David Keighley’s BBC Election Watch: ‘Impartial’ BBC website loads dice against Tories

This, at 16:44 yesterday afternoon, was the menu in the supposedly ‘impartial’ politics section of the BBC website. Spot a pattern?

Tory council housing plan not new money

Labour Pledge to Build 1m new homes

Labour promises ‘Robin Hood’ Tax on City

Conservative Councillor suspended over Eurovision Tweets

Labour warns bosses they will have to take a pay cut if Labour win power

Theresa May rules out vote at 16  - in contrast to most other parties 

Lib Dems pledge to boost armed forces

Davis voices concern over EU border plan

Brown: Tories ’waging war against poor’

Nurses to stage ‘summer of protests’

The analysis that follows is not strictly scientific (though with a nod towards discourse analysis), but this selection – taken at random – speaks volumes about how the BBC is covering the general election.

Labour is on a mercy mission to relieve those nasty City types of their cash through a benevolent Robin Hood Tax; is the only bulwark against the unrelenting, merciless assaults by the Tories on the undeserving poor; and is going to build one million ‘totally affordable’ new houses. Just like that.

There’s no mention, it should also be noted, of perhaps one of the biggest Labour-related stories of the day: that Jeremy Corbyn was arrested in 1986 as part of his sustained mission to support the IRA (sorry, Sinn Fein), on this occasion, connected with the ‘rights’ of the man who nearly murdered Margaret Thatcher, the Brighton bomber Patrick Magee.

Not forgotten, though, are the Liberal Democrats. Here, that nice Mr Farron - fresh from his heroic calls to legalise cannabis - is planning a boost to the armed forces. Hurrah!

The Conservative campaign is cast as rather less benevolent. Boo! Killjoy Theresa May is alone in blocking votes at 16. Hiss! A Tory councillor somewhere in the deepest shires has been suspended for making nasty (by implication, ‘ray-cist’) tweets about Eurovision.

Then, continuing the litany of gloom, the Tory plans for Brexit are in yet more disarray over issues related to the Northern Ireland border; and a scheme outlined by Sir Michael Fallon to build new social housing from a budget of £1.4bn does not count in the election because the availability of the money had already been announced.

Finally, in case anybody is rash enough to think there is anything at all positive on offer from those nasty Tories, there’s news that the NHS is still in crisis, with beleaguered nurses – understaffed by 40,000 thanks to Tory underinvestment and mismanagement – planning to strike in the summer.

(Image: Garry Knight)

David Keighley

  • Labour_is_bunk

    If Mr Hood did exist, he robbed the rich and kept it for himself.

    Just like Labour, really.

    • Pat

      Well no, he used some to buy support.

    • As well as robbing the other bandits infesting the forest. I imagined he wasn’t averse to robbing the poor as well, which was probably easier since few rich voyagers through Sherwood forest would have been so rash as to not hire a few soldiers for protection.

      • Labour_is_bunk

        “which by theft he got from abbies, and the houses of rich earles” – no proof he ever gave a penny to the “poor”.

        • Is that Geoffrey of Monmouth?

          I read his “Tour and Description of Wales”, describing the mission he went on to recruit volunteers for the third crusade. It was fascinating to read his descriptions of places with which I am very familiar. When he writes of staying at Margam Abbey — the ruins are about 20 minutes’ drive from where I live. I love standing in the chapter house and walking through the cloisters, and thinking about how Geoffrey of Monmouth was precisely in the same spot, surrounded by this building, 900 years ago. Or where he writes of the beauty and peace of the hills surrounding Llanthony priory, I sit among those ruins and look out at the same view he admired nearly a thousand years after he died, and it probably hasn’t changed much. That’s history!

          • Labour_is_bunk

            Don’t know for sure, there’s always Google, I suppose..

          • John Standley

            I love doing that historical immersion too – standing in a place of antiquity and trying to imagine who once lived here, or who once wore this 600 year old leather shoe on display in a museum etc. I visited Tintern Abbey as a child and was fascinated by it.

    • I’m always happy to give to the poor. Poor me.

