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Despite Brexit, Britain is an occupied country


IN THE aftermath of the surprise victory of the Vote Leave campaign in the 2016 referendum on whether Britain should remain a member of the European Union, the question immediately turned to what the result would effectively mean: whether a soft Brexit or a hard Brexit, a ‘Brino’ or Prime Minister Theresa May’s phenomenal ‘Brexit Means Brexit.’

If a gain for understanding has been made in the ten months since Boris Johnson’s government incinerated a thousand years of British liberty and launched a psychological and economic war against the nation, it is that this question has been settled: Brexit means nothing.

Brexit means nothing because the enemy of liberty and human dignity was never really the European Union, which is ultimately only a kind of branch office administrating Eastern Oceania, but the semi-visible spider’s web of foundations, corporations, criminals, academics, oligarchs, intelligence agencies and opportunists which dominate global power. What the rapid roll-up of power which characterised 2020 has shown is that the failed elite of the United Kingdom offers no alternative at all.

Johnson’s actions over the last twelve months have made his position clear. At the moment when President Trump was withdrawing support from the fatally compromised World Health Organisation, an institution under the control of China, whose director is currently being investigated for involvement in war crimes, Johnson joined Bill Gates in increasing its funding.

In October, doubling down on corruption, the WHO altered its official definition of herd immunity in line with the priorities of its pharmaceutical industry sponsors to the medically illiterate claim that herd immunity is achieved only through vaccines. According to YouTube’s official policy of censoring information which contradicts the WHO, this cynical lie cannot now be questioned on their platform.

In early November, with nothing yet officially decided, and evidence of procedural and statistical anomalies continuing to accumulate, Johnson rushed to join the US media in congratulating the Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, the politically compromised dementia patient whose installation in the White House would mark the end of the American republic.

As the apocalyptic Cardinal Carlo Maria Vigano, the former ambassador of the Vatican to the United States, has noted, Biden is a figure ‘who does not have his own identity: he is only the expression of a power that does not dare reveal itself for what it truly is and that is hiding itself behind a person who is totally incapable of holding the office of President of the United States’. Johnson no doubt saw something of himself.

Johnson’s theatrical Christmas Eve conclusion of a 1,200-page withdrawal agreement was greeted with predictable applause from a sycophantic British media, which showed no indication of having scrutinised it. This casual corruption is endemic in post-Brexit Britain and it has nothing to do with the EU.

At the highest political level the country is being governed by Sage, a body dominated by behavioural scientists directed to suppress what Cioran called ‘the virus of liberty’ through psychological warfare. Hence masks, symbols of subjugation to the pseudo-reality that Sage and their functionally identical European colleagues have created, continue to be mandated, and policies of lockdown continue to be imposed, despite no convincing evidence demonstrating that either policy has any positive medical effects.

What is being implemented is a policy of intimidation designed to terrorise, demoralise and atomise the British population with the aim of augmenting globally centralised ‘expert’ political control over national economies.

The extent to which this policy is entirely conscious remains a complex question. As anyone who has ever worked with heavy machinery knows, a clever plan is not required for disaster.

In the first place, one can wonder whether the current pseudo-elite of global leaders, TED talk-tier intellects, glorified spreadsheet managers, and halfwit politicians possess the icy competence to orchestrate an international conspiracy, in lieu of entertaining, with attendant risks of a complete abandonment to fantasy, Disraeli’s famous claim that ‘the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes’.

Second, even where collusion is undoubtedly occurring, and plans are being hatched, clearly a broader orchestration is unfolding through the recursive combination of compliance, madness, and self-interest which now is being generated by the pandemic narrative itself. Nobody can now escape what has been summoned, and this condition is particularly acute among the current institutional elites, individuals who have ‘reached their positions though surrender of self, calling in experts to tell them what buttons to push’. As Arendt observes, it is difficult to lie politically without beginning to believe the lies oneself, and Western institutions are today controlled by individuals who have been lying their whole lives.

Hundreds of millions if not billions of people are now heavily invested in the narrative of an exceptionally lethal plague, and as everyone who has attempted to restore balance to this question already knows, these people cannot easily be disabused of their beliefs, either because they’re intellectually unable to process what is happening without it, psychologically unwilling to concede their own mistakes, or interested in profiting from the situation.

