political position, and one was made by the losing side in the recent US Presidential Election. Similar policies are debated by mainstream parties as political issues in the UK.

    Secondly, it is biased in favour of a position that the PM should intervene in the democratic process of an ally to the probable detriment of trading relations. Again, this is clearly a political position debated by mainstream parties in the UK.

    It seems that Laura Kuenssberg wishes to campaign against US and UK government policies. She is obviously free to do so, and good luck to her, but she cannot do so as an employee (or contractor via personal service company) of the tax funded BBC. I do hear there are some vacancies in the PLP though!
    Thank you again for contacting us,
    BBC Complaints Team

    Will they reply? We shall see.

    • Aunty

      Dear Sandy

      Pay your telly tax or we’ll send the boys round.

      With all best wishes


    • Bill Quango MP

      Dear Sandy
      Thank you for your “complaint.”
      The BBc is a world renown broadcaster, especially trusted for its impartial, balanced and fair coverage of news and politics. The BBc is funded, uniquely, from universal taxation so it can be assured that it’s views are never compromised.

      As such we can do whatever the hell we like. So up yours, you facist!

      Ps – send money.

    • Cassandra

      Don’t count on it. I complained about the anti Trump comments of various BBC persons prior to the election and got a standard brush off.

      • Sandy

        I’ll let you know in 7-10 days!

        • Allie B

          You’ll get the standard brush off that everyone gets. However it’d be interesting to see what would happen if someone were to get particularly stubborn and just keep emailing them back, arguing against their proclamations of impartiality citing evidence each time.

          • Sandy

            Well, everyone needs a hobby! I’m sure you are correct though, I have received their brush offs in the past.

    • Simerall

      I asked the BBC how James O’Brien could be a self confessed lefty broadcaster on LBC at midday, and impartial on Newsnight at 10.30pm just hours later. Got the standard brush off. Journalistic ethics at the BBC are dead and buried.

  • James Chilton

    One of the pleasures in life is making sardonic comments on the passing show. However, in the case of the BBC, you could easily find material to mock on a 24/7 basis.

  • Tad Stone

    Is Laura K leaving BBC to become Director of Communications for Labour. She is already fulfilling the role on a daily basis at the BBC.

    I also note her twitter account has gone a bit quiet following the criticism!!!

    • Stuart Fairney

      This fact alone is quite chilling, BBC to Labour without a hiccup. Speaks volumes.

      • Bill Quango MP

        And vice-versa

        • lojolondon

          The Biased BBC is already the official opposition to the Conservative party – have been since Thatcher dominated the spectrum. I find it appalling that Conservative leaders always totally lack the balls to shut the propaganda down. After all, the BBC couldn’t deliver any more biased output than they already do – so what is to lose??

          • weirdvisions

            What is there to lose? Well the Telly Tax. They apparently can’t lose that quickly enough hence the biased drivel they are broadcasting in breach of the BBC charter.

      • Simerall

        BBC to Labour is a well trodden path. Probably hundreds of ’em. But what infuriates me is hundreds of left wing ‘comedians’ on the BBC payroll.

        • RobertRetyred

          I can put up with some Leftish humour, but only up to a point, but BBC humour isn’t humour at all. Even though it mocks Trump, I think this is funny: it might even make him laugh:

          What do you think?

          It makes me realise just how poor BBC comedy really is.

          • Yep, it’s been all over the conservative blogosphere over here. Almost all of us agree with you. It’s very funny, love it, as a matter of fact.

          • So do we. But then we’re not leftists, we have a sense of humor (or even humour, if you prefer)!

  • Andrew_M_Swallow

    Since it is an action of the US Government the BBC will get away with it. However Hollywood celebrities may find that like Jane Fonda they are Tokyo Roses.

    The European countries will almost certainly introduce similar bans within the next 2-3 years. This makes the European protesters Quislings and collaborators with the Muslim invasion. I wonder if they will get the same free haircut that women collaborators got at the end of World War 2?

  • Tom Burroughes

    I wonder if the BBC correspondents claiming that Trump is the most vicious of presidents would like to read a list of all the drone strikes under Obama, or read about FDR’s decision to intern all Japanese-Americans during WW2, or Andrew Jackson’s crushing of the Native American Indians in the early 19th Century? I could continue but you get the general idea. I dislike Trump for a range of reasons, and yet there is a lack of historical perspective from some people that is reducing them to a laughing stock. And the tragedy is that they keep crying wolf.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      The plaintiff at the center of the Japanese-American concentration camp case is the subject of the Google doodle today, in fact. “Those evil Republican xenophobes!”, blaming the Republican Governor of California rather than the Democratic President.

      • klm

        These are the same people who think that the Republican Party is the party of the slave-owners.

    • Roosevelt’s EO was far more draconian. The thing never mentioned is that a bunch of German and Italian citizens were also interned. It never mentioned the Japanese. It allowed the military commander in any military area (most the coasts, obviously) to designate any group he thought might be dangerous, Redhead, for example.

  • Redthorpe

    Dear President Trump

    I am totally outraged at your policy of “no-platforming” certain people from certain countries in order to create a “safe space” for ALL Americans at home. This progressive liberal thinking must stop now !

  • Colkitto03

    Waiting on the BBC to report that both Starbucks and Netflicks share prices dropped sharply today on news that they were going to employ large amounts of refugees.

    • SteadyOn

      On the plus side they will probably have to abandon their attempts to daub customers’ names on their cups.

      • Politically__Incorrect

        I’ll have to go to Starbucks and tell them my name is “Trump rocks!”. I won’t drink anything of course, could be traces of saliva in the coffee

        • weirdvisions

          Go independent. My local coffee shop serves excellent coffee, superior to Starbucks,’ and made just the way I like it. And I don’t need to take out a loan before I walk through the door.

          • simonstephenson

            Surely the coffee can’t be any good if you don’t have to take out a loan in order to be able to buy it? “You only get what you pay for” is the motto, isn’t it? For example, I can’t stop drooling over my pair of stained jeans with rips in them that were a bargain, so I was told, at £350. (just joking!)

    • Partridge

      Large numbers.. :O)

  • Mike Hunt

    No one seems to care about the victims of Islamic Terrorism , it seems to be that we should just accept their deaths as part of a multi cultural society . Crazy ?

