Not a week goes by without some new decree from the politically correct thought police. Yet recently, a more sinister turn has been taken.

It has been the case for some time that the PC thought police are making more and more onerous restrictions on what we are allowed to say. In fact, it started before many of us were born. In the 1960s, for example, the phrase ‘unmarried mothers’ was decreed harmful and we all had to say ‘single mothers’ instead. A few years later that too was declared un-PC and replaced with ‘single parents’, then this too ousted in favour of ‘lone parents’. Then in case that was offensive came ‘people at home’; and now ‘important people’ is the approved expression for the apparently unmentionable role, a phrase which is as meaningless as it is ridiculous.

This progression gives a glimpse into the way changes in language have been enforced by the cultural revolutionaries of the Left over the decades, paralleling their progressive attack on marriage, family, Christianity and nationhood decade by decade. But now it is no longer enough to avoid ‘offensive’ speech.  It is compulsory to participate in correct speech and thought under the threat of prosecution.

An example of such criminalisation was the Ashers Bakery case in Northern Ireland. The Christian owners of this bakery were dragged through the courts by militant LGBT activists for refusing to decorate a cake with words supporting gay marriage. It was against their conscience. That Peter Tatchell came out in support of them and against this new orthodoxy was not enough. Even he, a gay activist, proved too ‘soft’ for the new generation of militants who carried on with their legal action regardless.

Last week, a National Trust site ordered all staff to wear a rainbow lanyard in order to celebrate the LGBT community. Those who did not comply would be taken aside to ‘have a little chat’ and consigned to duties out of sight of the public. Likewise, Christian and Jewish schools are now under attack if they support traditional marriage and refuse to comply with Comrade Greening’s diktat that schools must teach ‘Relationships Education’, which will almost certainly include LGBT education of a kind that is far too much at too young an age for most secondary school pupils, let alone primary school children or preschool infants.

Schools or teachers foolish enough to believe that sex education should be restricted to the scientific facts on reproduction and chromosomes find themselves threatened by Ofsted, whose Director of Corporate Strategy, Luke Tryl, used to be the Head of Education at Stonewall. A Jewish primary school in London found this out to its cost recently when it was failed for not teaching Judith Butler’s genderqueer theory.

Most fair-minded people are tolerant and libertarian to the extent that they believe that consenting adults should be allowed to do as they please in their own home without interference from the State. Such thinking should stand them in clear and principled opposition to Sharia law, under which the penalty for homosexual activity is death.

Such liberty, as well as freedom of speech and thought, is fundamental to the values of British society. The Netherlands takes these rights one step further. They have a concept that everyone is allowed to participate in the State, which means that people with traditional, Christian or conservative values and views – on which our society was founded and flourished – cannot be excluded.

In Britain, however, they increasingly are; rights such as freedom of thought, speech, religion and conscience are systematically being eroded. Schools are full of educators. They must be allowed to oppose the damaging, confusing and unscientific nonsense that is genderqueer theory, and call it out for the rubbish that it is. Parents up and down the country are so worried about the effects on their children’s development that tens of thousands of them are considering home schooling to protect them from the State’s early sexualisation indoctrination programmes.

One wouldn’t be surprised to find adherents of Frankfurt School propagandising, a theory that undermines children’s natural development as boys and girls and tricks them into having puberty-blocking hormones injected into their bodies. For the aim of these cultural Marxists was indeed to deconstruct every good thing that gives human beings, family connections and identity – until all people are atomised individuals with only one meaningful relationship, that between the individual and the State. This is what Marxists do. But it is not what the Conservative Party should do. Yet now, extraordinarily, these theories are endemic across the political spectrum. It beggars belief that the Conservative Party, the party of Winston Churchill, has so debased itself that it too, not even unthinkingly but actively, is now embracing these destructive tenets.

Of course, the Conservative Party is no longer conservative; it has not been for a considerable time. Like the courts, the mainstream media, the educational establishment, the entertainment industry, the upper echelons of the police and the National Trust it has fallen to this ’slow motion coup d’etat.’ It is what the Marxist student activist Rudi Dutschke described as ‘the long march through institutions’ – the strategy for establishing the conditions for revolution. He should be cheering – it is working. The irony is that in their noisy drive to be fashionably ‘inclusive’ the once conservatives have succeeded in excluding the silent majority.

This is fertile political ground for the taking – for any political party brave enough to stand up to the new ideological militancy and courageous enough to face off this new cadre of militant LGBT totalitarians, who do not simply seek tolerance but are determined to force compliance and, worse, punishment for anyone guilty of non-compliance in ‘celebrating diversity.’

David Kurten is Ukip’s Education Spokesman, a London Assembly Member and a candidate for Ukip Party Leader

(Image: DFID)


  1. “Most fair-minded people are tolerant and libertarian to the extent that they believe that consenting adults should be allowed to do as they please in their own home without interference from the State”

    Not on this site, they don’t David. You’ll never meet a more nasty intolerant, sticking-their-nose-into-other-people’s-lives bunch than a lot of the people on here.

    • Well, I happen to regard you as a weapons-grade p*ll*ck, but I haven’t the slightest desire to know the squalid details of your existence.

    • Did you have any specific examples of said “nasty, intolerant, sticking of noses into other people’s lives” in mind?

