Luvvies are in the entertainment business, which is why they are so entertaining. The more seriously they take themselves, the more entertaining they become.

Sir Patrick Stewart OBE, star of X-men and Star Trek, told Trump-hater Whoopie Goldberg on ABC’s The View that after living in the USA for nearly three decades he will at last take out American citizenship. Why? Isn’t it obvious, in order to oppose Trump, of course.

‘I am now applying for citizenship because I want to be an American, too. Because all of my friends in Washington said there is one thing you can do: Fight, fight. Oppose, oppose. But I can’t do it [yet] because I’m not a citizen.’ All you ‘deplorables’ had better watch out, Captain Picard is coming to get you, and he has a phaser.

Trump gets it in the neck, sometimes rightly, for his tweets. Clearly, he is not alone looking for something to do in the middle of the night. Stewart has tweeted that he, ‘Had the worst sleep of my life last night. But I was sleeping less than 300 yards from where Donald Trump sleeps. Could there be a connection?’ Perhaps as well as his many other crimes, misdemeanours and general incipient fascism, Trump is also beaming invisible rays to disrupt the sleep of innocent progressives.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has so overtaken the denizens of studio, theatre, film set and publishing house that they find it difficult to read a menu without finding evidence of Trumpian fascism. Incredibly the fact that Trump got two scoops of ice cream when everyone else got only one was an actual news item on CNN. We can be relieved that the American media still values cutting edge investigative journalism and knows how to courageously speak truth to power.

Take luvvies seriously, especially the autocue readers on British television news, and you will be convinced that the USA is plunging into a dystopian quagmire. Be reassured, it isn’t. Dystopia requires planning. Consider the firings, replacements, gaffes, blunders, leaks and general chaos of the Trump presidency; is this really the hallmark of a mastermind bent on subverting the USA and turning it into a jackbooted fascist state?

Luvvies are convinced America is only an executive order away from concentration camps in Colorado and black-clad police coming to chain women to kitchen sinks. They truly believe that when George Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four he was envisaging the future of a Trumpian USA.

Robert Schenkkan, Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner, has written a new play about Trump’s concentration camps. In Building the Wall a concentration camp commandant is interviewed in prison after being sentenced for atrocities perpetrated against immigrants rounded up under Trump’s orders. The play is set in 2019. So, nothing overstated there.

Shaw’s Heartbreak House, a caustically comic play set in the Sussex of 1914 about a house full of bickering guests was revived by Hartford Stage in Connecticut. In the preface Shaw described one of the characters Boss Mangan, a wicked businessman. Mangan is one of those ‘poor devils’ who became rich ‘by placing their personal interests before those of the country’ and thus proved ‘not only that they were useless for public work, but that in a well-ordered nation they would never have been allowed to control private enterprise’.

It does not take a genius to work out how Mangan was portrayed. The stuffy and stupid Mangan came on stage replete with hideous yellow comb-over, squinty eyes and smoothly rounded belly covered by a three-piece suit. As the New York Times approvingly described it, ‘The Trumpification of Mangan is the revival’s grand gesture’.

Rossini is a prophet also. Writing of a performance of The Barber of Seville at the Metropolitan Opera a mere two days before Trump’s inauguration, New York Times critic Anthony Tommasino opined: ‘But suddenly, amid charges of ‘fake news’, outrageously untrue reports going viral and brazen lies, Rossini’s 200-year-old opera seemed eerily contemporary. Basilio came across as the operatic prototype of a cynical, modern-day political operative whose repertory of dirty tricks has hardly dated’.

It goes on. In the opinion of Robert De Niro, Trump is, ‘totally nuts’. Which at least is better than Cher who has gone on Twitter about Trump calling him ‘ a pathological liar,’ ‘a racist,’ ‘a fascist,’ and ‘disgusting and despicable.’ In one of her more deranged moments, she even compared Trump to Hitler. This was perhaps to go one better than Richard Gere who compared Trump to Mussolini. ‘Here’s a guy who’s obviously Mussolini’. In Gere’s fervid imagination Trump will ‘get rid of Jews, the blacks’.

What is it with luvvies and concentration camps? Is there some deep seated psychological flaw in the character of those who make their living pretending to be someone else which makes them both fear and long for incarceration?
These stage struck freedom fighters see themselves as leaders of the ‘resistance’. After all, attacking Trump in a speech before a crowd of cheering sycophants at an awards ceremony counts as an act of courage for someone who once impersonated a soldier on screen.

