The BBC heads into 2017 almost unchanged – and unscathed.

Yet again during a cycle of so-called Charter renewal, the Corporation has repelled all boarders in terms of meaningful reform.

In effect, its partisan position as a political advocate of the liberal Left, facilitated by its self-serving concept of ‘due impartiality’, has been cemented. Its attacks on the Brexit vote, Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, and anything to do with ‘populism’ (aided last week even by Prince Charles) continue unabated.

The Corporation’s defence of uncontrolled immigration and unmodified multiculturalism – and in tandem with this, the systematic re-writing of British history and values to accommodate its visceral hatred of Western values – remains bloody-mindedly resolute.

Evidence of this plethora of bias, before, during and after the June 23 Brexit vote can be found in abundance on the News-watch website, and, of course, on TCW, itself.

During 2016, in the steps towards the renewal of the BBC Charter, former Culture Secretary John Whittingdale, made much of his desire for reform. But what he achieved before he was ignominiously sacked by Theresa May was derisory.

His replacement as Culture Secretary, Karen Bradley, has helpfully told the world she watches television, but so far has done nothing to suggest any change that will check the BBC’s arrogance and continual bias.

The year-end balance sheet is that the Corporation still enjoys a guaranteed income, of billions. Still in place is the BBC licence fee, a regressive tax that criminalises and disadvantages the poor. And the BBC remains an antediluvian gilded Behemoth of the public sector – despite massive changes in the broadcasting environment.

The only minor change is that during 2017, Ofcom will become final court of appeal in the handling of complaints against the Corporation.

But as the Ofcom content board is stuffed full of ex-BBC staff, and is currently chaired by Nick Pollard (who started his career as a BBC trainee, and whose handling of the inquiry into the Newsnight-Savile affair was a whitewash in terms of Corporation responsibility), the chances of significant change in the regulatory regime are zilch.

That means that the blizzard of publicly-funded bias on BBC News and across virtually every BBC outlet will continue unchecked – probably for the next decade.

Politicians (in the Conservative Party especially) should hang their heads in shame about this. Despite their parliamentary majority, they have allowed, in effect, the Corporation to continue to poison national debate, and to rubbish and undermine those with whom it disagrees.

(Image: FCO)


  1. Since there are so called “conservatives” within the Tory party who display Beeboid type sympathies re Brexit, Farage, Trump and AGW it’s hardly surprising they want to mantain the status quo.

    • I think this is exactly right.

      Anyone remember the fuss it made over Cameron making a speech without notes prior to election as leader?

      Nothing said “he is one of us” (and David Davis isn’t) clearer than that.

      • The Spectator is now full of metro-lefty writers and their website comments threads are now colonised by a permanently assigned team of sneering left wing trolls who they apparently welcome. Sad demise of a once sound conservative journal.

        • Alex Massie being the prime culprit in the ‘sneering left wing trolls’ brigade which plague the Spectator comment threads.

        • There is a convergence of politics going on – which is why The Spectator is moving to the mushy centre, I think.

  2. Unfortunately the conservative party ..with a small c….. Is no longer the grand party it used to be. It is full of second rate lawyers, leftwing gravy trainers, and spineless leadership. No party in UK can be respected by the majority of the country because no party is truly patriotic and wants the very best for the UK. I am shocked that everyone has so much faith in Theresa May. She is a vicar’s daughter. Her mother was a teacher. Her grandfather was some big wig military public servant. All these people will fall down on the side of socialism traditionally. None of them have worked in a job where wages, job security and working hours are always a concern. Their jobs have remained secure and cosseted all their lives. Theresa May herself has displayed strong socialist tendencies during her tenure in the Home Office and I believe by stealth she will do the same as PM. She wants nothing to do with Nigel Farage or UKIP and yet these are the very people who pushed for a referendum, who talked about the plight of the people outside London, who travelled round the country to find out the real truth and feeling of the population. Not everyone will vote for UKIP but certainly the majority outside the Westminster bubble understand and acknowledge we would never have our voice heard if it were not for Mr Farage talking about our concerns and voicing our very real and honest opinions for the last twenty years. By treating us with such disrespect she and her government show that they have no idea what we are asking for and they are still leaving the door open for court cases, propoganda and bullying of ordinary folk. Only Donald Trump has really taken the trouble to understand his country. Theresa May didn’t even have the courtesy to talk to anyone away from the establishment during her very short campaign. How telling that her first port of call was to academia. I am afraid that Nigel Farage will probably be proved correct again when he states that 2017 will be a very bloody year. And it could all have been avoided if Theresa May had chosen a Brexiteer cabinet, talked to the small and medium business. Chosen a decisive agenda for Brexit and displayed strong, decisive leadership towards the EU. I wonder how this stitch up will end.

    • I was prepared to give Theresa May the benefit of the doubt but as time passes (six months since the referendum!) that benefit gets smaller and the doubt grows larger. She will stand or fall on delivering Brexit, that is for sure, and she knows that; and whilst I do still believe she’ll follow through with it (and a “hard” Brexit at that) it’s her other policies that I feel uneasy about. Shouting down Boris about his Saudi Arabia comments troubles me more than I care to admit, but at least she had the guts to speak out against John Kerry today, even though – confusingly – we backed Obama Bin Laden in the UN.

