Eyes and ears open, everyone, and anti-prejudice antennas out! It’s national hate crime awareness week.

This is a full-scale effort, involving the Crown Prosecution Service, police forces, the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice, and sundry anti-race hate groups, many of which are taxpayer-funded, to tell us that we are all miserable sinners.
‘Hate’ in this context covers such crimes generally – against the disabled, religions, different sexual orientations, and race – but the principal focus is on race because the bulk of such crimes (78 per cent, according to latest Home Office data) fall into this category.

Centre stage in this campaign, of course, is the BBC. True to form, last week it produced a Panorama programme in which sinister Brit thugs – fired up by the Brexit vote – were attacking anyone from the EU they could find. Over on This Week, they then gave a platform to a transgender person who declared that ‘the white race’ is ‘the most violent and oppressive force of nature on earth’.

Aiding the Corporation? Step forward Superintendent Paul Giannasi OBE, the National Hate Crimes Coordinator, who runs for the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) the portal for reporting hate crime. No, he is not a secret member of UKIP. Rather, he is part of a Facebook group called ‘We Love Europe’, and boy, does he. Mr Giannasi believes that the Brexit vote was a change ‘unwanted and unexpected’ that was an ‘expression of the tyranny of democracy’ which was ‘caused by political arrogance, thirst for power, idiotic fears, prejudice, bigotry and incredible stupidity’.

And let’s not forget the special contribution of Hillary Rodham Clinton. On a book-plug visit, she was given oodles of BBC airtime to reject Brexit. Nasty populist Nigel Farage, she claimed, duped the British people with the ‘big lie’ about topics such as immigration – and then went on to sabotage her own election as US President.

In fact the BBC declared war on Brexit, using race hate claims as a main weapon, over a year ago. It was among the most avid in reporting an alleged ‘spike’ in such offences after June 23 (of which more later) and then wrongly claimed on August 31 that the death of a Polish man in Harlow was a ‘frenzied’ murder triggered by post-Brexit race hate.

The message from all the agencies involved is clear. Bigoted white people are smashing skulls, wreaking havoc, subverting the democratic process, and their populist prejudices against other nationalities and other races are forcing the UK to abandon globalism and leave the EU.

But what is the truth about ‘race hate’? Everything about the way it is framed and reported should send alarm bells about the veracity of any figures involved.

First, it’s almost certainly the easiest crime on the statute book to register because, uniquely, alleged incidents are recorded by the police on a self-report basis via their specially-established website, True Vision (run by Supt Giannasi). All a ‘victim’ has to do is register the ‘crime’ – and hey presto, it’s in the stats.

At a time when – as the Sun reported this week – police forces are working flat-out to limit ‘by hundreds of thousands’ the number of recorded burglaries, shop thefts, and even minor assault charges, they are simultaneously transferring their efforts to the ‘hate crime’ domain. The key supporters of the Stop Hate UK charity, for example, include a clutch of police forces.

Second, the definition of a ‘hate crime’ is unusually loose. Such an offence is deemed to have been committed if the victim, or any witness of the incident, thinks they have been subjected to ‘hate’.

This ease of reporting has been accompanied by a mushrooming of associated interest groups, spearheaded by the government’s primary service provider, Capita, and this has no doubt contributed to the rising volume of ‘race hate’ claims.

This ‘increase’ was trumpeted yet again this week in the annual hate crime figures released by the Home Office, up to the end of March. True to form, the BBC’s report of the statistics is accompanied by a picture of one of the sinister-looking Pole-hating thugs it had trawled Britain to find for its special Panorama edition.

These statistics show that there has indeed been a rise in recorded hate crime, from 62,518 in 2015-16 to 80,393 in 2016-17. But in the context of the lax self-report procedures, what does this prove? Does it reflect a rise in actual incidents? Or perhaps far more likely – in tandem with the vast amounts of money being spent in this arena, combined with publicity from the BBC, and the Remain faction generally – simply that there is increased awareness that such ‘crimes’ can be reported?