    • Bandmomma

      I posted this on Facebook, I cant wait for the virtual signalling to begin.

      • Rob

        Paul J Watson on the BBC, now there’s a thought!

        • Bandmomma

          I think the BBC really do believe they have the power to topple the American Presidency.

          • weirdvisions

            That is because they are delusional. They live in a titatnium bubble that reality cannot enter.

    • weirdvisions

      London’s Mayor and friend of Muslim extremists thinks we ought to get used to it. Terrorism that is. He’s worse than the newt lover and that’s saying something.

  • Bert

    Can we donate the BBC to the EU as a parting gift?
    It would be good to dump both at the same time.

    • Alan Llandrindod Wells

      It is awful.
      The BBC , paid by us, trashes our democracy and wages frenzied attacks against our closest ally, who just happens to be the most powerful nation on earth.
      It has to be shut down.
      Reform is impossible.

  • Cassandra

    I should be surprised if Trump could care less about what anyone whatsoever thinks.

    The first duty of a government is to protect the safety of its citizens and after that to further their other interests. America first,

    How does admitting into a Christian country hordes of individuals who adhere to a faith like Islam do that? There is virtually no way to investigate the histories of these people since records in their countries of origin are worth precisely nothing if they exist at all.

    In any case, the Qur’an is full of injunctions to murder or subject non believers. And that is what Mohammad did. It is hostile to Christianity and to Western values derived from it, and always will be.

    Why is there no similar outrage at the fact that Israelis are banned from just about every Islamic country?

    Other countries have said that they will not accept Muslim so- called refugees: Hungary, Slovakia, Japan, Russia.

  • Debs

    What can be done about the BBC though ?Whittingdale caved in and now they are out of control. I pay for them and I cannot even bear to switch them on. Im feeling very angry.

    Complaints are just fobbed off.
    Can we complain to Offcom yet? Ive emailed my useless MP again.

    • Bill Quango MP

      Caved and gave them a decade to do as they wish without even having to consider funding.

    • Alan Llandrindod Wells

      If your MP is Conservative he is probably a Blairite.

      • Debs

        He’s not.Hes Labour. East London. I never voted for him but he’s still supposed to represent me.

  • screwtape013

    “The British people are appalled” – well some might be and especially those of a “right on” persuasion but I would suggest that for a broader view it’s always worth casting an eye on the Sun’s politics page (https://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/politics/) to look at the comments section of stories featuring The Donald with most being along the lines of “if only over here too” Indeed, there is a sense of quite a British fan club forming.
    Be interesting to see how Paul Nuttall in Stoke handless the BBC/London Trump hysteria – if he gets it robust and right might just do wonders for his and UKIP’s prospects.

    • Chingford Man

      Daddy was a long-time MEP who switched from the Tories to the Dim Lumps.

  • Great Briton

    Interesting that the BBC and The Guardian aren’t allowing comments. The Guardian had comments on for a Trump story this morning and then said it was a mistake.
    The reason they aren’t allowing comments is because it allows the Plebs to have their say and then the other Plebs will see that the silent majority agree with Trump

    • Cassandra

      The Guardian is far and away the most censorious of newspapers. ‘Liberal’ indeed!

  • Polly Radical

    Bizarrely, the solution to the problem already exists: the BBC charter. Given that the current BBC obviously isn’t fulfilling its charter duties (impartiality/balance) the licence funding can be withdrawn.

    But that would require a firm decision – much easier to muddle along . . .

    • Alan Llandrindod Wells

      The Blairite Conservative MP’s will do nothing about it.

  • The Sage

    I also notice that left-wing paper reviewers (are there any other kind at the BBC?) are allowed to make unchallenged statements about a range of subjects dear to their hearts. The BBC on Sunday morning is the most egregious in this respect and only seems to choose reviewers who live within a 30-minute drive of Salford. As a result, so we either get a scruffy Clitheroe kid type or a member of some obscure ethnic minority who is a lecturer in sharia studies or suchlike at Moss Side University.

    • DAWWolds

      And people like the loud-mouthed Rachel Shabi seem to be touting themselves around to both BBC TV and Sky. Ms Shabi was on Sky one evening and on BBC the next.

      And Christina Patterson was almost wetting herself with outrage at Trump’s immigration decision – as she also does over Brexit.

      • R.Celica

        It may be my imagination/prejudice but lefty female journalists on these shows all seem to have strange, slightly bulging, staring eyes. I recognise three so far. Can’t name them all but Shabi is one.

        • weirdvisions

          It’s down to trapped wind. All that hot air they spew can’t escape fast enough.

          • simonstephenson

            Ed Balls has the same problem, doesn’t he?

  • Badger

    We British suffer from not having any alternative broadcasting media. At least America has Fox News (for what it is worth these days).

    Here we have only BBC, ITV and Channels 4 and 5, all disseminating the same left wing propaganda.

    • macukguy

      You are right that is a big problem and as a result I hardly watch UK TV news now so what a damning indictment of their coverage, it’s frustrating having nowhere else to turn.

      • Alan Llandrindod Wells

        RT and Al Jazeera.

    • weirdvisions

      I thought Fox was in the process of acquiring the piece of Sky it doesn’t already own – including Sky News. I seem to recall the Beeboids throwing a tantrum over it a few weeks ago. It didn’t get them anywhere.

      • Peter Parker

        Please God that Fox get hold of Sky. Time was when Sky News was a welcome antidote to the incoherent fascism of the BBC, but having hired a guardianista as news editor, it’s now just as bad.

  • TRAV1S

    Two fake news stories the BBC have been pushing, Trump and the urinating hookers and Trump’s Muslim ban The BBC is no longer a news agency, but a special interest propaganda network for the US Democrat Party. If the Conservatives were really Conservatives they would decriminalise the TV Licence. No one should be subjected to the BBC’s bullying and extortion to fund their fake news.

    • AliceSorensen

      And Angela Merkel

    • James60498 .

      But the Conservatives aren’t really conservatives.

      They are pathetic.

  • lojolondon

    You have to bear in mind that for 20 years or more the Biased BBC has declared war on Britain – opposing every sensible/patriotic action and lauding the waste of taxpayers money on other causes, the less deserving the better. Time to stop the TV Tax and privatise the whole corrupt lot.