          • may doesn’t know which way is up, her politics are only concerned with adherence to political correctness and on that, it’s not even up for debate, theresa didlittle may, she is a greater devotee than is mad Hattie harperson.

            I do not believe may has our [England’s] best interests at heart – at all. With may, she’s just a luke warm Internationalist but there is no real strength of conviction, indeed may no exudes no real vehemence in anything that she does unless it is micro management and 24/7 surveillance of the proles, cripes this woman is no democrat!

            may was the perfect interim patsy, a CON PM while, the establishment got their act together post June 23rd.
            Moreover, now that the rats are sorting our their defences and with the boys and gal, plus their boyfriends and wags at the supreme court fully on board and with with terrible theresa may floppy mitts at the tiller, we are nowhere, Thus, we’ll continue to sail in ever decreasing circles until the ship is lashed firmly once again in Dieppe, Ostend, Hamburg or where bloody ever: in the EU anyway.
            Our best hope is Le Pen, maybe the Dutch, potentially the AfD – though it is a very, very, very long shot and Merkel no doubt will trump them.
            And then there’s Trump himself, I had hopes but even with him, employing at least 4 [kinnel!] – ex Godless Sachs wraiths, bodes very ill for us, the US and the world.

        • Can’t believe we did that. Appaling stupidity by our sharia-compliant government and its Common Purpose alumni.

      • Plus it seems as if they’re planning to install Cameron at NATO, the man who has done nothing to protect the forces when he was PM

    • As a conservative myself, I find there are few conservatives in the Conservative Party.
      My MP is a useless person who offers no help on local issues & is, unsurprisingly,
      a Tory remainer.
      I’ll probably have to take a chance on letting Labour in & vote UKIP next time.
      There are some decent conservatives in the Labour benches, about 10 of them,
      & I’d happily vote for Frank Field or Gisela Stewart.

      • Well mine is a leaver by all accounts though apart from answering a question locally at the beginning of the year has never uttered another word on the subject and that is in a leave constituency, hedging his bets ? also useless on local matters, lots of stock answers to everything.

      • Gave up on Frank Field, whom I used to consider a decent man, when he voted to recognise ‘Palestine’. Whether he did so out of bigotry or cowardice, I cannot say.

  3. I loathe what the BBC has become with all my strength, and I find it unbelievable it can still exist in its current form.

    Sadly we’re stuck with it until the next charter review, but we can at least educate people about its partiality. I tell everyone I know how much I hate the BBC, and why.

    • So do I. However, it is shocking how many people still turn to the BBC first for their news. I still have conversations with my children about the history between us and Russia and yet they truly believe that Russia is the biggest enemy of the Western world. Because it’s on the BBC!!!!! When I question something the BBC reports they throw back at me that I am a conspiracist and should stop reading Conservative woman, the Spectactor and Breitbart!!!!, I absolutely love what Milo has to say but they think I am mad hahahahahaha!!!!!!……

      • A prime example of why we need to fight against the BBC’s indoctrination with all our strength!

        I remember catching (about a year ago now, when Trident was being talked about) some programme on the BBC about nuclear capability in a hotel room (I’d been to the cricket at Trent Bridge), chaired by four women, none of whom were military experts, just political commentators or celebrities. The typical left-wing tropes about how we don’t need nuclear capability any more and how dangerous it is and cost so much money we could fund this and that, was the general consensus, and I ended up shouting at the TV in front of my ex who was quite shocked; not by my shouting, nor my salient points about why we should keep Trident, but by me pointing out there were no opposing views whatsoever.

        True debate comes with people of opposing views arguing their case. Even if that occurs on BBC programmes, the person that doesn’t align with the BBC is almost always ridiculed, cut off, shouted at, made to look like a fool instead of being treated with respect.

        We need to fight against the BBC and it’s partiality with everything we have.

        • ‘True debate comes with people of opposing views arguing their case.’
          Like the four Remainers discussing the Brexit result 🙂

      • Der BBC claim, to all intents and purposes, that Israel is worse than the Third Reich. And many thousands of halfwits take that as gospel. It’s on the BBC, innit!

  4. Watching the BBC seems to be akin to Vaz(eline) on sado-masochism. I know it is wrong, I know it will make me angry and I know that whatever happens I will always have one more peep, just to remind me how bad it really is.

    • Here in Australian, our own State TV network (ABC) has been just as bad. So I gave it up 5 years ago and now life is so much more intelligent and nicer. I perhaps understand your reluctance to give it up. It is addictive and I did experience ‘withdrawal symptoms’. But it was so much worth it.

      • Do you have to pay the equivalent of our TV licence in Australia ? I lived there back in the 70s and don’t recall paying for it but we were young and irresponsible so perhaps we just didn’t bother.

        Our problem with the BBC is that we have to pay for it whether we watch it or not and those without a computer have part of their licence fee squandered on the Beeb’s internet propaganda which they have no access to.

    • Haha. I’m the same to be honest. Sometimes I catch the website and have a good laugh at its ridiculous headlines, but more often I just get angry!

