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Fear – the virus that afflicts the vaccinated


THE Stoics of ancient times believed that in many cases it was possible to control pain by thought alone. To achieve this, they stoically, as it were, accepted painful or unpleasant sensations, viewing them with studied indifference. As such, the pain often went away of its own accord, although to be fair they did use a painkiller known as theriac, which contained opium.

The opposite is also true, in that you can induce pain or disease by thought alone, causing acute and sometimes lasting physical symptoms. Although ancient and tribal societies understood that the power of suggestion can be so strong that it may make people well or ill, this seems to have been forgotten in modern, mechanistic medicine with its insistence on tests, scans, screens and so on.

Because of this, I am now wondering whether as many people would have gone down with Covid (or what passed for it) if, instead of a flu-like illness being ramped up as the worst and most dangerous disease ever to affect humankind, it had been ignored.

As it was, around 80 per cent – and it may have been more – of the world’s population were gripped by such a fear of the bug that they actually thought themselves into illness. Once the PCR test was introduced, people began testing themselves, sometimes hourly, and if the test showed positive they waited for symptoms to appear.  More often than not, they obliged.

Then people became terrified to step out of the house without wearing a mask, even though all the evidence showed that these muzzles were more or less ineffective and that even the surgical-quality ones lasted only a couple of hours, at most. People were also nervous of getting close to anybody else, edging away if somebody came within a few feet of them. Only the other day, as I was in a queue waiting to pay for an item, a masked woman in front of me turned round and said crossly: ‘Do you mind not standing so close to me?’ I wondered about making a quick riposte but decided that there was no way I could penetrate this kind of stupidity.

There was also the handwashing ritual where shops, doctors’ surgeries, solicitors’ and estate agents’ offices, for instance, forced hand sanitiser on to you, and sometimes took your temperature as you walked in.

The cleaning nonsense went even further, with hotels, gyms and other places where people gathered announcing ‘enhanced cleaning’. This may or may not have halted the virus in its tracks but it certainly increased fear. I still see people in the gym furiously scrubbing down bikes, treadmills and other equipment in case a germ from a previous user has had the audacity to linger on the machine.

I also remember, during the first lockdown, a friend invited me for a drink and insisted we sat in the corridor to her flat, holding our glasses while wearing surgical gloves. She would not let me into her home and also paid her cleaner to stay away.  I of course had no such fears but I could persuade very few people to step over my threshold while lockdowns were in place.  Delivery men rang the bell and ran away sharpish so as to remain ‘Covid safe’. There has never, in my lifetime, been anything to compare with the fear and terror that has gripped the world – and all for a largely harmless threat.

When the vaccines were introduced, people eagerly queued for the jabs, but did this make the fear go away? No, it increased it to such an extent that they lined up for ever more jabs. I know people who have had five injections and ended up in hospital with severe pneumonia. But still they praised the vaccines, telling themselves and others that, but for the many injections, their symptoms would have been much worse. Never mind that, by and large, the unvaccinated, for which read fearless, remained perfectly well throughout. In my view, the fear created the milieu which allowed the infection to take hold in the vaccinated.

Now, of course, we know from many studies that the vaccines themselves are harmful, but try telling that to the multiple-jabbed. Their fear has such a grip that they refuse to listen, and these same people are now booking their spring and summer ‘booster’, so that they will have had perhaps six or seven jabs by the end of the year.

The friend who made me sit in the corridor to have a drink has had all the Covid jabs plus the flu jab and guess what, she has been laid up for several days with quite a nasty infection. After she had all the jabs, she said to me: ‘Now I’m protected.’ Yes, so protected that she languishes in bed, unable to get up.

Why are people not putting two and two together?  I think it’s because they cannot bring themselves to believe in the power of the mind to create illness or wellness. The poet William Blake wrote in 1794 of ‘mind-forged manacles’ by which he meant that we make these manacles ourselves and we create a prison in our own minds which then becomes a reality. Once the mind-forged manacles get a grip, illness can result.

Over the past three years, we have created manacles, prisons, misery and pain for ourselves, aided and abetted of course by the mainstream media. And the fearmongering is far from over. Hanging over us all the time are threats of more lockdowns, more restrictions, more mask mandates, more jabs, more curbs on our freedom, all designed to keep us cowed and afraid.

Since 2020, when the first lockdowns were introduced, it has become clear that those of us who were unafraid, who resisted all the testing, masking, distancing, jabbing and other interventions, are the ones who have remained well. Our strong minds acted to strengthen the immune system and allow us to resist infection, as in the Latin phrase Mens sana  in corpore sano: A healthy mind in a healthy body.  

The two go together and modern medicine ignores the power of the mind at its peril.  We need to learn from the Stoics!

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Liz Hodgkinson
Liz Hodgkinson
Liz Hodgkinson is an author and journalist.

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