    • Not all of us BB.
      Gays used to be quite unjustifiably persecuted, unless they were privileged
      members of society.
      That stopped some time ago, (de facto, about when they were allowed, officially,
      in the armed forces).
      All but some reactionary bigots are happy about it & are irritated at the constant BBC
      I’ve 2 male friends, like me atheists & conservatives, and they are becoming distinctly
      homophobic because of the blatant public behaviour of some male gays.
      They have no interest in the topic & 30 years ago would not have been aware of gays.
      One got brassed off at his partner’s gay son snogging his boyfriend, tongues & all, on a
      picnic at a music festival, in front of his mother.
      Too many male gays lack manners & taste – as a matter of principle.
      Seriously, no mature adult likes those ghastly musicals or the sight of men in
      tu tus.
      Persons who quote tenth generation translations of the ramblings of Near Eastern prophets as a reason to persecute gays are even worse.

      • Just as an aside Reborn – can an atheist be a conservative? I thought the basis of conservatism was christian belief? Obviously a person who is an atheist can be an intelligent person who restrains their behavior by good sense but what would be the belief system that underpins it? We live in a society shaped by christianity though cultural marxism is still trying to undermine that.

        • Of course, an atheist can be a conservative, or Conservative. I am conservative. I respect most religions (there is one exception), but I am not religious. What is there in conservatism that automatically implies a belief in a god?

          • Indeed Norman Tebbit would be an example, but he still recognises the christian basis of the society he wishes to perserve.

          • If the Conservative Party represented only the views of Christians,
            and possibly, Jews, it would attract relatively few votes.
            It has been observed that in the last, disastrous, election that if just
            over 400 persons had voted differently in 8 constituencies, the
            Conservatives would have had a clear majority.
            And still we tolerate the postal voting racket, plus students voting twice,
            plus no photo ID at the polls.
            We talk about rotten boroughs & pocket boroughs as if everything in
            the UK is now democratic. The EU referendum was democracy in action
            & it showed up the democratic deficit in that we still have no UKIP MPs

          • Except the Conservative Party isn’t conservative and people don’t necessarily vote rationally. Also tolerated is block voting delivered by ‘community leaders’ to particular candidates in return for allowing a ‘community’ to police itself, ie not be policed at all.

          • “The EU referendum was democracy in action & it showed up the democratic deficit in that we still have no UKIP MPs.” People chose to keep FPTP…and it is impossible to say what might have happened under PR as new system might well have driven different voting behaviour.

          • I believe in God, though the nasty tribal one, known as ‘Allah’ or ‘YHWH’, currently ensconced as the spiritual overload of this benighted planet, is not He.

        • Where on Earth did you get that idea ?
          Historically, England/UK has been a pre Christian then a Catholic,
          then an Anglican (persecuting hard core Protestant )country.
          Since WW2 religious belief has become, for the indigenes, a harmless
          weddings & funerals affair – one that I love & respect.
          Anyone who takes as literal truth, the writings of persons claiming
          to speak for God, is taking seriously the ravings of a blasphemer from
          an ignorant, pre scientific, age.
          The kind of conservatism I support recognises our history as an independen nation state, pragmatic rather than driven by dogma, capitalist, but humane and never ever multicultural, still less mohammedan.

        • Depends on how you define the word ‘conservative’. I consider myself conservative even though I’m agnostic because I believe in free enterprise, less reliance on the state and equality of opportunity above equality of outcome

      • Snogging in front of one’s mother is just bad taste (no pun intended) whether the couple is straight or gay. I hate Pride because 1) they’re often pornographic and 2) marching to celebrate your sexual preferences in also in bad taste. I’d object to a heterosexual march if it did the same. I think that gay and straight people should be treated the same way. I ask only that gay people follow the same social mores as straight people. Many do, unfortunately many do not. Legal inequality of gays should have been replaced by privacy, not ‘pride’.

          • Revolting. Just revolting. And if they were straight men doing that on the street I’d say the same.

          • I have several friends who are gay, and all of them hate gay pride parades too.

            As one of them put it (I paraphrase) : “After decades of trying to show society that being in a gay partnership is about caring and loving someone for life in the same way that a straight partnership is, it is celebrated by some by weird camp disgusting embarrassing public displays that put the cause back years”

          • Society does not need gays anymore than it needs muslims.

            They delight in their lewdity and are always attempting to impose their abnormal preferences on everyone else.

            They are corruptors by nature and hate heternormative culture. They should be kept far away from mainstream society, and children (small boys) in particular. See how the perverts at pinknews recently homosexualised 4 year old prince George.

            They are vulgar and are not needed in any way by society.

            I can’t think of a single reason why they must live among normal people.

      • All of my friends who are gay think that gay pride events are disgusting, set the cause back years, and they boycott them.

  2. You mention Stonewall. This is an outfit that gets its foot in everywhere in education. Most universities, interestingly enough, are signed up to its so-called Workplace Equality Index, a sort of “more-LGBTQ-friendly-than-thou” contest generating requests to spend yet more time filling in irrelevant forms.

    • The gay candidate in last year’s student union election at Queen Mary University London was sure he would win, but lost 2 to 1 to the muslim candidate.
      A sign of things to come I think.

      • The marxist list of “minorities” in order of importance to their “destroy Western civilisation” objective:

        1. Muslims
        2. Men with mental illnesses which lead them to believe they are women
        3. Gays
        4. Women
        5. Ethnics

  3. They must be allowed to oppose the damaging, confusing and unscientific nonsense that is genderqueer theory, and call it out for the rubbish that it is.

    Quite. The school should have responded that they don’t teach that theory for the same reason that they don’t teach creationism, eugenics, phrenology, that everything is comprised of 4 elements, and that illness is caused by an imbalance of humours, to be treated by a course of leeches.

    • Eugenics works.
      Just look at how it gave the massive increase in Ashkenazi IQ in a couple of hundred years.