    • AKM

      According to the stories the ‘rich’ he was robbing from were rich tax collectors and rich bishops and the only example of him actually giving to the poor was to a poor knight who was down on his luck.

  • Tethys

    Get a life David.

    • weirdvisions

      Get a job, Tethys,

      • Snoffle Gronch

        Unemployable, except in the public sector.

        • weirdvisions


    • Well, thank you for that incisive and informed insight.

  • fitzfitz

    … step by step the BBC separates itself from its funding base and alienates that base.
    That, history evidences, can end in only one way.
    The cultmarxists don’t care of course.
    The more mayhem the better.

  • britbob

    Regarding the Falklands – Alicia Castro said regarding Corbyn: “In the end, he is one of ‘ours’. Even today, when he comes to our embassy, he arrives with the same bicycle and the same enthusiasm. He is a friendly person with a sense humour, who knows how to listen.” Alicia Castro, Argentinian ambassador quoted in Daily Telegraph 14 Sept 2015.

    The Argentinians often bleet on about the Islands being usurped and the UK being in breach of numerous UN Resolutions but what are the facts?

    Falklands: 1833 Usurpation & UN Resolutions:

    • weirdvisions

      If Corbyn is one of “theirs” then perhaps they’ll hand him a one way ticket to Buenos Aires. And good riddance to the terrorist loving, red flag waving scumbag.

      • Surely he’d be much more at home in Venezuela, where he’d never use toilet paper again.

        • weirdvisions

          Venezuela works for me. He can take Flabbott with him. With her keen sense of economics she’ll have the country up and running (for cover) in no time.

        • The Sage

          Yes, we seem to have heard little so far from Corbyn and Abbot about their much-praised Nicolas Maduro. Surely, Corbyn wants the UK economy to be more like the one in Venezuela, well he has said so on many occasions before but seems less inclined to do at the moment.

        • John Standley

          He’ll be so undernourished, he won’t need any……..;-)

  • VioletEyes

    BBC’s days are numbered.

    At least as it is now – The mouthpiece of the faux pas leftie liberal elite.

    • I wish that were true. Unfortunately, they do seem to hold the entire political order in thrall. With computer-based viewing becoming far more common, they’re now requesting (read “demanding”) a computer-licence regulation, and the proposition isn’t being summarily rejected.

      • weirdvisions

        Yep. That awful populist anti-fake news that counters their own BS fake news must be regulated out of existence.

        Somehow I can’t see that being successful.

        • Harley Quin

          I agree that regulation is doomed or at least, very difficult. If Google, Facebook etc are censored, other providers in places inaccessible to government regulators will spring up.

          That’s what happened in Germany. People began switching to Russian services.

          • weirdvisions

            The right wing vloggers on YouTube are beginning to switch to other sites. I guess the leftists and femiloons don’t like their rocks being lifted and the light of reason shone down upon them.

  • gelert

    It’s unfortunate that for 80% of the people the BBC is their sole source of news.

    • SonofBoudica

      Yes it has a dominant position in TV news and current affairs broadcasting, and an almost complete monopoly in national, and local, radio. If it were a private organisation it would long ago have attracted the attention of the competition authorities.

    • Pip

      The choice is so limited. On TV the BBC and Sky have similar political slant. I listen to the radio in the background during the day – I want to be able to tune in and out and concentrate on work. The constant drip-drip-drip negativism on the BBC radio programmes is utterly depressing and i resent the taxpayer subsidy they receive. I would be thrilled if it was broken up and let supply and demand take over. They are behind the times and totally out of tune with the majority of the population.

      • Can of Worms

        Ditto and totally true.

      • I agree with you, but a caution. Unless you big capitalists/corporatists are very different from ours (and I’d be very surprised) it won’t change much. Here Fox is drifting left (well more than drifting, actually). Leaving us too without a major media voice. Likely one will arise – in time, but that time is not now.

  • BungleFever

    I stopped paying the BBC for its propaganda nearly 4 years ago, so they can print whatever twisted Europhile views they like. I only wish more would join me in the boycott.

