The attack on freedom of speech last week in the Welsh Assembly was both shocking and unsurprising at the same time. Gareth Bennett was barred from addressing the Welsh Parliament until he apologises for supposedly ‘offensive, hateful, transphobic comments’. The UKIP member’s crime was to speak in opposition to the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party’s forthcoming ‘Gender Recognition Bill’ in a perfectly civilised and intelligent manner.

If this Bill passes through Parliament and forms a new Gender Recognition Act, it will be one of the most far-reaching Acts of Parliament in the history of the United Kingdom and will fundamentally alter the basis of society as we know it. It will redefine male and female as something that is decided by each person on a moment-by-moment basis rather than as determined by nature according to our chromosomes and anatomy.

Although it is a scientific fact that I am male and a man, the Act will dispense with this as reality: the idea that I am born male will disappear. My maleness will become only a function of my momentary belief. Today I can be a man called David, tomorrow I can be a woman called Davina, the next day I can be a bovine demi-girl called Daisy. If I believe and define myself as female, then I am female: I can use women’s toilets, I can join women-only gyms, I can use women’s changing rooms, I can pay lower insurance tariffs and enter women’s beauty contests, I can stand for election for women’s officer posts. More worryingly, everyone else must accept that I am a woman. If they do not it will be a hate crime punishable by the courts and possibly ending with a prison sentence.

As the events in Cardiff have shown us, it is already effectively a crime with a punishment merely for opposing this Bill even before it has been introduced into Parliament. This should make everyone shudder. Our elected representatives are there to discuss and debate all issues and must have freedom of speech in all issues, but if they now do not have the freedom to oppose proposed legislation then we are living in a totalitarian state.

The effect in wider society is just as chilling. A situation is developing where anyone who expresses legitimate opinions which oppose the ideologies being pushed by the state will find themselves under investigation for speech crimes and thought crimes.

There should be complete freedom of speech and expression except in the case of incitement to violence. In a free society, for example, people must have the right to express opposition to laws, ideologies and religious beliefs with which they disagree.

Blair’s administration made it possible for same-sex couples to adopt children. Then Cameron and Clegg introduced same-sex marriage without any manifesto mandate. It is everyone’s right to be able to express their opposition to these policies without fear of penalty or punishment. If a person believes marriage is between a man and a woman or that a child needs a mother and a father, they should be allowed to say so, as has been the case for all of history until the last few years. Yet in many cases parents with traditional, conservative viewpoints are being struck off adoption and fostering lists, while a teacher in Wales was instantly fired recently for honestly answering a pupil’s question on what the Christian viewpoint on marriage was.

This is despite the fact that on every metric, children do better in general where they are brought up in a home with a married mother and father. Societies which accept this and support marriage and the family are happier and healthier than otherwise. In the West, the family and marriage have been systematically and slowly undermined since the Western cultural revolution of the sixties – no less profound than the Bolshevik or Chinese Cultural Revolution, but not recognised as such for it occurred without mass violence or bloodshed.

The Gender Recognition Act takes this a stage further and undermines the very nature of humanity as being male and female. Theresa May and Justine Greening are advocating ‘LGBT inclusive sex and relationship education’ to be made compulsory in all schools including primary schools from September 2019. This is likely to include gender confusion ideologies such as ‘genderqueer’ theory and where primary children can ‘explore their sexuality’ which already happens in some local education authorities.

This is despite the self-evident truth that people are created male and female, and that is immutable regardless of whether people have surgery to ‘change their gender’. Yet now, to state the truth, to oppose the establishment’s full-spectrum push to change the fundamental nature of gender in law, is to get you in trouble. It has already happened. Recently, an Oxfordshire teacher was humiliated by his school for calling a girl a girl after she’d insisted she identified as a boy. And this is before the Bill has even gone before Parliament.

The reason that this could happen is buried in section 149 of the Equalities Act 2010, otherwise known as the ‘Public Sector Equalities Duty’. This requires all those working in the public sector to foster good relationships with people with ‘protected characteristics’. This is ill-defined, but after the long march through the institutions where Marxian ideologues now have power in the majority of public bodies, it is being implemented in a totalitarian manner which attacks and erodes freedom of speech.

The United Kingdom is at a reality watershed. All over the world, the inhabitants of the media-political bubble are pushing the ideologies of militant transgender activists on multiple fronts. But it is possible for the decent, silent majority who believe in the family and marriage and science to push back and call out the nonsense, and return to sanity as in Peru where a national movement of parents called ‘Con Mis Hijos No Te Mesas’ – ‘Don’t Mess With My Kids’ forced the government to back down and not to impose LGBT education on their children in schools.

Perhaps in Wales, Assembly Member Gareth Bennett is the hero of the day – the advance guard among politicians who are courageous enough to resist the insanity of the Gender Recognition Bill.

If more brave parents and public figures stand up and resist too, all is not lost. In the United Kingdom, as in Peru, the people need to raise their voices, and for the sake of our children ensure that sanity is restored.


    • The only reason that the Welsh Assembly exists is that Labour, in 1997, was determined that it should exist. Wales and Scotland were expected to be permanent Labour fiefdoms.

      • Ah, I see, a politburo.

        All that seems to happen in Wales is that the Assembly diverts funds into pet projects, especially itself.

        Schools particularly, are shockingly badly funded, unless they are Welsh medium schools of course.

  1. “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice. “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

    As I’ve pointed out before, we are in Lewis Carroll territory, but the deranged Amber Rudd fancies herself as the “Off with their heads!” Queen of Hearts, more than the Cheshire Cat, although the Cat would be equally appropriate. Rudd, Greening and May don’t seem to be aware that, by indulging the “transgender” insanity, they are pandering to very hard left ambitions: the destruction of the family and the subversion of the English language itself.

    The inventor of Newspeak, George Orwell lived through a time when many dictionaries were re-written. Azeris supposedly begged Comrade Stalin to be allowed to write their language in Cyrillic, an alphabet ideal for Bulgarian, or Russian, but useless for a language close to Turkish. Close by, Atatürk was adopting the Latin alphabet for Turkish. In all sorts of ways, that made sense, but it also allowed the regime to rid the dictionary of Arabic and Persian words, rendering much earlier literature incomprehensible to later generations.

    One of the greatest beauties of the English language is its ability to accept new words. Some vanish, while others persist. The survivors have always been those which have an obvious meaning and applicability, despite their novelty.

    The entire vocation of the “transgender” movement, representing hardly any actual people, is to force a new vocabulary on our society and to punish dissent, not necessarily in that order. The innumerable transgender pseudo-pronouns have no meaning. They can change from day to day. That is the point. Anyone with a ridiculous pseudo-pronoun can be be a permanent victim. Thanks to the Weird Sisters in Whitehall, these fraudsters are backed up by the constabulary.

    People who like to tell us that science is settled, where climate is concerned, suddenly think that human biology is quite a lot more flexible. Professors of Gender Studies can supposedly argue from authority against students of Biology and of English. What a state we are in, when vacuous ministers try to justify the destruction of the English language itself.

    • We’re now living in a totalitarian society. This isn’t hyperbole. Totalitarianism doesn’t have to be enforced by secret police, gulags and guns. Totalitarianism is a state of mind. At its most effective it’s self-enforcing: when people voluntary adjust their speech to avoid being sent to the virtual gulag of social opprobrium; when people willingly clamber aboard the latest ideological bandwagon to protect their careers and reputations.

      • In some cases Plod does come calling! And they have thrown their weight around on Twitter issuing warnings, which was already an intrusion too far.

      • You’re right. Dissenters in society aren’t sent to the gulags like Solzhenitsyn but they are put up on the stocks of social media and, in some cases, mainstream media to be pilloried, laughed at, despised and destroyed. We don’t exist in the state of fear that some people do, like in North Korea, but any comment, no matter how innocuous, can become the new slogan for whatever anti-ism the state believes will become their new battle point from which to rally.
        They talk of debate but they despise opposing viewpoints which they can legitimise as hateful and thus form a new position around which to rally.

      • Totalitarianism is a group of political ideologies which posit that all things in life should be controlled by political decisions.

        In other words, I agree with you implicitly and emphatically.

      • “At its most effective it’s self-enforcing”.
        Sadly, that is the point we are at. The push back will be difficult although as people awake to the glaring inconsistencies of these cultural Marxists it may get easier.

  2. It’s peculiar how a small group of extreme trans activists have been allowed to dominate the debate. It is also perverse that a Conservative government feels the need to make such sweeping changes that affect only 0.01% of the population, when there is so much more that needs doing to improve wider society. May & Greening are proposing that gender self-identification should go ahead without reference to Consultant psychiatrists for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.. This is a big mistake. There are confused emotionally-vulnerable people who may have latched onto the idea that their problems would be solved if they adopted the identity of another sex, including hormone therapy and surgery. In many cases, they are not genuinely dysphoric but may be suffering from other mental problems that need identifying and treating. By removing this safety net, distress will continue and the incidence of suicide is likely to increase.

    • The actual trans community is too small to do this sort of thing. You will notice very few of those imposing this on us are themselves trans. They are just being used as a tool to further the aims of the post modernists and cultural marxists.

      • Exactly.
        Trans people are being used by post modernist theorists to push an agenda
        offensive both to conservatives & supporters of Enlightenment ideals
        (I’m both).
        Also offensive to straightforward common sense & objective truth
        both of which post modernists deny existing.