Much more likely is the simple answer provided by British actor David Harewood who said, ‘any attempt to bash Trump is good’. When you have an audience willing to tell you that you are brave and courageous by appealing to their prejudices, then anything goes.

They should listen to down-to-earth actor Mark Wahlberg who advises celebrities to stay out of political posturing. ‘A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family’.

(Image: Gage Skidmore)


  1. “A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch
    with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their

    Would the everyday guy care care in America or here if a Trump like politician (I mean someone willing to act rather than just twitter and bend in the wind) started to clean up our mess and really did some of the things the left are concerned about?

    I think they would open a beer and cheer him on.

    The political similarities between Weimar and today are striking.

    • I agree, I was at a wedding this weekend where half the guests were American (bride was from Minnesota). We shared a table at the reception with a family from South Dakota. I spoke to several of the American guests and they were very politically aware and very eloquent about the issues facing the USA today. They were very aware of Brexit. We talked a lot about cost of living items and I was shocked at how much they were paying for items like mobile phones and cable TV every month. Seems like we get it much cheaper here in the UK.
      Disillusionment with Washington was very intense.
      I get the feeling now that I know more ordinary Americans that most Hollywood celebrities.

      • I think it’s swings and roundabouts. My Canadian relations and friends from the US all say how expensive food and petrol is in the UK compared to home.

        • I’m surprised that there is a view that things are cheaper here than in America. It isn’t a perfect comparison but if you go on to the US Amazon site and – after converting dollars to pounds – compare the price of most things on offer their to what one would pay in the UK they tend to be considerably cheaper in America.

        • Presumably Canada is less crowded than the UK, & produces much
          of its own food.
          As for petrol. In the UK, charlatans in on the Anthropic Global Warming racket keep prices artificially high on oil & all similar products of the extractive industries.

        • You are right, it is swings and roundabouts. I was surprised at the costs they were paying form mobile phones and cable TV. The costs for college were vastly higher (I have no idea how they justify the cost) although one of the bridesmaids there was paying over $40,000 a year but that did include accommodation. They were shocked when I told them 9K was the maximum over here.
          What one of the Americans i met did say was how surprised they were at the amount of new looking cars on the road. and specifically the amount of German cars. BMW’s, Audi etc must be a premium car in the US.

          • They are, our baseline cars are mostly Japanese and pretty good cars. But, for me, like your wedding guests, unless you live in the cities, cars are optional, often a mini van for the wife, most of the guys I know drive pickups, and almost invariably those are American, Ford, Fiat/Dodge, and Chevy, likely in that order, invariably large and often diesel. Also matters that we pay about $2/gallon of gasoline (~$0.53 per liter).

            Education is simply a racket anymore, that price is not unusual, and a degree is four years here – we have all the same problems you do.

            The celebrities are invariably ‘in the bubble’, and likely you do. We almost never see them (other than country singers) nor do we particularly want to.

            And interestingly, there is a list out this morning of 221 things Trump said he would do, that he has, in spite of all these noise and sedition. Not bad, considering.

          • I think Trump is doing fantastically. Though over here you would have to rely on the internet for any good news. No mention in our MSM about record stock market figures or a million new jobs!

            Germany sells more cars to Britain than to
            anyone else, with 810,000 bought by Brits last year. Also half of the 2.6million cars made in Britain last year were built by
            German-owned firms such as BMW, which runs Mini and Rolls-Royce.

            These inconvenient facts are never mentioned by the ‘project fear’ Remainers.

          • He’s doing far better, despite ridiculous handicaps, than I expected. They report them here but they are very twisted to try not to credit him, not that it works very well, for most of us.

            Yep, one of the shocks when I took German in high school was that Mercedes was essentially a German Dodge – they’ve always been a prestige brand here.

            Nor do they mention just how many of them are made in the UK, whatever the brand, and I note that BMW has announced that the Electric Mini will as well. The remoaners are beginning to look like the receding wave of history.

    • In the UK we have a gang of Jew hating socialists waiting to clean up the mess
      in their own very special, ultimately disastrous, way.
      As you say, very like Weimar.
      But minus the great artists. & musicians.

  2. I like Katie Hopkins comments ‘actors are like prostitutes, we pay them for their acting abilities, not their views’.

    • In our home this has been a daily comment since the Redgrave’s heydays.
      Strange that Katie Hopkins, one of the best & most courteous LBC hosts gets sacked,
      while the vile, bullying O’Brien remains & – surprise surprise – is also employed
      by al BEEB.
      Actors are inevitably shallow & selfish people, their political views are worth no more
      than footballers. i.e. a bit less than yours & mine.

