David Keighley’s BBC Election Watch: Public moves on over Brexit – leaving Beeb behind

YouGov’s latest poll on attitudes towards Brexit – as the New Statesman outlines here - demonstrates that 69 per cent of the public now support leaving the EU and only 21 per cent want to ignore the result of the referendum.

Not only that, 25 per cent in the Brexit-supporting total are Remain voters who accept that the British people have voted to leave, and that the Government thus has a duty ‘to carry out their wishes and leave’.

In other words, they concur that the referendum vote is confirmation – despite the frantic protestations of Tim Farron – that Leave does indeed mean Leave. The 48 per cent support for Remain on June 23 is distant history. The majority of Remain voters have moved on.

Put another way, only around 9 million Britons out of the 43.5m who voted on June 23 are still hankering for a re-run.

Will someone please tell the BBC? New Statesman Political Editor George Eaton pulls no punches in his assessment of how devastating the figures are to the Remain case. He states:

"After voting Remain, they ceased to act as a unified political bloc. The crucial figure for understanding May's decision to pursue Brexit is not "the 48 per cent" or "the 52 per cent" but the 69 per cent - the number who believe the Government has a duty to leave the EU (more than a third of whom voted Remain). A mere 21 per cent agree that the government should either block Brexit or seek to prevent it through a second referendum."

Yet the BBC continues to behave as if it is their main duty to show audiences how difficult the Brexit road is going to be, and how suspect the ‘Leave ‘vote was, as is detailed by News-watch here.

BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan has now even also seriously floated on the Today programme (at 8.20am in the edition) what amounts to a conspiracy theory about the Vote Leave project. He has suggested it was backed by a shadowy ‘millionaire’ (how much dodgier in the BBC lexicon can you be?) combined with a publicity-shy software company called Cambridge Analytica, who – shock, horror – are also, in an equally shadowy way, behind Donald Trump.

All this is beginning to look like the BBC – in its dogged opposition to Brexit – is acting like a millenarian cult. A fascinating book on the psychology involved is here. The end of the world is nigh and they are jolly well going to tell us about it – despite what voters now think and very clearly want. And despite any amount of positive news to the contrary.

David Keighley

  • Alan Llandrindod Wells

    You cannot reform the BBC.
    It has to be shut down, and a completely new start considered.

    • Debs

      Same as the EU .Unreformable unaccountable and living high on taxpayers cash.

      • alecto

        They are exactly the same!

    • k9patriot

      I will not shed a tear when the vile, racist, british hating, Islamic worshiping, child abusing BBC is closed down. I call it the Boys Buggering Club, for wilfully enabling predatory paedophiles to abuse children on its premises for 5 decades. It’s shameless promotion of a vile political agenda is almost as bad.

    • Harley Quin

      I think it should be allowed to continue, but with a regular announcement along the lines of ‘This is the BBC, a broadcaster leaning to the left’

      Part of its Empire should then be hived off and broadcast similar announcements except it should say ‘leaning to the right’

      This new outfit would then be required to eschew leftism and embrace a range of conservative &/ or non leftist, non PC attitudes.

      I can’t see this happening though. Too much vested interest at stake.

      Simply breaking up the BBC would be to disperse the leftist bias.

      • Alan Llandrindod Wells

        There are plenty of vacancies in Care Homes and at McDonalds.
        Lots of toilets need cleaning.

      • Bosanova

        “Simply breaking up the BBC would be to disperse the leftist bias”
        That is why, whether broken into chunks or left whole, it must be privatised. The moment it tried to peddle leftist nonsense 24hrs a day it would collapse commercially since there simply isn’t the audience for it. And if there is indeed an audience for it then privatisation would at least establish how large it was.

  • Colkitto03

    Big business has moved on and accepted it also.
    In fact it seems that the BBC is having source most of its doom-mongery directly from the EU. But I love this because every scare story from Europe just stiffens Britain’s Leave resolve.

  • BungleFever

    Im glad I havent given a penny to the BBC in nearly 4 years

    • davido17

      Unfortunately others in our household still watch TV so I still pay this window tax equivalent. Gave up listening to R4 Today programme many years ago, extremely beneficial for my mental health.

      • Harley Quin

        And the state of your radio?

    • alecto

      Well done – I wished I had stopped paying the licence fee sooner – I’m a newbie at just 6 months.

    • CheshireRed

      Me too. I still get regular ‘requests’ which get erm, carefully filed. 🙂
      (BTW there’s NO doubt the BBC are tracking iplayer viewers. Click the ‘I have a licence’ button (naughty naughty!) when it pops up and if you don’t have one, within a week or two a new ‘request’ will pop through your door. If they’re not tracking you then that’s one heck of a coincidence.)