      • Of course it does as its simply selective breeding in mammals. Of course the point is it is a moral choice too.

  4. In Canada, Bill C-16 enforces the use of preposterous non-pronouns, to avoid scaring the “transgendered”. Although the proponents of the bill adamantly declared that this was nothing to do with forcing people to indulge the potentially infinite number of fantasy pronouns, suddenly all the rage, that is exactly how the self-promoting and demographically almost non-existent transgender “community” are hell-bent on exploiting the legislation. You’ll be able to be arrested, potentially get a criminal record, for failing to use the preferred pronoun. Since the pronouns may vary by the minute, the potential for lawsuits is infinite.

    That will happen here. That this nonsense happens simultaneously, around the globe, is no coincidence.

  5. I believe it was Paul Weston that summed it up on an earlier TCW article: only a full blown revolution would change our current situation.
    My own thoughts are that it wont come from UKip, more likely from Islam.

    • The REVOLUTION is here . . . Anne Marie Waters, hopefully UKIP’s leader. Islam and Political Correctness must be consigned to the Dustbin.

  6. My grandmother liked to regale me with stories about when Britain was a ‘safe’ country, what fascinated me as a child sitting at her feet and gazing up into her wise eyed slightly wizened face, she told me that, once upon a time people could leave their homes and not bother locking their doors and added “there was so much more respect then”…………..and that,
    “people didn’t have much but it was cared for and lovingly kept”.

    I am sure, that Britain I don’t know where it went but never did I then nor indeed now, have ever reason to question her shrewd observations for I’ve read about it elsewhere and she was never one to embroider.

    Paris today, another one here tomorrow?

    It will come and as surely as night follows the day.

    Acid attacks – acid?

    Good holy Lord almighty! and the cries of ‘community’ will echo in the aftermath of another ‘religion of war’ atrocity, beseeching ‘cohesion and unity’ the hyperacute will scream it at their candlelit vigils, virtue signalling on our screens ad nauseum. And yet, it is precisely these same ideologues who it is promote the precepts and versions of Frankfurt school dogma be they Alinskyite, Multcult – ethnic, social, sexual: division is what they are dedicated – fixed on to sow.

    So what is it to be, can you not see the paradox?

    Celebrate diversity we are ordained and ordered by the authorities to worship multcult and thus to welcome a total breakdown in community cohesion?
    Plus, as the laws of the land are dissolved by a judiciary who preside to the tunes of the cultural Marxist playbook, A police force totally “noddyified” hamstrung by their PC bosses, a political class only focused on navel gazing and doing what is best for their personal aggrandizement and TV persona. The media sanctifying the femmicommie doctrines, the archpriests of the church of lies and Mammom made welcome, greed and envy pervade, it begets the desired effect and with all effort exerted “coz you’re worth it”.

    But don’t dare question it, else ye be cast down.

    So what is it to be, community or dystopia, be not in doubt about the direction the left wing doctrinaires those calumniators are winning hands down and down, we are all being led.

    • They are only winning in the sense that a drug dealer is increasing his customer base. The full fall out from all this is still a decade or two away but is already underway obviously. Celebrate diversity translates as celebrate low IQ – empty vessels make most noise!

    • It is a slow-motion cultural car crash with, quite possibly, a violent conclusion. Not that I want that but for any form of positive change it appears inevitable.

    • The British have always been scavengers . ( I am British ) . During the blitz people did not like leaving their houses during bombing because the looters would be in thieving what they fancied . let’s not paint too rosy a picture of the past !

      • Lets not paint a too rosy picture of the present, as they like to do “crime is down” but two kids have been stabbed to death in London just in the last couple of days, it won’t even make the front pages whereas………….think on that.

    • Freedom of speech is being eroded all right, in a very one-sided way. A cleaner says “Don’t come over to this country and treat it as your own” and gets hit with a 12 month community order and 1 month forced labour, while National Galleries Scotland host an openly anti-white racist video which kindly reminds us that we are:

      “Random White Dudes – In-bred Spawn Soon To Die Out”

      • The blood of our ancestors run into the land, who fought for these islands, in both World Wars the Irish, Scots, Welsh and English stood together, It makes you wonder what was the point of fighting but also that, our forefathers would not be so supinely accepting of the ‘new order’. Where, cultural Marxism seeds poison tares, the Marxist pedagogues and empty head ideologues sell us division and sunders these brotherly bonds…………………………. why do the more recent generations of Celts get carte blanche to spite and hate why do we just take it – why isn’t it calle ‘RACISM’ when the English are on the receiving end? By God the Celtic melancholia and all that booze boosted vilification, get over it.

        Every other tradition but Christianity is advocated, cultural Marxism is made Britain’s cross and something far worse done by a political class steeped in betrayal and hate filled, allied itself with some devils which will visit war and hell on earth – right here in dear old Blighty and have a look at the news from Newcastle, see what they do.

        Is that what you want, then vote liblavCON.

    • “Acid attacks – acid?” Yep….it’s a positively Victorian tactic….you’d have thought they’d have come with something more modern……

      • It is a quite appalling thing, having said that, is there a descending scale of mankind’s inhumanity to his fellow man……….and – oh dear God I cannot say it, not here anyway.

    • “….and Mammom made welcome, greed and envy pervade, it begets the desired effect and with all effort exerted “coz you’re worth it”.” But weren’t we told in the ’80s that….. …that there was no ‘such thing as society’… …seems you want to turn nearly 50 years of Blue-New Red policy on it’s head….