    • Pat

      How do you get away with it?

      • BungleFever

        By only using a Chromebook, not having a TV and telling their Goons I’m not paying for it

      • Fissionchips

        By not allowing them access across the threshold of your home. Then telling them politely to fu ck off as you slam the door in their face.

      • John Standley

        I have been TV and TV licence free for 12 years – legally. I am not “getting away” with anything.

  • realarthurdent

    The 2015 general election result and the Brexit referendum results show that the BBC’s influence on voters is on the wane. In both instances their coverage was subtly, or in some cases brazenly, designed to influence voters to vote the “correct” way. I suspect the outcome on June 8th will be the final nail in its news coverage coffin.

    They will continue plugging the same New Labour pro EU pro diversity pro globalism line of course but since fewer and fewer people rely on the BBC for news these days, they will simple become irrelevant.

    • blingmun

      I’d love you to be right but what evidence do you have that fewer people rely on the BBC for news these days? With the decline of print media I would say the reverse is true.

      • weejonnie✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

        I always watch the BBC election results programmes – if only to see the faces get glummer and glummer as ‘why did we lose’ reporters have to announce that the Tories have made substantial gains.
        My favourite piece of TV theatre – the announcement of the Sunderland result of the referendum result with the announcer hardly able to stifle their tears as they realise that the country was voting to leave.
        This year – the champagne will be quaffed at weejonnie’s house, not broadcasting house.

        • Muttley

          That Sunderland moment alone was well worth the licence fee for the year. I hadn’t planned to stay up all night but after that, wild horses couldn’t have dragged me to bed!

          • chatnoir50


        • Harley Quin

          Trump’svictory was schadenfreude in spades. The barely concealed anguish of BBC folk will be a cherished memory.

          Of course, they are now going their best to denigrate Trump at every turn. The Dems began plotting his impeachment almost the day he first sat down behind the desk in the Oval Office.

          Should they succeed, BBC folk will think its Christmas. Sorry, Winterval.

      • Jonathon Davies

        Loads of news websites are springing up. Just google stuff. There is plenty. Try infogalactic or infowars.

        • Harley Quin

          Brexitbart, for example.

  • I remember how Peter Sissons’ memoir said that he would call the BBC not so much biased, as beholden by a particular mindset. He wrote that on any day, in the BBC newsroom, you would see numerous copies of the Guardian and the Indie floating about, but the Times and the DT were few and far between. He said there were numerous occasions where he would arrive to work as a big story was breaking, and request a briefing, only to be handed a copy of the Guardian and told “It’s all in there.”

    The BBC recruits left-wing people, and BBC jobs appeal to left-wing people. Most of them no doubt feel they are being impartial and balanced, but they come from a background which views typical right-wing positions as beyond the pale. They wouldn’t uphold fascism, but they view the Tories as not much better.

    • weirdvisions

      Al Jabeeba uphold fascism regularly. Every time they tell us that the latest terrorist atrocity has nothing to do with you know who.

    • Coniston

      A good few years ago I read that the BBC only advertised for producers and other staff in The Guardian. I don’t know if this was true, and if so, whether it has stopped. If it was true it certainly explains many things.

  • Bik Byro

    My BBC news politics webpage as at 11:15 leads with the headline : “May makes workers’ rights pledge”

    Anyway, the clickbait title of this article seems to have had its desired effect.

    • weirdvisions

      BBC news. The biggest oxymoron of all time?

      • grimble55

        You, the biggest moron of all time.

        • weirdvisions

          Oh look. Twitter is missing one of its twits.

  • Snoffle Gronch

    The French, who are much less politically sophisticated than Britons or Americans, have just trotted obediently into the polling boths to elect an absurd globalist popinjay, at the bidding of their liberal left media.

    How the BBC craves such power!

    • grimble55

      I’m surprised you’re allowed to continue commenting, despite being placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register.

      • SonofBoudica

        I’m surprised grimble55 hasn’t received a libel writ yet.

        • weirdvisions

          I think the over sensitive troll protests too much. I wonder if we’d find it hunched over a keyboard in the deepest basement of Al Jabeeba’s London bunker?