  5. Last week “Who Do You think Your Are” did one on Riccy Tomlinson the actor comedian which was Stalinist in its handling of the history that wasn’t. I did an item on the 27th as Flogging Dead Horses which went into this. The BBC lot seem to be living in a very strange world these days.

  6. One positive note is that despite the Brexitphopic BBC constantly inflicting it’s Europhile propaganda on us, the people still voted out. Perhaps more people than is imagined realise that all BBC news has an EU angle and therefore not to be trusted.

  7. On the counrty, as long as the BBC fails to challenge liberal assumptions the left will remain detached from the rest of the counrty. I believe the phrase is giving enough rope to hang themselves. Whittingdale told them to concentrate on diversity, the very thing that was a major factor in Clinton losing. The government is just smarter than you think

  8. Anyone paying the BBC licence fee is contributing to its propaganda. You only need the licence if you watch “live” TV or BBCi player – its amazing how much you don’t miss it!

    • Actually that has been changed and you now need a licence to watch the iPlayer on catchup as well. The BBC was very keen to see this stopped and the Tories were only too happy to oblige.

  9. Agree with all this. But it is not only wrong for the Tories not to try and reform the BBC but it is also stupid. The BBC will never support them or report fairly and objectively so they are shooting themselves.

    • Which, of course, begs the question why the Tories won’t do anything about it. Surely there has to be more to this than meets the eye – why not cut your enemy down to size while you have the chance ?

      • Well, I think Cameron would have been enormously upset if the Guardian had written something nasty about him, but whether Mrs May is of like mind I am still not sure.

  10. The Tories have more important work to do than reform of the BBC.

    And while they are doing it they don’t need any fuss from the telly watching classes about threats to their beloved EastEnders, Come Dancing, Homes under the Hammer and other rubbish.

  11. I have not paid their so called licence for seven years, ignore all letters if a capita employee comes to the door shut it in his face, job done…………….

  12. We are supposed to be grateful that the BBC remained ‘balanced’ during the Referendum campaign and then became biased again on June 24th.

  13. Wholeheartedly agree.

    A cowardly and incompetent performance from the Government.

    But there is one bright ray of hope. The BBC lost the fight over the disclosure of the salaries of its incompetent corrupt bureaucrats, and its boring, talent-free “talent”. I look forward, keenly, to the press (Murdoch to the fore) tearing them limb from limb when the naked greed of the vile luvvies is exposed.

    Someone should be planning a national Licence Tax strike. That should quickly bring them to their knees.

  14. “Politicians (in the Conservative Party especially) should hang their heads in shame about this. ”

    Meh. They’re doing it because it helps drag them leftwards to steal the Blairite Labour vote and to their minds, “de-toxify” the “Nasty Party” brand. The more Corbyn tacks left into the quasi-communist hippie 1970s era, the more the soft-Labour Blairite swing vote will be up for grabs. Helps them to cover off any potential threat from “Red/Liberal UKIP” or if Labour get their act together.

    All totally deliberate.

  15. ‘Is that true, or did your hear it on the BBC?”, at first seemed amusing but on reflection and considering the BBC is the UK populations’ primary news source, the phrase has a terrible and terrifying truth to it.

  16. Eventually the BBC will be the last lefty standing, sniggeringly anachronistic, drivelling away in the corner to a small snorting audience, a long period of incoherent almost inaudible muttering and then, finally, silence.

  17. I believe a deal was done with Whittingdale and Cameron to spare the SCBBC for favourable coverage during the Referendum

    • The EU subsidised BBC would have always given favourable coverage to the Remain side so what was the point ? Under no circumstances would the anti-British Biased Corporation have ever given positive coverage to the Brexit argument.

  18. Before the negotiations started even the BBC expected to have to start charging people directly for watching the i player and for there to be reduction in the licence fee associated with this.
    I saw an interview with the BBC’s director of strategy Mr Purnell (ex-labour as usual) and he said this before the charter review negotiations started live on air.
    However, what the BBC did not appreciate in their far left and labour party supporting bias was that David Cameron is just as ideologically left wing as themselves. David Cameron is to thank for the unbelievable deal that the BBC got in the new media age in which it is preposterous for there to be any state broadcaster subsidized in this way.
    The “Conservative party” has been hijacked at the top by leftists like Mr Cameron and now we have Sharia May (another leftist liberal) and this is why the leftist BBC gets treated like a “national treasure”, when it is in fact a national disgrace.

    • What would be the point of a reduction in the licence fee? It should just end.
      I got rid of my live TV reception at the beginning of this year 2016, believe me there is nothing to miss, just watching Netflix is greatly superior to anything the BBC can present, even with their extorted billions. Just ‘Better call Saul’ alone ,among many, is far superior to staring down the bog at EastEnders. The BBC is genuinely pathetic, they have big money and produce nothing first rate with it.

  19. I agree with much of this, but would go further to point out that a licence funded BBC with no need to make a profit makes it very hard indeed for local radio and news outlets to compete. As a result the government is effectively undermining free enterprise that it claims to encourage.