    • The moped acid attacks all seem to be by Asians against Asians, as do many of the attacks on former girlfriends by spurned boyfriends. Please may I be transported back to at least the Seventies? There was much wrong with that time, but it was at least ‘our’ wrong.

  7. That the sort of ideas that were once confined to lesbian safe spaces in the early 1970s are now comfortably ensconced in the tory party is beyond parody. I am 55 and don‘t remember the tories ever being conservative apart from some mps. I would even say that the Labour party and voters of the 1970s outside of London were far more conservative than the tories have ever been and that James Callaghan was the last conservative prime minister (preceded by two who were not).

    • Greening is a lesbian.” . . .In June 2016, Greening revealed on Twitter that she was in a “happy same-sex relationship”.

  8. This Kurten person sounds dangerously like one of those Fascists who find it objectionable that women with gonads and a penis should appear in the changing rooms of women with vaginas.

  9. The Whole situation is a disgrace, how the allegedly Conservative party can go along with this nonsense is beyond belief.
    The long march has been incredibly successful because there has effectively been no opposition to their ideology.
    They came in under cover and anyone pointing out what was going on was rubbished as a conspiracy theorist.
    They had the usual useful idiots only to happy to join them.
    The areas where traitors always come from , the elitist university’s and classes who consider nation is
    an outdated consept

  10. What it shows is the increasingly rapid collapse of a civilisation. Once I thought it worth defending but now I say let it go. Nothing lasts forever as deep down we all know.
    Maybe a new dark age and then after centuries pass a rebirth and a new civilisation will emerge.
    What to do personally now is the problem. Short term live with it but keep apart . medium term prepare to leave this small space we have in England. It will not be pleasant when the collapse accelerates. Long term try to pass on to your young some of the knowledge and customs of our people. By then you and yours should aim to be far away.
    Just hope that the bodysnatchers leave you and yours alone long enough

      • Financial collapse in the right place is bearable. Cultural another matter. So look to be with those who share your views. Certainly nowhere in Western Europe.

  11. Excellently put Mr Kurten. Not only Britain but I would suggest the whole of the western world, and its culture, stands on the cusp.
    Meek acquiescence won’t be good enough. A strong, morally grounded party is essential if we are to defeat the twin scourges of “cultural Marxism” and intolerant “religious” fundamentalism. Both these opposing ideologies are at odds with each other, both also are at odds with the overwhelming majority of right thinking people.

  12. How are we supposed to know what todays expression is for single mothers? I don’t bother trying to keep up and I certainly don’t believe we should pander to the people who try and tell us what words we should use. In fact I am getting worse, the more they try and dictate the more I resort to words we shouldn’t use. More people should try this.
    My favourite moment recently was when Benedict Cumberbatch tried to be right-on, called a black person a Negro or a person of colour and apparently used last weeks word. The fall out was hilarious

    • It was “coloured people”, instead of “people of colour”
      The faux outrage was hilarious & Crummerbach, if sincere, should
      have retired to one of his libraries with a loaded pistol & a
      bottle of whisky.

    • I’m all for calling people “people”. Life is so much simpler.

      Black/white/LGBT_Alphabet Soup/female/straight……it’s the Left who like to use these identity labels to the full.

      Thanks BTW for the update on Cumberbum’s latest doings – haven’t heard that much from him lately.

    • What about ‘black, coloured, people of colour’, and so on? It seems to change with the wind. I’ll just stick to calling them what I used to.

  13. For heaven’s sake (and for the rest of us) please don’t let this insidious Marxist-feminist-PC poisonous cancer infiltrate UKIP. There are already signs that it’s adherents are trying to do so.

    • Yes, her name is Anne Marie waters. She is a lifelong marxist feminist lesbian activist.

      She deviates from the marxist orthodoxy only when it comes to islam. She supports all other aspects of cultural marxism. She has de-platformed those who disagree with her pro gay agenda and any of her other marxist views.

      AMW is a marxist through and through.

      If she wins the UKIP leadership election then it would be a stunning victory for cultural marxism. All notable political parties will be lead by out and out marxists.

      • I agree. I fear that Ann Marie Waters is part of the problem, not part of any kind of solution.

        Can you give a reference to “she has de-platformed…”?

  14. One of the only publications to even countenance the contagion of cultural Marxism.

    Smash political correctness, and it all comes crashing down. Simpering, as the Siliconservative Party is prone, is exactly what the Left wants.

  15. A small but, I feel salient point. With one or two notable exceptions there are very few Tories in the Conservative Party. Since Major the once great party of working people has slowly become a rag-tag of Center Left, Politically Correct, Common Purpose drones. And to be frankly honest I want no part of it.

    • What about Brexit Gove.
      He tells the Danes, they can have our fish, because we no longer have the infrastructure to deal with them.
      Why don’t we have it. Because EU subsidy activity closed our facilities.
      But there are no ex-trawlermen, or, out of work fish packers, from Grimsby or Fleetwood at Notting Hill dinner parties.
      The EU is an industry- destroying bureaucratic mess.
      Gove is just another, southern elite, waste of oxygen.

    • You, me, and millions of others, but where is our political leadership to be found? I’d have Farage, he is perfect for it, I wish he would form a new party and give at a name and policies that mirrors the UKIP manifesto, but without the curse of the ‘single issue’ party tag. Then we’d need those that should vote for Garage to wean themselves off the Tory teat and vote for a true conservative party.

  16. UKIP could be that party, but because most people think of it only as “that party that wants to leave Europe” it’s unable to proceed with the next stage of saving our country; removing the traitors within.