        • Yes, but I think it goes a level deeper than you suggest. Post-modernism itself is not taken seriously by the post-modernists, any more than environmentalism is taken seriously by the environmentalists. Where we’ve got to is a position where the ethos of good faith, sincerity and respect for the humanity of others is no longer considered in general to be a virtue to which people should aspire, because it is seen as far too much of an obstacle to “winning”. And winning is all that counts, because in today’s world you’ld better do all you can to make yourself a winner, or else you’ll have no option but to be a loser.

          And so the use of post-modernism as a weapon is just a means to an end, and the end will be about as far away from post-modernist hegemony as it’s possible to get.

          These faith-driven zealots of the Left are tricky little critters, aren’t they? They don’t need to use mental energy to critically appraise their outlooks on the world, nor indeed to check that these outlooks are constructed empirically rather than by means of a rationalisation of prejudicial feelings embedded in them during their formative years. And so, regrettably for them, and even more so for the rest of us, they are able to apply more energy towards “winning” than can be applied by those of us who doubt that our personal feelings, however strongly held, give us the right to treat our conclusions about the world as if they are certainties.

          • Post-modernism/post-structuralism as such was entirely wrecked as a serious theory back in the 1990s or thereabouts, but sadly it’ll be decades before even most “universities” will get the memo, let alone understand it.

          • I totally agree.
            re Postmodernism, no serious person treats it other than an academic joke,
            though it can sometimes be useful in architecture & the visual arts.
            The problem is the self replicating nature of university staff in subjects amenable to the structured nihilism that is PM.
            Several generations of students in the soft subjects have emerged over the
            last 20 years infected with this stuff as well as the mandatory leftist attitudes needed to survive in university.
            Most move on, but some, find those subject to the same groupthink
            working in the BBC and most “liberal” media.
            Not really liberal, more destructive anti British, anti Western

          • Several generations of students in the soft subjects have emerged

            Nobody at all serious in “the soft subjects” takes this bunkum seriously — the scientific method is of course problematic in application outside of the hard sciences, but this is by no means any manner of laissez faire to abandon method altogether.

          • It is irrelevant what you wish to label it or whether it has been debunked or not, at the end of the day humanities departments across the Anglosphere are pumping out cult members indoctrinated in whatever lefty nonsense they are currently peddling to achieve their ends. You can see this more in young women at the moment as they are most likely to be coming through those departments.

          • I have a theory that whereas once we were governed by left brain ‘scientific’ rational people (often men) who based their beliefs and decisions upon empirical evidence, we are increasingly governed by right brained social studies graduates who unable to find well paid jobs in the private sector, have ended up at the BBC, in education and government. The result is that now feelings are placed above fact, and given that there is no empirical evidence for or against how we feel about a topic we have entered the twilight zone of policy making based not on common sense but how things make us ‘feel’.

          • That’s a fair comment, but as a quibble …

            The left brain/right brain stuff is nothing like as clear cut as some would have you believe, often Lefty ideologues BTW, but brain structures are still very complex and difficult to analyse.

            But the classic Apollonian/Dyonisian dichotomy still does more or less work.

          • Yes, log, this is my thinking too.

            It’s not either/or though – we left-brainers need to bear in mind, I think, that the majority of the population are either born to be, or have been conditioned to be, right-brainers, and that they are actually not aware that what they assert to be their “thinking” behind the positions they hold is in fact no more than a process of building rationalisations in support of existing prejudices.

    • At least two transgender females have expressed regret on television and this was met with……no interest whatsoever.

        • Not surprised, I read some details of the transition process and wish I hadn’t. It made me want to be sick tbh. I am squeamish at the best of times and I’m a woman (a real one) but I think there must be some mental condition present to want to do that to yourself and go through further months/years of horror.

    • “There are confused emotionally-vulnerable people …” I have little doubt that this is largely the case and there may be some underlying issues which need to be addressed. Twenty years ago, such issues may have manifested themselves via eating disorders where it was recognised that those suffering from eating disorders would need some sort of help.

      The current fad for supporting and even encouraging “Trans” in children is much more alarming – nobody ever encouraged anorexia or bulimia. Any vulnerable, impressionable or attention-seeking child will be encouraged instead of being offered help, after all, it takes a lot of commitment to starve oneself, far easier to cross-dress and squeal loudly.

  3. I’m hopeful there will be a backlash here which may lead to a more general reduction in social conditioning in schools. The Times has been running a lot of stories about the disturbing activities of the transgender movement so it’s getting mainstream attention. However as we know with Brexit the left won’t give up their sacred cows easily.

  4. The fact that, whether or not there has been surgical intervention, 40% of transgender folk commit suicide should be informing this debate. We are talking about well less than one percent of the population. The latest plan to teach about it and gay relationships in primary school, before most children enter puberty, is, according to psychiatrists, child abuse. The only ones I can envisage it aiding are paedophiles.

  5. Seemples, if you have a toggle you are male, if not you are female, any other interpretation, go and see a shrink.

  6. In our little corner of Twitter (Wildlife) which is not at all political &c. the only Newspaper that is ever quoted is the Guardian. People will occasionally complain about Brexit but I have never seen anyone in favour of it although I’m sure there are quite a few of us! I have no real problem with people changing sex surgically although it should be treated as a last resort and certainly not encouraged as it seems to be nowadays. And as for waking up one morning and thinking I’m female (I’m male), it is totally absurd.

    • Sadly I think some may have their sights on making Wildlife more political – there is a video on YouTube which ‘celebrates’ two different species having ‘consensual’ sex. We may think it farfetched that this could take off but …. When they start believing that rhetoric and bits of paper (laws!) create reality they open the floodgates to every lunatic on the planet.

  7. I understand that the transsexual lobby is clashing with the feminists. Genuine women’s rights groups hate the thought that tranny-men can pretend to be ‘girls’ and so intrude into the sisterhood’s most private realms: loos, showers, changing rooms and even women’s identity. How dreadful. And the tranny-boy’s brigade absolutely hate the feminists: why should they have all the rights and leave us men, eh, new-women, out I cold. From my stand-sight it is all highly amusing. Only an income-rich and stupid society can be guilty of such madness. That is where equality has brought us.

    • Oh yes, indeed. I stand apoplectically laughing!! Income rich, stupid but also infantile. Emotional needs outweigh plain fact. Whingeing on and on about rights outweigh ‘just move on past that unfair touching 20yrs ago’.
      Children. Just tantrum and scene grabbing children. Egoistic selfish and incomprehensibly ignorant.
      We need a war!!!

    • Oh yes – self a identifying male to female (maybe for a day, maybe not), will obviously have to be considered for women only shortlists and so on. Easy way to get those gender equalities quotas balanced?

  8. Greening is hardly impartial and disinterested in these matters of sexual revision. She is Minister of Women and Equalities (for everyone except heterosexual men).

    A coterie of bonkers women and dripping wet men do not good government make.

    • She says she’s a Christian, ergo she is a Christian. Belief and behaviour have nothing to do with anything nowadays.

  9. It has come to the government’s attention that the numbers one, two and three are not equal. While we celebrate the diversity of these numbers and seek to ensure their inclusiveness, we cannot allow the inequality between them to continue to go unchallenged. We have listened to the campaigning groups seeking to end discrimination and prejudice in the numbering system, and salute their courage and tenacity in calling out the shameful bigotry and hatred that have driven unacceptable divisions between these numbers for centuries. We agree it is high time this unfairness was ended.

    Therefore with immediate effect, the numbers one, two and three will be deemed to be exactly equal in all respects. Reference to any of them will be deemed to include references to the others, and they may be interchanged at will. Anyone, anytwo or anythree treating them as different will be liable to arrest and imprisonment.

    The government is committed to continue to seek out and eradicate any further examples of inequality that may come to light. A consultation exercise on the threat posed by the numbers four, five and six will be announced shortly.

  10. What you can and cannot say in life. The BBC had a song and dance yesterday when it reported that Britain First’s leader and co leader have been banned from Twitter for ‘speech which could cause offence.’ After the EU referendum, there were hundreds if not thousands of comments on the BBC’s own HYS wishing harm and early death to the elderly who voted for Brexit. I remember having a wholly innocuous comment removed by the BBC from said pages but when I labelled a complaint of my own, against a comment which stated quite clearly that they hoped for a ‘cold snap’ this winter to kill off some of those elderly voters who had the audacity to vote to leave the EU, the BBC deemed said comment to be fair and just and would not remove it.
    The same tends to go with comments on gender and religion. Debate gender reassignment from the angle which the Beeb deems inappropriate and they’ll remove you in an instant. Attack religion and it’s fair game.
    Free speech will only exist as long as there are people who fight for it. Though I do not agree with much of the rhetoric from Britain First, I defend to the death their right to free speech. It heartens me that many universities have free speech organisations and are attempting to combat those who would silence the views of others at their establishments. Shame the PM, who claimed that she would stamp out no platforming and safe spaces at universities, isn’t doing the same.

    • “. . . the PM, who claimed that she would stamp out no platforming and safe spaces at universities . . . ”

      I didn’t know that. When did she claim it?

      • She said it at PMQ’s a while ago, when responding to one of her backbench colleagues who stated that universities were too narrow minded (and in many cases, too powerful).
        Personally, I don’t trust May on anything. Her swingometer is all over the place – she wants everyone to like her. The trouble is nobody does.