    • Labour_is_bunk

      Against my wishes, ‘Er Indoors persists in donating to the annual Children In Greed appeal. I keep telling her that some of the money goes to leftist pressure groups, but she doesn’t believe me.

      • lojolondon

        Totally agree – bunch of millionaire luvvies getting paid with taxpayers dosh to beg small British children to collect money for overseas aid organisations – totally wrong on every level. I will never give and I will never watch.

  • John Smith

    heres the simple answer

    dont pay the BBC Tax im sorry licence fee

    then if the gestapo sorry enforcement officer turn up

    tell him to f**k off and leave your property and issue a

    Withdrawing implied right of access and your personal details


    I would say if 20% stop paying the whole lot would come crashing down

    If the BBC is so great let it stand on its own merits

    • Peter Parker

      Not paid since I bought my first flat in 1993. Letters = hundreds. Visits = zero.

  • Cassandra

    Steve Bannon, CEO of Breitbart and now in Trump’s administration, has declared the Mainstream Media as ‘the opposition’.

    The BBC is about as unbiased as CNN is in the USA. I.e. Totally partisan for leftism.

  • Snoffle Gronch

    As George Galloway – of all people – has so shrewdly remarked, the ghastly Clintons and the hypocritical Obama are responsible for a million deaths in the Muslim world, and silly liberals, the boring BBC chief among them, want to demonize President Trump for some flying restrictions.

    It’s a remarkable fact – which I’m sure the BBC will surely highlight – that of the seven countries subject to President Trump’s temporary ban, Obama sanctioned the bombing of five of them. Where then was the outrage?

    If the liberals didn’t like Trump’s platform, all they had to do was field a credible candidate with a popular manifesto. But as we know, the Democrats were too arrogant for that. So a problem (if it is a problem at all) entirely of the Democrats own making. Were the second-rate luvvies in BBC News not so gullible, they might have spotted that.

    Meanwhile, despite what the foolish so-called BBC says, the great majority of Britons look forward to welcoming President Trump on his state visit – the first pro-British POTUS since Reagan.

  • warmingmyth

    To be fair, Laura Kuenssberg is only doing her job as a propagandist for a fake news outlet.

    • weirdvisions

      And she does it so well.

  • AliceSorensen

    I think it is time to cancel the BBC charter. Not only they have breached their charter repeatedly, now they believe they have a god given right to meddle with politics. We are ashamed of the way the BBC is behaving. They do not represent the views of the majority of Britons

    • John e Boy

      They seem to see themselves as the World Broadcasting Corporation hence their determined attempts to be fair to all sides. They forget that UK licence payers pay for their existence. They should report news through the lens of the UK man on the street.

      • weirdvisions

        They should report the news honestly and without bias. The Beeboids already report the news through the lens of the UK man on the street. The ones they deem as “suitable” that is.

  • The rage of the dying establishment.

    • David

      I hope you’re right !

  • Ravenscar

    I cannot remember who it was [sky or beeb probably].

    It was late/early though…………….. but they interviewed some people living on Staten Island near NYC. It was salient, for these rather polite and indeed calmly erudite, well spoken folk averred that, they fully agreed with Mr Trump’s extreme vetting policy.

    It was a very frank set of interviews which to my mind ably demonstrate that apart from the emoting elite luvvies and banshee Socialists – many New Yorkers are good, sane and honest people and more to the point are fully behind their newly elected president. I thought to myself, how pleasing was it to witness it and to hear it – a bit of balance on UK TV – praise be! and Hallelujah! Only a bit mind but there nevertheless.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Staten Island is an outpost of “Flyover America,” the “Red Sea” (the colours are reversed in America), in the midst of the pit of vipers known as “Coastal America” (more properly, the Northeast Coast and the littoral strip of the Pacific Coast, San Diego to Seattle– even inland, California, Oregon and State of Washington have sane people).

      • Ravenscar

        Yeah but who and where do the UK meejah always show ‘under threat’ certainly not the lads who used to mine coal; in Pa, Ky or Va, SC – thats for sure and I say Staten island represents ‘quiet’ America and good on em, I liked what I heard.

    • weirdvisions

      It might have something to do with the fact that the Fresh Kills dump, where a lot of what was left of the World Trade Centre along with human remains ended up, is located on Staten Island. A grim reminder that the people responsible for the atrocity were “vetted” before being allowed entry into the US.

  • PierrePendre

    Twitter has contributed mightily to the destruction of journalistic impartiality which news reporters are supposed to observe. The political allegiances of reporters is evident from what they tweet and we can construe from that how they will select and prioritise their facts and choose their vocabulary when writing what are ostensibly neutral news stories. The NYT and the BBC cannot admit to being llberal outlets because it would instantly destroy what is left of their credibility but they can hardly deny it when the overwhelming evidence of their journalists’ liberalism is laid out in their daily tweets.

  • John Thomas

    As I’ve said before on TCW, Trump is the new Emanuel Goldstein (from Orwells 1984), the official media/government promoted hate figure, whom we are all invited to hate.

  • simonstephenson

    Amongst many others, there are two basic realities that seem to be invisible to the BBC and the rest of the “outraged” Left/Liberal would-be patriarchy:-

    1. That it is childish communication, not adult, to employ Dumptyesque redefinition of words to make it appear that a particular outlook is supported by something independent of the feelings of its promoter. This unfortunate modern normality has blossomed since the Blair/New Labour days when every policy was described as being “the right thing to do” – which of course it always will be, as long as one is able to redefine “right” to mean “that which I consider to be right”.

    2. That the separation and polarisation in society has come about in no small way because of the Left/Liberal adaption of this verbal legerdemain as a means of dishonest point-scoring. If there is a group within society which is going to insist that it is incapable of being shown to be wrong, then as long as society permits it, there are going to be other groups, with different feelings/beliefs/opinions, who are going to conclude that the best way to deal with the Humpties is to sideline and ignore them, because they aren’t intellectually grown-up enough for it to be a constructive exercise to include them in any serious discussion.

    The political rise of the Donald Trumps of the world is the direct result of the Leftist progressives’ actions in treating the general population as if it is composed entirely of idiots.

    • The short of that, that we use in the States: “That’s why you got Trump”. Says it all, on many fronts.