    I feel that the best way this problem could be overcome is with a rebrand and relaunch as an unashamedly patriotic, libertarian, small-state right-wing party. Such a thing, done properly, could throw both Labour the Tories into the sea once and for all.

    • The party would be branded ‘far right’ by the media and would face the same all out attack from every quarter as Trump is facing now (including from the deep state). UKIP don’t even have the courage to select Anne Marie Waters as a parliamentary candidate let alone leader and she may not be the person for that job anyway. Brave as she is, perhaps too much of a straight talker for the current party political climate of cowardice and appeasement.

      • Yes, that’s the trick, keep banging on about, and associating UKIP with, the ‘far right’, it definitely gives many voters whose thoughts absolutely mirror the UKIP manifesto a almost irrational ‘pause for thought’ when voting. They don’t like what they get from the Tories, but they can’t seem to pull away from the test, either.

        • Robin Ramsay of Lobster magazine has written about how the left made anything to the right of centre toxic and how the fear of ‘contamination’ is now so powerful around certain ideas. And he wrote it many years ago.

      • She strikes me as wholly unsuited to lead anything.

        In any event, UKIP has been facing all-out assault from the political/media class for years and yet still won the last European Elections and succeeded in delivering its stated aim of forcing and winning a referendum on the EU. They’ve also spent the last 2 years throwing the kitchen sink at Jeremy Corbyn, who’s useless anyway and he still did fine.

        The establishment are not very good at anything, which is why people are voting for change parties and candidates in such large numbers.

    • They need to rebrand themselves,drop the Independence and become the UK party,drop the £ logo maybe use Britannia with the Union Jack (just a suggestion)but has to relevant . There is plenty of scope to outmanoeuvre the other parties as they have become moribund,stagnant and useless. Radical thinking is needed to reform the country,Corbyn is just rehashing decades old redundant thinking that has constantly failed,May,Cameron,Clegg with the other old men have managed decline,nothing else.

    • UKIP without Nigel Farage is like Top Gear without Jeremy Clarkson.

      If you are to campaign intelligently and robustly about issues such as culture and immigration, you need a certain amount of charisma and intelligence to carry it off in front of much of the mainsteam media. Nigel Farage had a certain charisma and intelligence to do this.

      In the absence of this, you have a party that looks like it has gone back to being a dissociated rabble who (whatever the reality) appear on the outside to be obsessed with burkas and not have a clear policy on health, industry, transport etc.

  17. Thanks for this informative and important little article.
    I’ll be sharing the link to it as often as possible!

  18. The left control the civil service, education, quangos, unions, charities and the BBC. The tories have just allowed it to happen without even a squeak of protest.

  19. The headline to this article suggests that line by G.K. Chesterton to the effect of that the business of Progressives is to keep on making mistakes, and the business of Conservatives is to keep mistakes from being corrected.

  20. If the Conservative Party had a leader who believed in conservative principles, rather than the current leader who does not seem to have any beliefs, this slide could be halted. Does she not read any criticism of cultural Marxism?

    • Good Lord, this is a politician you are writing about. Their first loyalty is to whatever the focus groups and polls say it should be, and if they can be in power, too, so much the better. Factor in the grip the neo-liberals and cultural marxists now have in the Tory party and it is complete.

      Did you know that the Tory government/central party activists, in its entirety, has more homosexuals than the other three main parties collectively? Might that explain Cameron’s rush for ‘civil partnerships’, now labelled incorrectly by all and sundry as ‘marriage’? It wasn’t even mentioned in the manifesto; would people have voted the way they did, for party, for Cameron, had it so been?

      Anyway, the public moan, but they are too stupid, or don’t care, that it is their vote for such people?e that are facilitating this onslaught. Why vote for someone simply because they are ‘nearest’ to your beliefs, but then you also have to accept the parts they stand for, but which you don’t? Why not abstain?

      • Yes, this is a very pertinent point.

        There are far too many homosexuals in parliament. They are massively overepresented and they only ever have 1 agenda.

        Homos by nature hate heteronormative culture. Is it any surprise that there is an increasingly aggressive push to homosexualise the entire country?

        Society does not need gays any more than it needs muslims.

        We need fewer perverts in parliament, not more.

  21. All of this is true, but none of it explains why the Left (and increasingly the Right) have ceded every single ounce of moral authority in their blind and catastrophic appeasement of Islam. Tell me what part of the Liberal brain can be so vehemently pro feminist and LGBT, and at the same time welcome an alien cult that fetishises, in public, its absolute psychological and physical dominance over its female members, and its utter abhorration of homosexuality to the point of death.

    • Here’s my take for what it is worth. Large sections of the left fetishize political violence, see the anti free speech violence in the USA currently. In the 70s and 80s when I was growing up many in the left still worshipped the Soviet Union even though by then no one could be in any doubt about the nature of the brutality of Soviet communism. Because large sections of the left admire uncompromising brute force for that reason the same admiration is given to islam. By showing solidarity with this political force of islam which the left sees as useful the left assumes it will not be targetted, though fear also plays a part – he who sucks up to the school bully to save his own skin. Though the Iranian revolution showed that this was not the case for the left in Iran who paid a high price for supporting the mullahs seizure of power. But you don’t have to be left. Douglas Murray has referred to it as ‘Islamaphilia’. Witness Piers Morgan defending the Koran to Tommy Robinson on TV, he knows which way things are going The left also views islam through the filter of 1970s/80s anti racism and muslims are therefore worthy recipients of the enlightened favours the white left liberal bestows on oppressed minorities. ‘Islamophobia’ will soon be a trangression on a par with racism and written into law. There is also an element of what Tom Wolfe called ‘radical chic’, where the middle classes get a kind of glamour by association with distant political violence., see vegetarian Jeremy Corbyn’s shoulder rubbing with the killers of Hamas for a top rate example that. Regarding LGBT and women’s rights – the left holds islam to a different moral standard – ‘the noble savage’.