  • IvorSchwartzporsche

    The new battle, after Brexit has been delivered, should be a priority shutting down of the bbc or at least privatising it. I am utterly fed up of having to fund something I do not use and the reason I don’t wish to subscribe to the bbc is that it is a political weapon.

    • PierrePendre

      Privatising the BBC would probably make a negligeable difference to its editorial bias. As someone else on this thread mentioned, Sky is just as negative about Brexit as the BBC. It’s in the nature of journalism to be critical and to pursue bad news and forecasts of calamity. If Brexit turns out to be a success, they can claim they were doing their job to inform the public of the risks; if it is a disaster, they can claim to be vindicated. There’s no real upside to being Brexit enthusiasts for journalists and lots of good copy in being pessimists. People might say BBC privatisation would relieve them of paying the licence fee but they happily pay a lot more for Sky.

      • StellaJ

        This is a very good point. I wish it weren’t true, but strongly suspect you are right.

    • Peter Parker

      Don’t pay. There’s nowt they can do about it. I’ve never paid a penny in the 23 years since I left home.

  • sylvesterthecat

    If it were not for the compulsory licence, the BBC would have driven itself to extinction over the BREXIT issue.

    It occurs to me that government supported legally backed levies, have one purpose and one only, to save dinosaurs from extinction.

    • rptrpt.rpt


  • Aethelflaed

    What the BBC do not understand (will never understand) is that the desire to Leave the EU came from the grassroots; from ordinary people, who think for themselves about the lives they lead and the issues they see. It was they, who went out and talked with their friends, family, neighbours and countrymen. The vote to Leave was backed by a million voices and more, those of ordinary people who wanted their country back.

    Still, if the BBC want to make themsleves look even more stupid, and alienate yet more people let them hang themselves with their ‘fake news’. It’s not as if Soros isn’t a ‘shadowy billionaire’ who consorts with software service companies such as Twitter and Facebook to mislead people is it?? The BBC no longer enters my life in any form, and I find that is the case with an increasing number of people – especially the young.

    • springmellon

      Absolutely agree. The BBC news on both television and radio have demonstrated such bias that they have lost all credibility and I no longer watch or listen. The comedy shows I used to enjoy are infested with smug lefty comedians and I now find them and now unbearable,

      • Stuart Fairney

        Yep, totally Pavlovian – Evil tories, cue laughter from compliant metropolitan audience

        • Mr TaxPayer

          Yep, Jeremy Hardy used to be funny on the News Quiz; now he’s just vile. HE sits there smugly abusing Tories and waiting for the audience to laugh.

          • rptrpt.rpt

            Jeremy hardy has never been funny. did I miss something

      • Labour_is_bunk

        I honestly can’t remember when the BBC last had a decent comedy post 1990.

        • Harley Quin

          Comedy died with Morecambe and Wise and the Ronnies.

        • Bernard from Bucks

          Watching Keith Vaz cry on ‘Referendum Morning’ was comedy for me.

      • gelert

        Hislop on HIGNFY is an egregious example of a smug, smirking idiot who plays to the carefully selected studio audience, and his bosses at the Beeb, regarding UKIP and Brexit.

        • Harley Quin

          The joke is that he is supposed to represent the right. At least, no one else is on that show, unless it is a guest imported for the purpose of being pilloried by the panel.

          I particularly dislike that fat women who is allegedly some kind of comedienne but who invariably trots out some reference to female bodily functions.

          Her other stock in trade is having a go at Catholic priests, notwthstanding that the BBC harboured the worst known paedophile in British history and a good few others besides.

          • gelert

            That would be the obnoxious Jo Brand.

          • Bob Marshall

            Really? I would never have guessed.

          • gelert

            I was replying to HQ who didn’t seem to know.

            Bit of a smartarse, aren’t you ?

  • Guy Family

    Sky is just as bad, where news items concerning Brexit invariably focus on the negative.

    • phaasch .

      Surely you mean “exclusively”?

    • Colkitto03

      I agree, we focus a lot on the Beeb on this site but the same London liberal elite dominate SKY

      • And increasingly our Fox, as well. There’s rumors almost constantly of a new start up. I hope it will include you.

      • Andy

        Of course they do because the Media world is actually quite small and they all pop up with vulgar regularity on one channel and then another. So what you end up with is a prevailing orthodoxy of views which you are hardly likely to cross if you want to further your career. At the end of the day to use a vulgar expression ‘they all p*ss in the same pot’.

