Disqus FAQ

TCW’s comments system runs on Disqus, a third party system which we use to manage and moderate comments. As we simply embed this system into our website, we have no control over your personal Disqus account. We simply cannot see or change your user data, and in the vast majority of cases the answer is to contact Disqus support.

Some work email systems may block Disqus verification emails, in which case we suggest trying again with a personal address such as Gmail or ProtonMail.

If your comment is held in moderation, please wait for it to be released and refer to the comments policy here.

If you are having a technical issue, please follow these instructions to clear your browser cache. You may also wish to try clearing your browser cookies.

In the unlikely event that you have been banned from TCW, a message will be displayed to this effect. Please get in touch with us if you believe that this is in error.

Finally, to reiterate, your best bet is to contact Disqus support if you have a query about the system not mentioned here.