      • In reference to the Left “intelligentsia” of his era:
        “…All of them are worshipping power and successful cruelty. It is important to notice that the cult of power tends to be mixed up with a love of cruelty and wickedness for their own sakes. A tyrant is all the more admired if he happens to be a bloodstained crook as well, and ‘the end justifies the means’ often becomes, in effect, ‘the means justify themselves provided they are dirty enough’. This idea colours the outlook of all sympathizers with totalitarianism…” — George Orwell, Raffles And Miss Blandish, essay, 1944
        So as you see, there is nothing new under the sun.

    • Both Islamism and the Left have an anti-American ethos in common. This can somewhat explain why the Left has this bizarre adoration of Islamism.

    • It’s simple. Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and they deeply detest the West, or at least the image of it that they picture from their parents recollection.

  22. You said all that has to be said in the words “the Conservative Party is no longer conservative”. They have been a party of appeasement giving way to any new trendy thought without a thought of the consequences,and therefore have lost all authority on just about anything.
    Is it any wonder they have lost support.

  23. It is surely a given that Remainers are strongly in favour of multiculturalism. That alone must be a reason to oppose them, regardless of their juvenile EU dependency.

    • I get the impression that most Remainer politicians prefer the EU because none of them have any experience in governing a country outside of the EU and the very idea of doing so, having to actually work for their salary instead of rubber stamping EU diktats, scares them s***less.

  24. David it is all well and good standing up to the militant LGBT women/men/it, we need to be standing up to militant islam that is are an order of magnitude more dangerous. Bullying people to comply with LGBT diktats is easy.

    • What I don’t understand is why, Islam being ‘militant’ and very anti-homosexual, etc, how the Iran women’s football team has eight male, er, ‘crossovers’ in it. Can someone explain this seeming illogical approach?

    • I don’t get overly excited about Islam. Why? When we again stand for our own civilization, it will again recede to its hovels. It simply senses that at the moment we are weak (correctly, I think) and so it pushes, as it did in the Balkans a bit over a hundred years ago, and as it did during the Reformation, and before that in the vacuum that Rome left. It produces nothing, give some thought to the average armed terrorist, armed with the products of western civilization – either an AK 47 or an M 16, neither of which they can produce, let alone design.

      • Churchill remarked that we were safe from islam, since it rejected Western science.
        He did not reckon that the West would sell muslims weapons of
        mass destruction in return for the oil that happened to be under their tents.
        Everything of use in the muslim world was invented elsewhere, including
        “arabic” numerals, which should be called Hindu Numerals.

    • totally true, but I know for a fact that the political class are afraid of Islam in a way they are not afraid of Christianity. Also many militant Muslims expose ignorance of their faith to protect themselves from state prying. For example in Islam the punishment for being gay is death, a far greater penalty than anything Christianity would ever impose but how often do you hear Imams being censured? Its for the reasons just mentioned, fear and ignorance. Therefore like you say, many strains of militant Islam pass into mainstream thinking without any opposition.

  25. Why is it, I wonder, that we do not – in blogs such as this – regularly refer (as we should) to the Conservative Party as CINOs (Conservative In Name Only), as in the US they have (and refer often to) RINOs (Republican In Name Only)? Perhaps the crafty PR people at Conservative HQ have been working on this …

    • I have done so on numerous occasions but it is really is only preaching to the choir. Most people here don’t believe that May is a conservative of any recognisable stripe and neither is the bulk of her Cabinet.

  26. This Judith Butler if a prof of English literature not biology. Her theory is scientifically meaningless. Queer or not as she uses this term, the people are male or female. Gender is not fluid it is fixed genetically. OFSTED is obviously politically biased against science in this context and obviously run by idiots!

  27. The success of the cultural Marxism has not been down to the the left winning the political argument – I don’t think the Left have ever been cleverer than the Right – but rather it has been the case of the Right appearing to have simply given up without a fight – this especially goes for current crop of Red Tories running the Conservative Party. On occasions when the Right does assert itself (we saw this in Reagan and Thatcher and now with Farage and Trump) it can be very successful at exposing the whacko insanity that is left-wing politics to the point where the left have no other option but to throw names – and this is what this current Red Tory government fears most – left-wing mudslinging – whereas Thatcher, Reagan, Farage and Trump positively thrived on it.

    “I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.” – Margaret Thatcher

  28. All that is happening was made public in an extremely infamous document in the late 19th century. It is all falling into place in the way that those who wished to destroy Western Christianity intended.

  29. These people are not really Marxists – although Marx would have understood what motivates them.

    Karl Marx assumed that the proletariat would inherit power from the bourgeoisie just as the bourgeosie had inherited power from the landed classes. He failed to anticipate that the expansion of the state would give rise to a new class: a new bourgeosie that would derive its wealth and power entirely from the state. This class consists not just of state employees, the apparat, if you like, but of the academy, the legal and medical professions, journalism and the corporate bureaucracies who, rather than invent a better mousetrap, devote their energies to seeking government protection from upstarts and innovators. Identity politics and the ‘oppressive tolerance’ practiced by this new class are simply a means of entrenching their power through divide-and-rule.