  • Lumpen Proletariat

    There are few journalists worthy of that title any more.

    • Woman at home

      Over the weekend there was a mass march in Sunderland for a campaign called “Justice for Chelsey”. As far as I can see, the only place it has been reported is on Breitbart. Even the Sunderland Echo refuses to report the major event in their town. What has happened to our journalists?

      • weirdvisions

        Queueing up for press releases. If the story doesn’t make the list it doesn’t get headlines.

        • Woman at home

          Queueing up for approved press releases.

          • weirdvisions


  • grimble55

    Keighley, you are such a mad gimp.

    The Tories are 16 – 18% ahead in the polls, is going to win a landslide, and you’ve got the bloody brass neck to whinge and whine like a wee schoolgirl that, on a particular day at a particular time, the mix of news stories happening in the real world doesn’t suit your personal prejudices??

    No wonder that on links from sites like Guido, the name of this Whingeorama is abbreviated to ConWoman.

    • Woman at home

      The situation in the polls has no relevance to the requirement for the BBC to be impartial.

    • SonofBoudica

      The point is that the BBC is using taxpayers money to campaign for the Left. That is inexcusable in a modern democracy.

  • Muttley

    I’m beginning to wonder how much influence the BBC has any more. Their side of the debate seems to be steadily losing ground, despite their best endeavours. Does this mean they are now just another echo chamber for a particularly egregious variety of liberal elites? Like the Labour party, the LibDems, the Guardian and other bastions of regressive leftist views, they risk sinking into complete irrelevance.

    • grimble55

      Sieg Heil!

      • BungleFever

        Give it a rest Grimble, we know it’s lonely in the Bedsit but get a life

    • Colkitto03

      I agree. Much as we finding them irritating, their influence is vastly overblown.
      In fact based on results their liberal left ideology and propaganda is now counterproductive.

      • weirdvisions

        True. They have yet to realise that every time they patronise and attempt to scare us they shoot their deflated ball into the back of their own net.

      • I think you’re correct. My question would be, does the Tory party know this? If not (and I think not) somebody really ought to tell them convincingly. We have the same problem (although not tax funded), our answer was Trump. (maybe, hopefully)

  • me

    SO WHATS NEW! When is the government going to pull the plug on the license which is currently financing this bigoted organ of impropergander.
    Mind you I never listen to them any more

    • TheRightToArmBears

      Pull it yourself and stop paying it.

  • SonofBoudica

    It is really time for the taxpayer funding of the BBC’s political campaigning to be ended. On subjects like the Election, the EU, the Green Agenda, and mass immigration the BBC is so firmly on the liberal-left/marxist/anarchist side of the fence that it really ought to be registered as a lobbying organisation.

    • TheRightToArmBears

      It is your patriotic duty as a taxpayer not to pay the TV tax.

  • Labour_is_bunk

    Somebody criticised the Sacred Song Contest? A hanging office, surely?

    BTW, what angst-filled “message” song won it this year and were they transgender (they usually are)? Like many, I don’t listen to/watch the BBC’s output so am rather behind the times in these matters.

    Hands up all those like me who are still singing last year’s winner in the shower (not)?

    • Dominic Stockford

      It was just a silly love song (to quote some other song), a bit nice, sung by a nice bloke, whose sister wrote it. No diversity necessary!

  • grimble55
    • BungleFever

      Shush Grimble

  • Tethys

    Get a life David.
    For initiatives to be reported, they first must exist.
    Nobody will be reporting tory Daleks saying ‘strong & stable’ any more anyhow.
    And to dissappoint you further, on the Beeb website there is also:-
    * Plaid leader ‘took drugs as student’
    * May makes workers rights pledge.

    • SteadyOn

      The first of those is truly surprising. Who on earth would have predicted that the Plaid leader went to university?

    • Trojan

      Whilst I recognise that the BBC is anti conservative it is not completely anti Conservative Party. And May is still very much their girl – Remainer, supporter of open borders, BBC approach to non deporting terrorists, advocate of sharia, hostile to Trump, generous with overseas aid. She will do very nicely until Labour produces a brand new leader, like the cuddly Mayor of London.

