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Fauci, Gates and Big Pharma – the terrible betrayal of the public health


A BOOK by the American lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr, reviewed here last week, portrays US health chief Anthony Fauci as an amoral mastermind who, Svengali-like, and through partnership with gigantic tax-avoiding foundations, has seduced the world into succumbing to a Covid crisis that was partly of his own making.  

The book gives an astonishingly prescient view of current developments, including renewed efforts to terrorise the world over virus variants.  

Fauci played a central part in funding research that produced SARS-CoV-2. With the UK’s Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust, and Sir Patrick Vallance, formerly president of research and development at GlaxoSmithKline and now chief scientific adviser to the UK Government, he was behind moves to cover up the Covid virus’s genetically engineered origins.

He was also active in quashing the use of cheap and effective treatments which could have prevented the lockdowns that damaged countless lives, and is at the heart of a vaccines cartel that foisted an experimental jab of questionable value and proven dangers on fearful governments and people, making tens of billions of dollars in the process.  

During the spring of 2020, Kennedy writes, Fauci and his partner Bill Gates ‘carpet-bombed the airwaves, bearishly predicting that a “miraculous vaccine” would stop Covid transmission, prevent illness, end the pandemic, and release humanity from house arrest.’  (We heard much the same in the UK from NHS chiefs, the Prime Minister and the then Health Secretary Matt Hancock.)

‘That was despite decades of work showing that coronaviruses mutate rapidly, producing vaccine-resistant variants, such that there would be no possibility of their achieving such miracles.  

‘Worse still, the research suggested that vaccinated individuals would become asymptomatic carriers and “mutant factories”, blasting out vaccine-resistant versions of the disease that were likely to lengthen and intensify rather than abbreviate the pandemic.’

But Fauci and Gates seemed to have a strategy for neutralising the variant threat. They had put billions of taxpayers’ and tax-deducted dollars into developing an mRNA platform for vaccines that, in theory, would allow them quickly to produce new ‘boosters’ to combat each new ‘escape variant’. 

‘This scheme was Big Pharma’s holy grail. Vaccines are one of the rare commercial products that multiply profits by failing. Each new booster doubles the revenues from the initial jab.

‘Since NIAID [the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, headed by Fauci] co-owned the mRNA patent, the agency stood to make billions from its coronavirus gambit by producing successive boosters for every new variant; the more, the better! The good news for Pharma was that all of humanity would be permanently dependent on biannual or even triannual booster shots.’ 

We can see that is exactly what is now happening. The mRNA jab does not stop transmission. It does not make the vaccinated less of a danger to others. Variants such as Omicron have governments reaching even further into the public purse to impose more restrictions and lay on more jabs, despite mounting evidence of ineffectiveness and unparalleled harm.  

Pfizer projects $26billion in revenue from its boosters next year, on top of sales totalling more than $35billion this year. It’s an incredible money tree, and one likely to continue indefinitely through annual Covid vaccinations, according to a prediction by Pfizer chief executive Albert Bourla in an ‘exclusive interview’ last week with BBC News medical editor Fergus Walsh. 

The item ought to have been billed ‘exclusive promotional advertisement for a very rich corporation’. The excuse for it was to correct absurd stories propagated on social media alleging that Bourla had been arrested and that his wife had died.

The stories were instantly refuted – and the anonymous, Canada-based website from which they originated (called the Conservative Beaver) could hardly have done the company a bigger favour.

‘What we had to go through is nothing compared to the lives that will be lost because of the rubbish that those people publish,’ Bourla told Walsh. The vaccine had saved millions of lives, and trillions of dollars for the global economy, but ‘people who really think my wife died because of the vaccine will say, “I’m not going to do it”.’

Asked how he thought ‘antivax’ stories should best be countered, Bourla went on, with persuasive charm: ‘A number of people are afraid of the vaccine. I think for those that are just afraid, the only emotion of human beings that is stronger than fear is love. 

‘So I’m using always this argument, that the decision to get or not a vaccine is not going to influence only your health, it’s going to affect the health of others, and particularly the health of the people you love the most. Because they are the ones that you will interact. So take the courage to overcome your fears, and do the right thing.’

That was it! No questioning by Fergus Walsh of Bourla’s claim that the vaccine has saved millions of lives, despite data from the US and elsewhere showing more Covid deaths in 2021, following the vaccine rollout, than in 2020, when Covid was raging but there was no vaccine. Nor of the 10,000 ‘excess’ deaths unattributable to Covid (despite biases in favour of doing so) in England and Wales since July. Many were from heart problems and stroke – prominent among conditions for which researchers have found the vaccine increases risk.  

No mention of challenges to the validity of the data (see here and here) given by Pfizer on the basis of which its jab was authorised for use. Or of how efforts by a group of scientists to examine all the data are being stalled – for up to 55 years.  