    Sadly the modern Conservative party is really just New Labour with a blue tinge for appearance sake. They are foolish to think the BBC will ever support them though.

  20. Agreed. The BBC has it’s boot on the throat of UK democracy. It will not take it off voluntarily, ever.
    The BBC will spend the next 4 years doing everything it can to turn the people against a Tory government. Just as it did to the Major government.

    I am at a loss to understand why the Tory government is not doing more to control the BBC and reduce it’s influence. The only good tactical move has been the insistence that BBC publish every salary over 150k. Perhaps the make-up of the Ofcom board can be changed over time.

    As an individual, I can and do get my news from a variety of sources and comment on the BBC propaganda to all my friends and family. I mentioned this to a family friend – a recent graduate, working in London – he thought that the license fee went to the Government as tax. I enlightened him. But it shows how little the BBC is understood by it’s victims.

    • The government are being blackmailed by the BBC, that much is obvious, it’s why the BBC are so anti UKIP, they have nothing on them.

  21. The FTSE100 peaked and remains high. Good news? Not according to the BBC whose spin is that this is because the pound has fallen and that it is really lower than it was before the Brexit vote.

  22. It is not unchanged at all, it’s dominance grows.

    This powerful undemocratic organisation, which employs between 7,000 and 8,000 in its news gathering arm alone, is as we speak, finding new ways in which to ensure that the news we read, see or hear is the news and comment that fits entirely the BBC narrative – the BBC’s view of the world (and that’s before that same culture contaminates pretty well everything else that the BBC produces; comedy, drama, light entertainment, documentaries).

    That in response to criticism of it’s domination of the written and spoken news media, it is prepared to employ even more journalists to provide news content to hard pressed local news papers is as sinister as it is a sick-making joke.

    This organisation, which wrongly used public money to object to the News International’s purchase of the remaining Sky shares – on the grounds of supposed media domination – has itself destroyed media plurality in the UK.

  23. The tories are deeply wet over the BBC (and everything else); but the BBC is too stupid to change, and will continue to stoke the fires which will cause its own downfall. It is wonderfully ironic that the trendy socialist metropolitan establishment is so arrogant and blind to reality, that it is in the process of making the majority of the country its sworn enemy. There will be a backlash and the longer the delay, the worse the backlash. The same is true of Channel 4. Sky will eventually be switched to sanity when the advertisers realise that the channel’s socialist posturing is offending most of Britain.

  24. Was there ever any determination among the senior Tories of Cameron’s administrations to do this.

    Mrs May will be too busy to deal with it but perhaps a few rattles of sabres in the direction of the BBC might qwell their enthusiasm for opposing Brexit. If the Conservatives have a governing majority in 2020 they should do so without the baggage of the Europhiles (who will never be reconciled to freedom) and then impose a break-up of the Beeb.

    Will it happen – search me!

  25. The sum total of all this is that we need a Licence Strike. As everyone’s licence runs out at different times, those who don’t fancy just not paying and risking a visit are left exposed. Perhaps it might start on a county at a time basis?

    • My suggestion, SL (which nobody took up) is as follows: that we pay for our licence (thus, they can’t imprison us) but that when we receive it, we tear it up and send it to the DG. As you say, different people get them at different times, so there’d be a constant stream of licences arriving at BBC HQ. And half of the torn-up licence you could send to T. May, c/o No. 10, so she’d know the protest was going on. If No. 10 got sufficient – daily bagfulls – they could not ignore the protest, or claim not to know about it. Now, does anyone agree? Or am I on my own (as usual)?

      • It’s a good idea and certainly better than, eg, sending a partial payment and getting swamped with waffle from their bullshit dept. but it needs widespread publicity to get going. Might be worth including old copies of the Grauniad in small parcels without postage paid, to wind them up actively.?

  26. i now have Netflix since the 25th. on top of Now Tv and spotify.
    the children watch youtube and CITV and Cartoon network.

    The BBC is getting under 10% of viewing in our household but has 45% of the entertainment spending.

    The fee should have been set on an abolition course. Ready to be disappeared in 2020.
    Plenty of time for the BBC to get itself in order for the modern age.

  27. “Politicians (in the Conservative Party especially) should hang their heads in shame about this.”

    Why should the Tory Party ‘especially’ hang their heads in shame? What on earth makes you think that the Tories are in anyway not in agreement with the Cameroonian political line taken by the BBC? The Tory Party has long since been ‘detoxified’ – so that it is now something agreeable and acceptable to the BBC.

    The Tory Party is merely a bandwagon to which ambitious men and women hitch themselves in order to obtain office and the trappings of office; it’s not an ideologically conservative organisation. As such, the Tory Party has no ‘shame’ – nor is it meant to.

    • Not much.
      As long as you are aware that you may get a visit from an employee of Capita.
      If you do, say absolutely nothing to this person except ‘good morning’.
      This person has absolutely no authority to enter your home.
      Bid the person ‘bon voyage’ and the person will go away.
      You will get a lot of threatening letters, about once per week, which you transport from you letterbox directly to your garbage bin unopened.
      You may get another visit after a couple of years go by so just repeat the process.
      Never give your name or any other personal information.

        • James Chilton wrote:

          You might get a summons.