Globally, tech oligarchs have been able to seize vast wealth and expand their markets. Nationally, narcissistic politicians, journalists and charlatan scientists such as Neil Ferguson have gained attention and power. Locally, petty bureaucrats have seized on opportunities for sadism, or sloth. Most of these people are not being remote-controlled from Davos, but are responding to incentive structures, in a situation in which incentive structures were already fundamentally misaligned.

As with World War One, arguably the closest historical analogy to this current position, a systematic disconnection between power and accountability is fuelling the continuation and the deepening of the crisis. Lockdown is now a button that an infantile Western elite can push to increase their power. Hence in Scotland, Sturgeon, in an effort to demonstrate her independence from Westminster, initiates a draconian lockdown and in London Johnson is compelled to follow suit because he does not want to look weak. Or teachers’ unions, cynical from teaching in a useless system, exaggerate the threat posed by reopening schools, and the convictionless Keir Starmer deploys it as a weapon against Johnson, with no consideration given to the consequences it will cause.

This is a monkey trap in which the beguiling kudos of ‘defeating the virus’ now functions as an object of intra-elite competition, which the egos and ambitions of a class of delusional and sociopathic politicians prevent them from relinquishing, even as ‘their’ countries are destroyed.

Through motivated reasoning, individuals will always tend to seek out justifications supporting their desires, and over the last twelve months, the spectre of the virus has become a catch-all explanation, deployed by everyone, and swelling to monstrous size as a result.

Where the exercise of reason isn’t controlled by higher principles, this can expand into psychosis, and there is some evidence for concluding that this has occurred. Apart from the pathetic case of the Prime Minister himself, exemplary in this regard are Bill Gates, probably the most important single individual in the pandemic, given his political domination of global medical science through the Gates Foundation, and the Health Secretary Matt Hancock, an exceptional embodiment of the mediocrity of the elite.

On the one hand, an obsequious and incurious individual of below average intelligence, almost the Peter Principle incarnate, and on the other, a messianic oligarch whose favourite philosopher is Steven Pinker. Both demonstrate disturbing body language and odd, inappropriate outbursts of laughter whenever they appear in public. Taken together, they represent the defining axis of contemporary Western power, no less visible in post-Brexit Britain than elsewhere: shallow, delusional, hollow.

Hancocks exist in every Western European government with superficial regional variations, as in the overpriced menus of tasteless fast-food chains. There is a Spanish Hancock, a German Hancock, an Italian Hancock, and a French Hancock, the latter of whom studied at the ENA, instead of PPE at Oxford, before proceeding directly to national government, without passing through concrete reality first. Hancock embodies the generic form: servile, cynical, unintelligent, and ambitious.

Gates, on the other hand, has a particular psychology, but his individuality is secondary to the vision which he shares with other members of his class. An Ivy League dropout who made billions by selling software, before spending the next several decades surrounded by yes men, what defines this elite isn’t only their incredible wealth, but the frictionless virtuality of how they acquired it, their lack of taste and culture, and their desire to think of themselves, not only as powerful but as spiritually advanced precisely through their distance from corporeal reality. The transhumanism articulated by global spokesmen such as Klaus Schwab, together with the anti-essentialist, social constructivist doctrine that in the last ten years has gained the status of a crypto-religious dogma are both aspects of this paradigm, and lockdown, which reinforces the virtuality of social life, is yet another.

The distinction with President Trump, a developer, with experience in managing construction projects and dealing with many different types of people as opposed to screens, is striking. Britain will need a figure, if not a thousand figures, of evidently even greater mettle before it can dare to dream of sovereignty again.

As things stands, Brexit or no Brexit, Britain is an occupied country, controlled by a clique of bagmen, inadequates and fantasists, hypnotised by numbers, indifferent to the welfare of the nation in the service of their own agendas, and insulated from the destruction they are enacting.

‘We have taken back control,’ Johnson declared as he returned to a country now under indefinite house arrest, with the complicity of a legal system which has failed to challenge the liquidation of constitutional rights, a press which has abandoned its duty to hold the government to account, and a parliament which has submitted with a whimper to its abolition.

Do you feel in control?

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Daniel Miller
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