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For services to wrecking Britain, the covid conmen landing top jobs


IT’S BEEN announced that Sir Patrick Vallance, the Government’s former chief scientific adviser, has joined the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, appointed to their ‘team of expert Strategic Counsellors’ with former chief of the defence staff General Sir Nick Carter. What benefits they will receive, in kind or otherwise, the TBI’s press release did not elaborate on.

Sir Patrick, who according to his colleagues in the Civil Service may go down as ‘the most influential chief scientific adviser we’ve had’, is far from the first of the government’s senior covid ‘experts’ to find his services sought so soon after retirement. Last May, less than two months after standing down, the former deputy chief medical officer Sir Jonathan Van-Tam took up a role as part-time clinical adviser to Moderna, the American pharmaceutical and biotechnology company and covid vaccine maker. Three months later Moderna made him their senior consultant for medical affairs.

Then there’s Sir Jeremy Farrar, formerly of Sage (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) a key member of the UK Vaccine Taskforce, Director of the Wellcome Trust a founder member of CEPI until January 2022. He was appointed chief scientist of the World Health Organization (WHO) a year ago. 

All three have been honoured and rewarded (with several other government ‘science’ advisers) for their great contributions to mismanaging (if not manipulating) the pandemic, wrecking the British economy and public health possibly for generations and leaving the country burdened with some three trillion pounds of debt and rising. 

This is despite the fact that we have detailed knowledge of the dreadful decision-making and dire influence on policy that they all had on lockdowns and the condition of exit, the minimally trialled, novel technology ‘vaccines’ for which Farrar was assiduously raising government money (specifically for CEPI’s Covid-19 vaccine plan as reported in these pages). It’s in the public domain, too, that Farrar was caught out in a lie when he said humans had no immunity to Covid-19 when he knew they had. Also in the public domain is the questionable role both Vallance and Farrar played on the Vaccine Taskforce in securing Pfizer’s $5.6billion vaccine contract

So why, you might ask, would any self-respecting outfit want to hire such people, who are either extremely incompetent or liars? Is it because these organisations are not self-respecting and know only too well these men are happy to be pawns for richer rewards? And because their insider government knowledge, contacts and influence is far more useful than their scientific or medical prowess and good judgment? 

The facts speak for themselves. Though Vallance initially appeared to have the right response to the covid pandemic as it spread to Europe, saying that only herd immunity could protect against a rapidly infectious respiratory virus (though very notably, even deliberately perhaps, using these provocative words) in no time at all, straight after this apparently disastrous public relations exercise he was flanking the Prime Minister and urging lockdown on us all. (Prior to this, the Government had been sticking to the script of their action plan and pandemic preparedness strategy that did not talk about herd immunity (even if it implied it) but about mitigation of the impact of the disease. This was the man who was later to bemoan that lockdown was introduced far too late and that ‘Boris was not too good at science’, as confessed to the farce that masquerades as the Covid Inquiry. 

So what exactly makes Sir Patrick so desirable to the TBI? Not his scientific record. Before his appointment as the Government’s chief scientific officer he was president of research and development (R&D) at the pharmaceutical giant GSK. It is hard to uncover anything of use scientifically that he achieved while in charge. He is accorded however with playing ‘a pivotal role in GSK’s strategy of re-personalising R&D . . . an approach that has led to collaborations with more than 1,500 organisations around the world, including the UK’s Francis Crick Institute, the US National Institutes of HealthWellcome Trust and UK Biobank. (my italics) A senior colleague of his at GSK once told me that his opening remark at most meetings was: ‘I do not know much about this subject although I am keen to learn.’ Hower his remit must have included the massive R&D team developing vaccines.

It is on the public record that both Vallance and Farrar were party to exclusive briefings from Anthony Fauci, the long-term director of the US National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) about the response to covid, which involved cover-up and deception regarding covid’s origins, their involvement first reported in these pages. 

Leaked emails revealed not only a deliberate plot to hide the laboratory origin of SARS-CoV-2, making it out to have jumped naturally from bats into humans, but also how a WHO inquiry was rigged to reach the same conclusion. After one of these meetings it was agreed that any idea that the virus had come from the laboratory must be suppressed and contained, though participants  were all well aware of the evidence that my colleagues and I had supplied to the Cabinet and to the US authorities, detailed here. This in my opinion provided proof that the virus had unique changes which had been associated only with engineered viruses from the Wuhan laboratory and could not have arisen as a zoonotic jump. Dr Steven Quay, who calculated on Bayesian analytical systems that the odds of covid being a leap from a bat to a human was more than a billion to one against, also presented his research to the US Senate.