Whatever the reason, Amber Rudd’s Home Office was keen to stress the alleged ‘spike’ in race attacks and crimes after June 23 last year because of the Brexit vote. But drill down deeper into the report, and it quickly emerges that this, too, must be treated with a great pinch of salt because it is, to quote the report, based only on ‘anecdotal evidence’.

These figures fail another vital acid test. The Crown Prosecution Service is responsible for bringing hate crimes to court and made clear in its annual report, also published this week, that this is a major priority.

What do the stats show? Well, in the last year – despite everything noted above – the number of hate crime prosecutions fell by almost 1,000 over the previous year to 14,480. In other words, the number of so-called hate crimes with sufficient evidence to go to court is in sharp decline, despite all the resources and efforts being expended. On that basis, of the 80,000 race hate ‘crimes’ reported to True Vision, only about 18 per cent will be tested in court.

And the reaction? This BBC report emphasises in great detail the rise in number of recorded ‘crimes’, does not enumerate the fall in prosecutions, and has a long sequence about a Muslim ‘victim’ who concludes: ‘I really think it’s important for us to report, no matter what.’ Of course.


  1. Is there really a ‘National Hate Crimes Co-ordinator’? What on earth has happened to British society, that such a jackbooted overlord should be allowed to exist here?
    I suggest that his title is apposite, and that this deeply frightening individual is very effective at co-ordinating so-called ‘Hate Crimes’.

    • As has been said esewhere his title sounds as though his job is to ensure a sufficient supply of Hate Crimes and by all accounts he is very successful.

    • And as the BBC reports he’ll soon have even more hate crimes to coordinate. Soon if you act the gentleman to conservative women and some feminist is offended well……

      “A petition calling for the Crown Prosecution Service to make misogynistic incidents a hate crime has been signed by more than 65,000 people.

      In Nottinghamshire, police began recording misogynistic incidents as hate crimes; until then there was no category for such cases.

      The force defines those as: “Incidents against women that are motivated by an attitude of a man towards a woman and includes behaviour targeted towards a woman by men simply because they are a woman.”

      It allows police to investigate the incidents as crimes and support the victims, as well as get a better picture of the scale of the problem”
      Seems the “hard pressed” Nottinghamshire Constabulary have in fact lots of time on their hands to invent a crime not even on the statute book.

    • So why is the National Coordinator not addressing the increase in this type of offence? Why is he still Coordinating these hate crimes?

  2. Thank goodness we have seen the back of the bad old days, when people used to be able to express their blatantly wrong opinions about all sorts of subjects through something laughingly called free speech, and get clean away with it. Can you remember how terrible it used to be, when you might hear someone say something you disagreed with, and you had no means of shutting them up or punishing them? And their comments might not even have been about you. You might have had your ears assaulted by these bigots talking about a complete stranger, or a group of strangers, and you knew instinctively that they had got it all wrong, but there was nothing you could do to protect the innocent from the hate-mongers.

    Well, that has all changed now. I urge you all to take advantage of these wonderful new weapons that our political masters have given us.

    Be alert. Listen to everything and everyone. Don’t let any of the bar stewards get away with even an unguarded word or casual gesture that might give offence to anyone, anywhere, any time. It is quite legitimate to use any method to eavesdrop on anyone. Not just people you don’t know; you have to be suspicious of your neighbours, your workmates, even your friends and families. Hate crime is everywhere, and we must all be dutiful citizens in unmasking it, without fear or favour. The second you hear anything untoward, report it. Report, report, report. The more you do it, the better all our lives will be. If we are all monitors and reporters, we will eventually stamp out the words and prejudices none of us want to hear, ever again. It will be a far better world when the only ideas any of us get to think about, speak or hear are the correct ones.

  3. My understanding (I’m prepared to be corrected) is that the bombing at the Arianna Grande concert in Manchester is not classed as a hate crime because the victims were not part of a group deemed protected under the Equality Act. You couldn’t make it up.