      • simonstephenson

        Yes, thank you. It seems to me that Left Liberal progressives, in general, are driven by a belief that theirs is an outlook which is at a higher intellectual level than any which are held by their critics. And yet, the only reason why their outlook seems so impregnable intellectually is that they have redefined the word “intellectual” to mean “whatever is required to make my position impregnable”.

        Far from being at the pinnacle of intellect, their position is that which one would expect to see from clever children, not properly educated grown-ups.

        • Agree, uneducated sheep (although that is unfair to sheep.) A lot of them remind me of whatever German it was who said, “The electorate is defective, we’d better get a new one”. Sadly, Frau Merkel appears to believe it literally.

          • R.Celica

            I think the German may have been Erich Honecker. The late boss of the DDR, where Angular Merkel was raised.

          • Cassandra

            Berthold Brecht. About the East German government. Very much like the Lefts attitude to the native British as well.

          • Thanks, thought it was, but couldn’t remember.

        • log

          Quiet so, not even exceptionally clever children either

        • wisestreligion

          Newspeak is indeed central to the promotion of Liberal Left dogma. So “progressiveness” means any movement in a Leftward direction. To “Hate” is to disagree with the Left. Most far reaching and sinister, however, is their elevation of their own belief system in general to a higher plane over all others. So other people’s beliefs are defined as a religion (and therefore to be kept private), whereas Liberal thought is never named or categorized in this way – that would legitimize dissent. If anything their beliefs are to be referred to as a Higher Awareness, to which the rest of us need to be raised.

          Of course, nothing is higher than a religion, apart from another religion – in the eyes of its believers. Poor things, Liberals really believe they have escaped from the “superstition” of religion to an advanced open-mindedness and that everyone else will join them once the scales fall from their eyes. We should insist that their Atheist Liberal beliefs are treated just another religion, but a particularly intolerant one, and we should give it a name. Difficult to pin it down precisely because of its amorphous nature, but I suggest something like “Self-obsessed Incontinence”.

          • weirdvisions

            Good post. I hope you don’t mind me qualifying your last two descriptives:

            Self-obsessed incontinent stupidity. It’s the nature of the beast and therefore not as amorphous as one might think.

          • Allie B

            Melanie Phillips deems it ‘totalitarian narcissim’ in this video: ‘Projecting Fascism in the New Trump Era’


    • log

      Very well put. The BBC has become almost infantile in its emotional, highly opiniated style of ‘reporting’. I would have preferred to see the Trump May press conference offered as the fact that it was, then be left to draw my own conclusions rather than be spoon fed hypocritical outrage as the opinion I am supposed to have. The BBC news teams forget their viewers are adults with an ability to think independently, it is not CBeebies !!! Channel 4 and itv are no better either..

      • weirdvisions

        Sky News is on a par with the BBC. It’s become a 24/7 non-stop fake-a-thon.

      • simonstephenson

        “The BBC news teams forget their viewers are adults with an ability to think independently”

        I’m not sure that “forget” is the right word here. I think the BBC bigwigs are fully aware that there are adults with an ability to think independently, but these bigwigs are of a totalitarian persuasion for which independence of thought is something to be discouraged most strongly. They really don’t see the BBC as a facilitator of independent thought – more as the propaganda arm of of a central authority which directs and controls society from the top down.

  • alecto

    Since when did the BBC represent the ordinary people in the street? All Mr Trump has to do is put the BBC at the back of the queue.

  • WFC

    What stimulated such incontinent (and yet unmoderated) rage?

    The fact that Trump’s election, and a future trade deal, makes their scaremongering about Brexit even less plausible than it was before.

    If not this, it would have been something else.

    And the intent is to force the British government to distance itself from Trump.

    • RingedPlover

      Indeed: a Trade Deal with the US is the last thing they want.

      They would seemingly prefer to see the Economy collapse than Brexit succeed.

      • weirdvisions

        We aim to disappoint them. So far we’ve scored bullseyes.

  • DAWWolds

    I gather that BBC Radio Nottingham was running a phone-in on Trump’s edict around lunch-time today. The presenter expressed surprise that all those phoning in were supporting President Trump.

    • weirdvisions

      Shocking! What is this country coming to when the Beeboids can’t game the narrative.

    • Allie B

      These people have learnt nothing from Brexit. You’d think they would’ve at least realised how out of touch they are with the majority of Brits but apparently not! You can lead a horse to water…

  • The Third Man

    David, You hit the nail on the head when you wrote “The inconvenience of aliens – or the security of citizens?” as Clinton clearly wanted to put everyone else first and Trump wanted to put Americans first. In that sense it is similar to Brexit where Leavers wanted to put Britons first and Remainers wanted to put people from the EU first

  • James Chilton

    Irony of the day: an article on the BBC website which explains how to stop fake news spreading.

    • weirdvisions

      If the Beeboids want to stop fake news spreading here’s how. They can:

      a) Stop lying.
      b) No, really. Stop lying.
      c) Report news instead of continually pushing fake, anti-democratic Beeboid narrative.
      e) If a,b,c,&d can’t be delivered then sod off and die because we’ve had enough of your lefty BS over the last twelve months to last a lifetime.

      • simonstephenson

        Excellent recipe, but the BBC isn’t doing any of this inadvertently. It’s been colonised by activists of the Left who consider everything to be political, and to whom the BBC will always be the prime means by which to distribute political propaganda. There’s no way it can ever be anything much different from how it is now as long as the same people are in charge of it. And I have to ask, even if there was a complete clearout of these activists, how long would it be before they’d re-colonised it? Not long, in my estimation.

        • weirdvisions

          There’s more than one way to skin this particular cat. The Beeboids are fully paid up members of the Church of Global Alarmism. Remove all BBC studios and other buildings from the National Grid and insist they get all of their power from either wind or solar. Same goes for outside crews. Equipment batteries to be charged by man-powered, bicycle driven dynamo.

          I know it won’t happen but I’d love to see it.

          • simonstephenson

            Yes, although forcing it to raise its own financing on a commercial basis, rather than through extortion, would make things a lot more difficult for these political animals.

          • weirdvisions

            Yes. Having to actually earn their crust rather than having it handed to them by the bucket load would be one hell of a culture shock. Bring it on.