    • Frunabulax

      Same as Yahoo News webpage. At least they are blatant so we can ignore them.

    • King Arfur 1st

      I believe that, if the BBC is fixed, that other broadcasters, since they are private and competitive, will inevitably have to improve

  • Stuart Fairney

    In a moral sense, if the government did not deliver Brexit, they would no longer be able to claim to be a representative government. One might wonder then, what would be the moral authority for passing laws they expected to be followed, notwithstanding the fact they have most of the guns that is?

  • SonofBoudica

    The BBC is a political campaigning organisation. It should not be funded by a tax.

    • King Arfur 1st


  • sylvesterthecat

    @Guy Family
    True, but if someone chooses to take the SKY product that’s their business. The BBC licence is a compulsory tax for OWNING a television set.
    In a liberal democracy governments should not be oppressing the people on behalf of an political quango like the BBC.

    Mind, since the referendum, the words ‘liberal’ and ‘democracy’ do not sit well together, a fact that should be in all our minds when we vote next month.

    • Guy Family

      Like the BBC, I stopped watching Sky some time ago.

      This site is worth a visit for anyone who is considering not renewing their BBC telly tax.


  • Malcolm

    The problem with the BBC, despite the enthusiasm of many of its senior members for “diversity”, is that it recruits from a metropolitan base whose political, social and moral views and opinions are anything but diverse. The bias may be unconscious, but it remains bias nevertheless. Surrounded as most of its staff are by like-minded colleagues they suffer from conformational prejudice which they seem unable to recognise. It is very hard to see how this will now be changed, and insulated as the organisation is from worries about funding thanks to the outdated licence fee, I am not even sure that there is a willingness to try. If they don’t reflect the views of a majority of its customers, so what? The money keeps rolling in regardless. Only a complete rethinking of what the Corporation is for, how it recruits, how it is funded and most importantly of all how it is overseen will allow it to survive.

    • King Arfur 1st

      I have a lot of sympathy with your viewpoint. However, I do believe that, if they were to be opened up to having to compete on equal terms with other broadcasters, and also if they had to pay back the loans from the EU and donations from other political influences, then, given time, they would change and improve.

  • gelert

    Interesting that The Graun has received £5million from Bill Gates according to the latest PE.

    • King Arfur 1st

      If anyone should have been strangled at birth as a service to mankind …..

  • phil

    To coin phrase “They know and we know that they know the BBC is totally out of step with the people of Britain”
    They stand primarily for their own insulated world of fellow travellers who are so far removed from the man in the street that they may as well be on another planet. The taxpayer, who pays their wages, is probably at the bottom of their list of priorities. If May really wants to strike a blow for the people of this country and add to any Brexit legacy she would be well advised to sort this appalling drain on the public purse out once and for all. The BBC is an anachronism, decades out of date and not representative of virtually anything this country really stands for unless you include sucking on the public teat at the taxpayers expense.

    • mary lacy


  • Peter Evans

    Just look at the take up figures in their millions for Netflix and Amazon Video in the UK.The licence fee is a relic of another age.

    • King Arfur 1st

      It made some sense in the early days of TV, probably until the mid to late 50s. After that it increasingly became as you describe it.

  • CheshireRed

    The ‘Brexit hijacked democracy’ story was a Guardian / Observer hysteria piece last weekend and has been touted by desperate Remainers all week as ‘proof’ of naughty shenanigans. Sorry, no dice. Was social media somehow unknown to Remainers? (and to Hillary for that matter, also soundly beaten by Trump’s social media campaign) The unvarnished truth is Vote Leave supremo Dominic Cummings ran a superb social media based campaign and outclassed the ponderous Remain leaflet and Project Fear effort. That’s all there is to it.

    • King Arfur 1st

      So you don’t believe there was any substance to the Brexit campaign then?

  • Liberanos

    The BBC behaves, through its presenters and correspondents, as if Brexit were the minority decision instead of what is now, the overwhelming preference of the public. The continually harsh questioning of those in favour of the majority choice, as if they were some sort of aberrent sect, is quite bizarre.

    • King Arfur 1st

      It’s their great shame that they are unable to see themselves as others see them. But their mindset shows no sign of changing – indeed at times it seems to be entrenching itself more.

  • rick hamilton

    Being forced to pay the BBC licence fee is like being required by law to subscribe to the Guardian before being allowed to read any other newspaper. The news and current affairs side should be hived off and made to earn its own living by voluntary subscription. I would be (relatively) happy to keep on paying for the rest of BBC’s output as long as they had at least one programme a week on a theme of “Laughing at Lefties”.