      • To be fair the Act is in fact not explicit. As with many facets of Law the key factor is how the CPS and Courts choose to use the Act. There is no reason that Christians, White People, Men could not use the act. And occasionally they do if properly advised and have the resources. However as most of the system is publicly funded it is the policy and guidance to the public services that counts. Far more important than the the policy direction to the bodies and institutions involved in using it. In a sense this is good news as it doesn’t mean changing the Act is necessary to effect big changes in how “equality” is policed. It does mean changing the Gov. policy in the persons of the relevant ministers (often “junior” ones overseeing specific parts of the Criminal justice Dept.).

        • I’m sure you’re right, but as a white Christian man with experience of being the “victim” of a “hate crime” I wouldn’t dream of legitimising this nonsense by making a complaint.

          I should add that these “hate crimes”, although certainly such according to the definitions one reads, were utterly trivial – boorish name-calling.

        • Not correct. The victim must have a ‘protected characteristic’. Neither white or Christian are on the list.

    • You are correct according to my understanding. A protected characteristic is race, religion, minority sexuality (now extended to trans), disability, age (old, not young I believe, so that over 65’s can work themselves into the grave).

      • Age is, but the victims were not all young, so that doesn’t work. Religion maybe, as the bomber had it in for anyone not of one particular religion, although the law doesn’t capture that.

  4. I would like to report a hate crime, namely the BBC has demonstrated its hatred of me by showing such PC rubbish on a taxpayer funded outlet, I feel defiled.

  5. If Britain and the rest of European civilisation is the most oppressive one on earth then why is it that millions of people from the tolerant and benevolent parts of the world want to come here?

    • Spending their life savings & risking their lives.
      What a disappointment it must be for them to find out that Lilly Allen is not putting them
      up in her guest room or that Sherlock Holmes doesn’t want them in any of his properties.
      The poor dears will have to put up with going to the front of the queue for a mere
      council flat

    • The seed ye sow, another reaps;

      The wealth ye find, another keeps;

      The robes ye weave, another wears;

      The arms ye forge, another bears.
      Percy Bysshe Shelley “Men of England”
      Our way of life slaughtered by those we chose to protect us.

  6. Surely the statement that ‘the white race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature in earth’ is ‘racist’ ?

    This black person’s remarks are of the same kind as that of the feminist Susan Sontag who declared that, ‘The white race is the cancer of history’.

    Oh, I was forgetting. As these people are / were not European males, that’s OK, seeing that only white people can be racist.

    Or so it says in this Cultural Marxist handbook ‘Cultural Marxism for the Perplexed’ I have here. It also says that races don’t exist, which is puzzling, but I dare say there is an explanation for that somewhere…..

    It’s also strange that both these people choose / chose to continue to live in a Civilisation built by European males. After all If they mean / meant what they say, anywhere else would be more congenial, wouldn’t it ?

    What about, oh I don’t know, Afghanistan ? Somalia ? I’m sure the transgender person would get along just famously with the Taliban.

    • The white race so called is responsible for our modern technocratic society which has been adopted world wide. Amazing considering how nasty we all are.

    • Well if most of the UK hating wasters moved away, then they would have to get their snouts out of the taxpayer funded trough and actually work for a living.

  7. One only needs to take a look at the comments under each moronic tweet that the various police forces are putting out for #HateCrimeAwarenessWeek to see how well it’s being received by the public.

    The responses are brutal, and yet the cops insist on continuing with this nonsense.

    It’s more like #PoliceLackOfSelfAwarenessWeek.

  8. Why have no police officers been imprisoned for their role in the coverup of thousands of rapes in Rotherham and many other English towns? Why is the chief constable of South Yorkshire Police who was in charge at the time still at large?

    • Indeed. Although an estimate the reports looking into these believe as many as 20,000 mainly young people were victims over the decade between the first “alerts” and the eventual parade of cases still going through our courts. Even more shocking is that in most of the court cases the majority of the known victims were either in care or on child protection registers. This was not only a failure of police forces across the land but also our children’s services. I am at a loss as to how Governments have avoided a royal commission or public inquiry into such a comprehensive and widespread failure of our public services.
      Even the past scandals about Children’s Homes are dwarfed in scale in comparison.