          • simonstephenson

            Yes, and it’ll also be fun observing what happens at the Grauniad when the Auto-Trader money runs out. Bring that on, too!

          • weirdvisions

            I have a skip full of popcorn. Want to share?

          • simonstephenson

            Look forward to it!

  • Under-the-weather

    What happened to the BBCs new and much heralded `fact checking department`, working overtime?

    • They’re very busy, like the NY Times, writing fake news.

    • weirdvisions

      They only check to see if the facts fit the Beeboid narrative. If they don’t fit they get binned. Simples.

  • I just wish that Mrs May would get on with Brexit so that we can control our borders and introduce similar measures to those that Trump has introduced, but with much smaller numbers because of the smaller size of this country.

  • MrVeryAngry

    Milton Friedman made a distinction between political and market mechanisms. He also said that the incentives for people operating in both spheres were exactly the same. Self interest. The key difference was that in the market mechanism the consumer ruled and that bad projects would be killed off. Whereas in the political mechanism, as bureaucrats jobs depended on the continuation of the project, a reason would always be found to find extra funding for failing projects. And they could do that because they had the power of coercion.

    Clearly the BBC is a ‘failed project’ and only continues to exist as it is funded by coercion. If you don’t pay the telly tax men with badges turn up and will do you violence if you don’t pay.

    The only way to kill off the BBC, IMHO, is a universal telly tax strike.

  • Cassandra

    It’s not as if Trump is the first to come down hard on Muslims entering. What about Japan, which won’t have Muslim immigrants because their own citizens come first, or Hungary, Slovakia or Russia?

    There is no ‘mounting outrage’ about the fact that Israelis are banned from entering just about every Islamic country, including those on Trump’s list,

    Try entering Saudi Arabia whilst wearing a Christian cross.

    Angola is demolishing every mosque in the country, for goodness sake. Not a peep of outrage about that from the ‘balanced and impartial’ BBC.

    USA voters have every right to say who can come into their and it is no body’s business but that of the USA.

    This screech of outrage from leftist / liberal sources including the BBCmerely evidences their hypocrital double standards and their intellectual third ratedness.

    • Quite, to the point that during Gulf War I, our chaplains had to remove their crosses, and stars of David, which are an official part of their uniform, In Saudi Arabia.

      Not to mention a western country which actually dares to defend itself. Poor luvvies. Well we’ve lots of boots, of several kinds, and hard bitten men and women who know where to apply them, and not to our friends.

    • R.Celica

      The BBC has certainly gone into anti-Trump overdrive today and, by implication, Theresa May. Anyone with a critical take has been allowed full rein. A full on rant from Caroline Lucas quite spoiled my lunch.
      They have yet to name the Quebec shooters, one has been named elsewhere as a Mohamed al Khadir. But they did manage to mention the pig’s head dumped on the mosque doorstep a year ago. Perhaps a muslim blue on blue doesn’t count being a cultural norm.
      As for the petition that they are incessantly pushing, is there an alternative one?

    • Alan

      Good for Angola.

  • weirdvisions

    If Matthew Green wants to know what “dangerous” really means all he needs to do is go to North Korea and lambast the megalomaniacal narcissist Kim Wrong-Un the way he has maligned Trump. All his concerns will end rather rapidly and extremely violently I suspect. I hear Kim isn’t a fan of the BBC either. It seems there’s a bit of good buried deep within him after all.

  • Odo Saunders

    BBC Radio 4 and Radio Five “the home of all show-business and other human trivia” Live have certainly gone into overdrive with their largely venomous attacks on President Trump, despite the fact that he is only giving effect to a promise made during the recent American presidential campaign! The problem here is that the BBC do not like the idea of democratic decisions being exercised by the ordinary person, which are not in line with those approved by the metropolitan elite. The daily debate this morning on Radio Five Live on Trump’s executive order relating to immigration was hosted by Nicky “Gameshow” Campbell, and he was on his best politically correct behaviour. When one listener argued that the women marching against Trump should have protested about the way in which the Koran discusses women, Campbell merely said that the matter was a question of debate among Moslem scholars! You could not make it up and demonstrates the mindset of BBC journalists. When Campbell asked one of the “experts” on the show about the fact that persons with Israeli passports were not permitted to enter Arab countries, the question was brushed aside and Campbell did not press her further on the matter. On the Radio 4 breakfast programme this morning, one of the contributors was the fellow traveller “Baroness” (surely some mistake?) Warsi, who completely ignored a statement made by one of the presenters to the effect that Pakistan was not included in the ban, as well as certain other Moslem countries, and was allowed to get away with the matter. All last week, the presenter Nick Robinson on Radio 4 was adopting a particularly hostile tone as regards the issues of Trump and Brexit. What particularly irked me was that all his questions put to the studio guests were prefaced with the understanding that both matters were bad and should be automatically criticised.The BBC gave up long ago trying to be an impartial presenter of the news and should be consigned immediately to the dustbin of history. But I am probably preaching to the converted!

    • weirdvisions

      You are preaching to the converted but your message can’t be said often enough or loudly enough. Keep up the good work.

  • Sossidge

    The BBC’s bias is past a joke now. Their news programs aren’t about news, but propaganda.

    • weirdvisions

      It’s about the only thing “propa” about the Beeboid fake news merchants.

  • wisestreligion

    The BBC’s response to Trump’s executive order on immigration, even by its own standards, has been shockingly one-sided. Trump’s immigration ban was labeled a Muslim ban, even though it was a temporary measure aimed at a small number of Islamic countries. It is a holding measure designed to help reduce terrorism. Even if there were no threat of Islamic terrorism, however, Western countries need to think about whether to sit back and allow preventable, gradual demographic changes to transform our nations in a way that very few would want. Should their people should have any say in this process? A Muslim ban would make great sense. Why don’t we talk about it and see what would work?

    It is only quite recently that our Liberal Superiors here in the UK have graciously allowed us to talk about immigration at all. For many years they had maintained it was racist even to suggest there was a problem. The rising concern of ordinary people about the way immigration was changing their communities finally forced the elite to accept that worries about immigration could be legitimately expressed.

    Now, however, if you move on from expressing vague concern about immigration to actually calling for the imposition of practical limits, that is when the insults and cries of “Racist, islamophobe” come raining down.