          Unlikely if one does not admit the Capita Goon nor answer any of his questions NOR SIGN ANYTHING HE ASKS ONE TO SIGN. Those signed confessions (Capita Goons make up the evidence as they talk to the ‘accused’ and then ask him, more often her, to sign an ackowledgement of guilty as accused by the Capita Goon.) are often the only evidence for the prosecution.

          Don’t let them in. Say little or nothing. Be polite but be firm. SIGN NOTHING.

    • Neither do I, though I avoid the problem by not having a TV, and telling the snoopers in the strongest possible terms of this.

  28. if you want the British Bullshit Corp then its simple,,,,,keep your hand in your pocket and refuse to pay it,this is the only cure

  29. Simply refuse to buy a TV licence, there is nothing the BBC can do except become poorer. Watch everything online and at least be able to watch unbiased and uncensored news. The truth is out there try it sometime unless you prefer Strictly Come Dancing or some other BBC dross.

    • It is wrong to blame the BBC itself but it is staffed (pretty well 100%) with naive adolescent minded leftists who have all been trained to hate Jews but pretend to be critical of Israel.

      This is not a disease which can be eradicated so euthanasia of the BBC is the only sensible course.

        • The BBC is represented by its staff but the BBC is not its staff. It is something between a QUANGO and a government department. Its charter does not include biased left wingery and/or antisemitism. These traits are provided by its employees.

          • We’ll have to disagree on that 🙂
            Yes, as a corporation it’s in fundamental breach of its Charter every single day, but that breach is committed by its staff, not by ‘the BBC’ as some abstract entity. A quango has no actual practical existence separate from its staff. The remedy for that breach should be a huge fine for the corporation, but also dismissal of the offending staff.

          • No. Treble the salary of the governor general and sack him/her as soon as an outrage occurs.

            Job done.

          • Why does it have to be one or the other?
            Staff commit a serious offence – sack them.
            The DG (there is no ‘governor general’) doesn’t sort it all out – sack him.
            Why treble? Those troughers earn enough already.

          • John C wrote:

            ‘ … you know perfectly well what it means.

            I don’t, and I don’t recall asking you to define it. Are you a shill? There are a lot of Conservative Friends of Israel and many party apparatchiks do what they do merely for love of party, including making fools of themselves in public. Why are you replying to questions asked of another?

          • You are boring, dear. This is a public discussion forum. I’ll comment on anything I jolly well please. What’s more, I’ll do it without your permission, and whether or not it annoys you. (If it does, that’s your problem, not mine.)
            (The other thread on which you made this silly remark, was in fact started by me.)

          • A proper definition is long overdue. There are a number of semitic tribes, of which the Jews are one. These days, the genetic dilution of the heavily Europeanised dominant Ashkenazi Jews raises the question as to whether they can still be called ‘Semitic’.

        • The way I read that, is that the young lefties are controlling output/content, not everyone (e.g cameramen, actors) are in a position to influence. Some informed body made that point on here once before.

          • Well, yes, and I am very familiar (first hand) with the way TV productions are made 🙂
            Obviously, I am not blaming the electricians and the props department … I thought that was a given.
            As to actors, those who are on message are promoted above those who aren’t.

      • “Euthanasia” might be desirable but not possible. Left, right, and centre are all committed to preserving the BBC – no matter what any politician may affect to the contrary.

      • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol wrote:

        It is wrong to blame the BBC itself but it is staffed (pretty well
        100%) with naive adolescent minded leftists who have all been trained to
        hate Jews but pretend to be critical of Israel.

        This is not a disease which can be eradicated so euthanasia of the BBC is the only sensible course.

        Such irony, and so many questions.

        I’ll start with the questions:

        1) What is the ‘disease’ that cannot be eradicated?

        2) Is euthenasia the prescription for all ineradicable diseases?

        3) What personal provable knowledge do you have that the BBC is ‘staffed (pretty well 100%) with naive adolescent minded leftists’?

        4) What supportable evidence do you hold that those impressionable trainees have been trained to hate Jews?

        5) Why is euthanasia ‘ the only sensible course’ for those deemed to hate Jews?

        • The evidence is there, strewn across decades of spittle-flecked BBC lies about Israel.
          Want details? Set aside 100 hours to peruse hundreds of detailed, factual articles posted at BBC Watch.

  30. The coverage of the U.K. Referendum was woefully biased in favour of the Remain camp and it really sickens me to see that the attitude of the BBC towards Brexit has hardly changed an iota since the massive anti EU vote. As they quite obviously do not represent the majority vote of the voting UK, why have I got to pay them a subscription to carry on with their cosy little club . I should prefer that my licence fee was directed towards the Social Care of vulnerable people in the NHS who would appreciate and are crying out for the money. The BBC are out of touch, out of date, out of ideas and the model should be abolished post haste. Let the public choose whether to fund the BBC or give the money to far worthier causes that don’t have an underlying political agenda

  31. Reform of the BBC? What Reform? Cameron overruled Whittingdale and let the BBC off in return for their full support of Remain (only a muppet like Cameron would believe that they wouldn’t support Remain anyway). May was on the remain side and received BBC support in the form of attacks on other leadership candidates. Why do you think she ditched Whittingdale. These pale imitation Tories care more about what the BBC and the Guardian think than about what is good for the country.

