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Fear of Covid has turned into ‘a pandemic of mental illness’


ON October 17 psychiatrist Dr Mark McDonald spoke at the second Summit of the medical group American Frontline Doctors on ‘Overcoming Fear’. Not on physical fear but the psychological fear that is driving the West’s irrational and destructive Covid 19 response. In a compelling account of the ‘pandemic of delusional psychosis’ that is upon us he calls on us all to stand against the socially controlling Covid diktats issued by governments, corporations and arbitrarily demanded by individuals.

I thought it deserved the widest possible dissemination. This was not the ravings of a crank it was not far fetched, rather a passionate, lucid and convincing warning from a top-class, highly experienced doctor. But on Wednesday evening when I sat down to watch it again to write a link to it for TCW  the video disappeared in front of my very eyes. My screen went black and read ‘Sorry this video no longer exists’. I returned to the main site to find none of the Summit videos available any more. They had all been censored.

I did finally manage to find it elsewhere on the net. Here is it.

But in case of further censorship, the text of the main part of his presentation has been transcribed and follows.

Dr McDonald begins by noting that although the pandemic is largely over, the pandemic of hysteria is not and furthermore now ‘it’s not just fear that’s taken hold of the country’. His speech focuses on how we’ve moved in a matter of months from fear to something even more worrying – a form of ‘group control’ that is and will impinge on our most basic freedoms of choice and action.


Dr Mark McDonald: What we’ve done, though, since then is we’ve conditioned Americans, largely, to believe that all of the measures and the fear is actually real, true and helpful. Years ago we were told by one of our presidents that we really don’t have anything to fear, except for fear itself. But now we’re told that fear is good, fear is necessary, in fact, fear is a virtue. We really should be afraid. And when someone in a position of authority says, ‘We don’t need to be afraid. We should express courage and freedom’, that person is castigated, is looked at as not only stupid, but actually dangerous. I would say it’s the opposite. I would say that we not only must fight back against the fear, we must embrace the freedom and we must embrace the courage.

The problem, though, right now, as I see it, from the position of a psychiatrist, is that a lot of people in this country have developed what I would call a mental illness. There’s a pandemic, not of fear and hysteria alone, but there’s a pandemic now of delusional psychosis.

A delusion is a fixed false belief that is contrary to reality. Everything that we’ve seen today proves irrefutably that there is no reason for us to either be afraid, or to distance ourselves from others physically, or to wear masks, or a number of other ridiculous measures that we’ve seen instituted in the last six months. And yet people are doing it. And they’re not just doing it out of fear. They’re doing it because they think it’s a moral duty.

I was in the elevator to my building a while back, less than a month. And I got in halfway up to the floor level. I got in at the parking garage level and there were two people in the elevator that had gotten on in the lobby. We were both going up to the same floor . . . all three of us. And I walked into the elevator and the two were facing me with masks on. And I didn’t wear a mask. I never wear a mask anywhere. And one of them, as the doors were closing, turned to me and he said, as he put his foot physically at the door to keep it from . . . from closing, he said, ‘Would you mind getting off the elevator if you’re not going to wear a mask?’ I declined. And he held the door with his foot. And I asked him why he and the other woman that were in the elevator were concerned about me not wearing a mask, since clearly they were wearing masks that they felt protected them. So why did it matter if I was wearing a mask? And I asked this calmly and I asked it with a sort of sense of curiosity, even though I sensed that they were a little odd. And they had no response. They couldn’t explain it. One of them said, after mumbling a few things that were incoherent, ‘Well, your mask protects me and my mask protects you.’ We’ve heard this phrase scattered all over billboards. It’s on the freeway signs in California. It’s on the public service announcements. But it’s . . . it’s illogical. It’s irrational. It makes no sense.

And so I paused. I waited for a few seconds and I said, ‘Well, can you explain to me how it is that your mask protects me, but it can’t protect you from me? I don’t understand that.’ And then the other man started to use profanity and screamed at me because he’d lost his nerve. And then the woman walked off the elevator and she turned to me and she said, ‘Well, you know what? It’s a sign of respect.’ They actually felt morally good. It wasn’t about fear as much as it was about virtue. Fear has become our newest virtue. And they got in the other elevator and then we both went up, got off at the same floor and walked out at the exact same time.

I think this is a bigger problem right now than government mandates. This is my opinion. This is what I see. I see it in my practice, I see it in the elevators. I see it at my friend’s sports team here in Washington DC. His child goes to school. He’s about early teenage years and he is trying out for soccer practice. And there is a woman who stands on the field, she’s not a police officer, she’s not a government official, she’s an employee of the school. And she stands on the field and her only job is to point her finger at the children and yell at them when they pull their facemask down below their nose. That’s her only job. And then to send the kids home if they do that. These are kids that are doing sprints. They’re running around. They’re lowering their blood oxygen concentrations. They’re having trouble breathing as it is. And now they have to put on facemasks – the cloth masks that make it almost impossible to breathe. Even if the mandates from the government ended today, she would still be there. So would the people in the elevator. So would the flight attendant on Delta Airlines that had me removed from a flight last month when I deigned to drink from a cup of water for, in his words, ‘more than three minutes’.