    • Jeremy Poynton

      You are not forced. Who made you buy the TV? Who made you watch iPlayer? We’ve had no TV for years. Waste of valuable time.

      • rick hamilton

        If you don’t watch TV why are you wasting your valuable time making this comment ?

        • TheRightToArmBears

          That’s right. You tell him what to think.
          Why should he have an opinion you don’t like?

    • crocodiledundeecake

      All the “comedy” at the BBC is “Laughing with Lefties” . The only funny thing about them is that they are not funny. The truly baffling bit is when Jo Brand inevitably quips “All men are Bastards” and the BBC audience sh*ts itself with hysterical laughter. I don’t get it, Funny that.

      • paul parmenter

        It starts with accusing you of having no sense of humour. if you persist in failing to laugh and join in, you will soon be transformed into a misogynist. Or some other ism. They have plenty up their sleeves.

        • King Arfur 1st

          That’s very true.

      • weirdvisions

        I don’t get it either and I’m female. But then I’m not a rampant misandrist.

  • Frank

    The BBC’s news and current affairs teams seem to have gone the full tonto over Brexit, Trump, etc. They don’t seem to care if anybody is listening, or watching, just happy to spout their propaganda – they are like forgotten Japanese soldiers hiding in the jungle who are still fighting the last war or two.

    • King Arfur 1st

      A very good analogy!

  • noix

    An interesting article here that takes the opposite and, to my mind, more rational take than the BBC. wealth.goldmoney.com/research/goldmoney-insights/update-on-brexit

    • Coniston

      Very interesting article. Mind you, I think the UK has a very real interest in friendly relations with as many European countries as possible. We need to co-operate closely on many things; we have many interests in common. But the EU is long past its sell by date – a financially corrupt, undemocratic, increasingly totalitarian bureaucracy. Its great value in the future will be to show everyone in Europe how NOT to arrange our relationships.

      • King Arfur 1st

        Well stated!

    • TheRightToArmBears

      Interesting but it doesn’t cut to the real meat, which is that May could get whatever she wanted for us (assuming, and I don’t credit her with this, that she wants us out) if she stopped the money for Brussels now.
      The euro would drop like a stone and German, French and Italian banks would realise that they had pushed themselves to the edge of the abyss by encouraging their governments to bully us.
      But Nay is a remainer, and so she will continue to get wet and warm writing those mega-cheques for Brussels.

  • geordieboy

    It won’t stop until the EU cancels the propaganda payments to the BBC.

    • IanE

      Or the Conservatives privatise the Beeb – when, for survival, they will have to appeal to more than just Lefties!

      • Lakesman

        It doesn’t stop Sky!

        • King Arfur 1st

          But, if the BBC had to take more than just the lefty luvvies’ views into account, and broadcast to reflect all of their possible audience’s views and beliefs, then more people would watch it and Sky would have to either change their bias or else disappear – it’s called competition!

        • weirdvisions

          You don’t have to subscribe to Sky on pain of criminal conviction if you chose not to.

    • El Presidente

      it won’t stop until we have a one party state, coming to a Parliament near you soon. enjoy while it lasts. I think the 3rd Reich lasted 12 years, if memory serves

      • geordieboy

        You need re-educated to get rid of the lefty crap.

  • Odo Saunders

    I would have thought it would have been in the interests of the Conservative government to abolish the licence fee outright. It is about time that the ghastly Nick Robinson got a real job!

    • weirdvisions

      Looks like Nicky might have to. He’s been superseded by two wimmin during the election coverage.

      So sad.
      Too bad.

  • blackjack

    get real. . . .NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU BUY A STINKIN BBC LICENCE EVER? . .man up

    • El Presidente

      oh Roderick ! , & I thought this was Conservative Woman not Gorilla City

      • blackjack

        fuq off

        • El Presidente

          charmed I’m sure

          • blackjack

            good . .

      • Sebastian Bonaparte

        Blimey – is the abuse you get at Guido not enough for you?

        You seem to have an awful lot of time on your hands hanging out on sites that don’t cater for superannuated Trots.

        No hobbies?

        • TheRightToArmBears

          He/she/it/? is paid to do it.
          Ignore it.

    • mary lacy

      dont pay the leftie cvnnts!