  11. You won’t stop this now it’s started. With unscrupulous doctors and psychiatrists seeing a way to earn ever more money from making pre-pubertal children undergo gender reassignment and take hormones for the rest of their lives – which all have to be paid for, of course – there’s an unlovely alliance of capitalism, which says that you should get whatever you pay for, and gibberish, sloppy thinking which doesn’t have the wit to resist it. The result is an unstoppable juggernaut which will smash through every single obstacle in its path, including meaning.

    • I don’t agree. Significant doctors such as Professor Winston are against it and getting abused for his views, but his views are there for all to read nonetheless.

    • I know. I voted for him and hoped that we would see our crusading education spokesman battling the idiots on the left. That said, he’s still fighting on our wings. I hope Bolton uses Kurten more – we could do with voices of rationality in our ever increasing madhouse.

      • I feel sure that if Kurten were leader UKIP would have a much higher profile. Yes, he’d be interviewed as a representative of verboten opinion, but at least his voice would be heard – much like Douglas Murray.

        • There is the Tory party, who will be the party of government for evermore. If you’re young, and ambitious, that’s where you will locate your career.

          • The Tories?! Listen to May and many on her front bench and they sound more left wing by the minute. The only real common sense in the Conservative Party is on the backbenches and they are largely ignored. If people want a party with common sense policies and true conservatism, UKIP is the only option.
            Look at the Tories education policies, for instance, especially the so called T -levels – where do you think they got these ideas? From UKIP of course and they’re not the only party to hijack our policies.
            Check out UKIP’s 2015 manifesto then come back and tell me where you might have seen their content pop up recently.

          • The Conservatives will now be in power forever, and UKIP are in the process of being reduced to a strange, angry rump now that the reason for their existence is at an end.

          • 1) The Tories are terrified of replacing their useless leader in the event that another GE will be called and they will be ousted. On the other hand, retain May and the Tories will still be kicked out of power.
            2) Your response shows that you did not acquiesce to looking at UKIP’s 2015 manifesto. I’d expect that from a user on the BBC who, when directed to something they have no intention of reading, would rather resort to attack than to debate.
            Once again, I direct you to look at their manifesto and look beyond Brexit. That was a damn fine paper which many parties, including your precious conservatives, would have been proud of.

          • The Tories will sail smoothly through the choppy waters of Brexit and arrive at the other side as the party of government, forever. UKIP are a bizarre footnote and Comrade Corbyn will, after May has delivered Brexit, be irrelevant. Labour will then eat themselves.

          • They were formed to get Britain out of the EU and have found no purpose beyond that. And now the party is exposed as what it always was – home to xenophobes, racists and crackpots.

          • At least I know now, especially from your previous diatribe, that you are a troll. You had no intention of looking at the information I directed you to and would, like many on the left, flatly believe the drivel being fed to you. You deserve the conservatives.

          • I’m on neither the left nor the right, having decided YEARS ago that it wasn’t worth voting. And in fact, I was so convinced that Leave would win the referendum, I didn’t bother voting in that, either.

          • The only time I’ve made money on share trading was when I sold most of my RBS shares on the day of the referendum, when the price went up with everyone believing ‘remain’ would win, and buying them back at a much lower price a day later, when the result was known.

          • I knew Leave would win. I saw the queues at polling stations and I saw the sort of people who were voting.

          • Your statement is still wrong. To criticise immigration policies is not to be xenophobic, the UKIP constitution has long forbidden racists as members, and calling people crackpots, even as a group, is personal abuse, which is what people like you seem to resort to when you don’t have a reasoned argument to offer.

  12. When I see the current totalitarian reaction to any criticism of any aspect of transgenderism, I am reminded of Euripides – ‘Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad’. I await the arrival of the Thought Police.

    • They are already here! I don’t use Facebook or twitter but they are watching those who do. I also read that You Tube removed a video on Sweden becoming the rape capital of Europe. There were no false facts or lies, they disagreed with the reality so it had to be pulled before people could watch it. I think it has been reinstated with suitable warnings (???) before you may watch.

  13. “Although it is a scientific fact that I am male and a man, the Act will dispense with this as reality: the idea that I am born male will disappear”

    Can it be long before biological science is itself subject to legislation, effectively rendering scientific discussion about male and female impossible?

      • I doubt that this will ever be rephrased as either “woman made climate change” or “transgender made”.

        • Considering the history of technical development.. I’m surprised it hasn’t been called: the white supremacist man’s attack against the world through the damaging of the Earth’s natural seasonal activity.. or WhiteDeath for short

  14. “No te mesas” (metas) – love the Spanglish!

    Well done for highlighting this extremely serious state of affairs. The open discussion of political ideology must be encouraged not silenced for democracy to function. To me this is verging on treasonous; to the “progressive” this is just one step closer to their totalitarian, fascist vision for the UK.

  15. Could anyone have imagined having this debate only two years ago? Is there something odd about the brains of politically correct people? It is almost as if they have all been abducted by Aliens from outer space and had chips implanted in their brains so that at the flick of a switch they behave like robots all following the same line at the same time.

    • It’s almost as if the vote for Brexit and Trump has driven the ‘progressives’ into overload to bring in as much cultural and ‘norm’ changing legislation as they can before their run comes to a complete end when they are found out by the many (not the few), that they are nasty loons…

    • It’s very much part of the far left agenda which we are all responding to,
      sadly generally favourably.
      Today’s left, apart from old style decent Labour, consists of a rag bag of aggrieved
      minorities,, some minute, some massive.
      Feminists, mohammedans, gays, transexuals, pacifists, haters of the bourgeois & wealthy,
      and many more groups, all mutually loathing have been corralled by Corbyn & the
      Trotskyite Momentum thugs to vote Labour.
      When Labour achieves power at the next election, via massive electoral fraud, the only
      political pleasure for civilised people will be seeing vain attempts to square the circle.
      Visualise muslims for pacifism, feminists for islam,
      If you think Mrs May has political problems wait for the upcoming Labour Government.
      Of course all the aggrieved minorities might cancel each other out & all Labour will
      achieve is massive tax rises.

      • Massive tax rises are guaranteed whatever the future situation. We are paying more and more in tax, yet the government doesn’t have the money to properly protect the UK, whether by the police, the security services or the military.
        Can someone tell me where all the money is going?

        • I’m sure quangos, foreign aid & pathetically wasteful NHS purchasing
          practices account for massive & wasteful public spending.

        • Paying for immigrants who need to be housed, paid benefits, use healthcare facilities etc. Plus an indigenous work shy population. No benefits for anyone who has not paid into the system and no free healthcare – we should show our National Insurance number when accessing services. When I was working I was told I was paying Ni and Grad towards my healthcare and pension. Now I am older I am told I am costly – funny that I thought I’d kept my side of the deal.

  16. BBC news reports Gareth Bennett having been barred from speaking for his views. I can’t see how this isn’t a breach of parliamentary privilege, set out in the Bill of Rights. It isn’t without precedent, however. Debates in the EU “parliament” can be like this, with speakers’ microphones cut for having the wrong opinions.

    It will redefine male and female as something that is decided by each person on a moment-by-moment basis rather than as determined by nature according to our chromosomes and anatomy.

    It is said that Muslims believe Allah wills all of creation into existence in every instant. These people believe they can do it themselves.

  17. I have had dealings with two transgender persons.
    Both wore vaguely female attire, had female names, had large hands, broad shoulders & deep voices.
    Until we see exactly what the pubertal regions of any trans person actually look like, until we see whether they have wombs or testicles, until we see what their dna is, then they are simply dressing up.
    As for female to male types, just check their external sexual organs & their body frame, skin texture, see if they have internal female organs.
    As for the inherited psychological traits ——-
    Every sensible person knows this.

  18. The Government is now consulting on sex education in schools and they state that there will no longer be an opt-out where parents can demand their children not be in those classes.

    • Justine Greening also put forward a proposal stating that students are now allowed to self define and that transgenderism, as well as gender reassignment, can be taught in schools without the consent or approval of the parents. In Scotland, they’re talking of pushing that further by educating parents who ‘have an issue’ with what is being taught.
      Labour also wants to force these teachings into home schooling. If you are not teaching your child at home the importance of homosexuality, transgenderism and gender reassignment then your child will be placed back into the state school system.
      Your adequate sized person of masculine kin is watching you (or big brother to any sane person).

      • Victory in the Cold War meant that freedom spread from Western to Eastern Europe. That was a very good thing but we did not have to allow freedom to leave our half of the continent in the process.

    • Sex education has not been compulsory in primary school and has generally been biological information in the final year. They have tried this before when Channel 4 was involved with making a cartoon for primary schools showing figures chasing round with a tickling feather and then bonking! Parents were so furious it was attacked and one school with a large Muslim population had parents who went down to the school and strong armed OFSTED who are also involved in pushing this on our children.What has happened in America is that these issues are being embedded in the curriculum and there is no chance of opt out. Certain books are required reading even in infant classes. They are determined that LGBT will become “normalised” in western culture. It is a worldwide attack on the family unit as the base unit of society – the UN are also complicit.

  19. I wrote to Justine Greening when this was first proposed and received a garbage correct speak reply, in which I was informed that the Government care so much for the well being of the tiny minority that they intend to confuse the majority.
    Parents need to fight this tooth and nail. They are your children – they do not belong to big brother (the Government) – you know your child, you know when they are ready to learn and understand about sexuality. This should be within the framework of your moral standards, not the Government.
    I suggest anyone concerned about this should look at Mass Resistance which began in America and now is in the UK. Also Warwickshire has started a sex ed programme called Respect – look it up – you will find it is a smorgasbord of choices with no moral framework. The lefties only believe in “consent” – where that leaves a child is in no man’s land.