      • You know the answers. We all know the answers. Nothing will come of it except further degradation and the collapse of our society. Robert Peel must be spinning in his grave.

  9. Such a good thing we have the wonderful Karen Bradley Culture Secretary and the OFCOM Content Board to protect us from the biased ravings of the BBC. Of course, if they don’t, then we will inevitably start asking what is the point of these people and their salaries and perks!

  10. Entirely by coincidence, Supt Paul Giannasi OBE is also the editor of

    The Routledge International Handbook on Hate Crime (Routledge International Handbooks)

    Available on Amazon for £40.

    • Only £40? What a snip. I’ll have a dozen for starters, and distribute them around my knitting circle. Just to prevent any subversion before it starts. You can’t be too careful, can you? Thanks for the heads-up.

    • I’ll wait until I can get it in The Works for 99p. With any luck, that might be just in time for Bonfire Night.

  11. The transgender man’s segment on This Week was itself a hate crime in that it was clearly an incitement to racial hatred

    To quote: “The white race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on earth”

    • As race hate crime is anything the victim or observer finds to be distressing race hate you should do your duty and report the crime you are the victim of. Clearly you were distressed.

      • You are clearly not familiar with section 18 of Public Order Act 1986, or the current operating proceedure of the Police and CPS.

        Under Section 18 there is no requirement for distress or a victim.

        The relevant provisions for inciting racial hatred under Section 18 are:

        “A person who uses …abusive or insulting words or behaviour … is guilty of an offence if having regard to all the circumstances racial hatred is likely to be stirred up thereby.”

        I think calling the white race: “the most violent and oppressive force of nature on earth” is clearly likely to stir up racial hatred against white people.

        Why don’t I report it? Firstly, because racist remarks against white people are never prosecuted by the CPS. Secondly, such a report would be recorded simply as another hate crime, and when the BBC and Guardian gleefully trot out the latest hate crime statistics the report that I made would just be assumed to be an offence committed by a white person against an ethnic minority, and not an offence by an ethnic minority against white people.

  12. I think we’re past the stage where ‘hate’ has no meaning.

    To disagree is hate. To criticise is hate. To ask tough questions is hate. To refute is hate.

    No wonder physical violent crime is rising, the police are far too busy trying to shut down alternate opinions.

    • Hate is a debased word as you contend. Hatred is one of the most extreme and violent emotional states. It is red mist time and people who genuinely hate anything are usually out of control. Most hate crime, so called, is nothing of the kind. It’s a mixture of swearing, bad language and bad manners. Only when it devolves into threats against the person is it demonstrating hate. However one child saying “I’ll kill you” to another should never be taken literally. Taking nonsense literally by the police and SJW is a massive part of the problem. There will only be a massive rise in so called hate crime if we have a massive rise in convictions for it. Innocent until proven guilty and all that jazz.

    • Beautifully expressed.
      Since there is no objective definition of hate crime, other than the feelings of
      those who feel to be hated, it must follow that tens of millions of mainstream British
      people of assorted backgrounds & races are subject to daily hate crimes committed
      by those who hate us so much that they will not even let us see their faces.

  13. Having a nationality is not equivalent to being a race of mankind. The British, Italians and Poles are fundamentally white European Caucasians. Incomers and migrants from Asia, Africa and the Middle East may be absorbed and integrated in to European societies. However shouting words inimical to Poles, Italians, Irish etc is not nor can it be race hatred if spoken by a fellow European Caucasian. Nasty maybe, racist definitely not. You cannot conflate nationality with race when you and I can see how absurd this is. Just as the police had no business investigating Tony Blair for racism when he swore about the Welsh some years ago. Most Welsh people are the same race as Tony Blair. I am part Welsh and as pink as the next Caucasian.

  14. Describing Brexiteers as either having been duped ( i.e. they are stupid) or as racists seems to be the very modern definition of a hate crime. Will super intendent Paul Giannasi, OBE, be going to report himself?