      • TheRightToArmBears

        The mayor is her ideal type of new Briton.

      • Tethys

        May supports whatever benefits her career the most at any given time.

        • Rich868

          As do the vaz

      • Harley Quin

        The Conservative Party is a party broadly of the left. That’s why the BBC was comfortable with Cameron and now has a certain tendresse for May,

        The Conservative Party bears a certain resemblance to China. Leftist socially but basically capitalist otherwise.

    • The Wiganer

      I don’t wish to ruin your argument but the May worker rights article had a very different headline up until midday. They had used labours response mocking the initiative as the headline.

      I generally don’t notice but it was front and centre on the bbc homepage so as blatant as can be.

  • Labour_is_bunk

    Re the NHS – I’m acquainted with an anaesthetist who works in a Lancashire hospital. He says one of the biggest disasters in the heath service was introducing the “degree entry” requirement for nursing. In his view what what you then get is a tribe of wannabe doctors – not proper nurses in the traditional sense..

    • Bark Kantatas

      Something not dissimilar could be levelled at the police.

    • Rich868

      But surely they’re all saints and guardian angels? Even if they will no longer empty bedpans nor give you a drink if you’re dying of thirst.

    • Greenlander

      I thought they were all data inputters, as any time I was on a ward that’s all they seemed to be doing while the ‘care workers’ were actually doing the work.

      • Craig Martin

        The ‘care workers’ being more suitable for nursing than many of the current ‘nurses’

    • Great Briton

      I don’t think nurses imported from the third world have degrees

    • Harley Quin

      The first criterion for a good nurse is genuine compassion and human warmth.

      One can’t get a degree in those.

    • Craig Martin

      How happy I am to hear that. It reinforces the argument that i make often enough – that apprenticeship nursing provides a better caliber of nurse than degree entry nursing.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    One is put in mind of the old quip about Christ walking upon the water, and the BBC inquiring as to whether that is because He cannot swim…

    • Dominic Stockford

      The African pastor who tried that is sure to be on the BBC, as will the crocodiles that ate him.

  • leg11

    When the Tories are returned with a hopefully massive majority they should turn the BBC into a private Netflix/Amazon Prime type service, then if people want to hear their left wing rubbish they can pay, if not they won’t have to pay. Until the Tories bite this bullet they will never get a fair hearing from our so-called impartial State Broadcaster.

    • weirdvisions

      There’s only one flaw in that plan. May isn’t a Tory.

      • TheRightToArmBears

        Doesn’t matter what she is – she isn’t in favour of anything hat benefits us native white British. She’ll do anything for her beloved Muslim and African immigrants friends.

        • weirdvisions

          Not quite anything. She has yet to relocate to somewhere like Tower Hamlets or Tottenham.

          • Rich868

            Nor will she be relying on block postal voting from those same bastions of the democratic process!

    • Trojan

      Tories will never take on the BBC. I am reminded of the story about the mice who planned to tie a bell around the cat’s neck so it would warn other mice of the danger. Just one problem: which mouse was going to be brave enough to fasten the bell to the cat?

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        “LEE-Roy Jenkins!”?

        • Craig Martin

          Not to be mistaken for Paladin Leeroy

      • verticalwater

        Starve the cat!

  • geordieboy

    The BBC is past its sell by date time to chuck it in the bin and sell the airwaves for megabucks.

    • Peter Tappern

      It was past it’s sell by 30 years ago.

  • RavenRandom

    Agreed the BBC is institutionally left-wing; when virtually your entire senior news team is from the Guardian it’s not surprising. I suspect they don’t even realise they’re biased, why would you when you think the centre ground is somewhere between Yvette Cooper and Jeremy Corbyn?

    • paulus

      The head of BBC news, James Harding, was a former editor of The Times, owned by Rupert Murdoch whom is no friend of the Labour Party. He is most definitely not ex-Guardian. Harding has stated that he cannot work with people whom are “anti-Israel” (check his Wikipedia and an interview on JCC for evidence of this) and I would wager that Corbyn’s pro-Palestinian sympathies would mean that Harding is no friend for Corbyn at all.