  3. When people are so alarmed by the course of political events that they feel compelled to take to the streets in protest, wearing hats shaped like their own genitalia, there is obviously something very wrong…

    …with them.

  4. All this froth is so much confected outrage: fake and whipped up higher than the Donald’s hair. But – as with Brexit this side of the pond – calm voices must defend the defensible; too many have fallen prey to hysteria already.

  5. Strange that Patrick Stewart wants to become an American citizen.
    I though all the luvvies said they were leaving and moving to Canada or Mexico.
    Has that happened yet?

    • He’s snapping up recently vacated property at a knock down price.
      In the UK, loads of luvvies are flogging off surplus houses.
      Pick a bargain from Cummerbach & Geldorf’s fire sale.

  6. Funny he wants to be a citizen of a sovereign state,
    He thinks his own land should be subject to directives from the unelected Franco German
    Axis & is not fit for self rule.
    Just what were those two terrible World Wars for ?

      • We did. We just didn’t know it at the time of the election.

        Whoever can command a majority in the House of Commons forms the government. There are no rules which say how that majority must be formed.

      • The DUP represents mainstream Protestants who pay their taxes to HM
        Government & wish to remain part of the same UK that they were born into.
        Not much wrong with that.
        Personally, I favour a united, 100% secular Ireland, where religion has no more power than the Boy Scouts.
        However, I don’t live in Ulster & pay my taxes for protection by HM Government.

  7. One wonders what Sir Pat’s tax situation is, and whether it benefits him to become a US citizen.
    THAT’s usually the reason anyone from any country looks to take citizenship elsewhere.

  8. dic khead narcissist who reads other peoples words

    deludes himself and thinks someones interested in his opinion

  9. I believe the Luvvies throwing their toys out of the pram at Trump is the height of conceit and arrogance.
    He was elected by the people using the same process as Saint Oblamer. I don’t recall the Luvvies being aghast at him?
    Accept the democratic outcome. We had to.

    So suck it up people. Next time get out there and vote. But until that time shut the hell up and do the job we the people pay you for. You hear that Cumberprat?

  10. “Trumpian fascism”? I wonder if you’ve ever read the Fascist manifesto? Mussolini was a Socialist, Hitler was a Socialist and Oswald Mosley was a minister in the Labour government before forming the BUF!

    When I showed the Fascist manifesto to canvassers at the last election they thought it was the Labour parties, and quotations made by Hitler were believed to be Jeremy Corbyn!

    How is it therefore possible for Donald Trump to be even remotely Fascist? Why re parrot the trite insults of the Fascist Left? They are the ones who are Fascist and not the Donald.
    He has to communicate by tweets because the media are so irredeemably biased to the left that they will not report his speeches correctly.

    That should be causing you much more cause for concern than the luvvies, the fact that the Media can no longer be trusted to accurately or impartially report the news even when the majority of people do not think in the way they do.

    • Well put.
      Fascism & Nazism were both aspects of socialism, each with its
      own nationalist or religious flavour.
      Because of the educational background of most senior media people
      we are subject to daily concerns about the “far right” or “populism”
      The nearest we have to a far right today is Islam, a very very far right, and
      supported by the socialists.
      The latter are more driven by their hatred of the nation state than any social concerns
      regarding equality of opportunity or equality before the law.
      Old Labour was concerned with the proletariat & was also patriotic,
      they were just economically disastrous.
      New Labour was just the Lib Dems sucking up to international hyper rich
      Corbyn’s Labour is a re run of failed communist remedies, believed by miseducated
      & gullible young(ish) people with no knowledge of the disasters visited on us by the
      unions in the 1970s and less knowledge of the genocidal communist regimes
      from Stalin to Chairman Mao & Pol Pot.
      The Latin American communists were more corrupt & economically illiterate
      than genocida.
      Like the Corbynistas will be if they ever get power.
      Time the Tories started getting over a clear message and stopped internal

    • The left can’t handle not being in control, they want Trump to treat the media with unwarranted respect and reverence all while they mock and ridicule him but instead of cowering he does the same back without caring about the repercussions and they don’t know what to do since most news show rely on social media and clickbait instead of investigative journalism now.

  11. Wahlberg has it spot on. All they’re doing is just coming out with overcompensating noise. Not to be taken seriously. Any of them.

  12. If somebody gets the reductum ad Hitlerum treatment from one of the tinsel town SJWs then it is a pretty good indicator they are doing the right thing. Actors are very good at living out unreality; it’s what they get paid to do. But when they start spouting absurd hyperbole of this nature they start to look like village idiots.

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