    • Right on both counts, and on the second something that deserves more examination. The liberal Establishment wanted its own candidate to win.

    • BBC delivered the last GE to Cameron – with its brutal live exposure of Miliband’s ineptitude in the last ‘debate’ – in exchange for the Tories going light on the Charter review.

        • yes, my husband says that if you are a white, middle aged, middle class man in the UK today, you are invisible. and it’s not just TV either. He often has Radio4 on while driving for his job and is so fed up with the feminist, liberal, multicultural stuff that he hears on Women’s Hour that he no longer listens. He says there should be a “Men’s hour” though of course non of the liberal London lovvies would countenance that

          • You can’t even get a gas bill without receiving a multicultural message with it.

            I live in a county with very few ethnic minority inhabitants. That doesn’t stop the local council from producing a leaflet about community services which show that only one of the five people pictured on it is white.

  32. The BBC preens itself, but let’s be honest it is dreadful. In the 70s and 80s I never felt they were slanting the news. Now BBC journos (and ITV and Sky) don’t hide their dislike and disapproval of a whole range of world politicians who don’t conform to their world view. Then there’s the drama and the sport – always pushing lefty pet projects and propaganda. It becomes particularly annoying when they do it in an historical drama.
    ‘Have I got News for You’ still pushing UKIP/Farage jokes after 20 years! Yawn. Hislop and Merton should be embarrassed to be picking up regular cheques with their old dross.Then there’s the battery (probably hundreds) of lefty comedians on cushy numbers that have to be rewarded for their loyalty. And no wonder Lineker is so keen to advertise his left wing loyalty – there’s gold in them there hills.
    Let’s be honest, if you’re watching Question Time or Newsnight (which for me is rare) you are amazed if there’s a straight, unbiased debate.
    Why did Cameron fail to deal with the BBC? Because he agreed with it. What has the Tory Party come to?
    On the bright side, 17.4 millions people can see the bias on a daily basis.

    • “the sport – always pushing lefty pet projects and propaganda”

      Recent examples being some hand-wringing about gay footballers not “coming out” and an over-obsession with the “African Footballer of the Year” award.

    • Excellent comment. The fact is there is a kind of inverse McCarthyism in the entertainment industry where it is career suicide to voice anything but left wing views at every opportunity.

  33. Agree it is dreadful.I hardly watch or listen to anything .The incessant left wing bias cannot be overlooked any more. The obsession with diversity /token actors and presenters.

    There is nothing that can be described as culture as in the old BBC 2 days.Just antiques and cooking. Oh and the awful unfunny panel shows.

    The rise of live streaming via Amazon ,Netflix and others will make BBC obsolete eventually.It cannot come soon enough.

    I believe in New Zealand they got rid of the licence fee with a mass refusal to pay. They cannot jail everyone.

      • James Chilton wrote:

        A mass refusal to pay takes a bit of guts – which are in short supply in our effeminate society.

        A little harsh: New Zealand’s population is about the same as that of Yorkshire and Humberside (a non-existant Euro region), or Scotland, and about two thirds that of Greater London. Organising a protest of that sort in a country in which cussed self-reliance is still required for survival is a good deal easier than in a country twelve to sixteen times more numerous, whether ‘effeminate’ or not.

          • Nevertheless – a substantial number of the UK population refusing to pay the licence fee would deliver a life-threatening blow to the BBC. All it requires is some organising, some funds and a decent campaigning website.

    • I haven’t paid the TV tax for years and like many others who comment here and on Guido, Breitbart, etc, I receive a monthly threatening letter on a five or six week sequence rising from a reminder to pay through to a red-topped A VISIT HAS BEEN ARRANGED letter, which the is followed by the reminder to start it again. The visit never happens.

  34. Perhaps a referendum on the BBC TV Licence. Of course the i’s would have to be dotted and the t’s crossed this time. No more bodge jobs. Hardly likely though, the BBC has a lot of mouths to feed.

  35. It may be worth pointing out that the BBC is supposed to (at last) be established on a statutory basis by an Act of Parliament (BBC Royal Charter Act). This bill has been stalled after first reading since around June, so don’t hold your breath! But assuming it does eventually make it into statute law, there may be implications.

    Should stress I am not a lawyer and rely on a combination of unpaid legal chatter and common sense! But it has been something of a myth that the BBC has a ‘legal obligation’ to be impartial and unbiased. This “commitment” has just been part of a Framework Agreement with the Secretary of State as an addendum to the Royal Charter issued by the Privy Council – no democratic element to be seen. It seems doubtful it ever had any substantive legal force. But once something, although not the Charter or Framework, becomes actual statute law, things may (or may not) be different. Whether this statutory basis is the big deal some think of course remains to be seen?

  36. Are there any groups that campaign against the BBC and its iniquitous licence fee? What irritates me is that I can get the same sort of propaganda in North Korea, but at least I don’t have to pay for it.