    • More and more Brits are choosing to emigrate to extract their children, even sometimes when they’re still unborn, from these evils.

      Yet another insane cause of the weakening of the native populations of the British Isles …

      • The problem is, where to emigrate as the whole of the western world is infected with the same disease.
        The old eastern bloc countries are resisting as are some Asian countries, but no English speaking apart from one island which has just passed a law to rescind SSM.

  20. Is this legislation happening because Westminster is shortly going to announce the first MP that is coming out as transgender/fluid?

  21. If you speak out against transgenderism, you run some impressive risks. You can be the focus of a social media hate mob, you can be disciplined at work and you can end up losing friends and alienating work mates. This reminds me of Salman Rushdie earning the enmity of a certain faction of radical Islam – he was right to do it, but few would have wanted to walk the same path for obvious reasons. And I’m one of them. When the subject comes up, I’m quiet or just nod my head. Like everyone else, I have a job to keep and personal, physical safety to protect. This is not for me.

    • The situation is getting rather like that in Zimbabwe before Mugabe’s downfall. He appeared to have widespread support but now it appears that even the MPs in his party were simply keeping their mouths shut.

    • Barry’s right. I have to keep quiet about Brexit and all this trans bollocks. My Mrs and son call me a bitter predjudiced pre-senile delinquent if I voice my opinion. But they went quiet when I said I was going to become a woman when Treezer and the Lesbians start their act. I am going to claim the £40k OAP I didn’t get when I was 60 to 65. Equality means equality. Go with the flow. I am going through her dresses and a stretchy one almost fits. I am begining to understand why that gaudy artist likes dresses. May go down to the park later. Never to old for something new. On the other hand, it’s a bit cold.

  22. The ridiculous Justine Greening is unfit to hold public office. Theresa May is evidently incapable of presiding over a whelk stall. The Conservative party now has no Conservative policies, no Conservative instincts, abhors Conservatism, and detests Conservative voters.

    It’s rather unfortunate when an individual is born with any birth defect, in this case defective gender. But that’s hardly a reason to re-engineer society, and however hard these sanctimonious buffoons in Government pretend otherwise, a bloke in a frock is still a bloke, a fact proclaimed by every single cell in his body.

    May and Greening should be removed from office immediately. And they should take Miss or Mr or Mrs Rudd with them.

    • You think that for you, as a Conservative, things are bad? Just imagine how hard it is for us ‘Classic Liberals’ who have been disenfranchised for 100 years!

  23. There are several agendas going on here; transhumanism to eventually abolish differences between men and women to make technology augmentation possible, the weakening of men so they are docile and dont fight back, to bring about further totalitarianism but the main agenda is depopulation. The goal is to make us think that are sexual organs are for pleasure and not for reproduction. This is done so that no other ideas are allowed and so that people accept this as they will know nothing else. We’re too old to be influenced and they have made it so we are powerless in trying to change it so it is about the children. But in these transformative years they will make it as uncomfortable as possible and society will fragment. All so the elites can mould us into what they want.

          • Thats a very different question to the one about my penis and is still very childish. Again, you really ought to grow up.

          • I wonder where you’d need to be as a human to write, disapprovingly, that ‘The goal is to make us think that are sexual organs are for pleasure’.

          • I guess you were an unintended consequence of the ‘pleasurable buzz’. And I (silly me) was always pro-life…

          • The problem with blocking is that slanderous comments arent picked up. Ignoring is better.

            I notice theres a lot of Spectator commenters here. I expect as the Spectator is MSM and only pretends to be conservative its inevitable that people will want a site that is truly conservative. I was certainly fed up with the anti Labour articles which were a distraction from the real issues.

          • In my experience, most sockpuppets that you block almost immediately vanish away for good.

            These morons crave an audience — deprive them of one, and they tend to wither away, at least until they make a new one, then you block it, and so on ad so forth ad nauseam. Preferably theirs.

            As for the Speccie, well they’ve instituted a cretinous paywall policy whereby they try and prevent non-subscribers from contributing.

            It’s a policy of Damian Thompson’s, who pushed for the destruction of the original Barclaygraph Disqus community, and he particularly hated any orthodox Catholics commenting there, and so some part of the sensible people from there have now taken refuge here, which inevitably has led to the kinds of sockpuppeteering cretins who think that internet stalking is some sort of “worthwhile vocation” have been carried along into here like so many parasites.

            Blocking them is the only thing that works, though I do quite commiserate with the dolor of those who wish not to do so from principle.

          • I was always commenting from the back door Disqus site, and from the gist of the headline I commented on that. I’m on Spiked which is really good as its not an echo chamber and so debates are livelier as are the commenters but I like this site a lot.

            Honestly, there are some very nasty people out there that I need to keep an eye on as blocking them does not allow me to see their threats.

          • Well, if you ever get saddled with any grossly obnoxious sockpuppeteering internet stalkers, and these characters are nasty, do please keep the blocking option in mind, just for your own good … 🙂

          • One in particular who is persistent to the point of compulsive obsession, uses a multitude of names and pretends to be a woman.

          • I agree.
            Spiked has its origins ion the Left, but a decent kind of Left which
            values free speech & does not go in for threats of violence.
            Corbyn & co would call it Extreme Right

          • I don’t disagree, but have found that I’d rather know what tripe they are peddling today, and so I rarely block. But I have adopted the American rule (where Discus is less prevalent): Don’t feed the trolls. They are quite obvious as all here know, and their credibility makes the antarctic look warm, so little harm is done, and like blocking they soon get bored without the attention and find easier targets.

            It also makes life easier, explaining simple things to those who cannot (or will not) understand that 2+2=4 is rather frustrating.

          • I think you’ll find that the ex-Spectator commentators are those who were blocked from commenting there when the Speccie started their ‘subscribers only’ comment policy.

          • There is a partial workaround (which requires some tech savy), and they’ve partially relaxed their “subscribers only” article-viewing limitations back into a more sensible zone, but I do have to say that the quality of discussion there has dropped precipitously.

            As I wrote elsewhere about some similar (but non-identical) short-sightedness :

            Après tout ce temps, je ne puis m’empêcher de penser que ceux qui ont imposé cette censure sont complètement con.

            Ce qu’ils ont réussi à faire AMA c’est dégoûter un peu plus leurs lecteurs d’ici, ou lecteurs potentiels, de continuer de vouloir bien les financer.

            Ne pas pouvoir poster de liens ni de citations vers leurs publications constitue la rupture même entre un quotidien et feu son lectorat.

            Basically, that to kill the online element of one’s readership is to deliberately and actively reduce the number of those who wish to read you, including paying ones.

            But then Thompson is such a rancid control freak that he gives not a fig about any of this …

          • Ironically Fraser Nelson was adamant that the Spectator would not accept
            the censorship of Leveson’s coercive press regulation at the same time
            that he was busy censoring comments. He has a bee in his bonnet about
            anyone opposed to free movement immigration because he is married to a Swede.

          • He was incredibly defensive about Neathergate. Promising an editorial on it which never transpired – or transpired so late and in a form that it became irrelevant.

          • I have no problem reading the articles, that is a simple matter, but it would be useful to see the comments, although it is apparent that the number of comments are very much smaller than they used to be.

          • I disagreed with Barry Guevara over some things yesterday but I think you are ludicrously over-reacting to his comments. You are behaving just like typical PC snowflakes. Not everyone commenting on a Conservative blog has to have exactly the same opinions.

          • I agree that Barry isnt so bad. Its harmless trolling that can be ignored. In all fairness I was referring to someone else that is seriously bad news.

          • This does not prevent one from choosing to permanently remove one person’s input as being intrinsically unworthy of one’s attention.

            And no, I don’t give a fig if others should choose to do unto me as I have done unto others.

            PS “Barry Guevara” is a sockpuppet created by some anonymous internet troll.

          • You’re promoting it by describing it as a person.
            I think they’re called “bots”or some such thing.
            It’s programmed to make silly leftist comments to waste sensible persons’
            time responding.

          • Without their secondary purpose of pleasure they would not be very effective at fulfilling their primary purpose of reproduction.

  24. Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

    Each day I become less convinced that our society can be saved. The more depressing thought is that I’m no longer certain that it should.

      • “Society had it ages ago. This is the endgame of anything so coherent”

        Only a few years ago I would have accused you of undue pessimism. Sadly, I no longer can.

  25. I’m nearly speechless.

    The insanity and the stupidity of this agenda cannot be overestimated.

    This is likely to include gender confusion ideologies such as ‘genderqueer’ theory and where primary children can ‘explore their sexuality’ which already happens in some local education authorities.

    So much for “no link” between homosexuality and child abuse then …

  26. What is needed is an over-arching slogan for Treason May’s vision of society.

    Jihadi terrorist? Jump the queue, and get you council house here!

    Bloke pretending to be a woman? Now the law will recognize your mental derangement!

    Foreign and committed a crime? Now you can be acquitted, just because you are foreign!

    Want billions you are not entitled to? Roll up, roll up our bankrupt government can spare at least £40 billion!

    I suggest “Freakshow Britain”, and what better emblem than the foolish gurning old woman herself.

