Here’s a magic spell for turning a human being into an animal: silence the person, constrict his vocabulary and strip him of speech. When you shut down speech you turn human beings into animals.

Kanzi, the world’s most speech-savvy pygmy chimpanzee, can ‘speak’ only 500 words. The average three-year-old child has a lexicon of 1,000 words and learns a new one every 90 minutes of its waking life. Ergo, the relentless onslaught on speech is fundamentally an assault on our humanity.

In an Orwellian pincer move, a cross section of powerbrokers is launching a blitzkrieg on speech. The censors of speech are tightening bit and bridle to control who speaks, what one speaks and how one speaks.

Last week our group of pro-lifers in Port Erin on the Isle of Man were confronted by another group using the f-word as conjunction, preposition, interjection and adjective, trying to rein in our right to free speech. Pro-life groups are also being muzzled like dogs by buffer zones in England and on the Isle of Man.

While we were jousting with philistines, barbarians in both Houses of Parliament were hacking away at the freedom of the press with battle-axes. Despite a defeat for Labour in the Commons, the Lords once again voted to establish a second Leveson-style public inquiry and suffocate the freedom of the press.

Students at redbrick universities are using violence to ‘de-platform’ conservative speakers. Masked thugs stormed Jacob Rees-Mogg’s speech at Bristol University calling him a ‘fascist’, ‘Nazi’, and ‘racist’. Even radical feminist Germaine Greer had her vocal cords tied in knots by anti-speech students at Cardiff University because of her views on transgenderism.

Now the Sentencing Council for England and Wales is threatening a draconian punishment of six years imprisonment for so-called hate speech against race, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, pregnancy, maternity and gender reassignment. The list is a veritable Left-wing thesaurus of victimhood. The fiction of ‘hate speech’ is yet another Orwellian flamethrower intended to snuff out speech and paradoxically to destroy the very diversity progressives claim to be championing.

Welcome to Babel, the archetypal story of human beings domesticating speech to create the ultimate totalitarian state. Babel permits no alternative language, no alternative thought and no alternative possibility. Babel is the archetype of a society in which people exchange God-given freedom for human-imposed slavery by acquiescing to a regime of political correctness that is facilitated by a centralised language emptied of meaning, nuance and creativity.

The story of Babel begins with people attempting to create one world with one language. Globalisation begins with the McDonaldisation of language. The ‘whole earth’ now has ‘one language’ and ‘one set of words’, reports the Genesis story. The words ‘language’ and ‘all the earth’ occur five times each in the narrative.

This McDonaldisation of language is an artificial construct that restricts and coerces. It is not the result of human creativity and diversity that has so far been blessed by God in the narrative beginning with creation. Abruptly and rudely we are thrust into the narrow world of Babel (Genesis 11) after streaming through the broad and diverse world of the Table of Nations (Genesis 10).

The Table of Nations underlines the linguistic diversity that already exists. The children of Japheth, Ham and Shem speak ‘with their own language’. Two verses later, the Tower of Babel story hits the reader like a stinging slap in the face: ‘And it came to pass, that all the earth had one language and one vocabulary’.

The linguistic totalitarianism of Babel follows the linguistic pluralism of the Table of Nations. While the word for ‘language’ used in the Babel story is ‘lip’, the word for ‘language’ used in the Table of Nations is ‘tongue’. ‘One lip’ refers to the rhetoric of world rule, power and hegemony. It was part of the vocabulary of the Assyrian king. The Assyrian empire would abolish the variety of languages to bring the people under one rule.

For an ideology seeking total control, diverse languages, abundant vocabulary and dissenting thought pose a stumbling block. Diversity needs to be eliminated and replaced by a homogeneity that will consolidate a centralised power. It is the McDonaldisation of speech that will enable the ideological empire to achieve its totalitarian goals.