    Fortunately their days in power are numbered: as the tax-eater class expands inexorably, so the taxpayer class shrinks, which is ultimately why, without exception, the economies of the West are drowning in debt. Trump and Brexit are just the first eddies presaging the inevitable replacement of the monolitihc states of the twentieth century with new forms of social organisation based on local and global networking enabled by digital communications – and the departure from the scene of these pompous parasites.

    • What one Irish writer called the ‘state class’, he included rich celebrities in his list as well – sports personalities, actors, popstars – who might all be relied upon to articulate the aims of the state such as Remain, Hillary Clinton.

    • I kind of agree with you but not entirely. My husband is an NHS mental health nurse working with older people with dementia. He’s most certainly not a tax eater. How would you propose that Health services for the most vulnerable in our society would work if it was all privatised. I live in a blue collar area of Sheffield and know for a fact that lots of hard working blue collar Tories would not have access to any form of healthcare were it not for the NHS. However, I do agree with the gist of your comment.

      • The NHS should be what it was intended to be. It should offer basic health care. All other procedures should be paid for by insurance contributions. This would prevent the blatant selfish use by people who do not turn up for appointments – if it were hitting their pockets they would turn up. A friend who is a nurse in a clinic says some days half the people don’t turn up. IVF for all and sundry should not be available and all foreigners should pay.

  30. It is what the Marxist student activist Rudi Dutschke described as ‘the long march through institutions’ – the strategy for establishing the conditions for revolution.

    Unfortunately for him the counter-revolution is underway because ordinary, hard working, sensible people are sick to death of the political correct BS that is killing western civilisation and have begun to fight against it. And the SJWs calling us nasty names and putting thugs on the street to intimidate us because the leftards don’t have a shred of a decent argument to support their destructive cause isn’t going to stop us.

    • I admire your optimism, but fear that the British, as an essentially supine nation politically, will continue to vote for the “big two” regardless of the damage that they do.

  31. We don’t allow irresponsible people to drive cars, so why do we allow irresponsible people to vote and decide the destiny of nations?

    Democratic mandates delivered under rights without responsibilities universal suffrage are leading to the collapse of Western civilisation and our traditional way of life

    • What’s leading to the collapse of western civilisation is the ongoing destruction of our traditiional way of life courtesy of a socialist state that is expanding at the speed of light.
      Their legacy is Generation Snowflake who are turning against the older generation, their own families, demanding they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. This is what cultural Marxism had brought us.

      This is shameful because their relatives are old enough and wise enough to understand that Generation (we want everything and we want it now and for free or we’ll moan and wail and stamp our feet until we get it) Snowflake has not got single a clue how an economy works or that somewhere, somehow the demanded entitlement largesse has to be paid for by the sweat off someone else’s back.

  32. Good piece David, now put that in a tenth of the words and broadcast somewhere with ten thousands times the audience.

  33. This article is why UKIP are worthy potentially of support from social conservatives – more power to your elbow, David

    • I’m afraid Ann Marie Waters is much more likely to be part of the problem David Kurten identifies than to be part of its solution. I favour Kurten more and more.

  34. The political framework approved by the deep state strategists is one which is socially liberal (pro-immigration, feminist etc) and business-friendly (embedding neoliberalism). Most ambitious mainstream politicians anxiously seek to accommodate themselves to this.

    • Big business friendly. Small business, not so much.
      George Osborne deliberately introduced discrimination against small business in the housing rental sector.

  35. The criticisms in the media of Dame Helen Ghosh, Director-General of the National Trust, over the Felbrigg Hall affair have been strong and the NT has suffered considerable damage, adding to its recently tarnished image over previous errors and some previous faux pas by her. She had announced her resignation in mid-July, before this latest gaffe, and it will help to hurry her off the scene (and into the Mastership of Balliol College, Oxford, if you please).
    SA good new D-G of the Trust will be difficult to recruit because of the pressures to be PC like Dame Helen G, yet the Membership (1 million plus) will be overwhelmingly critical of any more tilts towards political correctness. People power even in the National Trust (which is not a democracy; it is British charity which is something else) may have some effect.

  36. Nice to hear such good sense from a politician with the education brief.

    Our Common Purpose PM May has appointed 2 homosexuals as ministers for education, Greening as Education Minister and Nick Gibb as Schools Minister. At 1.5% of the population, the chances of both the ministers in charge of educating our children being queer is around 4,000 to one. Now, being homosexual should not in itself disqualify someone, but for the “modernised” Conservative Party it appears almost to be a requirement. Both ministers are furthermore LGBT agenda pushers. This is also the demographic with the least natural affinity with children.

    Andrea Leadsom’s mention that she was a mother, in last year’s Conservative leadership campaign, now appears even more relevant than it did then. At the next chance the Conservative Party should ignore the BBC’s anti-family agenda and chose a well-grounded conservative parent. JR Mogg, six times Dad, would do nicely.

  37. totally true. I urge you all to read George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm. Yes, I know he was a Socialist, but a lot of what he said is coming true. As a Catholic and a Conservative, I’m becoming deeply worried about the state of this country

      • I don’t think he much liked anyone at all. His “Shooting an Elephant” showed he wasn’t much use himself either.

    • Emma Green wrote:

      ‘ … I know he was a Socialist … ‘

      Blair was not a socialist. Read ‘Shooting an Elephant’ and you’ll get an inkling into his disillusionment with the social order then existing. Read ‘The Spike’ to get an inkling of why he cannot really have believed in the possibility of a bottom up democratic social revolution and read his essays, published in Tribune, about his experiences in the Home Guard, to understand that he must by then have come to accept its impossibility.