  27. I am surprised that Canada’s C-16 hasn’t been mentioned. They have introduced C-16 legislation and Jordan Peterson, a professor at the University of Toronto and a Clinical Physiologist, has been a forceful opponent, backing it up with quality information:

    Professor Jordan Peterson His Stance On Gender Pronouns

    A post grad at the UoT showed a clip of Jordan Peterson discussing the subject on Canadian public TV in an undergraduate ‘Communications’ class and was hauled in front of a tribunal (which she recorded)! Here is one of the later discussions she had which does a reasonable job in describing the whole tale:
    Lindsay Shepherd LIVE: Free Speech Battle with Laurier University
    (You might want to start the clip from the beginning.)

    There is also the ‘odd’ timing that all of this: like SSM, it been initiated in several world wide locations within a very short space of time.

    • Great examples.
      It makes you wonder how many other went through the Lindsay Shepherd experience but never recorded it?. She obviously guessed what was coming.

      • Quite a few even in just North America. It’s a conflagration that’s not being fought effectively except in a few locations. It does seem to some extent to be burning out in America – the worst offenders are finding endowment money hard to raise, and class sizes are reducing, not least because many companies regard degrees from such places as guarantees of unsuitability for employment. Granted, mostly small and medium sized companies, but that’s also where most of the jobs are.

        • You hit the nail on the head. Snowflake reality can only exist in a publicly funded environment in the long term.
          Nearly every private employer over here is researching applicant social media history before offering them an interview.

          • Here, as well, I suspect, I surely would. And you know, the sexual harassment witch hunt is going to make it very hard on women, not because harassment is OK, I doubt anybody really thinks it is, but because any loser can try that racket, and no proof required, best not hire them.

          • Perhaps if potential employers start rejecting applicants because of what they have posted on social media students will start worrying about freedom of speech – provided it is not just right-wingers who get rejected.

          • They would need to post it under their own names, however. All that would do is guarantee that people were pseudonymous. If my employer knew what my views were on transgender people, I’d almost certainly be disciplined, if not fired.

    • I agree. The infection is in the whole of the western world. Rev Gavin Ashenden has posted on U tube (Archbishop Cranmer blog has the link). He links SSM and this continuing downward spiral as a Utopian idea to destroy society and remake it in the image they desire (of course enforced by the powers that be). The end of free speech and truth.

  28. Having read countless accounts of Mao’s cultural revolution, the similarities in many ways are frightening. Kurten says what is happening here is without the violence attached….. is he sure about that? I’m not. Plenty of organised and well connected violent groups to intimidate.
    We have people forced out of their jobs, out of their education, and a public who now look over their shoulders before they speak in whispers.

    It is not an impossibility that we could see future offenders being paraded through the streets, and forced to make public confessions, anything is possible under the political establishment so entrenched with these Frankfurt school/cultural Marxist adherents.

  29. Let’s dial down the panic. No one is going to change their sex on a moment to moment basis. It must require a great deal of courage for man to pass himself off as a woman in public and vice versa. This legislation is not about those of us who are secure in our gender or sexuality. It’s about those who are not, and suffer because of it. Someone affected by gender dysphoria or any other mental condition is entitled to the same protection and consideration as someone born with a physical deformity for the simple reason that we cannot change the way nature made us. It may take time for the law to sort out the privacy issues involving bathrooms used by women and girls and also the fairness of men who have become women competing in women’s sports with a physical advantage. But it will happen. People are also concerned about LGBT teaching being part of sex education at school. Both homosexuality and transsexuality are now part of the public landscape though still suffering from the rearguard opposition of people with unevolved and unsustainable notions of normality. If we’re going to provide sex education, it has to be comprehensive and inclusive of all legal forms of sexuality. By this I mean education for the purpose of information; sex education should never proselytise. Political and social conservatives are as likely as anyone else not to be conventionally heterosexual and it should be no part of conservatism to put people outside the pale because they were born different.

    • A vacuous and fact-free diatribe of trendy “inclusive” social gibberish.

      Meanwhile, children continue to be born only via basic sexual biology.

    • Why is dissent and opposition characterised as “panic”? So that it can be dismissed as yet another phobia?

      So a person must now “evolve” within their own lifetime eh? What was once drummed into them growing up, being educated and working is now to be simply discarded in their old age? If the “powers that be” got it wrong THEN why should they be trusted not to get it wrong NOW? Is some sanctimonious, virtue signalling politician going to have to apologise for THIS in fifty years?

      The people shoving this agenda should be more sensitive to the adjustment needed by those who were brought up in one belief system and are now expected to comply with another, especially when they are chalk and cheese. One Clegg was enough. No one should be arrogant enough to think that they have the right to change the way society THINKS to conform to their own opinions and to coerce that with bad law.

    • Really really! So you are fully on board with a man self identifying as a woman and sharing the showers at the local swimming pool with your wife and daughter. Or you support that wonderful 14 year old boy who insists he is a girl, even though anatomically, he clearly is male – but the School Governors are forced by diktat from on high to allow him in the girls toilets and showers. Unfortunately the girls are proving difficult to bring in line with this new thinking and are refusing to use the facilities – they are also late for lessons as they are all queuing to use the one set of girls toilets left in the building. (Real life in America and Canada). Never mind your daughter who will never win top prize again in a race as she is up against a boy (sorry girl).
      And if we are going to teach LGBT sex ed let’s have some truth about disease and mental illness.

      • Some of your objections can be met quite easily by having reserved bathrooms for transgendered males in the same way that toilets are reserved for people in wheelchairs. LGBT extremists oppose this but we need not be dictated to by extremists. As far as sport is concerned, women’s sports should be open only to women with XX chromosomes to exclude competitors with male physiques. I don’t see where disease becomes an issue in respect of transgenderism. And my point is that it is not a mental illness; it’s a mental difference. Your co-objector Colonel Mustard demands the right to live and die according to the prejudices he acquired as a boy. He has every right to do so personally but not to insist that everyone grope in the dark with him. We shouldn’t be guided in this by the Americans who as usual are displaying their total inability to bring a sense of proportion to any public issue. Most of us will live our entire lives without ever meeting anyone who is transgendered (although I might have to make an exception for the next archbishop of Canterbury but two).

        • Stapling a hydraulically-operated sausage to a woman or cutting off a man’s genitals doesn’t change the fact of their chromosomes.

        • Many respected mental health experts categorise gender dysphoria as mental illness (although they’re increasingly reluctant to stick their heads above the parapet these days). I could be wrong, but I believe that they will be vindicated in the fullness of time.

          Also, Colonel Mustard has every right to insist that his children (primary school age?!) are not indoctrinated with this insanity, as do we all. No doubt you will object to my use of the word “indoctrinated”, but it is entirely appropriate, I assure you.

          • Indoctrination: the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

            They are not being given the full facts and therefore it is indoctrination.

            No child should be exposed to this. It is nothing short of criminal and a clear example of state sponsored child abuse.

        • As you are well aware separate changing rooms will not suffice. This would be a sensible decision, but as you rightly point out this is a mentally confused issue and sensible does not cut it. Only total capitulation from reality and total acceptance of self identification will do. You may think there will be few cases, but since this has become an issue more and more are joining the delusion – it’s a form of mass hysteria.
          I am concerned with the collateral damage of young lives sucked into this idiocy and the shutting down of truth. What about the 6 year old who knows that Jason is actually Stacey but has to live the lie every day and remember which one they have decided to turn up as today. What about the teacher accused of misgendering their pupil – sent to the Gulag. What about those who cannot remember the 35 pronouns now required and cannot afford to pay the fine!
          The sex ed is general LGBT health issues.

          • Since you mention hysteria, it’s symptomatic of both sides. The transgender issue is far less of a problem than is implied by the amount of noise it generates – and will remain so – and it provokes a lot of ill-considered reaction from people who are not thinking things through. Probably 99.99% of six-year-olds will never encounter Jason/Stacey. The aim of sex education should be to persuade those children who do encounter a Jason/Stacey that they are not confronting a freak but dealing with another human being, like themselves but a little different in some ways, and who deserves their tolerance. That’s not bad, it’s humane and helps them better understand the world’s diversity. The pronoun wars are mainly confined to high school and college-age children and can be safely ignored as adolescents being adolescent. Hysterias are temporary phenomena and pass as this one will. It will be replaced by others. Hysterias are a departure from reason which is what we should hang on to when these social whirlwinds catch fire with the tinder of social media.

          • I gave you an uptick not because I agree with you, but because you have at least had the courage to voice a dissident opinion without resorting to insults.

            But I still disagree. It is the way that transgenderism is being promoted that disturbs me; on two main fronts. Firstly the way it is being compulsory introduced to children, and secondly how anyone challenging it is being howled down and silenced. These are not the methods that any reasonable person should ever need to use if they have a fair case. Forceful indoctrination of the young and vulnerable, and bullying of opponents, is a sure sign of an argument that cannot stand on its own two feet.

            I do not trust the way “alternative genderism”, or whatever other phrase is supposed to be used, will be applied in schools. Adults can at least speak for themselves and fight back. But children are very vulnerable to persuasion.

            “The aim of sex education should be to persuade those children who do encounter a Jason/Stacey that they are not confronting a freak but dealing with another human being, like themselves but a little different in some ways, and who deserves their tolerance.”

