How many ways can the BBC find to insult those who support stronger controls on immigration? And to what extent is this an integrated, pre-planned strategy to rig the election?

The latest round of name-calling came with Evan Davis’s so called ‘interview’ of Nigel Farage on BBC1 on Wednesday evening.  It was actually closer to a party political broadcast by Evan Davis outlining the Corporation’s deep loathing of those who do not agree with multiculturalism.

The full transcript of this travesty of an exchange is here.

There is much in the UKIP manifesto that is different from the main parties. Alone among the main parties, they want to leave the EU.  And associated with that, the party wants the introduction of an integrated, much tougher approach to immigration.

A poll commissioned by the Daily Mail shows starkly that 90 per cent of voters want radical changes in immigration policy. Most believe the current inflow is a major problem, it is causing stress on communities and infrastructure, and that numbers should be curbed. They do not believe the three main parties are planning to tackle these problems.

For Davis, however, this potentially rich and rather central strand of questioning was of no interest at all.   Nor was the UK’s relationship with the EU.

His approach to the interview was yet another example of the BBC’s ‘painting by numbers’ approach to Ukip.  The main intent was to show that all those who support such policies – and Nigel Farage in particular – are dangerous, bigoted racists.

Accordingly, the tone and mannerisms he adopted were those of a superior, enlightened being dealing with something rather unpleasant adhering to his shoe.

One obvious manifestation of this approach was that he interrupted Farage at least 50 times. Counting the total is quite hard because sometimes there seemed a deliberate desire to stop Farage talking at all, and certainly from presenting an answer that contained detailed reasoning.

Was this simply robust interviewing?  Emphatically not. In the equivalent interview with Ed Miliband by Davis, the number of such interruptions was only 32.  Further, Davis spoke almost 3,000 words in the Farage ‘interview’ – only 700 fewer than Farage himself.

In terms of both arithmetic and the texture of the questions, this could thus be seen as a homily on behalf of the BBC worldview by Davis in which Farage was invited to contribute – but not too much.

Davis started the interview with a familiar way – an ad hominem attack. How could he disparage other politicians for being elitist when he himself, and several of his colleagues, had been educated at public schools?  Well blow me down with a feather. How original and searching was that?

No matter that Farage pointed out that there was a mixture of backgrounds in party ranks – Davis was determined to make his point.

Thereafter, the main thrust  of the questioning was to try trick Farage into revealing that he was totally bigoted. Was Ukip a mean and divisive party?  Why had he said on Fox News that some areas were in danger of becoming ghettoes?  The agenda here was to show clearly that Farage was anti-Muslim.  Did he, shock horror, favour Christians over Muslims? Why did he prefer Australian immigrants over those from Eastern Europe?  And why did he think a lot of crime was committed by Romanians?  Why was he so sneering about what he called the ‘Liberal Metropolitan Elite’?

This was actually the relentless pursuit of the same BBC agenda question: all those who say that uncontrolled immigration is bad are racists, even though they say they are not.

In his determination to expose the nastiness before him, Davis even attacked Farage for saying that mothers who wanted to breast feed in Claridge’s should be reasonably discreet about it. How could he be so unenlightened? Farage protested that to him this was not a big issue, and certainly one not central to the election agenda.  Headmaster Davis clearly thought otherwise.

To sum up, yet again the BBC chose, in a flagship interview of a leading exponent of alternative policies on immigration and the EU, not to explore the main themes that concern the British public. What unfolded instead was another clumsy but brutal ad hominem attack.

By contrast, as happened on Monday of this week, when EU officials want to come on to the Today programme to talk about the need for a federally-enforced common asylum policy (to add to the Free Movement of People directive) in the wake of the African ferry disaster, there is no problem.  They are given oodles of time to do so and are scarcely interrupted.


  1. The BBC is steadily digging its own grave. Never mind the inherent bias in the worldview of the majority of its staff, the organisation has, in some areas, become outright partisan. One does not have to be a UKIP supporter (I for one am not) to see that he corporation’s behaviour during this election is an outrage. It has a clear agenda and In all but name it functions as a political party; they might as well write their own manifesto and put up their own candidates for election. Once I might have defended the corporation for its public service broadcasting remit, it is all but impossible to do so now. A proper public service broadcaster should be an antidote to propaganda not the source of such. The BBC has to go and the sooner the better.

  2. Listening to Radio 4 Thursday and Friday morning as I drove home ( 6 – 7 am ) and each day they had a leading industrialist stating it would be very bad to leave the EU. Almost a party political broadcast on behalf of the pro EUs

  3. Evan davies is trying to make a name for himself ,Hoping to replace Paxman! unfortunately he is a Complete Idiot and Proved this on this occasion

  4. Is the BBC accepting money from the EU ? If so then the Licence fee need to be scrapped and the BBC executives in Court!

  5. BBC being the news instead of reporting it again. A more intrusive, nannying, querulous and biased organisation is hard to find.

  6. complain I did, I want to know the legal aspects on not paying the license fee, I do not want to support a organisation that does not hold democratic views, they should be impartial but clearly not
    what happens if you do not pay this enforced levy?

    • The license fee is a charge on watching live as broadcast TV from whatever the source. As the law stands you are not obliged to pay the fee as long as you do not watch live television. If all you watch is prerecorded DVD, YouTube content, netflix or catch up TV then you do not have to pay the fee. Those who are caught and prosecuted are those, ignorant of the law, who are bullied by Capita agents into signing doorstep confessions. A little research on the internet will provide a wealth of useful info, but in short the license fee is easily and legally avoidable provided you know what you’re doing.

  7. The BBC in it’s current form won’t be around for the 2020 election.
    That’s when UKIP will be an even bigger threat to the Establishment.

  8. The Jimmy Somerville look alike who was conducting a so called interview with Nigel Farage, was proof of the weasels who work at the BBC aka Buggering British Children corporation.. The sooner that organisation is closed down the better . It is no more than a propaganda outfit for the forces of evil.

  9. As a UKIP member I found out some inside info about the Panorama hatchet job on Nigel Farage. He did speak to the interviewer for about 3 mins. But they didn’t show it. They preferred instead to make out he refused to speak to them!
    The chairperson of our Southampton Branch spoke to Nigel on the MEP election night at Southampton guildhall. She explained to the BBC fim makers how UKIP are not racist & that our concern is about loss of democracy & overpopulation. She has a degree in politics.
    She herself is an Asian lady from Jamacia. None of this was shown.
    Instead they chose to show a very innarticulate UKIP supporter interviewed some other time & another low IQ one walking round with a mega phone.
    They showed the famous Van Rompuy ‘who are you’ clip where Nigel went slightly OTT but with good reason. But they didn’t show the rest where Nigel exposes the total lack of democracy.
    To add to this German military marching music in the background to try to associate UKIP with Nazism!
    It’s disgusting.
    The EU stands for creeping insidious totalitariansim. Not UKIP
    EU grants to the corrupt paedo protecting BBC >

  10. It’s another aspect where I despair of Cameron’s lack of combative instincts.

    Were I PM I’d tell the Arts & Culture Sec they had 6 months to prepare a plan for the elimination of the licence fee and conversion of the BBC to an entity unfounded by the State. It’s wrong to compel people to pay to possess a radio wave receiver.

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