Leave and Remain are running neck and neck in online polls, with Remain ahead in surveys conducted by telephone. Both campaigns have faced sharp criticism – Remain for relying on Project Fear to cower the electorate into submission, Leave for failing to paint a clear picture of how Britain would function outside the EU.

Nowhere is this lack of precision more evident than in the economic sphere – the area where Remain scores over Leave.

TCW has decided to help. We are inviting our readers to spell out – in no more than 500 words – the best trade and economic arrangements for a Britain independent of the EU. Would we remain in the single market? Would we still be bound by the EU’s founding principle of free movement of people? How would we protect the interests of the City of London? How would we control immigration? Would we be better off outside the EU and why? How should we go about finalising the terms of our divorce from Brussels if we vote to leave?

These are some of the key questions that have yet to be answered definitively by the Leave side.

Some campaigners argue that by spelling out a detailed blueprint for a post-Brexit Britain we are creating a hostage to fortune. We would give Remain a target to shoot at and an opportunity to demolish the Leave case.

But is this right?

TCW invites its regular writers and all those who comment on the site or read it to join the debate and enter our competition. Ideally, we would like to publish the winners under their real names but anonymous entries will be considered.

This competition has now closed.


  1. How quaint, bet the Irish thought their no vote actually meant no. Only when the EU is a bigger train crash than the Ukraine will we be allowed to leave.

  2. Those who want to remain seem to think they are voting for the status quo. They are not. There is no status quo on the ballot paper. If Britain votes to remain in the EU, the EU will take this as our agreement of their Project towards ‘ever closer union’, one flag, one anthem, one government, one currency, one law, one army, one police force, the EUSSR ruled by tick-box bureaucrats in Brussels who we didn’t vote for and who we cannot remove. Even now, we cannot remove Jean-Claude Juncker (or any of his colleagues) who was ‘elected’ by MEPs. BUT Juncker was the ONLY name on the ballot paper. Do you like Democracy EU style? And Turkey, where corruption is rife, 75 million very poor muslims will be accepted within the EU very soon. This is certainly NOT the status quo.

    • Agreed.
      Does writing “75 million muslim Turkish immigrants” 100 times count as a 500 word essay?

  3. Well here`s one who won`t be entering the competition, generally because I know so little about trade and the economy.
    And as for planning it or anything I am with the Scottish authority,
    I think the phrase goes:-
    “The best made plans o` meece and men gang aft aglee”.
    I was once a building surveyor asked to make monthly budgets to control cash flow – we referred to them as “Comic Cuts” – they were I don`t remember one that worked to plan.
    It`s just guessing, as is investing on the stock exchange..
    But what I can forecast for a certainty is there will be “uncertainty” – how do I know? The American President has told us so, he is going to make sure there is at least 10 years certainty of uncertainty, while we will be languishing in our designated area “at the back of the Queue” and there will be the certainty if we vote Remain of being back in our Box, a venue he has also designated for us;
    ” The EU Care/Confinement Home for Failed Elderly European States”
    There will be the continued certainty of – take your pick -fill in the blanks.
    a) It will be a life sentence of hard labour sin dei.
    b) You will be subject to Corpus Juris – Habeas Corpus will go.
    c) You will cede your permanent seat on the Security Council to the EU.
    d)Your renewal of normal association and trading with the
    Commonwealth will be forfeit.
    e) The Ability of Parliament to make its own laws will still be gone.
    f)Your services Army, Navy and Airforce will be absorbed into EU
    branded bodies i.e. they will not be able to act independently.
    g)You will remain citizens of the EU, subject to the whim of your masters
    in Brussels.
    h)British Jobs for British workers will be a thing of the past l
    j) TTIP will eventually be signed which will only favour big business, multi
    nationals and be a Banker`s Ramp, Natiuonal courts will be bypassed and disputes will be settled by tribunals, which can set gigantic fines for loss of profit
    k) The Opt out from our use of the Euro will probably go eventually and probably our rebate too, so will control over our own taxes and bank deposits will be at the mercy of the junta (ref Cyprus settlement now accepted as the pattern for dealing with similar recalcitrant members). Our debit and deficit at the moment are amongst the highest in the EU, it wouldn`t take much to end up like Greece, with the bailiffs in and controlling our economy (there I`ve discussed the economy)
    l) You will be compelled to enter the European Song Contest forever and that`s the closest you`ll get to the Australian part of the Commonwealth.
    m) Supervening all, you will never regain control of your own borders.
    Cross border Immigration will probably remain around 1/3million
    annually, you know the damage that is already causing overstrained
    services, NHS, Schools and housing.
    n) NO Sovereignty – every last bit GONE, Parliamentary democracy GONE

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