            Fair comment, but do you really think that is how the lesson will be applied? I very much doubt it. I think it is far more likely to go along the lines of “Now, children, do any of you ever feel that you are not really the boy or girl that everyone else says that you are? Do you ever have a sense that you would really like to be someone different? Don’t worry, we will help you to become that different person. We will keep discussing this and give you all the time in the world for you to decide who you want to be. And remember, you can change at any time, and in any way you want. It’s your right. You don’t have to accept any label that anyone else tries to tie round your neck. Not your parents, your families or anyone. Just be yourself, but be sure you know who you really are. And we are here to help you on your own individual journeys; every last one of you. We can show you all the wonderful alternatives that are open to you.”

            And even if, after all the indoctrination and persuasion, and being shown endless pictures of smiling boys in skirts and sweating girls happily punching bags in the gym, Jason and Stacey decide they really are still just the boy Jason and the girl Stacey and are quite happy to be so, will they be left alone with that decision? Or will they have continuous little hints and reminders that they can always change their minds? That Johnny and Mary from their class have already bravely, oh so bravely done so, and found their true selves; that it is alright to admit to their deeper, inner feelings that might be urging them to become somebody different; that boys really don’t have to want to kiss girls if something inside them is telling them to kiss a boy…

            Because this is how it works.

          • The purpose of children’s education is to unlock the imagination and to teach them what we know about the world. Children don’t live in a bubble of arcadian innocence. They live in the same world as the rest of us, watch television and know that people have differing views about the same subjects. As far as sex education is concerned, it would be abusive of teachers to encourage children in any particular direction or to say that one form of sexuality was “better” than another. It’s enough to teach as a matter of fact that, say, transsexuality or same sex love, exist as well as the male-female love most of them experience at home and leave it to the child to discuss any questions they may have with a parent or grandparent if he wishes. Only a tiny minority of children, even in the United States which sets the pace and tone in these controversies, will ever have serious, lasting doubts about their sexuality and school should never replace the family at the centre of a child’s moral life. We used to talk about “the birds and the bees” by which we meant the facts of heterosexuality. Then came the Sixties. Sex education nowadays is obliged to take account of the diversification of newly legal forms of sexuality but that in no way means that it should stray from fact into evangelising for alternative sexualities. It is enough to recognise that they exist and and should be tolerated even if you wouldn’t want to be that way yourself. It is as natural to a gay person to be gay as it is for a heterosexual person to be heterosexual and neither can claim to be “normal” to the exclusion of the other. Simply to state this obvious fact terrifies some people. The takeaway from all threads like this one is the deep fear that some people still have of any digression from their personal conception of normative sexuality. That’s a form of obscurantism which unlike sexual orientation is curable through a little reflection. It’s not the feelings of children that is the problem; it is the ignorance of benighted adults.

          • The word ‘sexuality’ does not exist. Except in your indocyrinated imagination. There is no such thing as ‘sexuality’ or ‘gender’ they are both delusional Marxist constructs.

            Your uncriticak use of them suggests that you are an indoctrinated Marxist.

            Question: Are you a Marxist?

            Children, contrary to your fraudulent adult interpretation of thier mental states, do actualy live in a different world to adults. Up until the age of approximately 18 their brains are still being physically constructed.

            They have not acquired any of the strategic life skills that adults take for granted. Their brains and their beings are in a slow, evolving from of development.

            Your imposition of an adult world upon them is tantamount to a form of hostile takeove or abuse of their immature minds.

            Being exposed to an adult world via television and popuar media, does not mean they are adults. It merely means that sadly, many children are denied the innocence of childhood because people like yourself wish for whatever reason to impose the adult world upon them.

            You seem to be labouring under the delusion that homosexuals are all deeply tolerant people. That is because in your mind you have formed an uncritical caricature of what it is to be homosexual.

            Are you not aware of the extremist homosexual agitators who now consider it to be their moral duty to persecute Christians in their everyday life.

            They deliberately conspire to make them fall foul of the so-called ‘equality laws’ so that they will be subjected to legal prosecution.

            Being forced to bake a cake which endorses gay marriage against ones conscience is the beginning of the end. It is the thin end of the toerance wedge my friend.

            Do not fall into the trap of believing your own propaganda on this issue. That is what caught Stalin out in the end.

          • Many thanks for your various responses. I have never yet been forced to bake a cake but my banana bread is delicious. Perhaps I should call it bananas bread in future. What do you think?

          • “ It is as natural to a gay person to be gay as it is for a heterosexual person to be heterosexual and neither can claim to be “normal” to the exclusion of the other.”

            Apart from minor things like the obvious complimentary nature of male and female bodies…………

          • You are 100% correct. They are planting an evil suggestion into the minds of vulnerable three and four plus year old children. They do not have sufficient critical mental faculties to be able to repulse the suggestion or to apply logic and reasoning.

            Nor are they given an opportunity to do so, since by its very nature, indoctrination only gives one side of the coin and refuses to prewsent the alternative.

            This is a social cancer which needs to be cut out immediately or else it will infect the whole body politic.

            That this should be occuring under a Conservative Government is beyond belief.

            ONe can only hope that people transfer their allegiance to UKIP and David Kurten,

            The entire Political Establishment are now suffering from a collective psychi disease called Political Correctness. They are all following blindly the Politically Correct Communist Party Line.

          • “Probably 99.99% of six-year-olds will never encounter Jason/Stacey.”

            And Heineken is probably the best lager on the market. Bus saying so doesn’t make it true.

            With a 20% increase of so-called ‘transgender confirmation surgery’ occuring in one year alone, you can rest assured that this is mass hysteria and not an organic small incremental change in societies norms.


            Once again I note your use of the Orwellian Control words ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity.’

            Whether you use these words consciously knowing their totalitarian nature or unconsciously, makes little or no difference.

            To ‘tolerate’ and abberation is not progress. ‘Diversity’ is meaningless unless it is given a context and assessed on its individual merits.

            If 20 million Martians arrive on the mothership tomorrow and declared that they wish to wipe us all out, would you accet that in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’.

            Millions of years of social stability have taught us to discriminate between good and evil. The words ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ are a form of thought control intended to closed down any negative discussion of ‘transgender’ totalitarianism.

          • There is a trans guy at the local cost cutter checkout.

            He used to be a builder is 56 years old and it does not work very well.

            There was a Jason / Stacey at the bus stop where my wife took the children for the school bus. He was man or woman on different days of the week.

            He was married with two confused and badly behaved boys.

            His wife was a Social Worker.

        • You are quite clearly suffering from a mental illness. Your use and acceptance of the word ‘transgenderism’ clearly shows that you have been exposed to an indoctrination procedure.

          There is no such thing as ‘gender’. Gender is a Marxist construct. It exists purely as a mental manifestation and has non basis in science.

          When a child is born, it is born with specific chromosomes which identify t as male or female. This is simply the truth.

          A child is born with a sexual identity. It is either male or female. (Medically there are an extremely small number of individuals born as hermaphrodite Intersex is a group of conditions where there is a discrepancy between the external genitals and the internal genitals (the testes and ovaries). The older term for this condition is hermaphroditism.- numerically insignificant).

          From the fiction of the word ‘gender’ spawns the new fiction, ‘transgender.’

          As David Kurten rightly points out, if we allow a fiction to be protected in law, then what is to stop anyone identifying as anything. If I identify as a horse, does that make anyone who objects to my horsiness a horsophobe?

          What you are suggesting is the throwing away and discarding of a rational and a scientific basis for objectie reality, and its replacement with a purely subjcetive, arbitrary and irrational basis for collective reality.

          Is this the type of world which you would like to see all of us ‘free’ to evolve into?

          For an insight into the question of ‘disease’ and ‘transgender’ I forward you to the following site, which cleary indicates a relationship between lowering childrens sensitivity to sexual modesty and the potential for the spread of serious diseases as well as STD’ which cause infertility.

          American parents are not allowing this child abuse to continue.

    • I’ve had brushes with mental illness in the past and one of the fundamentals of the condition is that it changes your reality, such that things which used to be innocuous make you anxious and there is an inability to discern any positive aspects to existence. With time, therapy and, on occasion, psychoactive medication, this changes.

      My contention is that people who are ‘born in the wrong body’ are mentally ill. When I was mentally ill, I got help and recovered. But what the trans lobby is for everyone to collude in the delusion that, by mutilating your genitals or putting on a dress, you can change sex. You can’t. You can change your outward appearance, or rather, some aspects of your outward appearance but, and here’s the kicker, you can’t change your DNA. And XY means male, XX means female. Such is the reality.

      People who think they are in the wrong body need help, not indulgence or pretence an I see no sign that they’re going to get it. What I do see is that children are going to be asked to pretend that the man in front of them with spade-like hands, an Adam’s apple and a cranial ridge who is wearing a garish dress and canoe-like shoes is female. And that is absolutely unhinged.

      • Well said. Do you have a website? You have put this across very articulately. You should seriously consider opening your own webpage. Or present yourself on you tube. The more people that resist this lunacy, the more chance we have of breaking their power over us.

        AS you say, people now presenting themselves as Napoleon at a psychiatrists office are now no longer given therapy to restore them to their true identity, but are to be encouraged and supported in their mental health issue.

        This is totalitarian insanity of the first order.

  30. I wonder if Gareth Bennet had been not a member of UKIP but of Labour and of a certain religion whether the ban would have imposed or simply brushed off as a cultural matter.