    Multiculturalism has been shown not to work. With 4.8% of the UK population now Muslim, they are mostly concentrated in ghettoes and living as if they were in another, Islamic country. So why do they want to live here anyway, is it the money? As the number of Muslims grows, rather than integrating to form a “new model liberal multicultural man”, as they are meant to in the theoretical Liberal Utopia, they become even more entrenched in the comfort zone of their ghettoisation.

    When in a hole, stop digging. We need to stop mass Muslim immigration. Their population is already increasing enough through significantly higher birth rates. We should not compound the problem. There is nothing “hateful” about this. It is realistic and in the best interests of all. How many Britons want their country to become Islamic next month? Probably only 4.8% or less. How many Britons want their grandchildren to be living in an Islamic country in 50 – 100 years from now? Probably no more than 4.8%. So why can we not take steps now to keep our country as we want it?

    On issues like Climate Change and pollution, most experts believe that the result of small annual incremental deterioration now will be catastrophic over the course of the century if we do not act to save the planet. Consequently we have all sorts of international agreements and lots of taxation and regulation so that, over the decades, we steer away from forecast danger. Exactly the same principle applies to demographic change through immigration from high birth rates and immigration. Small annual changes compound into transformative change over the long term. From the limited data I can find, it seems that my two year old son may well be living in a country that is largely Islamic by the time he reaches my advanced age. However, while we hear no end about Climate Change, no one talks about the change in the composition of our country. Still less does anyone propose doing anything about it. If there was an honest debate about how we want the religious and ethnic profile of our country to look for our grandchildren would there be much support for significant change? How many people in the UK think we need a lot more Muslims or Arabs and fewer Europeans?

    Demand for the control of Muslim immigration is not, whatever the Liberals may say, born of hatred. It is born of love of one’s own culture, nation and family – feelings that Liberals allow of foreigners but not of their own countrymen. The denigration of one’s own country is the fount of great self-righteous superiority for the Left. Indeed, many conservatives respect the solidity and depth of Islamic faith, in contrast to the flimsy superficiality of Liberal belief. It is the realization that Muslims are not integrating, but will always remain Muslims, that makes this wave of immigration totally different from the immigration that has been absorbed in previous centuries. Muslims are happier in lands where they can live as Muslims, and the rest are happier in Christian lands. Unfortunately the Liberals who rule us appear to live in La La Land, in delusion about Islam. Though Liberals now seem to call all the shots in Government and our key institutions they still obsess about freeing us from the shackles of the repressive Christian patriarchy. Islam is a useful weapon in that cultural demolition and Liberals cannot see beyond their battle with Christianity to a much greater battle looming beyond as Islam strengthens its grip on the West.

    While conservatives may respect Muslims, but fundamentally disagree with their religion, Liberals on the other hand patronize Muslims. When they look at a Muslim they see a budding liberal in fancy dress, who will shortly capitulate to the undeniable superiority of incontinent liberal belief. Furthermore, Liberals exploit Muslims for the purpose of breaking down the host culture. Whatever is the theoretical number of Muslims that could be accommodated comfortably in our country, that number is significantly reduced by the manner in which they are used by Liberals to whittle down our tradition and culture. So we now have thought crimes introduced to protect Muslims and other designated minorities, and we have threats against Christian teaching in schools under the excuse of anti-extremism. We can blame Liberal politicians of the Blair and Cameron governments for such measures, but we have these laws thanks to the presence of our Islamic neighbours.

    So most of our politicians now accept reluctantly that the British people voted in the Referendum to take back control over our borders. But in what ways are we actually allowed to exercise control over immigration? Can we discriminate on grounds of income, on grounds of professional qualification? I understand such criteria are often employed in immigration policy. Yet in a country there is room for a range of people – from highly-skilled professionals to cheap labourers. One thing all immigrants need to do, however, rich or poor, is to live under the one legal system and the national culture of their host nation. So the most rational grounds for identifying those who will play a constructive part and integrate with their host is on their most fundamental beliefs on how the nation is governed. On this basis, Muslims, whose religion requires Sharia Law, incompatible with English Law, are the least suitable immigrants to welcome into a Christian country like ours. Just looking at the segregated lives of Muslims shows this to be so. The cultural Marxists are unfortunately blind to this truth as through their special spectacles they can only see what is meant to happen under their dogma – a utopian muesli of happy human units singing progressive marching songs.

    So, rather than fine tuning the relative numbers of labourers and scientists we should first of all welcome those who will be at home in our Christian culture under English law. There may be some legal work do be done to enable such a rational immigration policy. In the US the First Amendment may, or may not, need a small tweak. In the UK we only have the very recent, and very silly, Equalities legislation to amend. It would not be remotely as difficult as the legal process of exiting the EU. Our grandchildren will be even more grateful to us for the freedom of living in a Christian, not Islamic, country than they will be for Brexit.

    • Outstanding! Very well said. At least a thousand upvotes!

    • simonstephenson

      I think you’ve been fooled by the Climate Change fanatics. It’s quite clear to me that this is just the latest anti-capitalism political manoeuvre; that the Climate narrative is mere window-dressing to camouflage the real purpose of the campaign; and that, as such, it is not considered to need to pay any respect to truth, accuracy or reality – because it’s only wrapping paper, there to help achieve the main, ulterior motive.

      • wisestreligion

        Perhaps I was clumsy to use a controversial topic as an example, but I was not trying to take a view on Climate Change, on which I confess ignorance. Rather, I was pointing out that our normally short-term politicians are well able to take action for the very long term benefit if it touches their core beliefs.

        • simonstephenson

          Maybe, although I don’t think core beliefs have much to do with the political enthusiasm for the Climate Change Agenda. They’re supportive of it because they see an electoral advantage in being on this particular bandwagon – for the time being, at least. It’s the job of those of us more committed to truth and reality to expose this as the camouflaged ideological campaign that it really is, in the hope that when it starts to reek, the politicians will realise that it’s no longer a bandwagon which carries with it any advantage, and will risk being trampled underfoot in the rush to jump off it.

    • Can of Worms

      An excellent piece, well said.

  • Andy

    We should declare War on the Fascist BBC. It is time to abolish the license fee and cut the BBC down by vastly reducing the number of outlets it controls – 1 TV channel and 1 Radio channel. Sell the rest off.

