Coming soon to a wall near you: a new black plaque, courtesy of the BBC – and with it an extension of their headlong mission to misinform and to distort British history out of all recognition.

Under production in what the 200-strong BBC press office calls ‘an ambitious new series’ are four programmes called A Black History of Britain, written by is the ‘acclaimed historian and broadcaster’ David Olusaga.

As part of this ‘fresh approach to history’, 20 black plaques will be unveiled, including one to John Blanke, who, it seems, was a trumpeter in the court of Henry VIII; since, then, according to internet sources, there had been a conspiracy to conceal his racial origins – until the BBC, mounted firmly on its white charger, enters the scene.

Of course black people have often been ignored and massively mis- and under-represented in the records. Olusaga’s impressive book on the 1880s German massacre of indigenous people in their South-West Africa colony (now Namibia) makes this very clear. His effort in linking this to the rise of social Darwinism – the underpinnings of the justification for Hitler’s Holocaust – is an important work.

But in the hands of the BBC, the quest for a better understanding of our history becomes something else: the series is already clearly framed as a right-on, full-blown crusade to substitute one distortion with another – and above all to undermine and re-fashion our national and cultural identity.

Clue number one is this link. The BBC has put the release about the series as a key part of its Diversity site; primary links are to its own lavish Diversity document and to a new cross-media initiative, the ‘Creativity Diversity Network’, the goal of which is to show that ‘diversity is vital for innovation’.

Clue number two is in the hyperbolic press release blurb:

‘Drawing on new genetic and genealogical research, original records, expert testimony and contemporary interviews, David will skilfully build a dazzlingly different national narrative…We will learn of the African soldiers who guarded Hadrian’s Wall in the third century, the black sailors who fought under Nelson at Trafalgar…

‘The series will sit alongside other programmes…whose shared theme will be to uncover lost, distorted or forgotten stories of Black Britons and the Black British experience. The range of bold and vibrant stories will cast fresh light on historical and contemporary Black British life,’

The Hadrian’s Wall reference sets the alarm bells well and truly clanging. The goal, as chronicled on TCW here, is for the BBC to re-cast the whole of British history – on the slenderest of foundations – to incorporate immigrants of different ethnicity as a fundamental and integral part of British development. Immigrants were vital to our existence from the Roman conquest, and that’s the new reality.

Chris McGovern has chronicled on TCW how The Blob has re- written British history so that pupils are taught more about Jack the Ripper than Disraeli or Gladstone, and so that Mary Seacole is revered whereas Florence Nightingale is reviled and her achievements deliberately underplayed. The BBC has been fully complicit in that, as this item on the schools section of their website about Mary Seacole illustrates.

Of course, the Olusaga’s programmes are not yet made, and there is always a danger in pre-judging. But impressive as he may be as a historian of colonial Africa, there are signs that his main activity is as a polemicist against those nasty Brits. Surprise, surprise, there’s immediately a Guardian connection here.

In a recent column dripping with contempt about British colonialism, he wrote:

‘The British empire, like every empire in history, was created to enrich the imperial mother country, not to realise some vague civilising mission… Yet we still, somehow, convince ourselves and expect others to believe that this nation set aside its own financial interests, ignored the desperate plight of the British poor and dispatched great fleets of ships and vast armies of soldiers and administrators across the oceans to attend to the material welfare, educational aspirations and future mass transport requirements of the indigenous peoples of Asia and Africa.’

This uncompromising negative judgment makes abundantly clear the real agenda of the BBC in commissioning the series. They have allied themselves with a man whose hostility to Britain is a main driving force. Not content with their propaganda on climate change, on immigration and the EU, here is prima facie evidence that the BBC are extending their efforts to what amounts to a major project to re-engineer British history.

Is this – above all – so that it fits their rhetoric that immigration is good for the UK and was always part of our history?  And even, maybe, that membership of the EU is vital for the nation to continue in that vein?