      • Well I dunno, but I’m just off to cook a lovely pork chop in the kitchen that I share with a fundamentalist Muslim regardless of his previous attempts at physical assault against me for “daring” to defy Sharia in “his” kitchen.

  31. Wave the red rag and many people on the right will instantly charge at it completely missing the real danger of the man waving it, with the big sword behind his back!

    Hardly anyone is going to avail themselves of this act, and yet off you go tilting at windmills instead of seeing reality.

    Preventing an elected representative of the people from addressing an elected chamber renders any vote null and void it is profoundly anti democratic and is indicative of the danger that it looming yet cannot be seen by many on here.

    How long will it be before it is a criminal offence to think certain thoughts or worse to express them? This is the way we are headed, yet most of you seem so bothered by a possibility a man might declare himself a woman you fail to see the real danger.

    It’s even worse than I’ve outlined though, because the same bed wetting a**eholes who once sat around in pubs dreaming up new ‘isms’ are now openly suggesting the death penalty is an acceptable punishment for anyone who fails to see the word the way they do.

    But hey when they’re placing that noose around your neck take care to look around the crowd, there might be a man in a dress watching you, which is obviously far more important than what’s about to happen !

    • It is not an either or position. It is all interlinked from SSM through to the TQI. Once you remove the difference between the sexes and the importance of marriage as the building block of society, you are in an unreal world where truth no longer matters. It is a tool to gain a compliant population who are forced through hate speech laws to keep quiet. While we still have the opportunity to be vocal, we need to fight this for future generations.

      • Then you’ve already lost Tricia, for the Fascist Left will simply sweep away your concerns in the same way they always do, namely, ‘hate’ ‘phobias’, and every other crude technique they use.
        It’s simply ineffective to attack the symptoms if you can’t see the cause.

      • It is the conditio sine qua non of every single insane utopian project that the family must be destroyed.

        Trouble is, this time ’round the madmen in charge are doing everything in their power to provide themselves with the practical means to try and achieve that goal.

  32. Beat them with their own stick. The next time being male or a member of the pale majority goes against me, I will be identifying as a woman, or maybe something more exotic.

    • Surely it would be against the rules of PC gender-fluidism to try and identify others according to the “gender” that they think those others belong to …

      And isn’t it “sexist” to complain about being “misidentified” as the “wrong” sex ? What’s “wrong” about it in the first place ? Shouldn’t it be as trivial as to mistakenly address John as “Paul” ?

  33. I have no problem with people with gender dysphoria having sex change operations and living their lives, as much as is actually possible, as members of the opppsite sex. However, the new bill goes far beyond that and mandates gender identity to be nothing more than a subjective state of mind. It won’t be long before one can be arrested for asserting that being ‘gender fluid’ or ‘non-binary’ are not separate gender identities but merely people defying gender norms. It is beyond satire that a so called Conservative government is implementing this lunacy.

  34. “the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party’s” Love it.

    Conservative voter for most of my life, but how can I vote for a party that even thinks of passing this insanity into law?

  35. Thank you Mr Kurten for a well reasoned article – although the days of any of us being able to get away with mere reasoning are probably numbered at the current rate of erosion of our liberties.
    I’d love to see a Peruvian style resistance in the UK. But it think you might find we’ve been “drinking the Kool-Aid” for considerably longer than they have. Latin America is very socially conservative and they don’t yet feel the need to hide that fact. The LGBT movement in LatAm just needs to bide its time a bit longer and it will have worn them down too – so this was a rare strategic error.

  36. Why didn’t they have the guts to repeal the Equalities Act? All anti-free speech laws,be the excuses for them obscenity, blasphemy, racism or homophobia, should be repealed.

  37. Globalism is a malign ideology, utopian in nature and totalitarian in execution. It amounts to a world without borders with one central administrative government relentlessly regulating every aspect of public and private life. It is about the dismantling of everything that we know is true and real and replacing it with lies and delusions.

    The globalist world is created and run by a self selecting elite who all think and speak the same political language. Individuals who refuse to participate are to be re-educated, intimidated or silenced if they resist. Concepts such as the rule of law, national security and love of country are dismissed as quaint old-fashioned notions which no longer apply.

    Globalism has at it’s heart an evil and narcissistic desire for power, money and control. It is about the destruction of the individual and the submission for profit of entire populations to a global elite of the ultra-powerful and wealthy, needless to say the EU is central to the globalist dream.

    • With you on the money thing. However. It’s a capitalist society and I need it, so whatever gets me more money is what I support.

    • Absolutely! There is one, over-riding struggle that marks our times, and it is that between the globalisers and the patriots.

        • Yes, I think you probably do. The old ‘left’ and ‘right’ dichotomy no longer applies. Many traditional Labour voters (including many who had not voted since the first Blair win) came out and voted for Brexit. In the old paradigm they classed as ‘left’, but they voted against the globalising EU. In eastern Europe, the struggle to maintain the national identities of those countries crosses the old ‘left’/’right’ boundaries. The PM of the Czech Republic, Bohuslav Sobotka, is a ‘left-winger’, but, like the ‘right-wing’ governments of Hungary and Poland, refuses to accept the EU’s attempts to enforce migrant quotas – i.e., a key element of the globalisers’ agenda. Similarly, the left-wing thugs that demand ‘no borders, no nations’ are on the same side as the globalising billionaires like Soros, and corporate capitalism.

          • Righto. Put me down as a globalist, then. What interests and motivares me, in a capitalist society, is an ability to earn money and to move where I can maximise my earning potential. Nationality doesn’t interest me and patriotism seems to be openly insane.

          • OK. That’s fine. That’s your choice. But you need to realize that you are on the same side as the rioting, violent Antifa/No Borders crowd, George Soros, global banking interests, Tony Blair (ye Gods!), the multi-culturalists, and the rest. I hope you make plenty of money.

          • You misunderstand. I don’t want ‘plenty of money,’ I want to know that my earning potential is good for the next twenty years and to know that, should the economy here start tanking, post-Brexit, that I can get out.

            Patriotism seems to involve an attachment to symbols such as flags, anthems and often to abstract, ill-defined notions that I just don’t feel. This is not to say that I don’t recognise that other people don’t feel an attachment to them, or think they shouldn’t, but it’s something I don’t feel myself.

          • Ok, but you did say ‘maximise my earning potential’, so it seemed that is your main interest. The economy isn’t going to tank because of Brexit, though other unforeseen factors might result in the same, here or anywhere else. I’m not a flags and anthems man myself, but this is my homeland, and Europe is the homeland of the Europeans – I’d like it to stay like that. Say ‘hi’ to Mr Soros and his ‘Open Borders’ mania, and give a high-fives to the millions entering Europe to maximize their earning potential.

          • I’m starting to apply for jobs in the EU with a view to relocating on a permanent basis and acquiring a new citizenship. The interviews I’ve had to date have brought me down to the last three and I always seem to fall at that final hurdle. One of the people I spoke to told me, in confidence, that my nationality counts against me as people from the UK are seen as being the village idiots of Europe.

            And as to the idea of a homeland? I’m afraid I don’t recognise it. This is the geographical area in which I was forced out of my mother. It has no greater claim over my affections than that.

          • Seen to be the village idiot of Europe by the same sort of people in the UK Parliament, and among the chatterati, who see the British as ‘village idiots’. There are plenty of people in the rest of Europe who recognize that the EU is fundamentally anti-democratic an profoundly anti-European. They don’t see us as ‘village idiots’.

            That’s fine, each to his own. I don’t have any problems with that. But I’ll continue to be against the globalisers of whatever ilk – ‘left’ or ‘right’.

            P.S., here’s another European view:

          • No wonder they think people from the UK are the village idiots if you interview as you you post.

            Tip for you. Try having some principles. Some measure of sacrifice for the common good. Europeans hate selfishness.

            (I have lived worked and done business in various countries in Europe for the last 26 years)

          • I can’t pretend to be other than who I am. My citizenship is no longer welcome to me and the UK is no longer congenial, so I wish I was elsewhere. And I’m trying to make that happen, although with little expectation of success.

          • Tip one. Learn as much of the language and culture as possible.

            Tip two. Never trash your own country at interview. Instead talk about the positive reasons for working in the new country.

            I have not regretted living and working in Europe, there is a lot that I miss. However, in the summer of 2015 things started to change, the migrants were a big part of that change and in 2016 we sold everything and left to return to Wales.

          • I’ve never said a single word about my own country, although I have long since started to hate the soil of the place. Just about the job and about my career. My personal reasons are just that – personal.

          • Your last sentence is crucial in explaining the destructive nature of what passes for the left today.
            They are a destructive, hate filled, movement.
            The EU guarantees to harm our poorest classes & our manual workers.
            It also guarantees to line the pockets of bag carriers like Blair &Mandelson.
            This money is, of course, peanuts to those who really control the EU &
            profit from the breakdown of both nations & families caught in a dutch auction for cheap labour with immigrants who are happy to live in vile slums here, or, everyday poverty in East Europe or Turkey etc.
            The patriotic case for getting out of the EU is overwhelming.
            Equally pertinent is the old left argument as adumbrated by Neil Kinnock & even Blair way back.

          • And, of course, by the late Marxist, Tony Benn. Even Georges Marchais (he of the French Communist Party and Messerschmitt factory) damned mass migration as creating a reserve army of labour.

    • That is an excellent summary of Globalism. Icredibly well articulated. May I have tour prmission to share it on social media? Do you have a website to follow? If not then why not.