We now know that Fauci, with others from the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), orchestrated the lockdowns, ridiculous distancing advice and mask mandates (especially cruelly those involving schoolchildren) as well as a concerted programme to prevent doctors treating their patients with logical advice such as vitamin D3 and anti-inflammatories to include steroids for chest involvement due to pulmonary inflammation. (Many doctors doing so and saving their patients were struck off!) Fauci’s UK telephone pals obviously agreed with him on this too.

The strangest of their attacks were on hydroxychloroquine and more importantly ivermectin, the latter demonised by calling it a ‘horse de-wormer’. Yet these drugs have been shown to be extremely effective in every trial that Fauci or the Oxford Recovery Group did not control. In fact if ivermectin had been used there would have been no need for any vaccines – a fact that speaks for itself. Countries already using ivermectin for worms had minuscule levels of covid illness but were ignored, as was the complete protection from covid death in care homes where ivermectin was being used to stamp out scabies. Full references to the efficacy of this treatment are to be found in Pierre Kory’s excellent book The War on Ivermectin. 

As more evidence of Fauci’s evil involvement has emerged, it has become clear that he had previously honed his control of treatment of the Aids pandemic in the 80s by pushing AZT and other highly toxic and useless drugs by manipulating the control of trials. The full details of these activities, which had initially escaped me as an established research physician, are given in Serious Adverse Events by Celia Farber and elaborated in The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F Kennedy Jr. 

Regarding ‘safe and effective’ covid treatment, Fauci has consistently pushed the idea that the only evidence that matters is that from randomised controlled trials or RCTs. I also was indoctrinated with this so-called gold standard until I realised that whenever Fauci is involved he controls the randomisation, the early unblinding and the constantly changing endpoints so that highly profitable and toxic drugs get approved whilst effective cheap alternatives are given only at toxic doses that no sane person would approve of and hence are proven to be toxic and dangerous, as in the case of the Oxford Recovery Group hydroxychloroquine trial and the subsequent retraction of their notorious Lancet paper

This expertise, we now know, was applied with enthusiasm to the early gene therapies mislabelled as vaccines. The early Pfizer trials were rapidly unblinded when the side effects became obvious: the placebo arms were given the jab on ‘compassionate grounds’ so the side effects from the vaccine arm became no more than the placebo arm who also received the vaccine. On top this the vaccines were continually presented (and still are being) as being safe and effective based on manipulated data which claimed 95 per cent efficacy using the ‘relative risk’ measure, without mentioning that this also means that 118 people are required to be vaccinated to prevent one infection (not hospitalisation or death). We now know – in fact it was known even before the vaccine rollout – that these vaccines never prevented infection nor transmission, as I constantly observed in my clinics and social circles. It was also known from before the roll out that the evidence for assymptomatic tranmission – a rationale for the vaccine – was woeful.

It is now clear that the vaccine programme has either killed or permanently injured more people than covid itself (72,000 laboratory-confirmed covid deaths in the UK). Other estimates discounting underlying factors put it much lower, just 17,000 by the end of 2021. Yellow Card reports, by contrast, show that 400,000-plus people have been seriously impacted by vaccine adverse events, of which there are more than 2,600 vaccine-specific fatalities (data which the MHRA recognises is most likely less than 10 per cent of the true number due to underreporting). This is without taking into consideration the correlation between the recorded rise in excess deaths and vaccine rollouts.

Only the deluded from Imperial College and other Bill Gates-funded labs can still believe that they saved any lives at all with the possible exception of a few elderly people or those with severe comorbidities for a few weeks at the very beginning of the programme. Even then vitamin D3 supplementation would have been far more effective.

To return to our starting point, the lauding of these government scientific advisers, why would such abject failures have been promoted to such elevated positions unless there is a much more corrupt, sinister and power-hungry agenda behind it?

Draw your own conclusions, but I am with US Senator Dr Rand Paul who has publicly called for Fauci to be jailed for his role in the lies and cover-ups of the pandemic. So too, in my view, should be his former UK henchmen Van-Tam and Vallance along with that other master operator, Jeremy Farrar. They belong in the courtroom, not in the comfort and protection of all-expenses-paid sinecures for services rendered to their powerful international masters.

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Professor Angus Dalgleish
Professor Angus Dalgleish
Angus Dalgleish is an expert in immunology and Professor of Oncology at St George's Hospital Medical School, London.

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