  15. Yeah yeah yeah, there are no hate crimes and the BBC are a lefty propaganda machine. Got anything new or vaguely true to say? Oh the earth is flat? What a numpty David Keighley.

  16. Hate crime should have never made it onto the statue book. The protesters back in 2006 were if anything not worried enough, that the national conversation and the state of British policing could be reduced to this grotesque spectacle in just over a decade by those awful laws is just shocking.

    The Blair tyranny completely trashed the country.

    • And has continued under Cameron and to a much greater extent under May and Rudd…see
      “Britain to criminalise reading online extremist content.”

      The last line is particularly interesting…we heard this week from the head of MI5…

      “ Terror plots being planned to point of execution within days, says MI5 chief” on is worth reading …as is

      “DHS Sec just warned of severe threat of new 9/11 style attack by ISIS or al Qaeda”

      Which links to

      ‘G4S and the SuperBowl “ on veteranstoday.

  17. Mr Giannasi believes that the Brexit vote was a change ‘unwanted and unexpected’

    Clearly it was ‘wanted’, since the majority who voted voted Leave. Giannasi is just another antidemocratic narcissist having a tantrum.

  18. The phrase ‘expression of the tyranny of democracy’ says all that’s needed about this jack-booted superintendent, and it could be argued that ‘the white race’ is ‘the most violent and oppressive force of nature on earth’ is just evolution having its way. Alternatively that last statement could be a “hate crime” if only the most violent and oppressive force of nature on the planet could be bothered to report it. Roll on Armageddon.

    • It wasn’t white races that butchered half the population in Cambodia. It wasn’t white races that committed millions of atrocities against the Chinese before and during WW2… it was the Japanese. It wasn’t white races in ISIS that have been butchering in Syria and Iraq. Cruelty and savagery are part and parcel of humanity

  19. Fight back.
    I accused a complaining Asian client of racism, as what she had written in her letter I perceived as dog whistle racism against white people.
    It went quiet after that.

    • Use their tactics against them. Someone who virtue signalled to the ends of the earth about race decided to insult me because of my views on brexit (pro). He called me mad. I got him on hatred against disabled people.

    • Every time you are unable to park near a Mosque on Friday register a ‘hate crime’. Every time your journey is disrupted by a Gay Pride Parade register a ‘hate crime’. Every time Question Time denigrates people who voted Leave (i.e. every week) register a ‘hate crime’.

      Overwhelm the poorly conceived system with examples of how it panders to those with a grievance.

  20. I feel the BBC hate me. Can I log that as a hate crime? I voted to leave the EU but they claim I am a racist. I am white and expect my children to behave. I must be bad.

  21. I am British, born and bred. I have worked hard, run my business. Got married, brought my children up and now am Involved with my grandchildren. I have never in my life felt so hated, persecuted or frightened in my life!!!!!!

    I am 66 years old I have been threatened with violence by students when campaigning for Brexit. I have been threatened by members of Hope not Hate at a UKIP conference. I have lived amongst the Chinese, the Jewish people and the Italians. Never have I felt there was race hatred between us. I have never been accused of racism until a student accused me of such for campaigning for

    What is going wrong with our country that our own parliament is prepared to persecute its own Christian peoples. What is wrong that our police, politicians and media hate the indigenous population so much that they are prepared to destroy our culture.

  22. Yes. it was those white supremacists who killed 300 in the Mogadishu bomb last Saturday.
    All we need is to keep posting and overwhelm the system.

  23. The police are, quite rightly, supposed to be politically neutral. Expressing overtly political views publicly used to be a disciplinary offence under Police Discipline Regulations. If this Superintendent Paul Giannasi really has made such divisive comments on a public platform then he should be investigated, disciplined and dismissed; he is in the wrong job. It is modern senior officers like him, if he did indeed make such comments, that have caused the reputation of the police to plummet from the once enviably high position it enjoyed in the days when I was young.

  24. First step in establishing a totalitarian state: Get the forces of law and order on the side of the state, not the people.