The story climaxes with God issuing a statutory warning about the terrifying totalitarian possibilities of this one language that brooks no alternative. God confuses and destroys this new language. ‘Babel’ comes from the Hebrew word for confusion.

In Genesis, Babel is the final scene in the trans-historical drama beginning with creation. The biblical creation story makes a clear distinction between God creating animals (who cannot speak) and humans (who can speak to Him and to one another). Indeed, man’s first speech-act is naming the animals – thus clearly distinguishing humans from animals by virtue of the potential for speech. ‘The man gave names to all the cattle, all the birds of heaven and all the wild animals.’

‘To deverbalise a society is to dehumanise it,’ wrote Oxford scholar J L Austin. Deprive human beings of free speech and you will turn them into animals. This is why when people run out of words or are limited in their vocabulary they use will use Molotov cocktails, stones, or fists to make a point, as ferocious animals react when provoked.

Instead of engaging in rational and civil debate when they discover they have been rendered speechless by poor education or progressive victimhood ideology they will, like Kanzi the chimpanzee, spew their limited vocabulary of 500 words, comprising mostly the f-word.

This week, our pro-life group experienced behaviour that was even worse. When our opponents were losing ground, they got a stooge to borrow a motorcycle without a muffler and rev it continuously for more than 15 minutes in an attempt to deafen us, frighten us and silence us. Thankfully, the engine broke down and the hooligan silently retreated – he simply lacked the vocabulary to conduct an intelligent argument.

The Babel narrative finds its resolution in the event of Pentecost, which the church celebrates today, fifty days after Easter. Pentecost confers a new gift of tongues and reverses the linguistic hubris of Babel. The Holy Spirit reminds us that, unlike animals, we are created in God’s image and likeness and with the ability and freedom to speak. Pentecost is the feast of true diversity that progressive homogeneity seeks to obliterate forever.


  1. When you understand Babel, the Shard in London ‘s purpose becomes clear because when you look at that deeply disturbing building you will see that it is incomplete six years after its completion. London is considered to be the heart of the new world order, a city that has ethnically cleansed it’s inhabitants (such as me) bringing in people all over the world. As this new order is being developed the final completion of the Shard will be completed when victory has been won. In the mean time Sauron’s Eye sees all in the most surveilled city in the world.

  2. Pro lifers are entitled to their views but they should not be standing immediately outside clinics offering terminations. This is intimidation.

  3. Well thought out theologically and then well expressed Jules. So thank you indeed for your continuing positive contribution in supplying an authentic Judaeo-Christian perspective on the degenerating political situation in the west.
    God bless you and yours.

  4. Brilliant!
    Say what you think with gentility and good manners and these life-denying, Christ-hating commissars can have no power over you.

  5. Just wait until they achieve the world they crave. Then the misery will really kick in for them.

  6. An outstanding article, Rev Gomes. Hate speech is contemporary grievance-Left neospeak for “wrongthink” and as you rightly note, Orwell foresaw this in 1948 (when he wrote 1984). It seems to me that all of these draconian new laws are coming from a parallel legal system that bypasses democracy and enacts the rule of the language policing Left. Feminist lawyers craft new “crimes” that play havoc with clear language: domestic violence that involves no violence but merely a disagreement between intimate partners, rape that was consensual sex the previous evening (or week or month) and of course “hate speech” which involves no incivility but merely the expression of views that defy crippling neoLeft orthodoxies.

    Whereas the criminal law has traditionally taken care to prohibit clearly defined acts, leaving everything that is not expressly forbidden entirely permissible, neoLeft victim-fetishist law targets anything than someone else can find offensive. Objective acts give way to subjective feelings, leading to a nightmare in which everything that is not forbidden becomes compulsory: “empathic” speech codes to severely limit free expression and debate, “diversity” which is nothing other than compelled homogeneity, “inclusion” which is nothing other than ruthless exclusion, “freedom” which is nothing other than heavily policed conformity and compelled submission, followed by savage punishments for minor infractions.