  38. Ministers come and go, the frankfurt school soaked Civil Service is what we should be worried about.

  39. Dear David,
    Thank you. What you say and the way you say it fills us with hope. May God bless you in your endeavours and prosper you in the days ahead. You are someone I, as a Christian, could vote for.
    Coram Deo

  40. Great article David. As education spokesman, do you have any theories as to why 35% more women than men are going to university, when all the tests show that they are not more intelligent? Could it be related to the feminisation of the education system? Do you ever raise these issues? See Justice for Men and Boys

  41. Politicians of all strains dance to the tune of only one set of masters and it isn’t us anymore.
    There is a reason that eventually the bourgeoisie and intellectuals get lined up against a wall.

  42. It’s a great shame there aren’t more people like you who have the balls to tell it like it is. Theresa “nasty party” May is scared stiff of promoting proper Conservative values. The sooner Rees Mogg is PM the sooner the Tory party can recover.

    • Rees Mogg would be a disaster for the Tories if he were elected leader. The Left would have a field day with his old fashioned persona, and his slow plodding delivery the stuff comedians dream of.

      The Tories need a Nigel Farage type character with the fire in his belly to overturn the nonsense of political correctness and take on the left.

  43. “This is fertile political ground for the taking – for any political party brave enough to stand up to the new ideological militancy and courageous enough”

    Yeah. Good luck with that. I dont see anyone on any parliamentary bench anywhere or even prominent or aspiring in modern British Political Life that fits that particular bill. At all.

    • Fubar2 wrote:

      I dont see anyone on any parliamentary bench anywhere or even prominent or aspiring in modern British Political Life that fits that particular bill.

      That’s because you don’t vote for change and don’t stand yourself.

  44. Here’s my manifesto for the Tories next election.

    1. Force political parties to follow manifesto promises and an outright legally enforceable ban on the introduction of any policies which are not included – save in dire emergency.

    2. Write legal definitions for all the silly isms and ‘phobias’ and make wrongful use of them a criminal offence which results in disbarment from any political office (including MPs) and public sector employment.

    3. A mandatory requirement to name a figure for immigration which once reached automatically halts any further inward migration.
    Make a legal requirement for infrastructure to be upgraded prior to any figure over 100K

    4. The teaching of English History in Schools and the singing of English Folk songs. Mandatory Christian assembly with no opt out – don’t like it then leave the country for one which suits you better.

    5. Reassessment of the curriculum to ensure it is teaching the lessons needed without political bias.

    6. New law to make political indoctrination (attempted also) by teachers & lecturers a criminal offence

    7. A reintroduction of the Police service instead of the Political Correctness Enforcement Officers we now have.

    8. A move away from the TV Tax to a subscription service for the BBC

    9. 5% lower income tax for those working in manufacturing

    10. NHS service to be graded to reflect the amount paid for by patients, those who pay nothing get emergency care only, those who do get what’s currently on offer, and those who pay the max get a private room better food etc.

    11. All child related benefits to cease at two children , any marriages to migrants have to show they earn at least the break even tax point (currently £37K).

    12. Foreign donations to universities to be vetted before acceptance

    13. An establishment of a faculty at a Russell Group university to investigate that Climate change is not in fact man made.

    14. Deportation of any serious criminals who are first or second generation migrants, along with families, and seizure of possessions to pay the costs (Germany is already doing this and the ECtHR have given it the OK)

    15. Banning of Salafi Islam – this removes the issue of Shariah courts, Burka ban, terrorism etc.

    16 Introduction of fingerprint recognition for driving licences passports, visa applications, NHS entitlement etc.

    17. Mandatory health insurance requirement for travelling to UK, with any carrier liable for costs if they allow travel without it. No pregnant women past 6 months unless they can prove they can pay their medical bills. An offence for NHS staff to operate on people not entitled to treatment.

    18. Voluntary hard labour for anyone convicted of drug offences, release on disclosure of the supplier – sentence to commence at this point.

    19. Investment in MagLev trains instead of HS2

    20. A legal protection of freedom of thought & freedom of speech.

    Just to be going on with !

  45. Well done David Kurten for saying what was desperately needing to be said.

    I left the pretend “Conservative” party some five years ago and joined Ukip, and campaigned for it, because only Ukip was solidly committed to the UK regaining our sovereignty. But not long into my new party membership Cameron’s undemocratic imposition of the redefinition of marriage to include the impossible, convinced me that the Conservatives were now cultural Marxists, and certainly not socially conservative.

    So yes there is a huge vacuum existing for a political party to regain sanity and reality for our political life, alongside both our Judaeo-Christian and Reasoned, national cultural stance. The alternative is impossible to contemplate – just an evil, downward spiral towards a total moral and spiritual anarchy with Reasoned Argument consigned to the dustbin – which is where the nation will be as well !

  46. This is most encouraging. I live in South Antrim and am a DUP voter – my MP won my support because he was pro-life and pro-marriage. I continue to pray that this government would awaken to what is going on and get OFF the LGBT bandwagon. Oh that the Conservative Party would again be truly ‘conservative’ not following a liberal PC agenda.

  47. This is an excellent article, one of the best and most accurate I’ve read for a long time.

    “For the aim of these cultural Marxists was indeed to deconstruct every good thing that gives human beings, family connections and identity – until all people are atomised individuals with only one meaningful relationship, that between the individual and the State.”

    This has the pinpoint accuracy of a cruise missile between the eyes.

    It seems, gender and identity politics is destroying our last vestige of individuality……our gender.

    These people are quite insane and extermely dangerous.

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