During the referendum, News-watch is monitoring almost all of the BBC’s news output for pro-EU bias. If you spot any examples, you can register them at a special website:

News-watch research is at

  • Busy Mum

    “We will learn of the African soldiers who guarded Hadrian’s Wall in the third century, the black sailors who fought under Nelson at Trafalgar.”

    Yet no amount of black-washing will remove the fact that Hadrian and Nelson themselves were a dastardly white….. so get ready for the demonisation everybody, and the storm of protests in Trafalgar Square accompanied by calls for the toppling of the column!

  • Maximum Overdrive

    Find a plaque, rip it down.
    Preserve the real history of your country.

  • Matt

    On the British Empire….. the Cape Colony fell into our hands upon the defeat of Napoleon and his Dutch allies. The Dutch settlers were so disgusted at the new fairer treatment of indigenous peoples they left and trekked north.

    South West Africa and Tanzania became protectorates after World War 1. The German slaughter in those territories was halted.

    Lest we forget…..

  • Politically__Incorrect

    Yet another waste of licence-payers money on project National Self-Loathing. I shan’t be watching any of it since having to watch the BBC as well as paying for it is just adding insult to injury. The beeb believes that propaganda trumps facts and that by abusing it’s outdated privilege as national broadcaster it can manipulate an entire nation

  • lojolondon

    Good news is that the Grunidad is cutting 250 jobs today – with any luck one of them will be the waste of space that is David Olusaga and his stream of bile-laden self-pitying drivel will stop. Then we need to stop the TV tax and we may never be subjected to his sponsored hatred again.

    • Groan

      there is a petition on the Gov petition site to end the tax.

      • lojolondon

        Yep, I have signed up –

  • weirdvisions

    Hadrian’s wall was patrolled by Roman legionaries from North Africa and what is now Syria along side those from European countries like Spain. This doesn’t preclude black legionaries but it seems they were a very small minority on the most northerly Roman frontier. Unless of course you want to describe pre-Islamic Arabs as black. In which case will they get plaques too? After all, when it comes to patrolling and guarding Roman Britain, they outnumbered their more southerly brethren considerably yet they fail to get a mention. But then who needs facts when you have an agenda?

    Maybe the Mediterranean peoples of antiquity are too hideously pale and Mo was still a few centuries from marrauding his way across the Middle East.

    Once again the BBC plumb new depths. They scraped away the bottom of the barrel decades ago and never noticed. It’s long past time they became a VOLUNTARY subscription corporation. Why on Earth should we be made, on pain of the full force of the law, to pay for their lefty propaganda when they despise us so much?

  • John Thomas

    Well didn’t Obama make that comment that Islam had done a lot towards the creation of the USA, so if someone can get away with that, any distortions are possible.

  • cconglommeration

    there is no reason to think this man hates britain. now the agenda of the bbc is different. to write about who lived here thousands of years ago would show how we are all connected. go back more than 2000 years and realise how all our ancestors made this country so beautiful and strong. we just don’t want to absorb the moslem invasion

  • Groan

    In a recent progamme an attempt to discover whether Cleopatra was “black” was thwarted the presenter/historian said because the Romans and helenes of the time rarely noted colour. Tending to focus on customs and language. Interesting really in a supposedly more enlightened time we it seems are racists in the sense of believing colour and features are the key determinant.
    Of course the past is indeed another country and no doubt the black trumpeter would have been an intriguing addition to the royal musicians.

  • SimonToo

    I trust the BBC will be identifying the racial origins of every one of Henry VIII’s trumpeters.

    The soldiers on Hadrian’s Wall were the troops of an invading empire. Any troops raised in Britain by the Romans would have been posted elsewhere in their empire.

    Do we really not know that the Royal Navy in Nelson’s time included black sailors, as well as Swedes; indeed, sailors from all around the world?

    This really belongs in the BBC’s natural history department – making mountains out of molehills.