      • Please do, this is the latest version and you can of course change it as you wish..

        Globalism is a malign ideology, utopian in nature and totalitarian in execution. In it’s ultimate form, it amounts to a world without borders with one central administrative government relentlessly regulating every aspect of public and private life. It is about the dismantling of everything that we know is true and real and replacing it with lies and delusions.

        The globalist world is created and run by a self selecting elite who all speak the same political language. Individuals who refuse to participate are to be re-educated, intimidated or silenced if they resist. Concepts such as the rule of law, democracy, national security, love of country and traditional family life are dismissed as quaint old-fashioned notions which no longer apply.

        Globalism has at it’s heart human greed in it’s ultimate form, an evil and narcissistic desire for power, money, domination and control. It aims for the destruction of individual independence and the family, and the submission for profit of entire populations to a global elite. Needless to say the EU is central to the globalist dream.

  38. I still don’t get why conservatives are so worried about the only thing that can actually crumble and even making collapse the general madness.
    Do you wish to see the majority of people finally realizing that women and men are different in several ways? You aren’t going to convince them with logical arguments against the overwhelming power of the media. But they can be convinced, very quickly and very easily, by trans regularly winning all women’s sport competitions…

    “I can use women’s toilets, I can join women-only gyms, I can use women’s
    changing rooms, I can pay lower insurance tariffs and enter women’s
    beauty contests, I can stand for election for women’s officer posts.”
    No, you can’t: you’re too afraid and weak to do it.
    If you would do it, you could destroy actual madness in few days.

    • Yes. And it only takes a very small number of “men” to do so. Just one per sport or team.

      It is already happening in America, which can be relied on to lead the world in whatever type of insanity is the latest to break out. Google “Mack Beggs” to see a girl transgendering to a boy, pumped up with testosterone and winning the Texas girls’ wrestling championship. There was nothing anyone could do to stop him/her. Indeed I cannot see any defence against this that the transgender lobby could possibly mount. Beggs is campaigning to change the rules, because (s)he wants to be a boy and compete against other boys. If (s)he fails, the problem will remain: more transgendering girls will flatten the real girls and win all the “female” wrestling tournaments. But if (s)he succeeds, and is allowed to compete against boys having successfully changed gender from what was on his/her birth certificate, then those born as boys must also be allowed to transition the other way, become girls, and once again take over the girls’ competitions. Sorry ladies, you are stuffed either way.

      It will be interesting, and maybe quite a bit of fun, to see how the idiots try to extricate themselves from this ridiculous mess they have created. Mealy-mouthed wording will not solve their problem; not this time, however hard they try to wriggle and claim black is white. And with the female sporting population against them, they cannot win. The only answer will be to admit they have been wrong and go back to how things used to be.

    • It leaves me with no respect for the tories who have helped bring this madness on. I am torn with wanting to get out of the EU and voting with my heart. What a mess. Real science has shown that men and women differ in lots of way but the tories only look at the social science which is run on opinion and wishful thinking rather than science.

  39. UKIP have a LGBT in UKIP group, with the approval of their NEC. UKIP had a “dude in a dress” (Frank Maloney) deliver a speech at one of their conferences a couple of years ago. Hideous! If you are concerned about the silencing of all opposition to these abnormal and destructive lifestyles Mr.Kurten, why are you in a Party that is promoting this insanity?

    • UKIP was/is fighting for it’s life and has the battle within probably because of LGBT membership suddenly increasing when the leadership vote was on. Now that we have a straight leader we hopefully will grow. As UKIP is not the church it has to put up with Gay and Lesbian leaders as it is about good politics and good leaders and equality in the right sense. Hopefully good and right will win over in the end if it attracts the people of caliber it needs.

  40. I support gay marriage, but LGBT has now become the convenient banner for some of the most insane politics imaginable. If you can’t call a girl a girl without fear of punishment then western society and the key freedoms that go along with it are dead. It’s a really sick joke that all of this (primary school SexEd, gender reassignment surgery, the administrative cost of rewriting records) is being largely funded by general taxation and government borrowing.

    • Gay marriage was the thin end of the wedge as Thatcher predicted.

      If you are in favour of GM you get the rest.

      And you will be compelled to like it and publicly applaud it, but this will eventually turn the pendulum back.

      The further it goes before it turns, the further it will swing back.

      • I agree somewhat, I think you just have to be steadfast in your principles.

        GM is fair enough. If two men want to build a relationship together and extract the benefits of marriage+family as a straight couple would, then it their private business and doesn’t need to affect anyone else.

        Gay adoption is a slightly trickier issue that I’m less comfortable with. I think all adoption should be done on a case by case basis, with the child’s welfare the priority. But that’s where I draw the line.

        Forcing churches to perform gay marriages? No. Same goes for private businesses and individuals (bakeries and wedding photographers spring to mind).

        Anything beyond that has been a complete farce: trans this and that, pronouns, this new gender recognition act are utter bollocks.

        • Homosexual behaviour is a choice and I would consider that behaviour to be a poor choice for society to flourish.

          Clearly if you allow people to chose GM you also need to allow all the other sexual choices.

          And if you accept that GM is ok then the state needs to ensure that everyone else complies and accepts this behaviour. That is why GM was the end of the wedge to allowing every desire to be equally valid

  41. ‘Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing’. ― George Orwell 1984.

  42. Why is a “Conservative” web site is publishing UKIP articles ?

    Is Kurten complaining about Conservative policy on Free speech or Conservative policy on Gender Equality ?

    • UKIP is a political party which is essentially conservative.
      The Conservative party is more like New Labour in many respects.
      Why is the Labour Party adopting policies that are essentially Communist ?

      • I think the Conservatives have moved further left than New Labour in many aspects whilst current Labour has moved back closer to Communist doctrines than anything else. Both parties have thoroughly deserted the principles that made them big parties in the first place. UKIP is certainly far more conservative than the current Tories. We have a current education Minister Justine Greening who is pushing her personal LBGT leanings on to all our children in the schools under the pretext of preventing school bullying. May has to take some responsibility for this in spite of her Christian apologetics.

        • Whatever for good or ill Mrs May might be providing, it is perfectly absurd to suggest that Christian Apologetic might be central to her politics.

    • UKIP are the true Conservatives. The kind of articles which appear on the Conservative Woman are not those which would feature in most topics of discussion at a Tory meeting. As far as Tory policies on free speech and/or gender equality, they have none. They have begun to play the same identity politics as Labour going for reactionary/emotive action than flat out common sense. Anyone who thinks themselves conservative would find a better home at UKIP than with the left leaning Tories.

    • When I “tweet” articles from this site, they come automagically populated with the strapline “The philosophy not the party”. That ought to answer your question, I think.

      Besides, her gaff, her rules.

  43. The point about the long-term erosion of accepted values by the ‘Generation of 1968′ is important. Unlike in France, Germany and Italy, we don’t have the concept of the ’68ers’, which is a pity, because they have done a great deal of damage, and continue to do so.

  44. Wow what a breath of fresh air. I think these viewpoints are in line with what the majority think. They are conservative values actually which the so called conservative party have lost.

  45. It seems a situation has been reached, or is about to be reached, where the kind of language and terminology necessary to debate certain topics are themselves increasingly regarded as “hate speech”, thereby, of course, serving to stifle true debate.

    The growth of the “hate speech” industry, allied to the concept of “protected characteristics”, suggests that the hard-won battle for the kind of freedom of expression enjoyed until now in the UK and similar countries is going to have to be fought again. As in the case of the original battle, this new battle may involve challenging, and even breaking, the law – if not the law as it is just now, then the law as it may well be in the near future.

  46. You`re a clever guy David and will already know what and why these shibboleths get laid out.
    Gramsci, The Frankfurt School and Saul Alinsky made it quite clear that all revolutionary positions are only stepping stones to the final communitarian utopia. It turns sexual rules into flexible options, makes the insane and perverted into citadels that are to be imposed on the drab, dull conforming plebs who refuse their offer of a progressive future of deviance, drugs and complete inversion of all and any obstacles to their socialist ideal.
    These are tests of fealty and loyalty-the useful idiots they seek come out and bring their SMS tactics with them to create a Pink Guard of pastel fascism.
    My only quibble is that you`ll know all this David-UKIP have no answers, you really needed to welcome an outlier like Anne Marie Waters. Believe me, we need a rainbow coalition of the willing to deal with both Islam and the Left . Learn from the Left before your rights to an education get removed from you.

    • Agree entirely. A more robust UKIP party would have rallied behind Gareth Bennett. The Left can sniff weakness like a dog sniffs meat. If the rest of the pack desert the victim, they pounce. This is why all this will end badly because nobody in politics, I repeat NOBODY, is standing up against this madness.

  47. When society reaches a point where the plain truth is a crime, where belief in an obvious delusion is a legal requirement, then we know that society has reached a state of psychological decrepitude which will not end well, but end it will. The psychiatric definition of psychosis includes believing we are something we clearly aren’t ;Jesus or Napoleon, for example. Will that definition have to change now? If it does then it is “good” news for all those suffering from schizophrenia and other delusional disorders as they will no longer be sectioned under the mental health act and will (or should be) free to walk away from their locked wards.

    Now it’s time for me to return to Mars where I rule over a kingdom of super-intelligent cockroaches…what? you dare to question my identity? Hateful bigot!!!

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