      • weirdvisions

        I have bad news (sic) for you. Harding seems to have been replaced by a pod alien. I have yet to see a truly Israel friendly item on BBC news when it involves defending their borders against Hamas terrorists. Especially when the likes of Bowen are doing the reporting.

        • Harley Quin

          Murdoch is a globalising libertarian, i.e. An individual with views which, given he is a capitalist par excellence, bear a startling resemblance in some respects to Marxism.

          I mean, such people, like Marxists, believe that utopia can be achieved by material means. The free movement of labour i.e. mass immigration and so the abolition of borders, nations and ethnicities will bring about universal peace, harmony, plenty and general wonderfulness.

          This is pretty much the ideology of Blair and Cameron.

          • weirdvisions

            An ideology that we have begun to reject because people are beginning to see them for the globalist prokaryotes they are.

  • realfish

    As this is not broadcast news, OFCOM do not accept complaints or regulate this aspect of the BBC’s output. As the BBC ‘Trust’ has been disbanded, the only recourse available now is to the BBC itself.

  • Debs

    Ive been boycotting most of BBC output for months .Even Holby City manages to get in snide remarks about those nasty Anglo Saxons saying the country is too full. Their words not mine.
    Its not just the web site.
    The BBC can have any slant it likes so long as I don’t have to pay for it.
    Try complaining to the BEEB about anything and you will be stonewalled all the way

    • weirdvisions

      I was unfortunate enought to watch Dr Who (my other half is still trying to remain a fan) while enjoying my evening meal. It was a rabid, anti-capitalist rant that Al Jabeeba didn’t even bother to disguise. The plot, if you could call it that, was beyond ridiculous.

      I’ll be eating my Saturday tea in the kitchen next week.

      • Labour_is_bunk

        Thanks for the update. So the Tardis is not just saving the Universe, but carrying the SJW message with it?
        I stopped watching the good Doctor when I was about 14, (a long time ago now) but I do remember reading something about it having a marked anti-Thatcher agenda in the Sylvester McCoy era of the late 80’s.

      • Bob

        Thanks for this. I laughed out loud! Agree with every word.

      • Dominic Stockford

        But, have you not realised that the Euthanasia bill was pushed by some because ‘old’ and ‘seriously sick’ people are not viable economic units? This is already with you, in a far more nasty form than Dr Who imagined.

        • Harley Quin

          Likewise foetuses who are going to be less than physically perfect.

      • Colkitto03

        Spot on, we cant watch it anymore.

      • Greenlander

        I stopped watching Dr Who when I grew up at 16.

        • weirdvisions

          My other half likes watching Emmerdale too. What can I say? :0D

      • Hilltop Watchman

        Doctor Who ended with John Pertwee, after that it became sanitized crap with no hint of the science that was the hallmark of the original series.

        • Labour_is_bunk

          The Uni students took a shine to Tom Baker and it “went cult”.

    • Craig Martin

      So true.
      The BEEB and it’s shows are just snorefests of SJW virtue signals.

      And all women are super clever and strong and flawless, while men are gormless statues.


      • Great Briton

        Go to the BBC website and read “Have your say” not many agree with Auntie

      • Harley Quin

        And the women are in charge and not white.

    • Dominic Stockford

      And Casualty has gay kisses and more, all before 9pm. Gross.

      • Rich868

        Surely that depends on what they’re kissing!

  • 60022Mallard

    I wish I had asked the prospective candidates at the selection meeting whether they were happy with the slant of their coverage of news and current affairs.

    Perhaps a single paragraph in the manifesto – “Nobody who has worked for the BBC or is related to / living with now or in the past a member of the staff of the BBC will be permitted to be involved with regulating complaints at OFCOM. Complaints will no longer be required to be considered by the BBC first.”

  • Peter Tappern

    The BBC can be as biased as it wants but I object strongly to being made to pay for it.