      • blackjack

        paying for your own propaganda,

      • blackjack

        exactly, paying for propaganda, its like paying to be a slave

  • Ravenscar

    If the ‘luving life’ endlessly smug nugatory cuties on the al beeboid sofas aren’t bashing ordinary Brits for their igorance in “voting Leave”! Then, they are foaming at the mouth over sumpfin, lasciviously slavering over some Frenchie married to a sixty four year old bird or, ie, the [Comey’s] sacking of government employed national police bureau chief by a democratically elected president of a foreign nation and of and about which the beeb should have no money on, in the fight. Hmm but the breastbeating, screeching pandemonium and faux histrionics gets ever louder, hell they even interviewed that anarchist rebel rousing ‘which way is up?’ sowing confusion because he has no answers either – Naom Chomsky – no stone [oh God not him!]………….. unturned, no expenses spared either hell though, it ain’t their [beebzoids] – money is it?

    But then ask youselves, these days, with Sky and ITV is the opposition much better and I would posit NOT! Indeed, they certainly are not and that begs the wider and far more sinister question: who really runs the show and ‘our’ newscasters/agencies?

  • John Smith

    dont pay the BBC tax

    if they turn up tell them to F k off

    close door

    if we get to 20% itll collapse

  • Tethys

    Don’t play at polls.
    YouGov poll April 2017 (ie later) suggested:
    45% oppose leaving the EU
    43% supporting it.

  • Andy

    The BBC is just the Guardian, stuffed to the doors with entitlement Lefties shoving their vile views down all our throats. After the election Mrs May should set up a review of the BBC and take an axe to it, reducing its share of broadcast news output from its current near monopoly to less than 20%. They will scream and howl so we all know it is the right thing to do.

    • TheRightToArmBears

      Come on, now. Shareeza is part of the problem. She is as much a lefty remainer as anyone in the BBC. She will concede access for EU countries to our fishing waters, keep us in the ECHR and the single market, the EU army and we will end up paying even more than we did before. We’ll also have to take a major share of the Muslim migrants that Germany wants to get rid of.

  • StellaJ

    We’ve given up on anything the BBC tells us is “news” or “what Britain is thinking”. It simply doesn’t reflect reality as we and increasing numbers of friends and family see it.
    What’s even more appalling is that an accidental flip onto the BBC’s The One Show the other evening revealed an item about Fake News and some group (who?) that is going into schools to tell young people how to spot it. The speaker in this case told the students that a fail-safe way of checking any fakery was to “find out whether it is on the BBC or Guardian websites, as they are large and reputable”. If the story wasn’t on either of these, it was almost certainly fake.
    And THAT is the biggest Fake News of all. Bias by omission, the BBC’s stock in trade.
    Frightening that the propaganda is being so blatantly fed into schools, no doubt cheered on by a good number of NUT members. In the sample classroom we saw, not a single bright spark was seen to question this. (Though obviously, if one had, it would have been edited out, this being the reliable old BBC.)

  • ratcatcher11

    The BBC are the plug in the swamp. Remove their malign influence and the swamp will begin to drain. The stink the BBC leaves behind them when they are finally gone will be the only good thing to remember, because everything else they touch becomes infected by the maggots that infest our homes via their rotten core.

  • Aaron D Highside

    Corbyn isn’t a pacifist. McDonnell isn’t a Marxist. The BBC isn’t leftist. Honist!

    • Tethys

      Any reasonable person who saw the One Show interview with the Mays would disagree.

  • Frunabulax

    I have been BBC-free for 6 years now. It’s liberating, similar to the feeling one experiences when a migraine is finally shifted. My eyes were opened when I lived through ‘the Arab Spring’ (sic), saw it first hand and witnessed BBC hacks lying to camera about what they (and I) had just seen. After that it was impossible not to see the blatant distortions and fabrications throughout all of the BBC ‘news’ output. The idea that anyone would trust the BBC as a news source makes me laugh with disbelief.

  • Marat

    The BBC set up Mike Buchanan of Justice for Men and Boys with a biased debate when he was standing as a candidate in Ashfield during the 2015 election. They restricted questions to women’s issues only. The audience was all women, and the moderator was a woman. Buchanan debated with Gloria De Peiro – Shadow Minister for Women – who was selected from an all-female short-list.

    Fast forward to 2017 and the BBC now has Sandi Toksvig – the founder of the feminist Women’s Equality Party – in the chair of its popular “QI” programme.

    Shameless, naked bias.

    • Fissionchips

      Sandi Toksvig should have been drowned at birth.

  • Pozieres

    So Soros and Branson don’t qualify as ‘shadowy’ million/billionaires supporting the Remain cause?

  • Tim

    What the hell is Gina sodding Miller if not a shadowy millionaire, and I’m not referring to her skin tone.

    • Tethys

      She is somebody standing up for integrity in Politics.

  • TheRightToArmBears

    There’s only one way to contact/influence the BBC and that is to refuse to pay the TV tax.
    Refusing to pay the TV tax is your patriotic duty.