  25. Easy number for Plod and worrying that they seem able to decide what is a hate crime.

    An even bigger boondoggle than the hunt for Maddie.

  26. When you cut out all the PC crap and look at facts, it paints a very different picture, these new laws are designed to show the only minority that can be attacked in this country without any back fire, the white, British male, in the worst possible way, yet nobody, not a single MP or known commentator, is so much as mentioning this bonkers fact let alone demanding that the mouthpiece’s stop it, by the mouthpiece’s I mean the BBC & Channel 4 News, let’s be honest here, we’re now being pushed into a situation that demands we pick a side, when it comes to the EU negotiations people in this country no longer have the luxury of sitting on the fence, your either supporting the British government or your supporting the EU? As far as I’m concerned both the BBC & Channel 4 have nailed their colours to the EU flag pole, and we should be shouting loud and clear that these pair at least are basic traitors, which is exactly what they are, you support a foreign government against the UK government, then you are a traitor to your country, and it doesn’t matter if that government is labour, Tory, limp dem or a mixture of all three, they are acting for the UK, which means you support them if your British, I was in the Royal Marines for 6yrs, when we went to the Falklands or Northern Ireland, we didn’t say “I don’t support the labour government therefore I’m not going to fight in the Falklands (yes I know Thatcher was in power in 1982) or Northern Ireland”, you back the British or you don’t, simples!

  27. Meanwhile MI5 and the home office have just announced they will be allowing more than 400 jihadists , who left Britain to commit mass murder in Syria, back into Britain. This outrageous criminal negligence from the people supposed to in in charge of the nation’s security, Amber Rudd and MI5, is beyond belief. From their recruitment policies, freely available on their website, we can see how MI5 is now completely compromised by Tony Blair’s diversity acid bath that has washed any common sense clean from their agenda, along with the rainbow police who spend more time looking for “Islamophobes” on the internet than protecting English children from Muslim rape gangs. Amber Rudd should be hung, drawn and quartered for the debacle being run in her name at the home office. This harridan of a PC careerist who is as much a “Conservative” as Hitler was a Zionist is having rings run round her by Sadiq Khan, who is well on his way to making London another caliphate by neutering the Met’s ability to profile Muslims (read: “2030: “Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent, Amazon and Kindle) while fast forwarding Islamic State murderers and rapists, psychos and torturers back into Britain, with the HELP AND APPROVAL of Amber Rudd heading the most incompetent, twisted, insane PC home office in British history. How could Jeremy Corbyn and his Marxist loonies be any worse than the May/Rudd axis of Islamic appeasement. God, I feel shamed to be British for the first time in my life. Next year, when mayhem again returns to the streets of Khan’s London caliphate and our major cities every innocent rape victim, every victim of suicide bombs, every passer by knifed or shot by a fanatic just returned from Syria screaming Allahu Akbar should look to the utter utter cowardice of this “Conservative” Party for answers.

  28. “At a time when – as the Sun reported this week – police forces are working flat-out to limit ‘by hundreds of thousands’ the number of recorded burglaries, shop thefts, and even minor assault charges, they are simultaneously transferring their efforts to the ‘hate crime’ domain. The key supporters of the Stop Hate UK charity, for example, include a clutch of police forces.”

    The Bill should realise that it is actually not impossible for a country to abolish its existing police force in toto and replace it with a new force – this was done by Georgia (i.e. the ex-Soviet state) a few years ago. It is also possible to have a substantial purge of the existing police force and a complete reorganisation in a short space of time, as Russia did about 6 years ago (the old ‘Militsia’ were replaced by ‘Politsia’).

    If we had an intelligent government outside the bubble of PC Standard Thought (two big ‘ifs’ there) a purge of the police and drastic reform of policing would come high on its list of priorities.

  29. An interesting article in the Mail on Sunday today by Peter Hitchens, showing the number of police per capita has been rising whilst foot patrols have been withdrawn and crime has gone up. The police have scored an own goal with their traditional supporters with all the PC nonsense they indulge in nowadays.

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