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David Kurten: Tories have succumbed to the long march of the cultural Marxists


Not a week goes by without some new decree from the politically correct thought police. Yet recently, a more sinister turn has been taken.

It has been the case for some time that the PC thought police are making more and more onerous restrictions on what we are allowed to say. In fact, it started before many of us were born. In the 1960s, for example, the phrase ‘unmarried mothers’ was decreed harmful and we all had to say ‘single mothers’ instead. A few years later that too was declared un-PC and replaced with ‘single parents’, then this too ousted in favour of ‘lone parents’. Then in case that was offensive came ‘people at home’; and now ‘important people’ is the approved expression for the apparently unmentionable role, a phrase which is as meaningless as it is ridiculous.

This progression gives a glimpse into the way changes in language have been enforced by the cultural revolutionaries of the Left over the decades, paralleling their progressive attack on marriage, family, Christianity and nationhood decade by decade. But now it is no longer enough to avoid ‘offensive’ speech.  It is compulsory to participate in correct speech and thought under the threat of prosecution.

An example of such criminalisation was the Ashers Bakery case in Northern Ireland. The Christian owners of this bakery were dragged through the courts by militant LGBT activists for refusing to decorate a cake with words supporting gay marriage. It was against their conscience. That Peter Tatchell came out in support of them and against this new orthodoxy was not enough. Even he, a gay activist, proved too ‘soft’ for the new generation of militants who carried on with their legal action regardless.

Last week, a National Trust site ordered all staff to wear a rainbow lanyard in order to celebrate the LGBT community. Those who did not comply would be taken aside to ‘have a little chat’ and consigned to duties out of sight of the public. Likewise, Christian and Jewish schools are now under attack if they support traditional marriage and refuse to comply with Comrade Greening’s diktat that schools must teach ‘Relationships Education’, which will almost certainly include LGBT education of a kind that is far too much at too young an age for most secondary school pupils, let alone primary school children or preschool infants.

Schools or teachers foolish enough to believe that sex education should be restricted to the scientific facts on reproduction and chromosomes find themselves threatened by Ofsted, whose Director of Corporate Strategy, Luke Tryl, used to be the Head of Education at Stonewall. A Jewish primary school in London found this out to its cost recently when it was failed for not teaching Judith Butler’s genderqueer theory.

Most fair-minded people are tolerant and libertarian to the extent that they believe that consenting adults should be allowed to do as they please in their own home without interference from the State. Such thinking should stand them in clear and principled opposition to Sharia law, under which the penalty for homosexual activity is death.

Such liberty, as well as freedom of speech and thought, is fundamental to the values of British society. The Netherlands takes these rights one step further. They have a concept that everyone is allowed to participate in the State, which means that people with traditional, Christian or conservative values and views – on which our society was founded and flourished – cannot be excluded.

In Britain, however, they increasingly are; rights such as freedom of thought, speech, religion and conscience are systematically being eroded. Schools are full of educators. They must be allowed to oppose the damaging, confusing and unscientific nonsense that is genderqueer theory, and call it out for the rubbish that it is. Parents up and down the country are so worried about the effects on their children’s development that tens of thousands of them are considering home schooling to protect them from the State’s early sexualisation indoctrination programmes.

One wouldn’t be surprised to find adherents of Frankfurt School propagandising, a theory that undermines children’s natural development as boys and girls and tricks them into having puberty-blocking hormones injected into their bodies. For the aim of these cultural Marxists was indeed to deconstruct every good thing that gives human beings, family connections and identity – until all people are atomised individuals with only one meaningful relationship, that between the individual and the State. This is what Marxists do. But it is not what the Conservative Party should do. Yet now, extraordinarily, these theories are endemic across the political spectrum. It beggars belief that the Conservative Party, the party of Winston Churchill, has so debased itself that it too, not even unthinkingly but actively, is now embracing these destructive tenets.

Of course, the Conservative Party is no longer conservative; it has not been for a considerable time. Like the courts, the mainstream media, the educational establishment, the entertainment industry, the upper echelons of the police and the National Trust it has fallen to this ’slow motion coup d’etat.’ It is what the Marxist student activist Rudi Dutschke described as ‘the long march through institutions’ – the strategy for establishing the conditions for revolution. He should be cheering – it is working. The irony is that in their noisy drive to be fashionably ‘inclusive’ the once conservatives have succeeded in excluding the silent majority.

This is fertile political ground for the taking – for any political party brave enough to stand up to the new ideological militancy and courageous enough to face off this new cadre of militant LGBT totalitarians, who do not simply seek tolerance but are determined to force compliance and, worse, punishment for anyone guilty of non-compliance in ‘celebrating diversity.’

David Kurten is Ukip’s Education Spokesman, a London Assembly Member and a candidate for Ukip Party Leader

(Image: DFID)

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