    • Alexis

      Time to tune out.

    • Tethys

      The BBC is way, way more than a news outlet and would be a terrible loss if the obsessive bigots of this world had their way.
      The real issue is lazy journalism which those who think they best know what public interest means will then exploit to cry ‘bias’

      FYI the italicised descriptions of Trump IMHO hit the nail square on the head.

      I see plenty here attacking the BBC but nobody denying that particular characterisation of Trump-why?

      Don’t shoot the messenger.

      • Dave S

        Why would the end of the BBC be a loss? Money back into circulation for the taxpayer . Win win all round. Anybody left who wants it could then pay for it on subscription.

        • Tethys

          Because the market will not provide what is needed.

          • The Buttscratcher Jimmy

            Propaganda by a national broadcaster isn’t needed in 2017 thanks to sites like this.

          • Budgie

            And how do you know what is “needed”? The term “market” is just a collective term for people making their own decisions. You have just set your opinion above everyone else’s, for no sound reason.

          • Tethys

            Of course we really need 10 more series about goblins & zombies.

      • Budgie

        IMHO Donald Trump is dealing with the problems of potential terrorism in a measured and statesmanlike manner, in line with his campaign promises.

        The BBC on the other hand has been biased for years, has been getting worse and is now shameless. The BBC should be broken up and sold off. Anyone who likes what’s left can pay a subscription instead of selfishly sponging off all the other TV Tax payers who don’t like the BBC.

        • Tethys

          But you don’t disagree with the quoted summation of his character.

          • Colonel Mustard

            There you go. Press him to not disagree to reinforce your own prejudice.

          • Budgie

            Quite clearly I do disagree with that “summation”. Since you appear to base your opinions on demonstrable falsity, no wonder you have problems.

          • Tethys

            The premise of the article is that the italicised quotes are not correct.
            Well we’ll have to differ on that, but nothing condemns a person quite so much as his own mouth.

      • Colonel Mustard

        There seems to be one or two like you assigned to every conservative or right wing blog. “Obsessive bigots” is a perfect description of the BBC whose narrow, left-wing presumptions extend even to its drama and whose output comes across as “agenda” rather than a balanced and impartial accounting.

        Let’s face it, people like you simply object to the fact that some disagree with you so you have to resort to an “agenda” to coerce, protest and self-assure that you are right and those who disagree – dissenters – are beyond the pale. It is why you are here. And don’t pretend that is to present an alternative view (unnecessary since most of the media and public narrative parrot the same view) or to debate, since your comments reveal a rejection of political pluralism and the right to hold dissenting views without being marginalised for them.

        Hypocrites each and every one of you, peddling outrageous double standards.

        • Tethys

          Here’s a real double-standard for you.
          1. promoting ‘birther’ fake news
          2. accusing anyone remotely linked to the Russian story of pushing fake news.

  • itdoesntaddup

    I just checked (because I don’t watch the BBC news) to find that the BBC failed to report on Sunday’s 10pm TV news that the UK had sorted out the position of British dual nationals, etc.. The detailed announcement was already on gov.uk, and they simply failed to check – or if they did, they purposely chose to ignore it in favour of their own agenda. Utterly shameful.

    • Masakatsu Agatsu

      The BBC ran the story of UK-Turkish aerospace collaboration with a ‘ticker tape’ entry that said £ ?0 million – I saw this at about 4pm, and at 10 pm it was still running with the same erroneous enty – presume they didn’t want to give the public any good news at odds with their post-Brexit apocalyptic narrative. Useless, lazy and politically motivated, stuffed with virtue signalling wasters, it is way past time for them to be removed from the public purse.

  • ethanedwards2002

    I really don’t mind if the Beeb becomes (more of) a right on home to Milly Tant and a radical anarchist hub etc. Just as long as normal people are not forced to pay for their depravity on pain of imprisonment.
    Second thoughts -destroy the BBC. fire them all. Demolish the infrastructure. Grind the debris into dust salt the ground. Then fire the dust into the sun.
    I’m a moderate.

  • Nicholas Wilson

    There is a close parallel between the post Brexit vote protests and (unbelievable) petitions and what we are seeing now as a supposed reaction to Trump.

    What is behind both is the EU which is determined to drive a wedge between the UK and the USA and to discredit Trump and through that, discredit what they call “Populism”.

    A number of EU Member States hold elections this year, and they want their hated and discredited politicians returned to power. Perish the thought that the electorate might vote for a politician who would promulgate policies that people actually like and support.

    The BBC is an EU agent, bought and paid for, and the EU is interfering where it shouldn’t.

    People need to understand what is happening and understand who are our friends and who are not.

  • Dave S

    It is getting seriously out of hand and will rebound on us and Europe if it goes on. This never happened even with the bad old men of the USSR. If I were President Trump I would recall my ambassador to Britain and cancel any possible visit. These insults in parliament and the state media cannot be tolerated by any US President. I would then either go to Moscow or invite Mr Putin. Then I would go to China or invite the Chinese leader. These are real countries that matter. Bluffs need to be called and the idiots in this country need to learn a hash lesson about power and reality.
    Mrs May must put a stop to it now if she has the courage. There seems to have been some confusion as to whether that question from Kuensberg at the press conference was agreed with Mrs May first. if it was then there is going to be a reckoning .
    Finally if President Trump really wants to see the BBC in meltdown he could move the embassy to Jerusalem .

    • WFC

      If I were President Trump I would recall my ambassador to Britain and cancel any possible visit.

      Which is exactly what the BBC is trying to achieve.

      • Dave S

        Sometimes it is necessary for a leader and a free people to act decisively at whatever cost. I am amazed the President Trump has put up with us for even a week .

  • Nockian

    Time to mess with lefties heads. Sign petition for Trump to make a state visit. Surely we can get more than 1.5 millions in this ‘melt a snowflake appeal’ ?


    • discoveredjoys

      Curiously any comments about the alternative petition were modded from the Guardian’s Comment Is Free Article “To defeat Trumpism will take an extraordinary popular resistance”. It’s almost as if the Guardian no longer supports free speech, in my opinion of course.