    • Craig Martin

      If it was a subscription only service I wouldn’t really care

      • c50

        Watch Fox then and shut up.

        • Craig Martin

          Meanwhile I’m still expected to pay the licence fee!

          Grow up

        • John Standley

          I don’t watch Fox.

          Or the BBC.

          Or Sky.

          Or any TV.

          Guess what? It’s perfectly possible to get all news and information from that thing in front of you – the Internet.

          • Harley Quin

            A lot more people are doing just that.

          • Tethys

            And your recommendation on the best unbiased source would be ?

          • John Standley

            I use numerous sources. As for bias, I accept that many outlets have inherent biases so the trick is to identify the nuances applied to stories then recognize typical patterns of reporting and make allowance for these.

            It’s the same for newspapers, many of which publish online.

            Fox, Sky, CNN and the BBC all have their own biases – the BBC is the only one which has an obligation for impartiality, yet consistently fails to achieve this.

    • Harley Quin

      It’s a bit like the Chinese policy of executing people and then sending the families the bills for the bullets.

  • Dominic Stockford

    The BBC is force feeding liberal garbage and one-sided nonsense to those who have little option other than it for news coverage.

  • digitaurus

    Believe me, the Labour echo chamber is if anything even more vociferous in its complaints of BBC bias. Supporters on the Right and the Left are both so entrenched in their opinion silos they can’t stand it when an alternative point of view is presented for consideration.

  • Greenlander

    God bless disquss as it was here I first read the statement. “is that the truth, or did you hear it on the BBC.” Although they do do some good stuff it is too little to justify the fee, all they are worthy of nowadays is ridicule, I’m sorry Auntie, time to lie down and admit you should have died 30 years ago.

  • EppingBlogger

    I can guess that the Conservatives are the moist upset about this at GE time.

    Try being in UKIP for th past 20 years – we have been unfairly misrepresented, unfairly excluded and rourtinely abused by the MSM and leaders of the (ahem) Conservative Party.

    • Craig Martin

      Okay, I’ll give you that

    • Fissionchips

      . . agreed, and to quote a famous line ‘They used to laugh at us – well they’re not laughing at us now’ . . .

  • Nockian

    Entertainment for the masses. Becoming less relevant by the day. How anyone can call it ‘news’ is beyond me. It began as a propaganda arm of the state and it remains so. It’s not just that the BBC is biased, it’s that it’s bias is fake. It plays a part communicating the political narrative of the establishment in order to manipulate the emotions of those who are too hypnotised to turn away. The entire election is a sports event to set off the cheers and boos of the audience and get them to invest in the event they are viewing. The BBC is just the compare, the narrator who’s job is to make sure as make sure that it focuses as many eyes and hearts as it can on whatever the establishment have construed is a relevant distraction from the reality of what’s being done to them.

  • UmUmUmUmUmUm

    The BBC barely bothers to disguise it’s Marxist sympathies. Just a casual listen to it’s radio news coverage betrays it’s socialist bias. Hardly surprising considering it’s very funding and structure is Soviet in it’s scale. Break it up and sell it off.

    • Harley Quin

      Watch any soap and the Cultural Marxist assumptions flood over one. These shows are vehicles for propagandising leftism / progressivism by depicting it as the norm.

      And not just the BBC. For example, one scene on Coronation Street last night featured a gay clergyman and two other gays. Talk about overkill.

  • malcolm scott

    the answer is to privatise bbc news and current affairs or create a separate channel.
    the rest of the programmes, that can be great, stays as they are.

  • Harley Quin

    I think the BBC is irredeemable. The leftist / liberal bias is in its DNA. The claim that it is ‘balanced and impartial’ is a decades- long falsehood and fraud on the licence payer.

    That being the case it should be allowed or required to announce its political bias before every main news programme along the lines of : ‘This is the BBC, a left leaning Broadcaster’.

    Part of its Empire should be hived off and be allocated to conservative / right wing operators with an appropriate regular announcement.

    The BBC has demonstrated very clearly for many years that lack of bias is an impossibility and this should be acknowledged.