    That a “Conservative” Government is blithely and cheerily enacting all of this totalitarian horror is eloquent testimony to the tragic fact that we do not have a truly conservative force in our representative democracy at all at present. Soon it will be too late to build one, because it will be pre-emptively classified as a vehicle for “hate speech” (or as most people would put it, reasonable dissent).

    It seems to me that Christ placed living in accordance with truth above living in accordance with expediency. It may be expedient for Mrs May to pose as an SJW Prime Minister, but in so doing she is betraying truth, a weakness that we will all pay a very, very heavy price for.

  7. Doc

    I’m no theologian – happy to be corrected. Here is an alternative thesis.

    One tower that reaches the place where the Prince of the Air resides; one people; one language leading to an acceleration in the development of ideas and applications. Then perhaps, without disruption, mankind may have been able to develop nuclear power by the 17th century – disrupting the divine schedule for the end of Man. (The ‘statutory’ warning.)

    I support the concept of ‘Absolute Free Speech’ – the beautiful irony is that when one witnesses a Judeao-Christian revival men impose, voluntarily, limits upon themselves – to honour their Creator and each other – and the animal – see the affect on pit ponies during the Great Welsh revivals.

    Karl Marx? Eat your heart out!

    If only the Tory and Socialist could be persuaded to leave the Judeao-Christian alone; an extract from the Welsh Revival link:

    ‘At Mardy, where I spent Sunday, the miners are voluntarily taxing themselves to build an institute, public hall, library, and reading-room. By their express request the money is deducted from their wages on payday. They have created a library of 2,000 books, capitally selected and well used.’

  8. Brilliant article! Thank you Dr.Gomes for pointing out the relationship between the Tower of Babel, totalitarianism, and the Pentecost. Which fool will say that the Bible is irrelevant today?

  9. I think there is a fundamental issue raised here that goes way beyond fascist clowns in the Isle of Man. I see a very clear parallel between crushing variety of speech and crushing variety of genetics, and I am sure I need not point out to this audience the dangers of the latter.

    For this reason alone, in my view Free Speech is the most important aspect of civilisation bar none, and must be protected at any cost. Human progress is nearly always brought about by ‘heretics’ who challenge the status quo, so we should not care how many people get upset by them doing so.

    One has only to look at the witless, charmless creatures that scream for the banning of Free Speech, and the retarded offspring of societies that discourage Free Breeding, to see how humanity will degenerate if they succeed.

  10. a draconian punishment of six years imprisonment for so-called hate speech against race, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, pregnancy, maternity and gender reassignment

    Well, race, sex, disability, age, pregnancy, and maternity are material characteristics of people.

    Whereas “sexual orientation” is a characteristic of behaviour, and “gender reassignment” is a political ideology. To include them as if they were of the same nature as the six previous is a category error.

    Religion is harder to define, but it’s also certainly a category error to include it in that list ; also BTW absolutely hypocritical, given that the Establishment both encourages and engages in endless constant attacks against religion in the public arena.

  11. What these idiots fail to grasp, of course, is that genuine spouting of hatred demeans the spouter far more than it does the listener. Or could it be that they do understand but don’t care, as it gives them an excuse to imprison those who dissent, with all the aplomb of a fat Third World Corporal with a chestful of ‘medal’ ribbons from Woolworths?

    As an Englishman born and bred I never thought I would see the day when the British Government would stoop to such despicable behaviour. And to think that my father’s generation fought an horrendous war to save us from such things. It makes me weep.

  12. I do very much feel that free speech in the U.K. is in peril.

    However suggesting a supernatural being (that no one has ever seen) somehow gave me free speech is a bit weak. Is this the same supernatural being that threatens to throw me into eternal torment if I don’t follow his rules and grovel before him?

    Hardly a defence for free speech.

    Religion is the main reason you are losing your rights and freedoms. I very much doubt a man brandishing one of the ‘holy’ books is going to help you very much.

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