  37. I read elsewhere that Cameron agreed to go (very) easy on the need for BBC reform in a deal for the BBC to support the Remain campaign in the EU referendum. This might well be a conspiracy theory, but it is a believable explanation for the Tories’ peculiar decision to let the BBC continue with their pro New Labour, pro LibDem, pro EU crusade.

  38. The Tories will not regret reforming the BBC. At its core the Conservative party has been taken over by cultural Marxists who loath the United Kingdom!

    • The Tories will not regret reforming the BBC because that is the last thing the Tories would dream of doing.

  39. Theresa May had the opportunity to keep John Whittingdale as Secretary of State for Culture Media & Sport in July 2016 but chose to dump him.One can see that she was aware that she would be heavily embroiled for the next four years with Brexit, immigration, the over-expensive health service, education reform, prisons, defence and the cost of social care. Taking on the BBC effectively as well in the next 3-4 years, something that Whittingdale would have done for her, would have meant engaging with a part of the establishment on a front that she did not need to open up and use up political capital and Ministers’ time when they have more important tasks..

    Among the national issues that the Government needs to tackle up to 2020, the BBC is not a priority. The Corporation is declining in its political importance and the public has less respect for it than in the past. It may be politic to leave it alone until the next election and put into the 2020 Manifesto proposals to reform it and cut (if not abolish) the Licence Fee if the Conservatives are re-elected.

    David Keighley’s News-watch is doing a good job. One hopes that it will to keep going until BBC reform is possible after 2020.

    • May is for remaining in the EU as is her party. She needs the BBC to help convince the electorate that Brecit was a mistake.

    • Freom the moment that John Whittingdale’s girlfriend was exposed, the whole ‘looking into the BBC’ thing became a sham. We need someone squeaky clean to cut the Biased BBC’s snout off.

  40. ‘ … the BBC licence fee, a regressive tax that criminalises and disadvantages the poor.

    1) The television licence is not a tax, regresive or otherwise; no one has to pay it on pain of fine, forfeiture or prison. My wife and I have never paid it.

    2) The licence fee criminalises no one.

    3) The licence fee disadvantages no one and certainly not the ‘poor’, many of whom are, in my experience and that of my wife, better off than the two of us. However we define poverty, those who qualify for the epithet are as capable as the better off of making decisions and accepting the consequences, and we would do them less than justice were we patronisingly to assume that in choosing to buy a television they had not included the licence fee in their calculations of costs. Watching television is no more essential than smoking, drinking or eating in restaurants and considerably less important than driving, which in the modern world is essential for many people. ‘Poor’ people who decide that a television licence is beyond their financial means are arguably not as disadvantaged as my wife and I who cannot afford the convenience of a car.

    I am not a television owner or viewer and I am wholeheartedly opposed to the licence fee but your statement above is not an argument against it.

  41. The NHS is far worse. Costs zillions more, no-one has a choice about paying for it (except the low-life who don’t earn enough to pay tax) employs foreigners, homosexuals, Muslims, performs sex changes, assistance to un-natural conception, abortions, keeps people alive who aren’t biologically viable – why do we put up with this? Cultural Marxism has us by the short and curlies. A real Tory party would end it now.

  42. The point is that without drastic change, the BBC is declining into irrelevance:

    1. Where can you watch the best sport? Mainly Sky
    2. Where can you watch the best films? Netflix or Amazon or Film 4
    3. What person under the age of 30 thinks that a compulsory tax to fund so called public broadcasting is the right business model for TV? Answer, none

    When there were 3 or 4 channels and the BBC had the best content there was some justification for the BBC fee, but now there are hundreds of channels, new series like The Crown are what the BBC used to do well but now cannot afford it.

    The BBC has the wrong business model, a declining audience, gradually poorer content, an increasingly partisan news style and will become increasingly irrelevant

    • True, the most popular Xmas day show (other than the Queen) was the SCD Xmas special, it managed 7m, about 30% down on stuff like Morecombe and Wise, despite an increase in the numebr of viewers of ~20%

  43. Are ITV, Channel 4, Sky really ant less left wing in their propaganda? Could have fooled me. I accept it is only the Beebs leftist drivel one has to pay for as “tax”, yet the biased slant to the “progressive left” is alive and well on most MSM platforms. Something in the water perhaps…..

    • (1) ITV isn’t a major player in news analysis now so one doesn’t need to give it much attention. It is difficult to think of any significant news programme it broadcasts apart from ITN news, and it has no household-name presenters now.
      (2) Sky is not anything like as influential as the BBC over an issue like Brexit. It is all right as a reporter of factual news but any political analysis the channel offers is tainted by the continued presence of Adam Boulton as its ‘Editor-at-large’. Boulton damages the channel’s credibility because of his personality and various incidents and because he can become the story itself – never good for a prominent journalist. See his Wikipedia entry. And Sky’s continued employment of Kay Burley as a news presenter and interviewer has kept it with a down-market image. (The Wikipedia entry for Kay Burley is very entertaining – strongly recommended.)
      (3) Channel 4 News is notorious for its left-wing tilt and it is pro-EU. Its persistence with presenters who have reputations for bias and are ‘stories in themselves’ drags it down. Jon Snow, Cathy ‘ushered out of the mosque’ Newman, and Krishnan Guru-Murthy (loses temper on air) are all past their sell-by dates and need to be replaced. Snow has presented C4 News since 1989 and Guru-Murthy since 1998. Matt Frei who is the more stable recent arrival as presenter looks far more credible and could be promoted to replace them. Generally C4 News needs a clean-out.