Or of how at least three children have died in Vietnam from a reaction to the Pfizer vaccine, and its use has been suspended after more than 120 were taken to hospital following a group vaccination at school.

Or of how nearly a million reports of adverse events following Covid vaccination, between December 14, 2020 and November 26, 2021, have been received by US regulators, including 19,532 deaths (one of a five-year-old, four days after the jab) and 146,720 serious injuries.  The real total could be many times higher, data scientist Dr Jessica Rose tells Robert Kennedy in this recent podcast.  ‘VAERS is telling a very frightening story,’ she says.  ‘If you consider the under-reporting factor, which I’ve based on the Pfizer phase 3 clinical data – which is probably questionable data anyway – the under-reporting factor is 31…It’s really staggering. We’re in the millions.’

A confidential first tranche of post-marketing data, released under freedom of information legislation in the US, looks at 42,086 adverse events reported from official sources across the world up to February 28 this year. Pfizer admits that ‘the magnitude of under-reporting is unknown’, but claims that the review ‘confirms a favourable benefit-risk balance’ for the jab. Yet more than 100 categories of injury are identified, including kidney failure, stroke, cardiac events, pregnancy complications, inflammation, neurological disease, autoimmune failure, paralysis, liver failure, blood disorders, skin disease, musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, respiratory disease, deep-vein thrombosis, blood clots, vascular disease, haemorrhage, loss of sight, Bell’s palsy and epilepsy.

Such a huge range of adverse effects supports concerns among many doctors and researchers that the experiment with the mRNA jabs is a failure, with widespread, unexpected toxicities, and should be halted immediately.

Kennedy draws particular attention in his book to a phenomenon called pathogenic priming, also ‘antibody-dependent enhancement’ (ADE) – an overstimulation of immune system response that can cause severe injuries and death when vaccinated individuals subsequently encounter the wild viruses.

‘In early experiments,’ he writes, ‘coronavirus vaccines produced a robust immune response in both animals and children – temporarily heartening researchers – but then tragically killing the vaccine recipients upon re-exposure to the wild virus, or making them vulnerable to uniquely debilitating infections.’

It may be a while yet, however, before we can expect the BBC, which has received at least $11million from the Gates Foundation over the past few years, the Daily Telegraph ($3.5million) Gates beneficiaries including the Guardian and Financial Times and indeed our health regulators the MHRA, to acknowledge the public health disaster unfolding in front of us. 

The betrayal of the public health doesn’t stop there.  

‘Dr Fauci’s trump card,’ Kennedy writes, ‘was his capacity to enlist mainstream and social media companies to make reporting of injuries and deaths disappear from the airwaves, newspapers and the Internet, and therefore from the public consciousness.

Facebook, Google, and the television networks purged doctors and scientists who reported pathogenic priming, and censored reports about the waves of other vaccine injuries. 

‘As a federal official sworn for four decades to uphold the Constitution, Dr Fauci should have been the champion of free speech and vigorous debate during the pandemic. Instead, he worked hand in glove with Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other Big Tech titans to censor criticism of his various mandates and suppress information about vaccine injuries, including discussions of pathogenic priming.

‘Email traffic shows that Dr Fauci colluded directly with Mark Zuckerberg and the social media platforms to censor doctors who reported vaccine failures, harms, and deaths, to deplatform public health advocates like myself, and to evict and muzzle patients who reported their own injuries. 

‘The science journals, utterly dependent on Pharma advertising, obligingly refused to publish studies on the rash of deadly and debilitating jab reactions. The Bill Gates-funded fact-checking organization, Politifact, worked with Pharma-funded fact-checkers like FactCheck, which receives funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and whose current CEO is Richard Besser, former acting head of the CDC [US Centers for Disease Control], which owns $1.8billion in Johnson & Johnson stock, to “debunk” stories and studies of vaccine injuries.

‘On October 7, 2021, Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, complained in a tweet that America’s people were almost utterly blind to the floods of adverse vaccine events that were killing and debilitating their countrymen: “The real problem here is the damn press and the internet giants. The press and these tech players act to manufacture and reinforce ‘consensus’ around selected and approved narratives. And then this is being weaponized to attack dissenters, including highly qualified physicians”.’

Yes, Mr Bourla, we should indeed be afraid of harming our loved ones – and our biggest fear right now should be the false narratives around the safety and effectiveness of the Covid vaccines.

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Neville Hodgkinson
Neville Hodgkinson
Neville Hodgkinson is the former Sunday Times medical and science correspondent who created an international storm by reporting a scientific challenge to the ‘HIV’ theory of Aids. His new book, How HIV/Aids Set the Stage for the Covid Crisis, is an expanded and updated version of his previous book on the controversy. It is available here.

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