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Global boiling? Phew, what a con-trick


NEVER mind ‘gaslighting’, which entered the lexicon via the 1938 Patrick Hamilton play Gas Light in which a man tries to convince his wife she is going insane by causing the lights to dim, all the while denying that it is getting darker. No, we are being ‘sunlighted’ – by our government. Through its obedient quango the Met Office it feeds deliberately biased information to those equally obedient mouthpieces, the weather reporters of the mainstream media.

While few of us in the UK had yet mothballed our winter coats or turned off the central heating for the rest of the year, the Met Office assured us that we had just experienced the hottest May on record in the UK since 2008. This did not reflect the reality to which those of us with eyes to see can attest.

We are being manipulated.

People from the four corners of the country reported dull skies and rain accompanied by cold weather for the whole of May. But this is counter to the ‘climate catastrophe’ narrative, so the Met Office simply denied people’s experience and continued to pump out the message about global warming accompanied by weather charts which ranged from light pink to deep red, emphasising the extent to which the UK was on the boil. It is almost as if the fictional weather reporter Poula Fisch, played by the late Caroline Aherne on the inimitable Fast Show, is saying ‘Scorchio’ while we are looking out of our windows, unable to go out due to the pouring rain. 

Everything and anything can be blamed on climate change, even in-flight turbulence and the recent incident where a man died on a Singapore Airlines flight. However, as clearly shown in these pages, there has been no increase in reports of airliner incidents related to turbulence for nearly 30 years.

In its press release of June 3, the Met Office claimed: ‘The UK had its warmest May and meteorological spring on record according to provisional Met Office figures in what was also a wet and dull season for many,’ while simultaneously saying ‘Sunshine amounts were below average for the UK in May. The UK saw 159.3 hours of sunshine, which was 17 per cent fewer than average, with England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all having below average sunshine hours.’ The UK has also had its ‘sixth wettest spring on record and its wettest since 1986 in a series which goes back to 1836. The UK saw 301.7mm of rain over spring, 32 per cent more than average. England and Wales had their respective fifth and eighth wettest springs on record’.

Confused? You certainly should be. The problem is with the way the figures for monthly temperatures are derived, based on averages of the highest and lowest temperatures across the whole month across the whole country. The Met Office even explain this themselves: ‘The month’s mean temperature has been influenced particularly by above average temperatures in the northern half of the UK.’ So we have a month with record rainfall and record cloud cover, but it is the average temperature driven by a geographically localised blip that makes the headlines.

Is the weather being manipulated?

Again, for those with eyes to see, the record lack of sunshine deserves an explanation. How many sunny mornings soon turn cloudy where you are? Do you think there are more aeroplane contrails than ever? You may well be right, and you are not alone in your perception.

It is not only the quantitative increase in these contrails, but also their nature that people comment on. People are reporting and often photographing criss-crossed contrail patterns. These are not random; one of us witnessed perfectly criss-crossed contrails, clearly following a grid-like pattern, over Lincolnshire immediately after lockdown restrictions were lifted. The timing may be important. The almost complete lack of contrails during lockdown, which may have contributed to the prolonged fine weather in 2020, may be just the excuse (‘nothing to see here, it’s just that you grew used to not seeing them’) that our government needs to increase the extent of contrails if indeed this is being done deliberately.

Contrails are a result of moisture in the atmosphere condensing around particles contained in the exhausts of aircraft. There are many factors contributing to the formation of contrails, their persistence depending largely on the temperature and humidity – that is the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. If the air is very dry, contrails do not form at all, or are of short duration. The number of contrails obviously depends on the intensity of air traffic. Some sources consider that contrails contribute to global warming. But, given their capacity to dim the sun, they may also have a cooling effect and other sources say the evidence that the influence they have on the climate is ambiguous.

Governments and private businesses do use chemicals released into the atmosphere by aircraft to modify the weather. One long-standing use of such technology is cloud-seeding to produce rain. Officially, the British government has not used cloud-seeding since the 1950s, but it continues to be used copiously by countries with low rainfall, such as Saudi Arabia, over agricultural areas, as detailed recently in TCW‘s series by Jonathon Riley, ‘What are they doing to our skies?‘ Russia uses cloud-seeding on parade days to ensure that rain falls before the rain clouds reach Red Square. In China, government weather modification programmes are widespread, as detailed in the second of Riley’s TCW reports.  

The chemical of choice for cloud-seeding is silver iodide, which is toxic. Sources in the Spanish government have admitted to using lead dioxide and diatomite, a form of silica.

A more sinister use of chemicals released into the atmosphere is for solar radiation management (aka sun blocking ). This has been under experimentation in the United States at the Bill Gates-backed Harvard solar geoengineering research programme for some years. It proposes the release of volcanic-type ash emissions to block the sun, discussed in detail in Jonathon Riley’s paper. 

In 2010, Bill Gates, a leading proponent of geo-engineering, invested in a ‘cloud whitening’ project aimed at reflecting more sunlight back into space. The Ecologist magazine as well as the Guardian at the time described as ‘dangerous’ plans by the US-based research body Silver Lining to convert seawater into microscopic particles to be sprayed into clouds, creating an ‘albedo’ effect, conducted over an area of 10,000km2. Fourteen years later, reporting on a Swiss proposal to the United Nations togather solar radiation modification research, the Guardian appears to have changed its tune. In 2019, further details of Gates-funded research came to light which proposed to release calcium carbonate and sulphates into the atmosphere. As detailed in Daniel Jupp’s book Gates of Hell, there are serious plans for a fleet of specially designed aircraft flying 60,000 missions at an initial cost of $3.5billion plus $2.5billion annually over 15 years.

An interactive map based on official sources produced by Geoengineering Monitor suggests such cloud whitening programmes are either under experimentation or actively used in Australia and Russia. More money is flowing into the weather modification sector and not just in the United States but here too in the UK where the Advanced Research and Invention Agency, or ARIA, a quango founded under the last Conservative administration, has been given £800million of taxpayers’ money to invest over the next four years on ‘high-risk, high-reward’ research and development weather modification projects. Groups such as the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Natural Resources Defense Council have all expressed support for further studies into sunlight reflection technologies.  

There is no doubt, as Riley’s papers documented, that various forms of weather modification are happening now, as well others as under experimentation, although we have never been informed, never mind consulted. 

Few will forget Rishi Sunak’s ‘Things can only get wetter’ announcement of the forthcoming General Election. Sunak’s rain-soaked announcement of the forthcoming General Election was symbolic not only of the demise of the Conservative Party but also of the weather that has prevailed this year. The weather continued unseasonably cool and cloudy in the aftermath of Sunak’s poll pitch, but we forecast that on July 4 the grey shroud will miraculously lift for a gloriously sunny day of voting. And on July 5, Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer will announce a ‘new dawn’.

To the barely concealed delight of the Met Office, there may be a record-breaking heatwave, justifying acceleration to Net Zero. Despite the sunshine, Starmer’s skies will be oppressive. The long-suffering British people will be punished for every degree above seasonal norms, manipulated by use of meters on concrete runways heated by jet engines

It’s not the planet that’s boiling, it’s the ordinary people who are being slowly cooked.

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Niall McCrae and Roger Watson
Niall McCrae and Roger Watson
Dr Niall McCrae is a lecturer in mental health and Roger Watson is Professor of Nursing at the University of Hull.

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