  44. The real scandal relating to the BBC is the lost opportunities for innovative and creative British talent to flourish due to the BBC’s indefensible stranglehold on public funding.

  45. The only conclusion possible is that the Conservative Party has no interest in changing the current political structures. While this would go with the name, it is unfortunate that the structures which they have decided to preserve are largely the invention of St Tone and his cronies.

    I seriously doubt the ability of the Conservative Party to resolve the problems of this country.

  46. These two articles on the News-watch website by David Keighley about the BBC bias against Brexit are worth reading:
    28 September 2016:
    11 October 2016:

    Mr Keighley is to be congratulated for this work, which is tiresome and long-winded but has to be done. Without the report summarised on 11 October 2016, the facts about the BBC’s bias in favour of the UK remaining in the EU would not be known.

  47. I can well believe that Cameron gave the BBC an easy ride in order that the BBC favour the Remain side during the Referendum.

    It’s the sort of clueless ‘deal’ he would make. The BBC is Remainiac Central and needed no bribing from Cameron.

  48. I caught my annual dose of the BBC over Christmas with the family.

    It consisted of cringingly unfunny ‘comedies’ – with forced studio laughter to signal where the supposed punchlines were – and an abomination called “The Entire Universe” fronted by the BBC’s go-to prettyboy science presenter, Brian Cox.

    The only purpose of this 1-hour televisual disaster (bizarrely billed as ‘entertainment’) seemed to be as a vehicle for the BBC to further remind its viewers of how inconsequential and little they all were (ie, powerless)… a message Cox never tired of tacking onto the end of each slab of indigestible astrophysics he parroted out between a series of unwatchably bad song and dance routines.

    We might wonder if the BBC broadcast this ‘ain’t science awe inspiring’ shite-fest of a sermon on Boxing Day as yet another of its attacks on the Christian values Britain was celebrating at the time.

    • Somewhere in the deepest recesses of the BBC, you have probably hurt someone’s feelings. That of some special snowflake BBC protected species. Now that you have them down, please don’t stop on account of us.

  49. The Tories are not a party I know ever since they debranded themselves with plain packaging, thanks to the Lefty Tory, Cameron.

  50. ‘Purely in economic terms the honest answer is that subsidies bring nothing. The result is that here everybody has become completely dependent on them so there is no spirit of innovation and no desire to modernise or even produce more.’

    That quote is from one of the great economic thinkers of our age – the mayor of a hill village in Portugal talking about EU donkey subsidies his villagers receive.

    NewsCorp have a board meeting and on a blank sheet of paper sketch out the idea of a heavily sports-themed payTV operation, Sky, now valued by the market at £18 billion.

    BBC have a board meeting and discuss whether their Radio 1 chart show should play two minutes or three minutes of ‘Ding-dong The Witch Is Dead’, and then plume themselves about how deeply, deeply, they thought about it.

    The BBC right there; luvvin’ their donkeys.

  51. Like most expats on the other side of the world in a country where English is spoken very little, I was delighted when BBC World TV appeared many years ago and gave us 24 hour news coverage. A huge improvement on waiting for the Sunday Times to arrive on Wednesday. That feeling soon turned to disappointment, then disillusion, then disgust and now I look elsewhere for news and comment.

    I could not understand what the BBC wanted. They seemed determined to mock and sneer at almost everything about their own country that we expats were proud of. If you are in the tough world of competitive business you know that the world is full of people who want what we have built up over decades: our technology, our brand recognition, our market share. One way of their being successful is to make sure we fail. It makes no sense to help them by telling the world everything that’s bad about Britain, because no other national broadcaster is so damn stupid. “Support the home team’ is a concept the BBC simply cannot understand.

    How the inhabitants of a small, damp group of islands oiff the shores of Europe built the greatest empire the world has ever seen and then converted it more or less peacably into the Commonwealth, a free association of more than 50 countries is surely the greatest story to be told to our children and grandchildren and to the world in general ? Oh no, according to the BBC the British were invaders, slavers, oppressors, exploiters, and must be to blame one way or the other for everything wrong in the world. And if that doesn’t remotely fit the facts then it must be the Americans’ fault.

    If you are attempting to import and sell high-value British products in one of the world’s most challenging markets, as I was, you need every help you can get. The BBC does its very best to undermine all such efforts. It is a nasty, self-absorbed leftie fifth column, determined to ruin the reputation of the UK and to bite the hand that feeds it. But why ? What is wrong with these people? They behave as though ‘the British’ are nothing to do with them, as though they are on some stratospheric plane where their mission in life is to dispense judgements on lesser beings. What a bunch of fools and parasites. Who do they think they are ?

    The news and comment programmes should be spun off and made to earn their own living. Then we would see who really wants to watch their biased, unpatriotic, hand-wringing tosh.

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