‘I now can no longer fly on Delta. I have been officially banned. Because I didn’t have a face mask on for three minutes and thirty seconds. This is not a government rule. This is a corporation that made this decision. Uber now requires that you put on a picture of yourself wearing a face mask to get in the car, if you had previously not done it once and a driver had reported you. Not a government rule. This is a company.

‘So we have individuals and corporations, not government, that is now pushing this. Pushing this delusional psychosis into what I would say is the third stage, which is what I’m very, very fearful of right now, which is group control. We started out with fear and hysteria. We moved to delusional psychosis. And now we have group control. Now we don’t have police officers and government coming after us – still, we have some of that – but what we have more of is we have our fellow citizens now castigating us legally, limiting us from getting into vehicles, going into businesses, getting jobs.

‘At some point, I suspect, we’re going to be required to get ourselves vaccinated with an unproven, largely dangerous and probably ineffective vaccine. Now they’re going to say it’s not required. But if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to go to school. You won’t be able to get a job. You may end up having to take employee records of the people at your place of work who’ve had the vaccination. If you have employees that don’t have it, those employees will be fired or you’ll be put in jail. So essentially, you kind of have to get it.

‘This, I think, is a really big danger. And it’s completely unnecessary. So once Americans start to serve as police forces, we really don’t need a tyrannical government any more because we’ve already got that. China has that now. They’ve a social points system. If you’re found littering on the ground, someone snaps a picture of it, sends it to the government. Now you lose points. Now you can’t fly domestically. You might not get that promotion. Your kids might be banned from university. This is happening now in China. It’s going to start happening here. In a way it already has. Banned from Uber – that’s like a social points system. You didn’t wear a mask. You can’t actually get into a vehicle now. You can’t fly on a plane. Now, if I had a private plane, I wouldn’t care. But what’s the option? I don’t have the money to fly a private plane.

So, what do we do about this? This is a big problem. First of all, we have to reject the fear, because that’s where this all started. We have to . . . we have to reject it as unhelpful, unnecessary, and most importantly, that it is not virtuous. Fear is never helpful, and it is never, ever virtuous. No exceptions. What we should do is protect people who are at risk. This is so obviously apparent that I hardly even feel like I need to repeat it, but we have to, because it seems to be so silenced by the public.

We need to use rational evidence-based prophylaxis and treatment for those who are at risk and those who have early stages of illness. This is so obvious. It’s so simple. It’s so cheap and it’s so effective. We need to use measures like exercise, sunlight, vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine, zinc. This stuff is free or nearly free, and it’s not risky. You don’t need to go to a hospital to get it, doesn’t require an IV like Remdesivir. It doesn’t cost $3,800 per treatment. It’s cheap. It’s effective. It works. These practices reduce risk of infection and risk of complications if one is infected by over 90 per cent, in all of the studies and research published. That’s huge.

What else? Healthy people should never be wearing masks and isolating themselves, ever. There is no reason for it. These practices offered no proven benefit, yet they confer a significant risk. Just two days ago, 12 children in Michigan in one school came down with a streptococcal infection in the throat. That’s the bacteria in the throat. It does happen every now and then. Kids get streptococcal infections. These kids were all mandated to wear masks. And guess what they were doing with the masks? They were taking them off, putting them in their pocket, putting them on the table, rubbing their hands with them, putting them back in their pocket, putting them back on their face. What they determined at the school was that this mask was creating basically a petri dish of filthy bacteria that was then going from one mask to the other, hand by hand, kid by kid, going down to the throat, causing these infections. That would not have happened had mask mandates not been in place. This has to stop. It has to stop.

We also know that these practices of distancing and masking perpetuate the delusional psychosis and the fear. They are symbols. One woman well-known in national media said about a month ago that they are walking billboards of fear. That’s what we are, when we have these masks. We say to others, through the mask, that ‘You should be afraid, you must be afraid’ and ‘I’m a better person because I’m afraid and wearing the mask. You’re not, because you’re not wearing a mask.’ This has to stop. It’s not a small thing. The mask is not a small thing. It’s huge. It’s a symbol. And I don’t think we can get through this if we don’t get rid of the mask. So we have to stop it.

And then finally, I think every healthy person should embrace courage, honesty and freedom, not just in their head, not just in their words, but also in their actions. And they have to do that one by one by one. We need to do that as a society. This is how we get through this. This is how we get to an end point where we are free of burdens and free of illness and not just physical illness, but free of the illness in our heads and we get our lives back. Thank you. 

Why America’s Frontline Doctors are being subjected to social media ‘cancellation’, censorship and to the demonisation of the US MSM I discuss in a separate post today.

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