      • simonstephenson

        Oh, the Guardian supports free speech all right – you can be assured of that. It’s just that at the same time it’s redefined “free speech” to mean “the right to say things which are supportive of our view of the world, but not things which are not supportive of it”.

        You can’t get much fairer or freer than that, can you?

    • Budgie

      Direct link is:


      Make sure you sign the right one!

      • Nockian

        I did. Watching it pass 90K now.

  • rick hamilton

    It’s great to watch mobs of handwringing leftie wets wasting their time on ineffective demonstrations in the freezing cold. Most of them are dreamers who haven’t woken up to real life yet and, if living on the taxpayer as most lefties do, they never will.

    Just sit back and laugh. Laugh at the BBC who can’t believe the population are sick to death of political correctness. Laugh at the Guardian which is begging for donations as it gradually goes bust. Laugh at Labour which is in terminal decline. Laugh at LibDems if you can find any. Their side lost and will continue to lose, election after election. Grown up voters want doers in power who will fight terrorism, not dreamers.

    • Boudica

      I presume most of those demonstrators are ‘flashmobs’ who are on call via twitter and facebook. They are young and pliable.

      • Cassandra

        There was a book published a while ago about the role of Facebook, twitter etc in the phenomenon of ‘flash mob’ race riots in the USA. It’s called ‘White Girl Bleed A Lot’. Illuminating stuff.

    • John Birch

      I think it’s hilarious to see remainers who are mainly groups such as council administrators teachers etc, the people who feed from the taxpayers, and lefties who think they are anarchists and hate the mechanism of the state joining hands together to detest the normal workers all over our country and the USA who produce the wealth.
      Lefties and remainers against workers. You couldn’t make it up.

  • Boudica

    There is ample reading here and I will be back for many days to read as many comments as I can. Having an interest in geopolitics I am constantly reading with regards to the populist return to the right. I must say that the Germans media [DW-Disqus] are absolutely obsessed with Donald Trump and Brexit while covering up through censoring their own migrant induced crime wave. Some days there are just two to three editorials on Trump with close to fifteen a week . The same goes for Brexit which I heartily believe in. Brexit is also highly discussed in DW as well. Literally all editorials are deceptive propaganda in nature. Many of these editorials are challenged and the lies dissected by Americans, Canadians, British and Europeans. Most are none German but alas there are a few of those too. There are also obvious DW paid trolls who do a miserable job of defending the authors efforts. I don’t read too much BBC any more as the pro European Union bias is very obvious. I too am not happy with Mrs May’s performance but if she is to make Brexit the success that it can be she must support President Trump. One more thing I view Germany’s control of the EU as a Forth Reich who is controlling this undemocratic union through the Euro currency. It must be disassembled. Britain was right to avoid it.

  • Colonel Mustard

    The real “special relationship”, since about 1989, is between a “community organised” left in America, quite distinct from previous Democratic advocates, and an orchestrated, subversive and radical left in the UK whose unelected, establishment figureheads are “leading beyond authority” to bring about fundamental – and catastrophic – change. Too easy to poo-poo this as conspiracy theory but the manifestations are all around us and in plain sight. In recent years these “change agents” have become more blatant as they recognised that there was so little resistance to their extreme undermining of our society, culture, tradition, history, constitution and laws. The silent majority were just that, able only to read about the creeping madnesses in the Daily Mail or online and to seethe impotently. The empowered but unelected left thought that they had it in the bag.

    And then first the referendum then Trump jolted their hubris. The result is hysteria. The extreme reaction of those who thought that they had absolute supremacy being frustrated. They didn’t get what they wanted and they want to rule. So when democracy fails for them we get violent protest, hyperbole, threats, tears and denouncement. The mask is off. The beast is plain for all to see and it doesn’t bode well for future peace and stability in our society. Especially the apparent chumminess of the radical left with radical Islam, even within the institutions of state.

  • Benthic

    I suspect that the BBC in their own inimitable bubble believe if they can drive a wedge between us and the Americans we can fall back into the arms of the EU again?

  • idon’tneednodoctor

    The BBC should have a Fake News reporting page on the web site. This would allow people to report fake news items form any source. The comments should not be censored by the BBC.
    If the BBC is unbiased, as it tells us, then there is no reason for them not to go ahead with this proposal.

    • Cassandra

      The BBC has been guilty of fake news for as long as I can recall. This is done, not by actually lying, but mostly by selecting facts to report – omitting ones inconvenient to their left- liberal agenda – and spinning those that are reported. This amounts to the same thing.

      For example, although according to opinion polls at least half the population is and always had been opposed to mass immigration and multiculturalism, if one relied on the BBC for one’s information, one would never know that.

  • Janice Birch

    President Trump as a pragmatic ‘ doer’ is quite entitled with new administration to put TEMP. ban on immigration: to check for himself procedures. Democrat activists have whipped this up to try to remove him from office; using term refugee policy (to increase emotion) racist & comparing him to ( he who can’t be named) who actually killed his own people: unlike President Trump who is trying to prevent killing of people in USA & in wars in other contries. President Trump has a Goliath of a job:with wealthy celebs in gated communities denying people in mid & Southern states same protection & opportunity! Maybe they could invite to their communities millions of migrants on Italy’s streets that Angela Merkel & Brussels EU won’t help

  • John P Hughes

    Laura Kuenssberg is the most recent example of the journalist who becomes the story. Journalists who get too overbearing and haughty last for a time but eventually become the subject of too many lampoons and cease to be regarded as reliable reporters or objective.
    This type of journalist has been around ever since television became the dominant news media in the 1960s. Past examples in Britain are:
    * Robin Day
    * Reggie Bosanquet (though he was only a newsreader)
    * Jeremy Paxman (who had a good run and knew when to get out)
    (others may have more and better examples)

    Ludovic Kennedy, a very early TV news personality, saw the dangers and eventually turned the tables by playing himself as a TV interviewer in a ‘Yes, Minister’ episode.

    Current TV presenters / interviewers who have this reputation are:
    * Kirsty Wark
    * Jon Snow (who seems oblivious of this status)
    * Evan Davis (who wasn’t on radio, where he was good, but has tended to acquire it by his exaggerated style on BBC2’s Newsnight)
    * Jeremy Bowen (not as good a reporter on the Middle East as he thinks he is)

    Laura K looks like she is joining this band.